Saturday, October 11, 2008

Birthday Week Two Winners!

To celebrate our birthday, we will be giving away a weekly birthday present through the month of October. All you have to do is what you always do---stop by, say hi, laugh and share your insights and thoughts. Random names will be drawn and announced, but because it is a birthday present, of course what is inside is a surprise.

This week's winner is Jessica Nelson.

There was also a trivia contest last weekend.
We asked you to guess who was the first
Seeker to leave Unpubbed Island by selling her first book.

The answer?

Debby Giusti
Nowhere to Hide,

Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense,

April 2007

Debby's latest book,
Countdown to Death,
Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense,
is an October 14, 2008 release

And the winner who guessed this correctly is AusJenny!

Jenny and Jessica please email me at with your
email address and snail mail address.

This week in Seekerville we're popping corks all over the place.

Congratulations to Julie, Myra and Missy!!

If you missed Julie Lessman's post this week,
Revell has offered her another 3-book contract.

Missy Tippens has made a 3rd sale to Steeple Hill Love Inspired! Tentatively titled A Forever Christmas, the book will be out November or December 2009.

Besides her first sale---One Im-Perfect Christmas, accepted by Barbara Scott at Abingdon Press, for a September 2009 release, Myra Johnson has sold
Autumn Rains, to JoAnne Simmons at Heartsong Presents,
for an October 2009 release

Congratulations Seekers!!

Remember next Saturday we will be drawing another
random Seekerville poster's name
for our week three birthday giveaway!


  1. Congratulations to Missy, Myra and Julie!!!

    HELP! Please may I have Ruthy's email link- I can't find it anywhere on Seekerville, and need to ask her to forward a message to one of her interviewees for me. Thank you.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend

    God bless


  2. Ruth, you can send it to me and I will forward it.

  3. CONGRATS to Missy, Myra and Julie!!
    What wonderful news, and I hope each of you ladies' husbands take you out to eat to celebrate!*grin*
    Patti Jo :)

  4. Tina, thanks for posting all the fun Seekerville info!!!

    AusJenny! You're so smart!!! Plus, you're a doll! Loved seeing you at ACFW!

    Congrats to all the Seeker success!

  5. Congratulations ladies on the new contracts!

    May God continue to bless each one of you as you continue to glorify Him in your writing.


  6. Hey, Ruth!

    Great name.

    (insert big wink here)

    You can e-mail me at, kiddo. Sorry you couldn't find me through Seekerville.

    Bad blogger. Bad!


  7. This is TOO funny! I'm pretty sure that months ago ausjenny and I both one books on Camy Tang's blog. Actually, it may have been a year ago :-)
    Yep, CONGRATS to all the Seekers who have more contracts!! That's wonderful.
    Tina, I'll e-mail you :-)
    Looking forward to Monday's post and I hope you all have a great night!

  8. Thanks for celebrating with us, everyone!!

    I was saying last week that I think something may be in in the water. I think Myra and I got our calls on the same day. :)

    Congrats to the b-day winners!!


  9. Congratulations, Missy!!! I hadn't heard.

    So it was Debby. I almost guessed her.

  10. Wow, congratulations to everyone, especially Julie, Myra, and Missy. That's fantastic.

  11. Wow! Congratulations to Missy, Myra, and Julie. That's fantabulous news!

  12. Congrats Julie, Missy and Myra

    Oh wow im so glad i looked here before going ot bed. Im finally home.

  13. Jessica I think your right it was here and it was the second sushi book (I forget the title)

  14. Hello to all the Seekers. I hope you're enjoying your special birthday celebration.

    Hearty congrats to Julie, Missy and Myra on those contracts.

    If you or your visitors didn't get a chance to drop by Romance Writers on the Journey to read Myra's first interview as a contracted author, here's the link.

    Scroll down to October 8 and you'll find Myra's post. She talks about her l-o-n-g journey to publication. Her persistence is inspiring.

  15. Congratulations to Julie, Myra, and Missy! Also, congrats to the birthday winners, Jessica and AusJenny!

  16. Big congrats to Missy, Myra and Julie!

    Big congrats also to Jessica and Jenny!

    mittens0831 AT aol DOT com

  17. Jenny, don't forget to send me your address..send it to

  18. Congratulations Missy, Myra and Julie! The contracts keep pouring in! I have a feeling God has just begun to bless : )


  19. tina its sent blame it on jetlag!!!

  20. Congrats to Missy and Julie on your new and continuing success with your publishers. How exciting. I can hardly wait to hear how these go.

    Myra, your debut is so exciting. I'm so happy for you. We'll miss you on Unpubbed Island.

  21. Congrats to all of the birthday winners.

  22. Thanks, everyone, for all the congrats & good wishes! Here's praying Unpubbed Island becomes deserted very, very soon!