Saturday, November 8, 2008

Seekerville Weekend Edition

The Seekers are busy cleaning and polishing Seekerville and we've ordered in some sweet treats from my favorite bakery, A Grande Finale, in Louiseville, Colorado.

So be sure to be here for some insights into publishing and a virtual smörgåsbord all week long.

Check out our exciting line-up of guests for next week.

Tuesday, November 11, the lovely Marlena Fortune has agreed to return and answer publishing questions that have accumulated in the Seeker in-box since her last visit.

Thursday, November 13, from Steeple Hill we have, Senior Editor in charge of the line, Melissa Endlich visiting.

We are also thrilled to have Heartsong Presents Mystery author, Nancy Mehl with us on Friday, November 14. Nancy writes the very entertaining Ivy Towers Mystery books.

Seekerville News!

Mary Connealy
will be appearing at Petticoats & Pistols on Wednesday, November 12.

Tina Russo sold a short story to Woman's World. Letting Go will appear in the January 5th edition.


  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    On your sale.

  2. Great line up for the week!

    I'm putting Petticoats and Pistols on my calendar.

    WooHoo Tina for making ANOTHER sale to WW!! I'll have to start shopping for a *Staff Writer* brass plate for your office door : ) Proud of you!!!

  3. Fortunately for me the editor at WW is kind and merciful.

    Personally I am was delighted for the opportunity to exchange barbs with Ms.Fortune again!!

  4. Congratulations Tina and Mary!

    I'm looking forward to reading The Seekers all week.

    Susan :)

  5. Tina, awesome news about getting another short story published. "Letting Go" is a cool title. (Am I going to need tissues?) Will you please post a reminder when it comes out in Jan?

    What a great lineup of guests for the week. Thanks, Seekers!

  6. Congrats to Tina and I'm looking forward to the upcoming week on Seekerville.

    How many have you sold to WW, Tina?

    How about a couple quick secrets to share about getting in there?

  7. I've sold three of the five I have subbed this year, Cathy.

    Keep submitting is the key. Be willing to revise. I subscribe so I read what they are buying.

    1. Romances are 800 words.
    2. They should be sweet and have a community (neighborhood)feel. Consider the audience.

  8. Thanks for the tips, Tina!

    Now, can someone explain how to get my name to show up in blue letters like everyone else who posts?

  9. What a great line up!

    and WOOHOO! Miss Tina. That's splendiferous news!

  10. You need to have a visible blogger profile Cathy. Then it will link back to your profile.