Saturday, October 18, 2008

Seekerville Birthday Edition Week Three

Happy Birthday month continues here in Seekerville.

To celebrate our birthday, we are giving away a weekly birthday present through the month of October. Random names will be drawn from our visitors and then announced. Because it is a birthday present, of course what's inside is a surprise.

This week's birthday present winner is Lisa Jordan!

Lisa send me a note at

Now, are you ready for some laugh out loud fun?

This week Seekerville is nostalgia central as we bring you high school yearbook photos of the Seekers. Can you recognize the Seeker in each yearbook photo?

Take a guess and we will draw one Seekerville poster
from the winning answers next Saturday.
for a special birthday prize!

Presenting...straight from the class of 19?? ...
The Seekers!!


  1. ROF, LOL!

    Oh my stars, Tina, that's great! And aren't we a bunch of supermodel wannabes????

    Too funny. Wonderful, wonderful.

    Strawberry and cheese crepes for everyone! Gather around. Coffee bar stocked and ready to roll.

    We look GOOD!


    Ruthy (trying to type while giggling like a...

    You guessed it.


  2. I barely recognize us! LOL!! Thanks Tina for starting my Saturday with a smile.

    Ruthy, thanks for the crepes and coffee. Delightful!


  3. This took weeks of stealth planning as I swiped high school year books to copy the picture!!

  4. Don't know HOW you did that, O Techy One, but that's a riot!! Thanks for starting my weekend with a laugh, Tina!! Don't we look coooool? :)

  5. ROFL!!!!!!!! Yeah, I bet it was hard to figure out what high schools we all went to. ;)

    How fun. Thanks, Tina, for the laugh. You know, there are some haristyles that should be illegal.

    Missy LOL

  6. Hilarious! I tried this myself with sidesplitting results. One night I was so bored, I tried it with a picture of my cat.

  7. ROFLOL!!!!!!

    Where is my prom date??? I look better here than I did in my REAL yearbook photo!

    We all look FAB, FAB, FAB, baby!

  8. Ah, those were the days.

    Ruthy was a riot as always, careening around curves and flirting with the cops.

    Tina egged her on. Camy just giggled, and Missy and I held on to each other for dear life in the back seat, praying for mercy.

    Thanks for the pics, Tina! They're wonderful!

  9. ROFLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can't. Stop. Laughing!




  10. Ruthy....the crepes were GOOOOOOD!!!!



  11. Oh, my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You girls have just endowed the words "Big Hair" with whole new meaning. You should have resisted the peer pressure, girls!

  12. Oh, and Tina, you have way too much time on your hands, girlfriend. Too funny!


  14. Glad you all enjoyed this. I have three job..this stuff is filed under recreational activities, Mel.

  15. Um ... that big hair ... that's still the effect some of us try to achieve ... :-) That style never went anywhere around here!

    You guys look good.

  16. Oh thats so much fun. (Thankfully we didn't have yearbooks like that)
    we had group photos of the whole class.

  17. Well Jenny you can go to and get your very own not for real year book photo right now!!

  18. Yikes, you guys are hilarious! Are those for real?

    Happy birthday!

  19. Jess wants to know if they're for real...

    Love you, honey. That just made me laugh harder!

    Still smiling at the end of the day and glad you guys enjoyed the crepes. Strawberry crepes go well with a subtle flavored coffee, or a coffee well-laced with Italian Sweet Cream creamer.

    Great concoction.

  20. No, not for real...just for fun.

    The actual age range from the oldest Seeker to the youngest is...well lets just say we are span a few decades.

  21. I'm late posting but had to chime in....thanks for the LAUGH!!!! Love all those hairstyles....but I think my VERY favorite is Cheryl Wyatt's- - I've been trying to get my hair in that style for months-LOL!!
    Patti Jo :)
    p.s. YUM - coffee and crepes...

  22. Joanne, you have a great smile!!

    Hey, PattiJo, welcome to the partee.

  23. That hair's a hoot! Thanks for a good laugh... I needed it today!

    Happy B-day, Seekers!

  24. I have ALWAYS had long dark straight hair, but I know that's exactly how Julie looked!!!!

  25. Yay! I love birthday presents! Thanks, Seekers. Tina, I e-mailed you. :-)

    Hehe, you dahlings look fabulous!

    Here are my guesses in order from top left to bottom right:

    Mary, Sandra, Ruthy, Julie, Debby, Missy, Myra, Cara (guess), Glynna (guess), Audra (guess), Tina, Pam, Cami, Julie, Cheryl.

    Love the big hair, girls! I bet some of you may have had similar hairstyles at one time! Big hair rules. ;)

  26. OMIGOSH, Tina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the first chance I had to see this, and all I can say is that your imagination and creativity never fail to amaze me!!

    What a hoot ... and what a bunch of hotties!! And my picture is EXACTLY how I looked, not in high school, but in my 20s when I went to Glamour Shots and they fixed my hair like a Country-Western star!! In high school, my hair was actually straight like Ruthy's, but ... ahem ... she looks WAY better in it than I did!! :)


  27. Julie, I KNEW it!

    I showed the gals at work our pics and I said that I could just imagine that you looked exactly like that at some point in her life.

  28. I can also see Glynna and Janet having those hairdos.

    And Sandra...I had a high school English teacher who styled her hair sorta like that. Close enough that it definitely reminds me of her.

    Me? I've never styled my hair like that, but I sorta like the pic better than my REAL high school one!

  29. I think someone is having too much fun! These are hilarious!!

    Happy Birthday Seekers!


  30. ROFL! Do I have to stop laughing before I guess?

    Here's my best shot:
    Mary, Sandra, Glynna, Cara, Audra, Missy, Myra, Ruth ,Julie, Debby, Tina, Pam,Camy, Janet, and Cheryl

    That's probably not so bad since I have yet to meet any of you in person.

    Fun game!

  31. I have no idea, but they are wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  32. I've been off the Internet and come back to THIS!!!!
    tooooooooooo fuuuuunnnnnnny. Wish I did look that good in high school. Thanks Tina. Love the hair. Think those styles will come back in??????