Saturday, November 22, 2008

Seekerville Weekend (Gobbler) Edition

I've always been rather fond of Thanksgiving as a holiday for several writing reasons:

1. Everyone sleeps in, except me.
2. Toss in one turkey and a couple pies, and I don't have to cook again for at least 24 hours.
3. Parades, football games and Christmas movies...I am interested in none.

The bottom line is...I get to write.

And as far as's a site with 15 meals to make with leftover turkey, again, let me remind you, the goal is less cooking and more writing.

If you insist upon bonding time with the fam', I recommend you stock up on a few Seeker books. They'll provide plenty of entertainment as you sit on the couch with the kids and they stare at the tube waiting for Santa to make an appearance in the Thanksgiving parade, or while you cuddle with hubby- during the commercial breaks of 32 back-to-back bowl games.

If you are spending time with large groups of family (not recommended), you can read Seeker books while the men are snoring in the living room and the women are discussing global domination in the kitchen.

Seeker Books for Your Thanksgiving Pl


  1. There's only two of those I haven't read...

    I never thought of Thanksgiving like that before. Maybe in a few years, when I'm not chasing toddlers, I'll take your advice and write away! LOL
    Great post!

  2. Good idea to read over the holidays, Seekers!

    Sorry I'm not around every day anymore and late posting...can't reach seekerville from the computer on my new job.


  3. New job...HURRAH, Pamela!!

    I have to do it during breaks and lunch at my I can relate.

    Jessica, definitely a goal for when the kids start sleeping in.

  4. It's big family event for me. But at least it's just one day and then gatherings are pushed aside again until Christmas : )

    Great reading selection, Tina : )

    Has anyone ever told you what a great job you do with these weekend editions???? You're da bomb!!!

  5. I usually have a sinus infection on Thanksgiving, and I'm the sole cook, so by the time I finish cooking and halfway cleaning up, I have to go to bed! But I got sick early this year, so hopefully I'll be well on Thanksgiving!!!

    Here's to writing time when you're really motivated! Nothing's sweeter.

  6. Melanie, I'm cracking up! I love your positive spin on getting sick early!! :)

    Tina, thanks so much for your hard work on weekend editions!! Audra's right. You're da bomb!!

    Jessica, it does get easier! You'll have a short period of time where life will be ideal before the hormones kick in. :)

    Pamela, congrats on the new job! But so sorry you can't have free rein on the computer. :)

  7. Love your weekend editions, Tina! Always so fun!

    I have an ironclad tradition of NO COOKING ON ANY HOLIDAY. (Unless it's hamburgers on the grill for the Fourth, maybe.) My s-i-l used to organize and host the family holiday meals until a few years ago. Now a brave niece has taken over Thanksgiving. She gives out the assignments and we chip in as directed. This year I really lucked out--a bottle of wine, a bag of ground coffee, and $10 toward the meat.

  8. Myra!!! I love it.

    Okay I didn't admit I order the pies from Marie Callendars, I use instant potatoes and instant gravy. So all I really have to do is toss in the turkey.

    I love being a modern woman!!

  9. I have three of the seven suggested books, great idea to keep them close. We are going to see my folks 150 miles away from where we live and spend three days. I don't usually get any reading done when we go there but I guarantee you I will have at least one of them with me.
    Since we are away from home for Thanksgiving Holiday, I am baking four pies for our Fellowship lunch tomorrow we have each Sunday after Worship Service. Two pumpkin and two pecan. I can hardly wait to have a taste of each kind and I am looking forward to reading the books I have on hand first chance I get.
    When my boys were growing up, I was the pie baker for all our family gatherings, like my Mom before me.
    I also am not into parades or football games. Hmmm... that is what my folks like so maybe I WILL get to read after all!
    I can see why you look forward to this time to write. Happy writing!
    Pam W

  10. Im like Jessica only 2 left to read but I do have them.
    we dont have thanksgiving here in australia.

    but Save the Turkey eat beef!

  11. Jenny, apparently our founding fathers...the pilgrims..didn't venture far enough into the new country to find any beef. They found wild turkey. So we are doomed to turkey for eternity.

    It's heresy to have beef.

  12. Im glad I wasn't there then cos I really do hate turkey. But I hope you all have a great time Thursday.
    I will read something that day!
    Tonight I was covering books for our new church library (I threatened either get a bookcase for the books I have this week or they go to the town library!)
    We started talking about it in about June! I think Ive added about 20 books since the last time I listed them on the booksheet.

  13. Always fun to check in on the weekends and catch Tina's update. I'm reading Camy's SINGLE SASHIMI and lovin' it!

  14. Tina, I love these Weekend Editions.

    Melanie, I feel for you having to cool when you're not feeling well. Hope you're better soon.

    My mom handles Thanksgiving so all we do is show up and help. It's great family time...and I have no mess to clean up. LOL!


  15. I'm the host of our Thanksgiving. I love the big festive meal and gathering with our kids and grandkids. Tina, once you have little ones visiting, you won't get much writing done.