Friday, October 26, 2007

Top Ten Reasons To Enter A Contest

10. Because you can't beat the frenzy of scrambling to write 300 pages in two weeks, when you get a request on a partial after a contest final.

9. Nothing is better than realizing you just mailed off your rough draft and the pristine copy is still sitting on your computer.

8. The belly laugh you get when you realize you entered a contest yesterday, that is judged by the agent/editor who sent you a callous rejection today.

7. The thrill of spending $30 on the entry fee, and $20 on postage, only to discover you entered the wrong category.

6. The amusement of getting really high scores but no comments.

5. The amusement of getting really low scores but no comments.

4. Oh, those judges! At least once in an unpublished career an entrant will receive a carefully marked up entry by a generous judge who spent time to provide a constructive critique delivered with thoughtfulness.

3. The adrenaline rush of seeing your name in print. The RWR!

2. Bling. Bling is a good reason.


1. The pride that comes from knowing you had the guts to enter. Congratulations! You are a winner.


  1. LOL, Tina, I LOVE IT!!! Of course, some could accuse you of watching one too many David Letterman shows, but we all know you don't waste your time on TV when there's a computer in the house!

  2. Excellent. Especially the one about making the copy perfect, then mailing off your rough draft.
    I sent one once that...when I got it back...the first half page made NO SENSE.
    I'd cut and pasted something oh, so weird on top of the first page. Complete gobble-d-gook.
    the judge has my sincere apology.

  3. RE: Especially the one about making the copy perfect, then mailing off your rough draft.

    Don't tell... I did that this year. :(

  4. Jesse,

    I have experience EVERYTHING on that list.


  5. Oops, no e on Jess.

    I don't actually watch Letterman, Jules. I listen to his top ten while I am on the treadmill. The radio.

  6. JESS!!! We wrote the same thing at almost the same moment. Hello, separated at birth!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Loved it, Tina.

    But what about having the fun of waiting for the Postman each day? The kids knew if a large envelope arrived for mom, it might not be good news! :)

  8. Mary,

    You frighten me.

    (Run, Jess.....RUN!!!!)

  9. #8 - Double finalling in the Golden Heart and receiving an RJ in the mailbox that afternoon for one of the finalling mss. Ouch.

    Loved the list, Tina!

  10. Debby, I always had fun waiting for the mailman. I never thought anyone noticed until my daughter told me I'd missed my calling--that I should have BEEN a mailperson. LOL

    Tina, you can put an e on my name if you want. I'll answer to anything. I've even been called Veronica. Get that! It's the 'ica' on the end. I'm really Jessica.

    Mary... separated at birth huh? Always knew we were connected somehow. LOL

    ok off to bed.

  11. What a great list, Tina! My favorite--seeing my name in print in the RWR. What a thrill! Of course, after all the rejections and low contest scores, we writers are desperate for any pat on the back.

  12. HE!!! So great.

    I definitely reselmble those remarks. LOLOL!

    Too funny...thanks for such a great post, Tina!


    Cheryl Wyatt

  13. Ugh...that was SUPPOSED to be "resembled" not...whatever my Speedy Gonzalez fingers typed in....

    No way to edit these things after hitting send either. LOL!

    C W

  14. Tina, you nailed it! How funny!

    And so perfect. I WISH, WISH, WISH they all didn't hit home so solidly!

    Drat! What is the matter with us????

    We're a breed apart. Risk-takers. Doers.

    Or Goofs.

    Great post, Tina. I'll giggle all day thinking of it.


  15. Hmm.. I've never actually mailed the rough draft instead of the 'final' copy .. but, I have binded financial statements upside down in a haste (with those ibico binding machines and spirals) .. and then actually reviewed them with the client and the controller.

    Although, it wasn't a 'belly laugh' I was feeling in my stomach at that very moment :D