Sunday, May 18, 2008

Glynna and Myra win 1st in Winter Rose

I just found out that my entry ("A Reason To Dance") in Yellow Rose Romance Writers' "Winter Rose Contest" received first place in the Single Title category!!!


Yay! Congratulations, Glynna!


Yea, Glynna! I discovered a voice mail just THIS MORNING that my entry won first place in Romantic Elements!!!!!!! WE ROCK!!!!!


Hooray!!! Congratulations, Myra!


Missy Tippens said...

Yay, ladies!!! Congrats to both of you!!!


Kara said...

Woohooo! Congratulations ladies! That's awesome :)

Ausjenny said...

congrats ladies great news.

Julie Lessman said...

Wow, Glynna and Myra, you guys rock!!! I am sooo proud of you both and KNOW it is just a matter of time before bigger things come your way.


Ruth Logan Herne said...

What awesome, wonderful news, girls!!!

Yay, yay, yay!

I'm proud of both of you, and not the least bit surprised.

And ST?????

Some pretty tough competition out there ladies. Runnin' with the big dawgs, ya' know....


Good job, both of you.


Patricia W. said...

Congrats ladies!

Jessica said...

Yay! You guys DO rock :-)