Monday, February 2, 2009


Mary One Note because this is ALL I talk about these days. I'm sorry

I'm not going to write today about writing skills. Today is pure indulgence for me.
And NO my whole life isn't pure indulgence. You'd never say that if you knew my life.

I am ALL about work and responsibility and duty. Just ask anyone.
Except Ruthy.
Or Tina.
Or my children...who spent most of them childhood cold and hungry while I typed.
Or my husband...who spent most of his adult life cold and hungry while I typed.
Ask my mom. She'd back me--but then she's really sweet and not the most trustworthy women in the world. I dedicated Gingham Mountain to her too, so she owes me.
But today is pure indulgence because


Despite the best efforts of the calendar and Father Time and Global Warming and the force of gravity, the day I never thought would come has finally come.

To celebrate--because celebrating is part of indulgence

I am teaching you nothing today (please, fellow Seekers no comments about my previous posts)
Instead I am giving away

two signed copies of

Gingham Mountain

(That's what the world Gingham Mountain looks like if you use the webdings font. I don't really recommend it for more lengthy writing.)


I'll pick from the comments left today.
But you know what?
I don't think I'm doing a straight eeney, meeney, miney, mo for this girl.
I'm feeling a little too self-indulgent for that.
Instead, I want sass.

That's right.

Who can make the sassiest comment?

And yes, it can be about me.

I can HANDLE the sass. (Think Jack Nickolson in A Few Good Men)

And no that doesn't include Seekers. Which doesn't mean they can't play, it just means they can't win. Because, this is more Olympics than Superbowl. I mean c'mon, competing with the Seekers in sass is just not fair. Because they are PROs. You should hear the things they say about me when I'm not around.

And no, I can't hear what they say about me when I'm not around but I am gifted with that wonderful combination of a blazingly vivid imagination and NOT a pretty combination...but, since she doesn't know much about the internet, I'm going to blame that frightening quality (paranoia plus imagination) on my mother who even now may be in her usual spot, under her bed because she thinks aliens are after her.
(just a note to those keeping score at home, yes that former sentence IS the longest run on sentence in the history of the known universe.)

And, to make up for insulting my mother, here is a picture of her with her first great-grandchild and my first grandchild, ELLE. Elle, by the way, is French for 'exquisitely beautiful wise and good'. Nice choice for a name huh? It's a wonder we're ALL not name Elle, seriously.

So, go for it. Sass me.
Sass my books.
Sass the weather. (nothing funny about ridiculous cold, nasty, brutal winter, but savage bitterness can be sassy if done well)
Good luck.
And be afraid
'cuz I'm gonna sass you back. :)

Oh, and if you say something sassy then later, think of something SASSIER, come back and mouth off again.


  1. Congratulations on the release of Gingham Mountain. While I am not eligible for the book contest I find it really important to ONE NOTE that there really is no one in the world sassier than Mary. Several Seekers come close but frankly you rule, Connealy.

    Enjoy your moment of pure unadulterated sassiness. Next post we shall expect some brilliant instruction on the finer points of being a prolific author.

  2. Tina, you can EXPECT her next post to be brilliant, but don't stake your life on it, Cupcake.


    Mary, congratulations!!!! And Tina is right, we've got some sassy Seekers, but you're reign supreme. Numero Uno.

    I'm not sure anyone else actually lusts after the title, btw. Just sayin'.

    But I'm so happy to have Gingham Mountain out!!! Yay, oh yay!

    To celebrate I made red gingham curtains for the windows and tablecloths to match. Note the wood stove in the corner, and everything is lantern-lit. Perfect to welcome this third book of the series. And I don't know if you can beat Calico Canyon, but I'm going to find out, girlfriend!

    Celebrate today. You and the groundhog.

    Can you eat groundhog? I bet they did in Gingham Mountain!

    Kudos to you, Mare. More sass later.


  3. MARE!!!! Super congrats on your latest release, but ... uh, come on now, really -- how special can this be for someone who has a blinkin' release every day of the blinkin' year????

    But then, actually it is because although you've been around the mountain more times than we all care to count, this IS your first time around Gingham Mountain, so I guess it -- and you -- deserve a little extra attention.

    Seriously, I cannot wait to read it, my friend, because your books are a bit on the addicting side, and I gotta get my fix.


  4. Mary, I would love to win your book, because, frankly, my husband will not let me go out and buy it. You wanna know why? It's because I'm a well-known book reviewer, apparently, and people send me books ALL THE TIME, usually two copies, one to keep and one to give away on my blog. My husband says I get free books all the time, so why would he give me the money to go out and buy Mary's latest?

    Well, you have to admit, he does have a point (even if he is a man who puts the SuperBowl above his wife's birthday).

    So I'd love to win a copy of Gingham Mountain.

    Sorry, that wasn't all that sassy, but it's the truth!

    But never fear. I WILL find a way to get this book. Actually, I'll probably just go out and buy it this week and tell him it's my present from him, exactly what I wanted, thank you very much!!!

  5. Sass Mary? In public? Never!

    Especially with her very own sweet mother right there looking at me...Well, technically, she's looking at Elle, but I bet she can hear everything I type.

    You know, seriously, about sass. My comes right out of left field, not on demand. Now, Mary and Ruthy can do sass like that, but mine is kinda rare and kicks off something someone else says.

    But if I think of something really sassy, I'll be sure to share.

    Mary, congrats on the release of Gingham Mountain! Woo-hoo! Can't wait to read it.

  6. Wow, you're all so nice.

    You are totally LOSING the contest.

    Thanks though.

    Melanie is close with the Super Bowl / insensitive husband think, also, she's the only non-seeker to post so far.

    So, even though it is for only one bright shiny moment, at this point, Melanie is the winner.

    A suggestion Melanie, a suggestion for everyone who is to much of a cheap skate to buy my book (ignore that, I did NOT say it) go to the library and ask them to buy it.

    Seriously, being in libraries is great for writers (I can't remember why but I know it's true) so let the local library do the buying.

    I've heard that if they get a single request for a book, they often add it to their shelves.
    And some take like...FIVE requests. So get a few secret identities and ask for the book five times.

  7. So, here's an interesting little thing about Mary that many of you don't know.

    Every morning I stagger out of bed and do almost the exact same thing to get out the door to work. Mostly in my sleep.

    But, when I've gotten my lunch packed and it's time to LEAVE, there's this corner of my kitchen table where I set everything I need to take with me becuase, in my somnabulent state I can not be expected to remember ANYTHING except to take what's on that corner.

    So, I'm ready to go out the door and I stumble to the kitchen table corner then:
    Chapstick in one pocket,
    Glasses hooked over the neck of my shirt (I only wear them to drive)
    Cell phone in pocket.

    When I'm doing that, I start waking up because I know I really should be awake to drive, but the thing kinda makes me feel like Batman putting on his utility belt...heck...the whole suit.

    Jamming that cell phone in my pocket just screams--Bruce Wayne gone--hello Caped Crusader.

  8. Ah, but Mare, in those sweet, satisfying moments of self-indulgence, try not to think about the mice that are lurking in the shadows. . .just WAITING to pounce on you when you least expect it. Maybe you'd do better to keep your mind and body occupied with work! Churn out another exciting story for us all to enjoy. What's next? DENIM DUNGEONS?

  9. Yawn.

    It's too much trouble to be sassy for no good reason.

    I mean...I can't WIN anyway, so why bother?

    And besides, Mary, I think you're making it too hard on Seekerville visitors. Sassy snarkiness does not come easy to everyone.

    However, if some of you will really lay some surgary sweat, gag-me-with-a-spoon COMPLIMENTS on Mary, then I imagine the rest of us can come up with some come-backs she deems worthy.

  10. When Pam sez: surgary sweat

    She means sugary sweet.

    The other sounds like a doctor, perspiring while he operates.

  11. Mice...the books I wrote for Susan, which will be out in June in the book Nosy in Nebraska, are the truest 'Write What You Know' novels of all time.

    I'm scared of mice
    I worked for a small town newspaper
    I live in a small town
    I'm a farm girl

    The fiction in that book comes mainly from the part where the heroine is beautiful, young, blonde and skinny.

    And that is pure fantasy.

  12. Mary, I'm so happy for you! Congrats! I can't wait to get this book.

    As for the sass . . . I just can't do it. You've been so sweet to me, it wouldn't feel right.

    So I bow down to the Queen of Sass. May you reign victorious over your foes . . . or whatever.

    Congrats again.

  13. Denim Dungeons is also pretty sassy.

    I brainstormed with Barbour about the titles of these books for quite a while.

    Garter Gulch
    Camisole Canyon
    Teddy Terrain

    No, that last was for another line.

  14. I cannot believe how nice everyone's being.

    It is a huge disappointment to me. Not to mention a shock.

    Denise, c'mon baby, you can do it.

  15. Mary, you slay me!

    Amazon better be hotfooting my pre-ordered copy of Gingham Mountain to me even as we speak.

    Been contemplating sass...I think I'll have to dodge sass because whenever I try it online, I always fear it won't be 'got' in the way I meant it.

    You know me, barging in where angels fear to tiptoe.

    So I'll just say congrats, Mary! And I can't wait to read this book. I've been waiting FOREVER. (Well, ever since reading the last page of Calico Canyon.)

  16. Mary,

    I get enough sass from high school daughter that you would think I could come up with something right away. I can't -- big hairy sigh. However, I would love to win your book. I'm all over that like a "monkey on a cupcake"


  17. Oh my goodness, Mary. You're going to have to do a good old fashioned drawing. No one is being sassy today!!

    Or maybe Gina will show up. :)

    Yay about Gingham Mountain's release!!!!

  18. Hey.

    I was sassy. Not my fault everyone else wimped out...

    And Pam considers it too much work to play with the rest of us.


    And, Mel?? Hello? You can sass your God-given spouse but not MARY????

    Oh mylanta!

    But Susan came over to play, oh yay! And she wasn't afraid to get at least a little sassy.

    Hey, Mare, I thought of you at 5:00A.M. My cat left me a mouse gift on the side porch. A dead mouse is a good mouse.

    A farm credo.

    I'm having a hard time believing there's no one around to sass you.

    Where are your girls? They've got some sass. Unless Elle has mellowed them.

    Girls? Where are you? Mom needs you!



  19. Erica and I are one of those eerie, separated at birth, situations.

    Really, it's weird.

    It's actually even weirder than it seems because it's an...I'm assuming...I was young...invitro, frozen embryo separated at birth things. 'cuz my twin is about ten years younger than me. (Okay, fifteen, shut up)

    And she is totally sandbagging on sass. She's the one who wrote our extremely classic Gilligan's Island

    Gilligan's Island

    Yes, Erica wrote it, Ruthy.

    No matter how many times I tell her and show her the link, Ruthy is SURE she wrote that post.

    Sorry, Erica

  20. Sass the weather. OK.

    I cannot believe the boldfaced impudence of the weather here in New Mexico. How DARE it be sunny 325 days a year! How DARE it be fifty degrees in January! And can you even bear the fact that we have not lost our power once in two years?

    The nerve of New Mexico.

    (And if that doesn't get me pelted with rotten tomatoes, I hope it gets me pelted with a copy of a fresh book.)

  21. Hi, Renee. I think of you and the fact that you're moving to Nebraska EVERY MORNING when I stagger out my door into the cheery sub-zero temperature.

    I just keep hoping the move gets delayed so you will come in the spring. Yes, I know, you said you like the seasons.

    God bless your sweet little heart, you do NOT remember how it really is. But that's all okay, because I want you to live in Nebraska.

    I almost got Myra to move here when her husband retired, but she most unfortunately read some weather report and they came to their senses and pulled off the interstate in Oklahoma.

  22. Missy sasses no one.


    But every now and again she comes out with a zinger that says 'sass lies within'...

    She just hides it well.

    And she delivers her sass in that sugar-coated Southern-belle style that drips sweetness, spoutin' things like, "Bless her heart, who knew Wal-Mart made somethin' that stylish in size 22!!!"

    I sooooo want to be Southern for a day. GRW, here I come!


  23. Rosslyn, can we move in, darling???

    Just until April.


  24. And, Renee, as for sassy teenagers, my youngest of my four daughters is now nineteen.

    I tell ya, that kids entire teens, which for some unfortunate reason started when she was eight, precocious...lucky me.

    Anyway, her entire teens, our interactions were pretty much boiled down to her reacting to ANYTHING I said by, snapping, "FINE!" and storming to her room to slam the door.

    "FINE!" Slam. That's it. The entire relationship.

    Sometimes she's change things up a little by rolling her eyes at me and saying, "Whatever."

    Usually there'd be a slam after that too.


  25. Wow Rosslyn, I'm almost SHOCKED by my reaction to your post.

    I'm sure the sobbing will ease off after a while.

    Before the salt water ruins my computer keyboard.

  26. Missy actually can be sassy.

    It loses it's affect though, when she follows up with four hundred apology emails.

    Cyber space is not LARGE enough for Missy to be sassy more than about once a year.

  27. Ruthy sees a mouse corpse and thinks of me.

    Why oh why does that make me feel warm and fuzzy.

    I need to leave now and get in a special session with the doctor, talk it all through. Maybe up my meds.

  28. I don't know you, so would not be able to give you true sass. I never insult people I don't know, so I will NOT win the book.

    I will however, aske the library to order it. It looks like a book I would love.


  29. Mary, congrats on the release of Gingham Mountain! I cannot wait to read it! Though I'm puzzled that some mountain somewhere is now dressed in gingham. Surely not what God intended His mountains to wear, but very much in keeping with the the theme of your series.

    I won't whine like Rosslyn because the fifties aren't all that bad. Dare I admit it's in the 60s here in Florida? Though overcast. It was raining. But I'm smiling. Really.


  30. Wow, Mary, that is so sweet.

    I am stunned by everyone's sweetness.

    Someone pass me some insulin, okay?

    You aren't winnin' any books, Mary Darlin' but thanks.

  31. It was a good try, Janet.

    Lame, but way to jump in there. And oh, yeah, thanks SO MUCH for reminding my you're basking in the Florida sun right now.

    I'm currently excited because there's a RUMOR (some would call it a weather report, but I'm cynical) that it's suppose to get above 32 by Thursday and maybe I won't need to ice skate to get into my building to work every morning.

  32. Ruth, our guestroom is always open to Christian writers. And that's no sass.

    If I get even one writerly visitor or new neighbor out of my obnoxiously sassy post, my work here is done.

    So pack your bags and head out to the Elliott Writers' Retreat Center, where all you need is a laptop, a smile, and a tolerance for kindergarteners and clutter.

  33. Congratulations, Mary on the release of Gingham Mountain. Hey, do your characters realize the titles of the books they're in? You always feature great, rugged heros adorned in rather feminine titles : )

    I have a hard time with sass on demand. Most of the time it just falls out of my mouth. All stems back from being beaten for sassin' my elders. . .buy hey, no need for psychoanalysis here : )

    Proud of you, Mare!!

  34. OK, sass.

    You think you are so cute. Look at that picture. You mom and Elle are what I call cute.

    Now, can I have the book? All signed sealed and delivered or do I have to go to the bookstore and beg them to order it?

    Sassy enough? Love you, Cousin-in-law.

  35. This isn't sassiness, or it it is, it's by accident. This is more raging bitterness.
    For some reason, for the last, about FIVE DAYS, Amazon has come up with a NEW LISTING for Gingham Mountain. A listing in which Gingham Mountain...costs $21.00 and has no cover.


    The REAL Gingham Mountain is still there. Usually if you click on Calico Canyon or Petticoat Ranch, then scroll down, there'll be the REAL Gingham Mountain, just as it's looked on Amazon for about oh, SIX MONTHS.

    The real Gingham Mountain, I just checked, is currently #13 on the Amazon bestseller list.

    And, yes, honesty forces me to note that it's sort of a sub category of bestseller list.

    sub, sub, sub category.
    But still, that's pretty good for a book with a BOGUS LISTING.

    I emailed AMAZON, who I hope reads this and is properly contrite (Yeah, THAT'S gonna happen) and said, My book is listed twice. This one - link included - is wrong. Please fix it.

    They sent me an email very quickly saying they'd fixed it. Now BOTH are there. Hmmmmmmmm...

    I emailed back and said, "Can I have the extra ten bucks if you sell any of the $21 books?"

    Then this morning? The real Gingham Mountain is gone again. Well, it's there, just not where it's supposed to be.

    The Real Gingham Mountain

    If you WANT to spend $21 on Gingham Mountain, that can be arranged, but please email me directly.

  36. Wow, Mary, you will have quite a dilemma coming up with genu-whine SASS amid these tame commenters.

    About moving to Nebraska? Sorry, girlfriend, it wasn't even on our radar! And I am quite annoyed with how cold the Oklahoma winters have turned out to be. Good grief! They called off a full week of school because of ice last week! I keep threatening to move in with Janet in Florida for the winter. Except she doesn't head down there soon enough. I would have left December 1.

  37. Rosslyn, sweetie, thank you so MUCH. It was my turn to take Ruthy and frankly, the break is welcome.

  38. SUE? Cousin-in-law Sue?

    I am so delighted you stopped by.

    But calling my granddaughter cute isn't exactly breaking my heart.

    Still, it was a lot better than MISSY!

    So, you think I should do another book signing in Norfolk? I can't tell if I am wearing out my welcome or not.

    It's actually kind of hard to deal with Christian book stores. The people who work in them are so NICE.

    The truth, who can tell???

  39. Sass, huh? I don't know if this counts but if it wasn't for the fact that you are asking for it I would never say this...

    "Mary, you let me down! I'm telling you what - I have such high hopes for you and this is what you give me??? Calico Canyon had the best opening line of almost any book I've ever read - period. "The Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse rode in. Late as usual." It snagged me, it grabbed me, it sucked me in! I expected great things from you with Gingham Mountain and alas this is the opening line I get??? "Martha had an iron rod where most people had a backbone." Tsk...tsk...tsk. Of course the Five Horsemen were setting the bar pretty high, but still..."

    Good thing the rest of the first page sucks you in, huh? :-)

  40. Can I just say that I feel kind of bad now? *grin*

  41. Audra said:
    You always feature great, rugged heros adorned in rather feminine titles : )

    I've read that three times now and just finally got it. I kept thinking you were saying 'great, rugged heroes adorned in rather feminine...' then my mind was supplying a clothing word, because of adorned I guess.

    So now, poor Grant from Gingham Mountain, is cavorting in my head in a red checked dress. So NOT what I'm going for with my fiction. I mean, sure I want comedy, but I've never quite gone down that Cross Dressing path, until today.

  42. Well, Mary, as you have probably noticed, I used to be fairly sassy. I would say something snarky to and about you on this blog fairly frequently. But lately, all the sass and snark has been COMPLETELY FLAYED out of me by the SLINGS and ARROWS of OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE! And by that I mean the fifty million REJECTIONS that came in RIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Ever since then, I've been much more humble. Or humiliated. Or whatever you want to call it.

    Snarkiness and sass just seem out of place for a CHRISTIAN in this cold, dark, CRUEL world.

    Now I will slink back into my PIT OF DESPAIR while you bask in the SUNSHINE of your own SUCCESS!!!

    (How was that? Would that qualify as sassing you, Mary?)

  43. Hey, Janna! It's so nice to see you. You and that pretty baby -along with Cara and HER pretty baby, were the highlight of the convention, well, except when those two people were making out in the bar and Denise's mil, CArla STewart, pulled them aside and 'had a talk' with them.

    Hard to beat that for a highlight.

    And no, it wasn't two of the Seekers. PTL.

    Completely separate beings from the Christian writer's conference crowd.

  44. It doesn't really count as sass, Melanie, honey, but I might just send you a book out of pity.

    BTW, BEEN THERE. that whole pit of despair thing oughta be included on the websites of publishing companies. Right up there with 'abandon hope all ye who enter here.'

    Then every once in a while someone sells a book and we all get lured on down the brimstone path.

  45. Hi, Mary. As fate would have it, I finished reading Calico Canyon this very morning as I tried not to fall off my treadmill. Perfect timing for a copy of Gingham Mountain to arrive in my mailbox.

    So, in an effort to win said book,and with the disclaimer that I thoroughly enjoyed both Petticoat Ranch and Calico Canyon, I'm going to be as sassy as I can and hold back the extremely strong urge to apologize before and after.

    Writing sassy heroines is so much easier that being one.

    OK, here goes...

    What in the world was a midwest farmer's daughter like you thinking when you snowed Daniel and Grace into a Texas canyon for months at a time? Texas? Are you kidding me? I've lived in Texas for nearly 20 years and while we do have a canyon up in the panhandle area where snow has been known to fall, it never lasts for more than a few days. And we never get enough to snow anybody in, anywhere. Nor for an avalanche.

    The highest elevation in the state is Gualdalupe Peak near the New Mexico border and it only gets occasional accumulations of 3-6 inches during the winter (according to GORP's Web site) and that's only at the top, not where a herd of cattle would live.

    My kids having been begging for snow all winter, and all we've seen is an inch of ice that made the roads too slippery to drive on and gave them a day off from school.

    Maybe next time, you can have a rockslide or a crazy mutating cactus fill the gap to preserve the Texas authenticity.

    OK. That was my best stab. Of course, now I'm riddled with guilt and the only thing that will make me feel better is an autographed copy of your next delightful Texas tale about a mountain that doesn't exist. Three cheers for FICTION!

  46. Ummmmmmmmm....not surprisingly, Karen, you are NOT the first to make that observation.

    But remember how SPECIAL Texas is. That state can deliver anything. If I need snow, an avalanche, I just TRUST Texas to provide it.

    I think you are actually selling your state a little short.

    Which reminds me of a poster I once saw about Texas which will, I hope, divert people from the unfortunate reality gap in my book.

    I wasn't born in Texas, but I got here as quickly as I could.

  47. OK, Mary. You have sufficiently stroked my Texas pride. :) Truth to tell, I'm not a native Texan. I grew up in California. Course, my kids were born here, so I had the urge to sass on their behalf. Besides, compared to California's mountains, Texas doesn't have anything bigger than a molehill. (wink)

  48. Karen, you've turned nice on me.

    It's like I've wandered into a strange where I don't know the language.

    So, no snow, no mountains. I'm turning you in, Karen, to the Don't Mess with Texas Association. Sorry but it has to be done.

    In fact, I think I'll move my next series to Montana, plenty of mountains and snow there.

    I think I'll call it the Montana Marriages Series and name the first book
    Montana Rose

    I just checked Amazon to make Montana Rose a live link and Gingham Mountain is now number TEN in it's sub, sub, sub category.

    Think Hunt for Red October SUB okay, but STILL.........
    coming from Barbour Publishing in July 2009.

  49. Cool! I've always wanted to go to Montana. :)

  50. Oh, what a beautiful granddaughter! Congratulations!
    I really wanted to win but guess what? I'm not sassy. Huh. But congrats on it coming out! Very exciting.
    And btw, your sass cracks me up.

  51. I thought I'd get some reaction on the Gingham Mountains in Wingding font.

    C'mon, that's just funny!!!!!

  52. Jessica, it doesn't surprise me that everyone is being so nice...well, not EVERYONE!!!!!

    I was talking with my neice, a lawyer, who lives in Minneapolis, when I was up there for the ACFW Writer's Conference and trying to explain Writer's Conference to her.

    I told her, really, it's just like any other business conference, the main difference is: If you drop a one hundred dollar bill at the ACFW conference, the person who finds it will miss all their educational sessions for a DAY searchign for you to give it back. And, everyone they ask will say, "No, it's not mine." Then THEY'LL miss their sessions helping search.

    I'm sure that happens at Lawyer Conventions, too.
    It's a nice little difference.

  53. Ooooh, it's JANNA! Hey Janna!

    I wouldn't have known it was you(as in Cara-Janna), except for the pic of you and your baby.

  54. Mary from Canada:

    LOVE your Christmas mill picture. It's beautiful. And I respect you for not sassing Mary because you don't know her.

    I on the other hand have no such affliction.

    And, hey, Mary Connealy, did you notice WHO got invited to Rosslyn's little fun-in-the-sun getaway???

    Me. Uh huh.

    Little miss waiting for her chance to shine on an editor's desk has been invited to the warmer climes where Rosslyn and I can discuss Unpubbed Island at length. None of those boring success stories abounding in Seekerville these days.


    And don't think for one minute you can get out of hosting me, woman. Cheryl's had quite enough of me. Who knew six weeks could go by so fast?????

    So I'm heading to Nebraska after New Mexico and my new BFF Rosslyn and I share some sweet tea and talk cool writing stuff.

    Then I'm due at Tina's. Then Audra's, since they're both in the west. Then Camy's.

    Poor Captain Caffeine. He's not exactly ready for this!!!

    Hey, I'm inviting everyone to Denny's for a Grand Slam Breakfast tomorrow. On me.

    No matter what Denny's, in what part of the country. Head on over and I'll take care of the tab.

    I'm that nice.



  55. Hi Mary,

    How dare you release another page turner that keeps me walking faster on the elipical with each turn of the page! You think I LIKE to exercise????? You think I need a stronger heart????

    How's that for sass!!!

    Congrats. Hope you have another signing at B&N in Sioux City. I'll stalk you again...That's a promise!


  56. ROSE! Having you come to my book signing in Sioux City was the HIGHLIGHT. You can stalk me anyday, sweetie.

    And when I say it's the highlight, well it's way above what came in second, which was a guy who asked me directions to the bathroom.

    Beyond that, I pretty much just sat there and offered children candy, interspersed with angry parents lecturing me on STRANGER DANGER and how I had undone all their teachings.

    I only made that mistake a few times before I figured it out. Well, more than a few, okay? But not more than...ten.

    And the police were really gentle with the cuffs so it was all GOOD!

  57. You know what, girl, you OWE me this book! I loved Petticoat Ranch, so I followed you throughout the blogs when you were promoting Calico Canyon. I read every witty blog you wrote, and added my own witty comments. Did I win a book? NO!!! You skipped over my name every time. It was on purpose, wasn't it?

    Now, I think I am actually going to have to go out and buy the book! Darn.

    (Sorry, that was hard. As a Southern Belle, I do sometimes go on sassy tirades. But I don't normally assault strangers and in public, too! I need to go read a book to comfort myself!)

  58. Hi, Cheri, I don't think your post qualifies as sassy exactly, more of a THREAT really.

    I checked your identity. Retired from education? Like a school teacher?

    Oh, yeah, I can see that. Ma'am!

    Try the library, honey. I'm better than cheap there, I'm FREE. And if they don't have me, ask them to start stocking me. Which is not the same as stalking me, for that, we will refer back to ROSE.

    And speaking of cheap. No, I can't write this here, it's a terribly rude joke which has NOTHING to do with Cheri. I'll give it it's own comment box.

  59. Dear Lord, who knew all you had to do was give people permission to misbehave and the lurkers come out of the woodwork. Honestly you can misbehave the other six days of the week. We like sassy around here.

  60. Tina's right. We need to change our name from The Seekers to The Seekers of Mouthy People (SOMP).

    it's what we're always looking for.

    It's why we became friends.

  61. Actually, everyone, the entire purpose of Mary's request for us to be sassy was to make HER look good.

    I'm just saying...

  62. Mary, I'm so excited to see your new book is available! Can't wait to read it...but, good heaven's, woman - what's up with that title? Are you trying to alienate all your (ahem!) pleasantly plump readers like myself? Gingham Mountain! (Hope you picked up on the heave sarcasm.) It's exactly the phrase that comes to mind every time I try to wear checks - and here you go playing on that sense of insecurity. I told you about that particular weakness of mine, didn't I? So start forkin' over my part of the royalties, ladybug!

  63. Hi, Mary
    I don't know about sass. I had three boys and if they tried to sass me their daddy whopped them to the next county.

    I read both Petticoat Ranch and Calico Canyon and even loaned them to others to read, but I tell ya', sister, if you have another gaggle of kids like those in Calico, I'm going to have to get out the razor strop. Ooh, boy, I wanted to get my hands on them.

    Anyhoo, I'm looking forward to reading this one even if I have to go out and buy it myself.

    Our first great-grandchild was born yesterday. Cade and Elle would make a cute couple.

    Love you, girl.

    Martha Rogers

  64. Good grief, Mary. You entice me over from Book Club with the promise of a game of SKILL to win a book. This is SKILL? Offering sass? Give me a break. Sass is a gift like mercy-showing or administration. A person either has it or she doesn't.
    You, of course, are judge here.

  65. Okay, now I know my posts weren't that sassy, but I still think they were the sassiest so far. But if you want to give it to me out of pity, I'll accept that, too.

  66. Sorry, Mary. I am going to put my nose in the corner now. :-(

  67. Mary, All I can say is that "those cool boots" on the cover have a attitude & look like they could shore 'nuf kick up some sizeable disturance or kick somebody around!:) Reminds me of a pair I wore in my Denver days, dancing C&W when the long skirts were poplular! Now the dancing style is bare-midiff-and totally barelegged. I would so love to read it.:)

  68. Oh good grief, Delia, do you really want me to name the book, Vertical Stripes Mountain.

    C'mon, girl, work with me.

  69. And Pammy, Darlin' you're on to me.
    I am trying to make myself look good.

    Seriously, girl, you should try it some time.....

    Okay, that's a joke. Now I feel the need to apologize. :)

  70. All my children are perfectly behaved in Gingham Mountain...and won't THAT be entertaining.

    Arranged marriage, huh? Well, I'll check but I got a phone call from my daughter today telling me Elle has gained a full pound over her birth weight at age 3 weeks. (Yes, they took in into the doctor just to check 'for the fun of it')

    Now, my daughter is tormenting herself with whether that's good and exciting or maybe they need to get Elle on the treadmill before the gaining gets out of hand.

    I'm just saying, I don't think they can handle wedding plans at this point.

  71. Hey, Gloria!
    I sat next to Gloria at the book signing at the Mall of American held during the ACFW Conference last September.

    We are both profoundly deaf now thanks to that blaring lowspeaker conveniently located five feet from us.

    I can still feel the pain.

    Also the pain of siging almost no books. From that I've become profoundly DEPRESSED.

  72. Melanie, I like the way you're going with this. It's pathetic, but honestly, cupcake, I may be waffling.

    That isn't encouragement to keep being pathetic, it's just the truth.

  73. Oh, yeah, Cheri was a teacher all right. I think standing in a corner is now, officially banned. I believe it is listed a TORTURE in the Geneva Convention and since that happened, they've eased off using it at schools, too.

  74. Mary Congrats on the book release.
    now sassy I haven't a clue how to do that.

    If you would like to come here and survive our hottest heatwave in over 100 years im sure your brain would be fried like mine. now thats about 6 days over not just 100 but 110. yesterdays was almost cold at mid 90 but cos my brain is so fried my body is in shutdown.
    So i cant think straight. (like I just forgot what I was trying to say) but I do want to read your book. its one of the few things you can do in a heatwave. thats if I survive the heatwave with at times I wonder.
    Did I mention we dont have air conditioning or insulation in this house???????????

    Oh I enjoyed the blog. I want an icebath!

  75. Hi, Brenda/Maggie. Thanks for stopping in. Ummmmmm I don't think you were sassy. Try again.

    IN the meantime, you liked the boots, huh? They were exactly what I had in mind really, that style, and heroine has definitely fallen on hard times.

    I loved the cover, although it was winter. I would have preferred more snow. But we had snow in Calico Canyon and went for variety. I mean...spring did come to Gingham Mountain

  76. Aus Jenny, hi! Sorry about the temperature.
    No air conditioning huh?

    Wow, bummer. I hate the heat almost as much as the cold. I really feel bad for you, poor baby.

    I'm from Nebraska so we have both extreme hot and extreme cold and I am a GOOD Nebraskan. I mean I've lived here all my life and developed my weather related complaining skills to an extremely high degree.

    In fact, if I'm on my game, I can go from complaining about the cold to complaining about the heat in a single DAY.

    Fortunately Nebraska's weather helps make that easy.

  77. Mary thats the joke about Melbourne that if you dont like the weather stay around it will change before you know it and get 4 seasons in one day but at present they cant say that they are almost as hot as us.

    I have to admit I got to spend the first two days of the heatwave in Adelaide the first stalking I mean casing no enjoying the foyer at the Hyatt waiting for one last encounter with my favourite South Afrian Cricketer. the second at a movie and in my hotel.
    Whats interesting even the flys cant hack it and are dropping dead maybe thats where the saying dropping like flies comes from.
    Hey one good think I dont want to eat!

  78. Ouch! Something tells me that you had a bad experience with a teacher once upon a time. :-)

    I promise you that I was a very sweet kindergarten teacher. Really!

  79. AusJenny, you're a stalker? I find that so interesting.

    Cricket, huh? That's a game right?

    Good luck with it.

    No, no joke here. I'm a little hurt that she's not stalking me but I understand the distance involved in a situation like that, so I forgive you.

  80. Mary I am actually stalking you on the web you just dont know it!

    Yes Cricket is a sport its extremely popular over here and I just happen to really like one south african player! Oh and he remembers my name so hes special.
    Cheryl loves Cricket shes coming to Australia to watch a game with me sometime.

  81. 80 comments!

    I didn't know there were so many sassy Christians.


  82. I mean>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    cheri baby, I AM teacher.

  83. AusJenny, thanks for that. I feel better now. :)

  84. Mary Im glad you feel better. I now know my purpose in life its to Stalk Mary!

    (oh and Neil but dont tell him that!)

    and with that I need to go to work for a bit but I will be thinking of more ways to stalk you while working.

  85. Mary, based on the sheer number of comments, you really need a day job. Good gracious, girl, do you have nothing better to do than sit here tormenting people. It only looks like 85 comments, because 40+ of them are Mary!

    Seriously, get out there and write that next book. It has to be Marilyn's right? If not, it should be. Marilyn's got a story begging to be told.

    And I already emailed Mary this, but folks -- even if the first line didn't suck Janna in (Calico Canyon's was amazing, I bow in humble amazement!) -- the book has me laughing and thinking and turning pages as only a Mary book can. And don't enter me. :-)

  86. New series starts with the next book. And you reeeeeealy don't qualify for a shot at the sarcasm prize, Cara.

    I'm so touched. Plus, you've already got a book. Not fair to send you one.

  87. LOL!! You're so right, Mary. Whenever I get to feeling a bit evil and make a sarcastic remark, I do end up apolgizing about a million times! :)

    Ruthy, honey, you can come down here to Georgia to the Southern Belle School of Sweet-tea Niceness anytime you want. I'll give you private lessons. :)

  88. I think I should win the book because I'm certainly not in line to get any agent copies. (Picture a faux-sneer on face, hands on hips and the oh-no-you-didn't neck roll.)

    (Was that sassy enough? Good thing I love Mary and good thing I love her agent as well.)

  89. Missy, yes! I'd make a great Southern Belle if I could just learn to shut up.

    I'll start practicing now...

    Okay, I lasted all of ten seconds.


  90. Hey, Wendy???? Cool, thanks for stopping in.

    You oughta do a day on Seekerville. Bring a bullet proof vest, bad neighborhood.

    But we have fun.

    I love you, you know. I would have loved having you for an agent.

    It's just the way doors opened for me. A God thing. (argue with THAT, huh, baby???)

  91. And I'm just gonna through this out there and ask nicely

    this once

    if the sweet sisters Janna and Cara could PLEASE use the word


    a little less when they're talking about my books. Whatever else you say, that seems to be the word that sticks with me.

  92. Mary, I am holding you personnally responsibible for my lack of progress for the last several hours. How could you? Not only do you have delightful books in print but you entertain the lot of us through the blog comments. How will I ever get this wip completed if I spend all my time looking for the next Maryism? I look forward to reading Gingham Mountain because I enjoy a good read. But I do also hope there isn't quiet as active a gaggle?? of kids as in Callico Canyon as that took way too much energy.
    Wonder what it means that I didn't picture a tall, strong man with a gingham dress, uh, I thought of a mountain wearing a gingham dress. I'm way too literal.
    Now, if you will just contain yourself as my mom used to tell us kids, I'll try to get some real work done.

  93. Congrats, Mary, on the release of Gingham Mountain. I can relate wiith others here about dealing with sass from kids, and with them I can hold my own. But with others, I can't dish it out.
    Sorry. Can I still be considered for a copy of your novel.

  94. Okay -- I'm bck from supper and laughing hystrically -- suck! I didn't even see it as I typed it. Yep, Janna and I just look sweet. You've got to watch those Nebraskans LOL

  95. Hours, AJ, seriously?

    Maybe a twelve step program would help you.

  96. Pat Jean, you know it's not a BAD think to not be able to be rude to strangers.

    Go ahead and be nice. It's lovely.

    Maybe teach a class. I'll pay for Ruthy to enroll. then I'll get a net and drag her in.

  97. I made Cara stop back. You soooooooooo fell for that, darlin'.


  98. Hey, I'm with AJ. I got home and said I have a couple minutes to quickly check the blog and here I am an hour later--hubby complaining about where's dinner?--pups whining for the same. Good grief, Mar. You are asking for a good sass.

    But between the sass and the laugh I'll congratulate you on the Gingham Mountain release.

    And thank you for not taxing my tired brain with anything to learn.

    And where's the food? Hubby needs something and so do I. Hmmm, Maybe I'm not being sassy, but grumpy. Off to fix dinner since there isn't anything left here.

  99. You know, Sandra I didn't notice until just now but we had no food today. I am NOT in charge of pretend food.

    Okay, I looked closer. I think... maybe... Ruthy brought....ground hog.


  100. Mary,

    Am I too late to try sass? Okay, what's the difference between sass,insults and sarcasm? I have no clue. Well, here goes.

    I came to Seekerville today for the usual in-depth posts about the publishing industry, but no! You're here struttin' your stuff.

    You've got some nerve. Haven't you heard times are tough all over and especially in the publishing industry?

    You owe us some EDUCATIONAL info, woman, and we get nothin' but your preening your feathers, er, I mean gloating over your latest published pages.

    Give me a break. If I win your silly book I promise to figure out, on my own, with no help from you thank-you-very-much what makes you so dang popular. Then I'll report back and write the post you shoulda written. Sheesh! Do I have to do everything???


  101. Holy Buckets! 100 comments? Zowie! That's a lot of sass.

    And I agree, Mary, we are non-biological sisters. Odd, but I'm rolling with it. :)

    I was laughing the other day telling someone about coming back to the hotel from the Mall of America in my van after the Barbour reception.

    That was a lotta lotta ladies for one van. Sure was a good time. ;)

  102. Hey Mary guess what was on my door mat when I got home besides the dead flies and other livestock.

    a copy of Gingham Mountain so now I dont need to stalk you as much to win a copy I have my own copy so take me out of the drawing but ask I learned my true purpose in life this morning is stalking you I will keep hanging around!

    besides this has be so fun to read.

  103. Cathy, wow, for a while there I was sort of feeling like you had the ruler out to whack my fingers. But then, right at the end, you came through and were pretty darned sassy. Definitely worth waiting for.

  104. YAY! AusJenny, Thanks for the report.
    Hope you enjoy the book.

  105. Hey Mary,
    I hope you don't mind, but Sandra has been trying to get my snail mail 'cause I won her book but for some reason my e-mails aren't going through to her address. I don't know why????

    Is there someone else here I can e-mail my snail mail and who can forward my info to Sandra?

    Sorry for raining on this sassy parade! :-)

  106. You expect me to SASS you about a book I'm DYING to get my hands on? C'mon Mary! Get a life! (and not one of your characters' lives!) Of course, if I get my hands on Gingham Mountain I won't have a life either cuz I'll be too engrossed...LoL.

    But THAT's just fine! You go right ahead and make me read your book and not do my own work! I'll just suffer through it and make my poor family suffer it through it, too. Go ahead. I'm tough. And I'll raise tough kids, too cuz I'm too preoccupied to feed them.

    And Mary Darlin', I would NEVER dream of sucking up to get one of your books. Never. Ever.

    (how was that? Did that get me close to the running? LoL)

  107. Jessica, you can email me at

    mary @ maryconnealy . com

    I think I can hunt Sandra down, although she's is a sneaky one!!!

  108. Patty, Patty, Patty, you sweet thing.

    I'm so glad you're looking forward to my book. is NOT my fault that none of you fed your families.

    I mean how many of you have accused me of that puhleeze. What are hotdogs for, if not for Seekerville time.

    And you're in time. Since I'm a raving insomniac, I'm going to check back around midnight, see if anyone comes in late, then post the winners.

    It's pretty hard, really and I've made a lot of notes and been impressed with the collective wit and cruelty of our commenters.

    Tomorrow morning hunt around, my post will probably be pushed down past Tina's post so hunt around. I think I have most of your email addy's too, but if I don't, we'll put out a call and you'll have time to respond.

    Great day.

  109. Mary, Mary, Mary. You know how teenagers are--they think mainly with their stomachs, and you're right, I could've told them to dig out the dogs I keep stashed in the freezer, but ya see, I'm married to man that likes REAL food. You know, food that requires measuring and thought. (I still haven't figured out WHY he married me!) And I'm sooooo NOT sorry that you're tired of hearing about cooking, because misery likes company! I HATE cooking! LoL. Truly, I do.

    And truly, I'm reading Petticoat Ranch (library copy unfortunately) and I'm having an AWFUL time putting it down.

    Oh, and Mary Sweetheart, you DID teach me something today (er, tonight) --Sassing on paper is something I need to work on! (which is pathetic because my middle name could be Sass! LoL) I can't wait to practice! ;-)

  110. Rats. I forgot to say that of course I'll be here tomorrow--because I happen to really LIKE Tina!
    :D :D :D

  111. Awe, that is so sweet Patty. I'm the good Seeker.

  112. Sass? huh, While i'm thinking of one, I just want to say Congrats on Gingham Mountain, and those other titles you posted somewhere back there in all those posts, were good! I'm ashamed to say I haven't read Calico Canyon....arrrgh. Maybe it's because you charge to much for it? (does that count for sass? i'm not good with this. arrgh.) I don't buy many books anymore, because i have to save for college, which is no easy task! lol. Elle is really cute! btw.
    It's hard for me to be sassy w/you since i LOVE your book, Petticoat Ranch! I love the ending to it.
    Rae Byuel

  113. I forgot to mention, that if i do get the book, weither through finally coming up w/ something sassy or by buying it, i would love to review it on my blog...i have alread reviewed Petticoat Ranch, and i would love to do an interview w/you on my blog as well...just contact me when it's the right time for you!
    Rae Byuel