Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Funny Typo Day

Did you know today is an official holiday in Seekerville? Yes. Today is Funny Typo Day.

Just for giggles and grins and to celebrate the holiday, I'm going to post some really embarraassing typos I have done and read lately. I am a TERRIBLE poofreader by computer. Did you catch that? LOL!

Part of my problem is distractions. If someone walks past me saying something...likely part of their conversation will make it into my ms...or worse, my internal monologue in response to whatever it is they're saying. Most women can multi-task. NOT ME.

Point in case:
---the second ms I sent in to Steeple Hill had the below bolded phrase. Keep in mind this is a big bad special ops soldier out in the field on a dangerous mission. Joel ripped open the Velcroe closure on his side pocket and tugged out his Sippy cup, taking a swig. (I meant CANTEEN. But apparently one of my children ran past asking for something to drink in that moment.) I didn't catch it but one of the editors did. THANK GOODNESS! LOL!

A recent ms I turned in had two typos that one of my critique partners caught.

As she walked across the bridge toward him, mammories assaulted Nolan. (Was supposed to say "memories assaulted Nolan" but I must have mispelled "memories" in such a way that the autocorrect in my word processor changed the word to "mammories". Unfortunately, Spellcheck didn't flag it because mammories wasn't mispelled.

I want to preface the following by saying that some of my very best friends are African American, Hispanic, Indian and other various Asian descent. I LOVE people of color. That said, here's what made it past me in that same book:

I had typed, "Sleek black flappers tucked beneath each armpit, Vince tanked toward the water."

Vince was donned in scuba gear for a water rescue after a small town bridge collapse. It was supposed to be "flippers" but I got the word mixed up.

In fact in my second book there are two wrong word usages in there that I didn't catch on galleys. Whoops! I can laugh about it now though. I get words mixed up often. If you read it, did you catch them? LOL! If you haven't read A Soldier's Family, be on the lookout for two rightly spelled but wrongly used words. LOL! Hey, I can turn the mistake on its head and use it for marketing.

Lastly, a good friend of mine who will remain nameless posted a prayer request to a prayer loop with hundreds of people on it. I have her darling permission to post this by the way. Her husband had a toothache and she MEANT to type, "Please pray for him, as he will be lumping boxes all day."

But instead, she typed, "he will be HUMPING boxes all day." And...she sent it to the loop. I laughed so hard. I DID pray hard for her...and her husband...between chuckles.

Okay...I've done a TON more...but lets shift the focus onto someone else.

YOU! :-)

Tell us...what's the funniest typo or typos you've read (or written!) lately? In a book, e-mail, newspaper, sign whatever.

Do share!

Fess up people so I don't feel so alone here. :-)

And if you're really bored, see if you can find the typos in a couple of those pictures above.

Cheryl Wyatt


  1. I'm horrible with typos on a computer screen.
    I will read a page a million times and still miss something. It's annoying!!!!
    But luckily, if I print it out I'm more likely to catch it.

    Love the mammaries thingy. Too funny.

  2. Cheryl, what a fun way to start my day! Thanks for the chuckles! Wish I had some hilarious typos to share. Can't think of a single funny one. Not that I don't have typos in Courting Miss Adelaide. In my Dear Reader letter, I say "Than you" instead of "Thank you." I'm blaming production. LOL


  3. "Title Goes Here" in bold caps was prominently featured in my one sheet and synopsis for The Great American Novel.

    I was so used to seeing it that I almost didn't catch it.

    Note to self -- look at that stuff one more time.

    When we used to paste up the newspaper by hand, we kept dummy headlines of the right size on our boards, stick them in and paste in the copy as needed. We were supposed to take them off and replace them with the real headline right before sending the pages out to be shot.

    After a series of wrong headlines, I started putting mine on upside down. Next edition had some upside-down dummy headline.

    If we had only put "etoin shrdlu" on we might have caught it. Or, maybe not ;-)

    (Way back when if a Linotype operator messed up he'd run his finger along the home row of the machine and that's what would come out)

  4. Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh.

  5. WOW! The one where he whipped out his sippy cup knocked me off my chair. I have tears in my eyes. Thank you!!!

  6. I didn't know there was a "funny typo day"
    How cool is that. but, I'm perfect, never having had maade annny misttakes at all in my typinggg.


    Seriously, I don't have any major stories on a manuscript but I do have one a query. I sent a query to someone named Stefanie, but of course just after I hit SEND I realized I typed her name Stephanie. Yes, I read the query like TEN TIMES TOO....grrr. So, I automatically put that query in the DENIED pile....crud.

    Oh well, guess we're human? There was only ONE perfect being out there, right?

  7. Cheryl, what a funny post. Loved it, especially about the sippy cup. One of the funniest typos I've ever read was in a best selling mystery. The typo --- 'she was clam now'. The author meant 'calm'.

    Now if I were an expert at typos this post would read this way.

    Sharyl, what a fun knee post. Loved it, specially bout the Zippy coup.

  8. OMG I needed a spew alert for that post. Thanks for the chuckle, Cheryl.

  9. I've got this on my blog. A sign near my home.


  10. I've got this on my blog. A sign near my home.


  11. Hey, my nifty live links wouldn't work today! The blogger kept rejecting them, saying something about html code.
    Is it just being jerky today or is this new?

  12. This was in the newspaper I worked for.
    Let me interject here that it was NOT MY FAULT.

    I'm mulling over how to word this

    It was...hmmmm...okay, got it.

    Catholic mass will be held Saturday night at 5:30.

    Except we forgot the 'M' in mass.
    This went out in our small town's weekly newspaper.

    You know, there are an amazing number of words in a newspaper. It's really hard to catch every one of them.

  13. And we caught this one before it went out.

    I wasn't working there at the paper at the time but it was elevated to a near urban legend of dodging a bullet by the time I arrived.

    "He was visited by his aunts in the hospital."

    Except we mispelled aunts. C instead of A.

    May God have mercy on our souls.

  14. Thanks for all the laughs!!! I think my blood pressure just went down enough that even my doctor will be pleased. :-)

    I can't think of any of my specific typos, but there are always a few in there. How could you ever eliminate them all? Occasionally when I read a book, I am amazed that there AREN'T any typos.

  15. I've got a real problem using 'road' when I mean 'rode'. I completely know them apart but this is a mistake I make repeatedly.

    In the newspaper we were really bad with loose when we meant lose and diary and dairy. Being from a rural area, this came up quite often.
    Trail and trial tripped me up a bunch, too.

  16. Funny!

    This is why publishers should pay "final readers", people who only get to read the final galley, once and only once. The mispellings and other errors will jump out at them.

  17. What a hoot, Cheryl!!! I haven't had any funny typos that I can remember. Just embarrassing ones that make me look stupid. :)


  18. Cheryl, this was great! I love the road signs, the pics, and I especially love that list of church bulletin/signs bloopers that appears on the Internet every now and again.

    Totally cracks me up. I especially love catchy little church 'signs' that mess up, you know, the ones that light up by the edge of the road! LOL, those are hysterical.

    I remember sending some chapters to Sandra once, a few years back, and I'd changed a character's name from Grace to Amy...

    So when I found and replaced 'grace' I ended up with interesting references to Amy...

    'filled with Amy'...

    "Amazing Amy"

    "long-sought Amy..."

    You get the picture. Duh! Sandra got a good laugh out of it. :)

    Thanks for brightening my day, kiddo! Bless you!


  19. Ruthy, that's so funny! Find and replace can be dangerous, can't it?



  20. Thanks all for dropping by and commenting. I was driving ALL day to get to the ACFW conference. So I was unable to comment on your comments.

    Food was sparse here today too, eh? LOL!

    Hugs all!