Saturday, November 29, 2008

Weekend Edition-Merry Christmas!!

Time to do the holiday dance.

Come on, get off the couch and elf yourself!

And are you aware there are approximately

25 days left until Christmas?

Not only that, there are less than 32 days until the close of the

If you want a shot at a box of Godiva or fifty bucks cash,

you'll need to follow the rules and send me an email.
To those who already have sent proof of submitting in 2008:
Congratulations, you are already winners.

Coming Up....

We have an awsome line-up of guest bloggers who will join us on our publication journey.

Here's just a sample; but don't think we're finished planning!

December 1 & 2 Two day Query Letter Workshop featuring Seeker query letters.

December 3, we'll have a down-home, Southern chat with Barbour, Heartsong Presents author, Kathleen Y'Barbo.

December 4, multi-published author, Susan May Warren will be here to share on how to get the attention of an editor or agent.

December 10, we are thrilled to have Julie Klassen with us.

December 12, Barbour Publishing, Heartsong Presents author, Cathy Marie Hake is our guest.

Finally, we invite you to kick off your holiday shopping with:

The Seekerville Writer's Wish List

The Dreams Do Come True Category:

The Practical Category:

The Whimsical Category:

Love Muffins. Check out Jacquie's Bakery (They accept PayPal!)

The Jane Austen Clock
(Ninth Moon has a great site, don't they?)

Writer's Remedy:Writer's block have you all stopped up? Try the gentle relief of Writer's Remedy, from the makers of Magnetic Poetry. Simply apply these word magnets to your refrigerator door, or any other steel surface, and feel the liberating effects immediately. Features over 300 writerly words like electric, confess, muse, and whisper.

The Write On Mug from Exclusive Writer Gifts.

Vintage Typewriter Key Necklace : ( I bought one.)

Rebound Designs: Purses are all made from real old hardback books, the pages are removed and the cover is left intact. The spine becomes the bottom of the purse, so the longer the book, the wider the purse.

The Book Chair: Keeps your hands free to type while you research.


  1. Elf Tina -- What a GREAT post chock-full of lots of goodies!! You are amazing ... but then you ARE an elf, resplendent with the magic of the North Pole!

    I am particularly fond of the Rebound purse -- what a clever idea!! Although, I would need the Gone With The Wind version to carry all the stuff I do!

    Happy Saturday!


  2. Happy Saturday to you too. Snow here in Denver and I am chilly. But lots of writing to be accomplished so snipping off the ends of my mittens and getting to work.

  3. Sounds good! Thanks for all the links. :-)

  4. Woo hoo! Look at that hot Tina Elf go! And thank you, too, for the great gift ideas to help point Santa in the right direction!

    I'm having a DELIGHTFUL writing day revising my WIP. It's so much fun to have extra time to play with the plot, the characters, the emotions. Wordsmithing to my heart's content!

  5. Hey there Jessica!! Hope you are having a great weekend.

    Glynna, glad you are getting writing time in!!

    Yeah, I'm going to try out for the North Pole Dancing with the Stars.

  6. How fun!!! Thanks for the links, Tina!!!


  7. Hey, Tina. It's funny you mentioned the mittens. I was just thinking about fingerless gloves to use while typing.

    Has anyone tried this? My hands/fingers get so cold! If you use the fingerless gloves, do the fingers still stay cold?


  8. Missy, you cut the off at below the first knuckle beneath your nail. So the fingers stay warm. They worked well for me today.

  9. Thanks, Tina! So you did mittens, not gloves?

    I may give it a whirl.


  10. Okay, before you fall out of your chair laughing at me, scroll up to your previous comment. :)

    I guess mittens would slide right off, wouldn't they? :)


  11. Haha, loved all of the writer gifts...especially the purse! sis did say she wanted to get me a new purse for Christmas...LOL. And fingerless gloves are awesome! I love wearing them...and their very European, so I fit right in ;) Hmmm...OK, going to get my word count in for the day.

  12. I'm from NY..mittens/gloves, soda/pop,macaroni/pasta, tomato/tomatoe. :)

    But boy it sure is cold in Colorado today, folks.

    How's the weather where you are Arianna?

  13. Haha, I'm from NY, too. Well, I'm from a lot of places, but it's one of the more recent places I've lived ;) Let's see...the weather here in Romania? Well, it's 6 PM here, so it's already dark out, and just very cold. No snow, though. =(

  14. LOL, Tina!

    It's miserable in GA right now. 43 degrees (and feels like 33) and damp, foggy. Dreary. Perfect day for snuggling under a warm blanket and for a hot bowl of chili for dinner.

  15. Tina...LOVE the book purse.

    I don't know where you come up with this stuff, or the time to do it. But I'm sure glad you do.

    Hats off and hands down You amaze me.