Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The 2008 Golden Heart Inspirational Finalists----Part 1

SEEKERVILLE Welcomes Susan and Kit.

Meet Susan Mason

Hi everyone! I am honored to be asked to post here at Seerkerville today. My name is Susan Mason and I am a Golden Heart ® finalist in the Inspirational Romance category.

First, let me tell you a bit about myself. I am married with two children: a 14-year-old girl and an 11-year-old boy. I work part time as a secretary in a small church – a job I find rewarding (most of the time!) We live in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, near the big city of Toronto.

On March 25th, I was totally unprepared for the phone call I received about four in the afternoon. That time of day is prime time for telemarketers (and we get a lot), so when the lady called and fumbled a bit with what the call was about, I almost hung up on her! “What a terrible telemarketer,” I thought. “She doesn’t even know what company she’s calling for.” Then when the words RWA and Golden Heart sunk into my brain, I could not believe it! I think I floated for two days.

Wyndermere House is the third manuscript I have finished, and with very little feedback about what I had written, it was a pleasant surprise to hear that my writing has improved enough to merit this honor.

My first book, which I wrote strictly for myself, took me two years to finish and broke every rule known to man! Mainly because I had no idea there were rules! I blithely set out writing a second book, which was quite a bit better than the first, but still oblivious to “the rules”. Taking a one-day workshop hosted by the Toronto Romance Writers changed my writing life. Debra Dixon spoke about the necessity of having “Goal, Motivation and Conflict” in your story. Being in a room with so many women who were doing the same thing as me was amazing! I then joined the Toronto chapter of RWA and continued to learn everything I could about my craft.

Achieving the status of Golden Heart ® finalist has come at a time when I really needed some good news. It has given me the validation I needed to keep on going. I hope my story gives someone else out there the encouragement to keep following their dreams.

Congratulations to the other finalists in my category, Keli, Kit and Denise, as well as all the other finalists. I wish you all the best of luck and continued success in your careers!

Love and best wishes,

Sue Mason

Meet Kit Wilkinson

So, thrilled to be here on Seekerville. Don’t know about you, but I come here when I’m feeling a little lost on the road to publication. It’s a great place to find inspired writer stories and hear the ups and downs that others have experienced. Love it. Thanks for having me, ladies.

About me…former teacher now stay-home-mom who prays every day that she doesn’t have to go back to teaching. Ah. Don’t laugh. I’m fairly serious about that…Also I confess I haven’t been writing fiction for long. However, as a “career” student (which is what my family called me for many years), I have cranked out my fair share of pages. I also kept journals and wrote poetry over the years. Some of it I shared. Some of it I threw away. I read my first romance novel four years ago. I fell in love with the genre, read a million more then had to try my hand at writing one…My first attempts produced two poorly done mss. Well. Okay. They were terrible. But they helped me learn POV and brought me to an important place on this writer’s journey. After entering a few contests and learning more about the market, I realized that I either had to write for the Christian market or leave God and faith out of my stories (at least, as a major theme). Well, you can see which path I chose and God has truly blessed me for it...not just with my writing, but in so many aspects of my life.

So, here I am ready and willing to keep plugging along. Running from Trouble was my first inspirational ms. I recently finished a second, am plotting the third, and preparing to go to my first conference. I would love to hear some other “plugging along” stories and successes…Where did Golden Heart lead you? I know we can’t all win. We can’t all final in every contest. BUT…we can all get published! And here’s to hoping for that…

Running From Trouble: Worker’s compensation lawyer, Tabitha Beaumont has trouble ... when two strange men attack her and demand she give them something she doesn’t have, it takes NCIS Special Agent Rory Farrell to rescue her from their clutches. The investigation leads to a murder and her beloved older brother’s involvement. Plagued by a haunting memory, Tabitha’s fragile world is collapsing around her. She needs God’s help more than ever as she decides whether to… protect her brother or trust Agent Farrell, the man who might shatter her heart.

Please visit my Blog, Romance in the Kitchen…for great books and great food.


  1. Welcome, ladies!

    Susan, Kit, so nice to have you both on board in Seekerville. Since it's early, I've set up the coffee service and cappuccino bar to the left of the podium, and Panera's is delivering an assortment of amazing things in about an hour. Try one of those artichoke/cheese souffles, they're to die for, and the danish is amazing, tender and flaky...

    I want to sincerely congratulate both of you on finaling in the GH. It is a daunting contest, and you both roundly kicked my sorry butt, so I'm standing in awe, hoping the best for all the finalists.

    That's after a couple of weeks of licking my wounds, you understand.


    Find a comfy chair, grab some joe or go upscale to the English Toffee/Caramel drizzled cappuccino, and share your excitement and wisdom with us.

    Glad to have you both here.


  2. Ruth,

    I never eat this early, but I'll gladly have some coffee with you. Love the stuff. Thanks for the congrats. I doubt I kicked your butt and I doubt it's "sorry" as you put it. :-) Thanks for having me here.

    Susan...nice to meet you!

  3. Hi Ruth,

    Thanks for joining us and bringing the coffee! I can only stay for a bit right now as I am off to the day job, but will check in again this afternoon.

    Just had to share a bit of the disappointment that goes along with the highs of this career. My ms, Wyndermere House, had been at Steeple Hill since October. When I found out it had finaled in GH, I sent a polite letter to the editor, reminding her of my ms and letting her know that it was a finalist. Yesterday I received a polite rejection letter, saying that she had rejected it quite a while ago and that she's sorry it didn't get to me. Sigh.

    The good news is that she ended with "Feel free to submit future works to us."

    So now I have to figure out my next move. Maybe getting an agent might be the way to go.

    Any advice is welcome. Another conflict for me is wanting to write other types of romance besides inspirational. Is that feasible or are we committed to stay in one genre?

    Well, have a great day. Looking forward to your comments.

    PS. Hit Kit. Glad to have you here with me.

    Ciao, Sue

  4. I have some lovely Peets coffee from Sulawesi Kalosi today, plenty to share with friends.
    I always need to hear the message, "Never, never, never give up." I'm a lot like Simon Peter, I think. When the challenge is stated, I jump up and say "Pick me!" Then when somebody looks at me cross-eyed, I am tempted to say, "Don't look at me, I'm just writing."
    It is always good to hear from people who have followed the Lord's leading and found the right place to share themselves. Congratulations to the finalists, and thank you for sharing with us.

  5. Welcome Susan and Kit, and mega congratulations on your GH final!! Win or lose, having a contest the caliber of the GH on your resume is a warm, cozy feeling.

    Susan, so sorry about the Steeple Hill disappointment, but you are right about the response -- sounds like an open door to me.

    Regarding your "next move," I would highly recommend going for an agent first, publisher second. I spent too many years and 39 rejections before signing with an agent, but once I did, she netted me a publishing contract within 6 months. In fact, the publisher who signed me STILL had my UNAGENTED proposal buried in their slush pile from a conference request two years earlier!

    As a GH finalist, I was told to "make hay while the sun shines" and send those queries out, which I did -- 25 to agents and 10-15 to publishers -- all with a little sticker I had made for the envelope that said: 2005 Golden Heart Finalist. True, that batch of queries netted me only one positive response ... but in this case, one was more than enough.


    Yes, listen to Julie. Get those queries out the door while your commodity is espresso hot.

    Susan you're not committed to anything. Write what you want.

  7. Susan,

    I agree about the agent hunt. That's exactly what I'm doing right now...sending out those queries and waiting for God to open the right door.

    I'm also headed to my first conference in two weeks. Hope to do some networking there too.

  8. On the subject of agent hunting, here are a few good articles on the subject.



    and a Guide to Literary Agents has a lot to offer.


  9. Just heard from one of my kids about the tornados. Kit is safe, but anyone heard from Gina this am?

  10. Hey Kit, congrats, congrats! So glad you finaled along with me.
    As a Christian, I include a strong faith thread in all of my stories.

  11. Congratulations Susan and Kit!

  12. Welcome to Seekerville, Susan & Kit! And congratulations on your GH finals! I own another of those "sorry butts" you so soundly kicked, but still wishing you all the best.

    Julie is so right--get those queries out now while the glow of that GH heart is still bright. Mine hasn't brought that hoped-for publishing contract yet, but I do believe it's a very helpful achievement to list among your writing credits.

  13. Beth!!!! Congratulations on your GH finaling msc Through the Fire.

    Welcome to Seekerville. Pull up a chair and a pastry!

  14. Kit said:
    About me…former teacher now stay-home-mom who prays every day that she doesn’t have to go back to teaching.

    That's me, too, Kit! LOL! Still wondering if I'm really going to be able to force myself to homeschool the middle school and high school, as I've promised I would.

    I have to share this with everyone (especially those who are discouraged). Yesterday a friend called me to say that her husband had gotten the job they had been praying for. She kept telling me over and over, "Don't give up. Never give up on your dreams." I mean, she said those words at least 20 times, and very enthusiastically! Finally, I said, Did God tell you to call me and tell me this? She said, If this is what you needed to hear, then HEAR IT!

    So guys, keep praying and don't give up!

    Congratulations to all you GH finalists, and congratulations to the rest of us, because God just sent us a message: "Keep praying and don't give up."

  15. Hi Susan, Kit and Seekers,

    Congrats to Susan & Kit! I love the GH. Next to receiving *the* call, the GH finalist call is probably the most exciting one you get as a writer. :-)

    I'm excited because I'll be presenting the category at the GH/Rita ceremony in San Fran this year. I can't wait to meet all of you.

    Hugs & more congrats!

  16. Welcome, Kit and Sue!!

    Ruthy, I'm so proud of you! You didn't sit in the corner and pout. Of course, you had good contest news yourself yesterday, so I guess that helps. ;) (Hey, you and Tina need to be sure to announce your good news!)

    re: Gina. I emailed with her late last night. What time did the storms hit?

    Sue, so sorry about the rejection. But definitely take her up on the offer to submit something else. And write requested material on the envelope, then refresh her memory in the cover letter.

    Kit, I hope you have a wonderful conference!! You'll be amazed at how energized you'll feel (even though you'll probaby feel drained at the same time). That sounds weird, I know. I'm always socially worn out and physically worn out after a conference. But I'm also fired up about my writing and excited about all the contacts I've made.

    Kit, what conference is it?

    Katherine, thanks for the yummy coffee! I've never heard of it before. :)

    Beth and Donna, welcome! Beth, congrats to you, too!!


  17. Susan and Kit,

    I enjoyed reading your posts and learning more about you and your literary journeys.

    Susan, sorry to hear about the news from Steeple Hill. We all know that rejection is part of this business, but it hurts. On the good side, being a Golden Heart® finalist did get you moved to the top of the stack. Plus, you got the green light to submit again. Yeah!

    Kit, I hope your conference is awesome. I've been to three, two small ones and the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference in the majestic redwoods near Santa Cruz south of San Francisco. What a thrill it was to be in a room with 450 other Christian writers.

    I had manuscripts critiqued by Robin Jones Gunn and Cindy Martinusen-Coloma. Both of those gracious, godly women took the time to sit with me and go over their comments. I spent eight hours soaking up the excellent instruction of Angela Hunt in her fiction writing track. I even got my picture taken with our keynote speakers, Debbie Macomber and Jerry Jenkins.

    I met others, like us, who are on their journey to publication. Writing can be a solitary undertaking, so having other believers with whom to share the hills and valleys is so necessary.

    In terms of my writing, the instruction I received during my five days at the Mount Hermon conference has made a huge difference. I pulled out my manuscripts and am able to see them in a new light. When I returned home last month, I wasn't sure which one to begin revising, but that call from RWA® the next week answered my question.

    I've read a number of books on our craft. They're helpful, but I've gained more from the talented writers who've taught at the conferences I've attended and from the contest judges who've been so generous with their comments and suggestions.

    I'm excited about the RWA conference. The number and variety of workshops being offered is incredible. I'm glad I've been to other conferences first, though, so I have a better idea what to expect.

    I'm also eager to meet both of you, along with Denise and the Seekers.

    I'll pass on the coffee, Ruth, but I'd love a slice of that artichoke and cheese souffle. Yum.

  18. Welcome to Seekerville, Susan and Kit. Major congratulations on your Golden Heart finals!

    Susan, sorry about the Steeple Hill rejection. Suggesting you submit again means the publisher sees your writing as publishable.

    I totally agree it's best to get an agent first. If you've been rejected by all your target publishers, agents may see no point in repping that manuscript.
    The Golden Heart final isn't a guarantee, but it's a step up.

    Susan, you may have to change your name if you write for both the ABA and CBA. Others here may have more wisdom about this, but I can't see why you couldn't do both.

    Beth, congrats on your final! Nice to have you stop in.


  19. I'm so sorry I'm missing this. I don't even have time to read it or EVEN BE A SMART ALECK.

  20. Hi, Susan! Hi, Kit! Thanks for sharing your writing journey thus far. I'm happy to report my sorry butt wasn't one you kicked. My entry was disqualified because I don't know the difference between ss'ing a synopsis and ds'ing one.

    Oh, Gina's obviously safe. Kit lives closer to where the Colonial Heights's tornado struck. What cracked me up was the newsguys saying, "an apparent tornado..." Hello, I'm from Oklahoma. We don't need official confirmation to call a tornado a tornado. Shoot, we probably have pics on our phones of the tornado that we took when normal people would be in their cellars.

    On a side note, I was taking a nap with the baby when the first tornado hit.

    Ruthy, you're gonna have to drink my coffee. I'm not yet over my addiction, although I have reached the point of no longer driving aimlessly and repeatedly past Starbucks.

    A sticker, Julie? Now that's a great idea. If I were querying agents, that's what I would slap on the envelope. Great suggestion.

    I wonder if anonymous is really anonymous or is really anonymouse. Inquiring minds want to know.

    My word verification is laxaponic.


  21. Okay, Ruth and Tina...fess up. What's the news? Daphne? Golden Acorn?

    And big HELLO to Beth and Donna from VRW, my local RWA chapter....My endless thanks to Donna--my faithful CP. (And yes, she's jewish--we laugh about her reading my inspirationals all the time--and no you can't have her for your own!!!)

    Poor Donna has read Running from Trouble almost as many times as I have. Donna, thanks for all your wisdom and insight in the craft of writing romance!

  22. That was Mary posting as Anonymous. She is away from us at a conference for her day job.

    Ruth and I finaled in different categories of the Golden Acorn. We love anything to do with nuts.

  23. Tina and Ruth...big congrats.

    Keli and Carla, I look forward to meeing you at nationals.

    Missy, I'm going to Blue Ridge. Anybody else gonna be there???

  24. Sue & Kit, welcome to Seekerville!

    Sue’s right. Deb Dixon’s GMC class is packed full of great info. Loved it! I used GMC and the Writers Brainstorming Kit (I think that’s what it’s called) to do a workshop with a bunch of 5th graders once and they “got” it too.

    Kit said: After entering a few contests and learning more about the market, I realized that I either had to write for the Christian market or leave God and faith out of my stories (at least, as a major theme).

    Been there, done that too, Kit. I wonder how many aspiring authors walk that same path?

  25. Ladies,

    Thanks for all your great comments and advice! I will now start sending queries to agents. Thanks Tina for those sites.

    Sad to say that I won't be attending the conference in S.F. One of my chapter members will be on hand, in case I should win. But my intuition (which is about 90% right usually) is telling me that someone else will claim the title! Won't name any names, my intuition is not that good!

    Congratulations to Tina & Ruth on the Golden Acorn finals! (What the heck is a Golden Acorn, she wonders?) Can you tell what a rookie I am? LOL.

    Will chime in later.


  26. Sue, so sorry you got an R! Maybe one of my (many) stories will make you feel a bit better:

    2004 GH calls go out. I'm a double finalist in the Inspirational category. The day is wonderful, stupendous, emails and phone calls FLYING back and forth from all my friends....

    Then I arrive home from work, check the mailbox and have a rejection on the COMPLETE of one of my GH finalling entries.


  27. Hi, back again. I feel like a hit-and-run blog commenter!!!!

    I think I have time to add my actual name this time.

    Oops, maybe not

  28. You know what is cool about awards night for the GH?

    There are no 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc places! There is a winner and everyone else are finalists with equal standing...at least in the eyes of the 2000 people in the audience.

    The first time I finalled in the Short Historical category, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that my ms. was going to come in dead last, so it was a huge relief to know that the rest of final ranking of the rest of the finalists wasn't part of the GH experience.

    Finalists are never told where they ranked if they don't win....or at least I never was.

  29. The Golden Acorn is right up there with Alvin and the Chipmunks. Or at least Seekerville Cheryl Squirl.

    Cheryl is

    The Golden Acorn is,


  30. Julie said: "make hay while the sun shines"

    Yep. This is the single most important advice I could give too. I didn't do this in 2001, but in 2004, I did it with vengeance.

    Also, include a request to meet with them at RWA national informally, however briefly, if they have time. Schedule your conference around GH events and any editor/agent appts. you can make on your own.

    Create a spreadsheet to keep up with everything!

    I arranged 4 or 5 appts. on my own in 2004. It never hurts to try.

  31. Sue...I wanted to go back to your R from SH because I know how *my* mind would work in that situation!

    Okay, just because you got an R on this ms, you probably think there's no way it can win the GH.

    ALL the finalists have a chance at winning, no matter who might sell or be rejected between now and July.

    Both of my finalling mss. had been rejected by various publishers when the GH rolled around in 2004.

    On top of that, dear, sweet Debra Clopton's mss. sold to SH in the summer of 2004, so I was sure Debra was going to win the GH. I mean, she sold the book, for crying out loud.

    Not so. Marrying Mariah won.

    Come to think of it, I'm pretty certain MM had been rejected by every one of the houses that judged that year.

    (And no, I didn't know who the finalist judges were at the time. I happened to glean the info. in the years following from the editors themselves.)

    It's not over 'til it's over.

    Just so you know!

  32. One thing I didn't do to much last year at RWA nationals was go to workshops.

    Well, I tried to. But despite the audience being 99.9% women, nursing a baby during a workshop doesn't go over too well. Especially when said baby doesn't want to nurse.

    I did get to see a lot of the hotel hallways.

    Fortunately RWA has cds available of the workshops. This past weekend I listened to Michael Hauge's "Identity to Essence" cd.

    Many things stuck with me and I tried to blog about them today but somehow I strayed off course. One of those things was his suggestion to have your hero finish this statement:

    I'll do anything it takes to achieve my goal of XXX, just don't ask me to _________________ because that's just not me.

    But he didn't leave that there. He made those in the audience personalize the statement.

    I'll do anything it takes to become a published author, just don't ask me to _____________ because that's just not me.

    My first answer was pre-plot a novel, but then over the next two days I started filling in so many other things that I figured I have serious "issues" and probably need a shrink.

    My word verification is germ moose.


    Glad you could pop in, anonymouse. I hope your conference is going well.

  33. Hi Kit!

    Hi Susan, fellow TRW'er!
    Wow, what a busy blog,
    so many comments already!

    Best of luck to both of you!
    Susan, I was laughing about almost hanging up.
    I would have, for certain, thinking the pause was the computer dialing for the telemarketers.
    I'm glad you didn't!

  34. Did you know everyone has a birth verse?!

    No joke.

    Just in case you need some encouragement today or just something fun to add to your website to distract you from noticing that your almost 5-yr-old is rearranging the family room furniture...check this out:


  35. Susan and Kit, congratulations on the GH. What an honor! And thank you for stopping by to share your story. I just loved reading each of them. I pray your MS's find a home that is a perfect fit.

    Tina and Ruth, I finaled in the Golden Acorn, too. I nearly fell off my chair when I opened the e-mail. It's the first contest I entered.

    And I can't wait to try the artichoke/cheese souffle. It sounds delightful.

  36. Congratulations Sue and Kit! Sorry about the R, Sue. And Kit, I totally relate about the writing choice. Recently made the same choice myself.

    Congratulations Tina and Ruth!

    Glad you're safe, Gina (and Kit). Going over to find my birth verse.

  37. Lorna!!! Congrats. What category?

    Wonderful news!!

  38. Thanks, Tina. The category is inspirational, and it's a historical romance.

  39. Oh my goodness, gracious sakes to Betsy, what a lovely group of company we have today!!!

    Mary, quick, quit hogging the computer time at the conference and let Julie say something. Golly gee whillikers, what did they teach you in that Nebraska kindergarten, girlfriend?????

    And Tina, can you open the door for my boys? They're bringing in the cold tea and soda service for the afternoon, that way we can refresh Gina in case she gets parched (like that would make her quiet?????? Oy vay!) and not feed her former addictive habits.

    And those souffles are good, aren't they? I actually bought them at Panera's a few weeks back to figure out how to pirate the idea for my daughter's wedding shower this week. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    But I've got Tira-mi-su for the afternoon session, done with my sponge cake recipe, not ladyfingers...

    Try it, see what you think.

    Back to contests!

    Girls, everyone stopping by is happy for you. We got brief glimpses of your story lines in the intro posts, can you expand on them a bit? If you're comfortable with that, of course.

    And the Acorn, Lorna, hooray for you! Yee haw! I finaled in RS and Tina's in ST (which mean she beat me but we're not going to MENTION THAT today, are we, Tina-kins????)

    I'm a big believer in hedging my bets in contests if not in life, and entering two manuscripts is a fun way to increase the odds of finaling, or get really good critiques (which I did. And I love that the Acorn allows us time to tweak the story before it heads to an editor's desk. Great policy.)

    Missy, thanks for noticing I'm not pouting. So important to keep face, don't you know?


    And pouting causes wrinkles, and anti-wrinkle cream IS NOT CHEAP, so I try to use it sparingly, vain thing that I am.

    My theory is if God didn't want us to use L'Oreal, diet soda, contact lenses and anti-wrinkle creams, they'd never have been invented.

    Oh, add Starbucks to that list. In small doses, of course.

    And Susan, while rejections bite big time, this is a great feather to place in your cap. Wonderful to have your work shine and be appreciated. Find me anything that five women can agree on... Just doesn't happen often, does it? So you take this time to bask, well deserved, and figure out what else to send SH. Inviting you to submit is a strong vote of confidence in your skills.


  40. Shhhh.

    Ruthy, would you quit talking?

    I'm trying to eat this yummy and calorie-free e-food.

  41. Sue,

    I'm so sorry you won't be at Nationals. And Pam is right, your ms has as much chance as any to win the GH...

    Okay, ladies, come on over to my blog and give Stacy a holler! You all need to practice visiting for next week when Mary/Anonymouse is my guest!

  42. Sue,

    I'm sad that you won't be able to join us in San Francisco. I'll be there ready to cheer for the one God chooses to bless with a new piece of jewelry this year. If it's you, the rest of us will just have to whoop and holler extra loudly so you can hear us all the way up there in Ontario.

  43. Congratulations to you both! Susan, everyone at TRW is so proud of you!!!

  44. Susan and Kit, welcome! It's great to read your posts and learn a little something about each of you! Susan, sorry for your news from Steeple Hill. Have you thought about sending it to Heartsong Presents? Since SH's word count is down, you probably wouldn't have to cut. Maybe some of the other Seekers -- like Miss Anonymous -- might have info on submitting to that line.

    Tina, Ruthy and Logan, congrats on the Golden Acorn!

  45. Lorna! Wonderful. Ruth and I are two different categories. So here's hoping for three requests!!! Winning isn't nearly as important as those requests.

    Maureen! Welcome to Seekerville.

  46. Thank you one and all for your wonderful comments and encouragement. That's what I love about us women - fellow writers - we all support and cheer for each other. It's so nice to see and experience.

    Here is a little blurb about "Wyndermere House".

    "Nathan Porter is suffering from a crisis in faith, guilt over the death of his wife and the possible the ruin of his career. Can the psychology student counseling his eight-year old son help him to heal his inner wounds so that he can love again?
    Paige McFarlane somehow agrees to counsel Zach Porter who has lost his mother quite suddenly. As time goes on, she discovers Zach is harboring more than grief. He is very angry with his father, who it seems was separated from his wife at the time of her sudden death. Paige also learns that Nathan is dealing with his own issues, suffering from deep-seated guilt over the failure of his marriage and the death of his wife. She realizes that in order to help Zach, she must first help his father. But how does she deal with the fact that she is falling in love with him?"

    Thanks to Kimber and Maureen for dropping in from Toronto!

    Thanks to my fellow nominees for your kind words. You will get to meet Maureen at the nationals - she's my stand-in! Kit you did a great job today.

    And thank you to Debby for your sugestion. I will check out Heartsong.

    Okay, Ruth is making me very hungry and I'm having a pre-dinner glass of wine. Have to go keep an eye on my spaghetti sauce. If I have a chance, I'll check in later.
    But will definately check out tomorrow's guests!!

    Take care and keep on writing!

    Love, Sue

  47. Congrats to you, too, Lorna!! So exciting.

    And your first contest? We may just have to be mad at you.

    LOL! Okay. I'll play nice. ;)


  48. Okay, that's what I get for speed reading. LORNA!!! It's your first contest. OMIGOSH!!! That is pretty awesome.

    Susan, see you tomorrow along with all the other East coast ladies and the other two finalists.

  49. Hey everybody! Sorry I'm late to the party--it's that West Coast time thing and I've been swamped with work and taking care of my hubby (he's recovering from surgery).

    Thanks for being here Susan and Kit!

    Tina, notice how Ruthy is already showing her competitive streak? ;) (just kidding Ruthy-kins)



  50. I just wanted to say congratulations to Ruth, Tina and Lorna. I know (mostly from reading posts on Seekerville) that Ruth can use the affirmation. Maybe you aren't pouting, Ruth, now! (I pouted for a day or two, also!) And Lorna, how wonderful to final in your first contest!

    Also a big congrats to the GH finalists. I got one of those "lowest score for this work was found to be outside the range limits" a 2 amongst much higher numbers. So mostly I'm writing okay.

    I love coming to Seekerville. You all are always an excellent source of encouragement. Someday I'm going to be a contest winner and I'm soaking in all the advice being dispensed here today. I'll be back tomorrow to get some more.

    Gina - I almost always can read the word verification, but I have a severely twisted mind so the letters look fairly normal!

  51. Tammy, thanks for the encouraging words. Ha ha, you should see this year's GH scores. But Camy so simply and eloquently reminded us in Seekerville that GH scores are not unlike reviews. Some folks like you and some don't. That's the real world.

  52. Awesome, ladies!

    I am so proud of both of you!

    Thanks for gracing us with your presence here in Seekerville.



    I'm a bit behind here as I get this feed through my e-mail and it's always a day delayed. My Joy for you all still stands, though!

    I'm especially amazed that I actually met one of you fine ladies in person and that you live in Southern Ontario along with me. Susan, I'm just beaming for you!

    Keep up the great writing, ladies and I look forward to seeing your books on the shelves one day!