Saturday, August 16, 2008

Weekend Edition

Headline News From Seekerville...

September 4
, our own Cub Reporter, Ruth Logan Herne will be interviewing
Barbara Scott, Sr. Acquisitions Editor, for Fiction at Abingdon Press.

We'll be giving away writing careers...okay, well maybe not per se. But a little Seekerville does go a long way!

What could be better than a book sale?
A SALE on BOOKS!! Former editor, agent and a writer of romance herself, Alice Orr is offering her inventory of her 2004 Writer's Digest Book on the used book store at Amazon.

No More Rejections: 50 Secrets to Writing a Manuscript that Sells (Hardcover)

Book Description
It's often said that "rejection is a part of the writing business," and aspiring writers are advised to learn to live with being rejected again and again. Not anymore! With the invaluable hints in No More Rejections, readers will learn how to turn "No" into "Yes."

Successful literary agent, author, and former editor Alice Orr combines lessons on craft with lessons on marketing to create a series of tips and techniques that help writers think about their book's marketability while they write it. Chapters feature lessons on: *Scoping out salable story ideas *Creating compelling characters *Writing an opening sentence that sizzles *Crafting sex scenes that satisfy *And more!

From writing the story itself to writing the pitch that sells the story, this book has it all!

About the Author
In addition to owning her own literary agency for 10 years, Alice Orr is an award-winning romance/suspense author whose books include Protect Me, Love; Manhattan Heat; and Dear Santa. She lives in Burton, Washington.

From Ms. Orr, "I have listed the book for sale under New and Used at Amazon
for $7.89 (usual price new is $22.99) with a personal autograph by me
and extra added writing exercises. These pluses are mentioned in the
listing so you can't miss it. "


  1. Tina, thanks for posting this! I'll be sure to tuck her in my prayers and can't wait to get a copy of the book. Who doesn't love a great sale????

    What's the first thing a woman says when you compliment her shirt/dress/shoes, etc.?

    Not "thank you"...

    Oh, no.

    We say, "Oh, man, I got this for a song at Gap last week. They had the greatest sale! For under twenty bucks I walked away with two skirts and a pair of shorts."

    We recite the entire sale history of our great deal, and this book sounds like a great deal.


  2. Hey there Cub Reporter..looking forward to the Barbara Scott and Abingdon Press interview. What's on the menu that day???

  3. I am really looking forward to the interview with Barbara Scott. I've marked my calendar!

  4. Is it the Barbara Scott formerly from Zonderkidz? If so, she's wonderful!

  5. Alice Orr's No More Rejections is one of the first writing books I've purchased and it's one of the BEST! The book is packed with wonderful ways to get deep into your character's head. Love it!

  6. Morning all, Cub Reporter here:

    Yup, the very same Barbara Scott that did wonderful things at Zonderkidz is now heading up the NEW fiction line from Abingdon Press

    Barb is joining us both 'live' and interview style. As for content, well...

    I checked out her hair style, her makeup brands, skin regime...

    Oh, you thought we were talking writing???? Ee gads, shoulda thought of that! What a goose I am.


    We'll chat about Abingdon's goals, Barb's preferences, the market, the Catholic angle, and possible bribery contingencies. I happen to know she likes dark chocolate...

    So bring plenty that day!


  7. Praying for healing and Eph. 3:20 sales on this book!

    Due to a car accident and subsequent surgeries, I had to cancel ALL of my booksignings...and could only do online digital marketing. So I told God He was just gonna have to come through for me and market the books by drawing people to them.

    They sold very well. I'm praying He draws people to your books too, so you can concentrate on getting well and writing more books that will help the rest of us grow.

    Lord, bless her health and her book sales and more in Jesus' name.