Friday, October 19, 2007


Sponsored by RWA

For: published authors

Contemporary Series Romance
Contemporary Series Romance: Suspense/Adventure
Contemporary Single Title Romance
Historical Romance
Inspirational Romance
Novel with Strong Romantic Elements
Paranormal Romance
Regency Historical Romance
Romantic Suspense
Young Adult Romance
Romance Novella
Best First Book

Prizes: Winners receive the RITA trophy

Deadlines: November 30, 2007

Format: Five copies of the book are required for the preliminary round. Five additional books are required for the final round.

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  1. I did it. I entered the Rita. I scared myself remembering how I'd spaced of my Golden Heart entry one year, after being ready why ahead of time.
    So I sent the books off. To sit on some poor contest coordinator's dining room table for three months. The deadline is Jan. 2nd.
    Call me an eager beaver. Complete with an overbite.

  2. I entered, too, Mary. Got to mail the books off next week.

  3. Congrats on entering, Mary and Camy. It'll be such fun pulling for you two!

  4. OMIGOSH Mary and Camy, I can see it now -- two Seekers up for the Rita while the rest of are biting our nails over who wins!! Deb, I hope you're throwing your hat into the ring too. I can't wait! Then next year, Janet, you and I can enter the fray along with Cheryl and Missy and maybe some Seekers yet-to-be-named -- too cool!!! I'm drafting stickies right now for a sweep!! :)

  5. I got my hands on Tammy's Rita statue this year--held it for a moment. (It's so heavy!) Boy, oh boy, do I have the bug. I want one of those babies!! LOL

    Camy and Mary, I'm so excited that you ladies have entered!! I bet Debby will, too. It'll be a fun year. :)


  6. Hi girls...I'm just starting to check into the whole contest world, as my first book just released three weeks ago. It's women's contemporary fiction (Christian of course) so I'm assuming RITA isn't a possible fit. Any suggestions for a straight contemporary, with no strong thread of romance? Thanks!! Miralee