Monday, October 8, 2007

About us

This is the blog of the Seekers, fifteen unpublished and newly published Christian writers. We are all contest winners and finalists who randomly collided on the road toward publication.

This group blog offers what we offer each other--support, encouragement, information for the writing journey.

Since we all have experience in fiction writing contests, we'll be posting contest updates as well as posts on writing craft, contest savvy, and spirit-boosters.

Our motto: Our focus on Him as we write toward the dream, We shall leave no woman behind. (T. Russo, 2005)

Welcome from our fearless leader, Ruth Logan Herne:

Two years ago, fifteen contest-rockin' hot mamas, cast as "contest divas" online, joined forces to form their own private "journey to publication" loop. Their goal: Pray each other into publication, no matter how long, or how far the journey.

Their motto: We shall leave no woman behind.

Two years later we're still going strong, riding the ups, working the downs.

The results: Eight ladies have moved on to be published or contracted at this point.

Our blog goal: To help you on your path to publication.

Why: Well, frankly I could go all altruistic on you, tell you that we really care about you, your writing, your own personal journey, and while all that's true, the main reason is we want you to drop by, sip a cappuccino or coffee (sweet tea is fine for our Southern counterparts, tipping my hat to our friends below the Mason/Dixon line) and notice that we've got books coming out or already out and you can see for yourself that not only are we looking out for you, but we're a group of clever gals, blessed with talent and perseverance.

So browse a little. Offer your thoughts. Let's play together. Faith is our inspiration but we write multiple genres so there should be something wonderful and palatable for all.

Most of all, we know contests. The inside and outside of contests. We've entered contests, won contests, flubbed contests, coordinated contests and been slapped down.

All part of the journey.

Thanks for stopping by. Give us a shout out. Glad to have you on board the road to success.


  1. Hi, Camy. Nice work. Give me orders.

  2. Camy!

    Sweet. Good beginning. Thanks so much for running with the ball. You're the Reggie Bush of Seekerville....



  3. It let me in!!!!

    I've solved my Google blogging problem and DIDN'T need help!

    Alleluia! Alleluia! (Sounds of Handel's Hallejuah chorus should be coursing through everyone's head right now!)

    Ruthy (proud and pleased. It's the little things in life that make my days memorable...:) )

  4. Y'all are nuts!

    Love the blog opener, Ruthie!!!


  5. How cool! I've been offline a few days and come back to find this blog is a reality!! Thanks so much, ladies!


  6. I'm interested to see where this goes. Wishing you all the best!

  7. Seekerville was mentioned on the ACFW central zone today and I followed the link. I am SO excited! This is a great site! I've bookmarked it and I'm really looking forward to reading more on here. What a wonderful idea!

  8. Have you heard of Princess Bubble?
    Thought of that book when read your blog.

  9. I didn't know where to leave this message. Just wanted you ladies to know I selected Seekerville for an "I Love Your Blog Award."

    If any of you have time, drop by.

  10. Hey you talented writers! There's an essay contest and the grand prize is a HOME IN HAWAII!!! 2nd prize is $10k and third prize is $5k AND the organizer is giving $30k to the local schools! winwinwinwin... check it out: I entered (may even enter again)

  11. I realize this post was almost 5 years ago, but I just saw it and it's fun to read and comment on Seekerville as it was way back then.

    As those ads say ... You've come a long way, baby.