Saturday, September 20, 2008

Seekerville Weekend Edition

ACFW Conference news, straight from our inside sources...


Book of the Year

Camy Tang - First Place, Debut Author, Sushi for One
Mary Connealy - First Place, Short Historical, Golden Days
Debby Giusti - Third Place, Short Contemporary Suspense, Nowhere to Hide

Congratulations to Cara Slaughter for her Genesis final!!

Cara Slaughter - 3rd Place, Contemporary Romance, Joanna's Treasure

Minnesota Here They-- Came!!

Check out Seekerville native, Missy Tippens
and her F.A.I.T.H blog cohorts here.

Snoopy Dances for Seekerville guest blogger,
and three time Genesis finalist,

Erica Vesch for her SALE!!! to Heartsong Presents.

Congrats to a friend of Seekerville,

Lynda Schab

for her second place final in the

2008 ACFW Genesis, Lit Category, with Mind over Madi.

If you have any other news--additions--corrections to share from the ACFW Conference let us know so we can celebrate with you!

And in other news!

Friday, September 26th we are t
hrilled to welcome
Pam McCutcheon

to Seekerville to discuss their Portable Plotting Board as seen in the RWR.
Don't miss it and a chance to win your own Portable Plotting Board!

Golden Heart and RITA news!!

News from RWA Headquarters in Houston Texas:

The RWA office remains without power following outages due to Hurricane Ike.

The latest timeline from Centerpoint Energy indicates that the RWA building is located in a section of town that is expected to be without power at least through early next week.

The corporate staff is now able to run essential equipment by using gasoline powered generators from approximately 9 AM - 4 PM Central Time on weekdays. The RWA office telephones and fax machine will be operable during those hours only, until power has been restored. All RWA e-mail addresses are working and staff members are responding to member inquiries.

The Golden Heart and RITA contests will open, as scheduled, on Monday, September 22at 8:00 AM Central Time for online sign-up.

Until power is fully restored, faxed forms will only be accepted during the temporary business hours listed above. We appreciate your patience. Please check the RWA Web site for any changes or updates


RWA Staff

More RITA and GH info:

RITA Contest Deadlines:

December 1, 2008.

Deadline for entry forms and fees to be received by the RWA Office. Note: Once the contest reaches its 1,200 entry maximum, it will close to new entries, even if it is prior to the December 1st deadline.

GH Contest Deadlines:

November 17, 2008.

Entry forms and fees must be received by the RWA Office. Note: Once the contest reaches its 1,200 entry maximum, it will close to new entries, even if it is prior to the November 17th deadline.

See the RWA contest pages for detailed information on both contests


  1. HOORAY!!!!! Seekers and Seeker friends. What excitement and achievement. Congratulations to all of you. I bet you're exhausted and ready to go home, put up your feet and try to absorb all the excitement, friends, contacts, networks, workshops, etc, etc.

    Good job.

  2. Hey gang. I'm home.
    Bleary eyed but alive. (well alive-ish)

  3. CONGRATS to all the seekerville winners (well, to ALL the winners, actually!) So bummed I couldn't be there but was thrilled to wake up Sunday morning to the news that I took second. What an honor! Hope to meet you all next year (if not before!)

  4. Congrats to all the Seekers and Seeker friends!

    Hate I missed it but maybe next year. In Denver?

  5. DENVER!!!! Wooo hooooo...see you there Patricia. My home town.

  6. Hooray!! What a list!! LoL--and I actually know Lynda!! (I met her last year at a conference--fun!) Congrats, Lynda!

  7. Thanks for the report, Tina! Congrats to everyone for such success!!

    I just registered for the Rita today!! I'm soooo excited. I've been waiting to enter this contest forever!

    Missy :)

  8. Congratulations, Seekers! I loved the humbling spirits as the winners gave their speeches. I was teary-eyed more than once.