Saturday, October 4, 2008

Week One Birthday Winner!!

Week 1 winner is Kimberli Buffaloe!

A trivia question for a free copy of one of our Seekerville books.

Who was the first Seeker to leave the Infamous Unpub island?

Your choices:

Myra Johnson

Missy Tippens

Camy Tang

Debby Giusti

Julie Lessman

Janet Dean

Mary Connealy

Cheryl Wyatt

A copy of one of our author's books will be sent to the winner --remember it's a birthday party so you don't get to pick your present. Winner will be drawn next Saturday with the regular week two birthday present winner.


  1. Oh wow, thank you!! That's so sweet! Do I have to answer the question? If so, I'm in big trouble, lol. Is searching the archives cheating??

    A huge thanks to everyone at Seekerville, not only for hosting this month-long bash and awarding prizes, but for sharing so much of your time, talent, and humor. Y'all are terrific.

  2. I know! I know! But I'm not telling.

  3. Not a clue, but I'll toss my name in the ring.

  4. Debby Giusti is my guess, I am not really sure but just a hunch.

  5. You're getting warmer.

    Hey Joanne. Welcome to Seekerville, pull up a bagel and cream cheese and have a chair..or vice versa lol.

  6. Hehe - thanks, Tina. I'm here occasionally (not as much as I'd like!) but not enough to be bothered that you welcomed me here ;). I'd love that bagel and cream cheese - got any lox? I've got that Jew thing in me, yanno? It also keeps the cream cheese off my derierre if I'm "pulling it up".

    And I suppose I should take a WILD guess. How about Camy Tang?

  7. It was either Missy or Mary--I think.

    Happy Birthday and Happy Fall! But unfortunately it's still hot here in Alabama. But it does get cool at night now, the only indication that it is fall.

  8. Obviously we've done a good job of hiding the answers to this and other really tough questions in Seekerville. Oy vay. (In honor of Joanne...)

    I've never tried lox on bagels. I attended a Bar Mitzvah on Long Island last year... what a wonderful service. Beautiful.

    The buffet in the meeting hall adjacent to the temple had the most amazing bagels and cream cheese, but I couldn't quite try the lox. What a chicken.

    Ruthy (who knows the answer but her lips are sealed... Unless someone bribes me with chocolate in which case I'll squeal loud and long, with little or no remorse).

  9. I have gleaned the answer from my neighboring Island dwellers. Amazing what one can draw from a woman with the right blend of cream and espresso.


  10. I'm guessing...Cheryl Wyatt.

    kimfurd at hotmail dot com

    That good-looking barista is back! He! He! He!

  11. Not sure. I'm going to guess Janet Dean.

  12. That Jack sure gets around, doesn't he?

  13. He, he, he....

    This is fun....


  14. :) This is so fun, especially since Barista Jack stopped by again. :)


  15. I'm going with Mary Connealy.