Saturday, February 14, 2009

Seekerville Weekend Edition-Happy Valentine's Day

The Chocolate Winners from our Friday Valentine's Day Trivia Are:

Patty Smith Hall


Cathy Shouse



Debra Marvin


Patricia W


Micky & Minnie Mouse

Even if you have won before please send your name and address to

And the correct answers to the trivia:

1. Venus Chau/Drake
Lex Sakai/Aiden Young
Trish Sakai/Spenser Wong

2. Noblesville, Indiana

3. Hannah/Grant

4. Romancing Your Spouse

5. Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook

6. City of Angels

7. 1936, 1939

8. Bud's Diner

10. Fitzwilliam Darcy

11. USAF Pararescue

15. Darcy, Wentworth, Knightly, Tilney

THIS JUST IN!!! Congratulations to Cathy Shouse, the winner of Amanda Cabot's book Paper Roses.

Next Week In Seekerville

Monday-Love Inspired author, Missy Tippens will be leaving Bud's Diner to be here.

Tuesday-Love Inspired author, Cheryl Wyatt will continue her plotstorming series.

Wednesday-Steeple Hill Suspense author, Debby Giusti posts today.

Thursday-Zondervan and Steeple Hill author, Camy Tang's posts on inexpensive writing retreat ideas.

Friday-Seekerville is delighted to have Nicole Young, as our guest. Nicole Young is the author of the Patricia Amble, including Love Me If You Must and Kill Me If You Can, books 1 & 2 in the Patricia Amble Mystery Series, published by Revell. The exciting conclusion to her taut romantic suspense series, Kiss Me If You Dare comes out this month.

Jordan Dane returns to Seekerville on February 24.
Be prepared to hide under the covers as this best-selling Avon HarperCollins author shares about the first release in her Sweet Justice series, Evil Without A Face. Hey, and guess what? There's a certain, Seeker's husband featured on the acknowledgment page of Jordan's new book. How cool is that?

Wendy is Coming!! Wendy is Coming!

March 3, 2009, Wendy Lawton, the award-winning, awesomely cool dollmaker, author, educator and now esteemed literary agent of Books & Such Literary Agency, is coming to Seekerville! Don't miss her presentation, Ten Near-Fatal Career Mistakes.

If you have specific questions for Wendy, either post them here or e-mail Ruth at

March 4, 2009. Marlena Fortune is back, and she has promised to answer all your pressing contest and writing questions. Send your questions to, with Marlena Fortune in the subject line. Your name remains anonymous, however if you submit a question you will be entered into a drawing to win a Marlena Fortune surprise package (value undetermined), to further culture and sophistication in the romance writing community. Marlena is thrilled that we have a ton of questions that have already been sent in!

Seeker Appearances, Sightings and Such:

Myra Johnson will be appearing Thursday the 19th on the Romance Your Spouse blog.

Mary Connealy sightings: Tuesday, Mary will be at Writer at Random. Stop by for a chance to win a copy of Gingham Mountain. She will also be guest blogging at Wanna Be Published?

News from Cyberspace

Attention Writers!!! Postal rate increase coming in May. Check out Writer at Random for the full details!!

There's a great article on the Writer's Digest site: Get Messy With Your First Draft by Elizabeth Sims.

Kindle 2 or....Plastic Logic? Check out this article and video at Galley Cat.

Chicken Soup, True Love Stories. We all love stories about how love started and blossomed; stories about dating, romance, love, and marriage. We are looking for true stories and poems about your soulmate, your true love, the one that got away, and all the ups and downs of your love life. Stories can be serious or hilarious, or both. The deadline date for story submissions is May 31, 2009.


  1. Congrats to the winners today and Happy Valentine's Day to all of you.

  2. Arrgh, my apologies to Cheryl. I had ARMY instead of USAF for pararescue. I am an Army vet and one of my sons was training for this type of unit and I had Army on the brain.

    Mea Culpa.

    Here is a great link on the topic.

  3. Tina, not sure I qualify to win. Remember, I was "intrepid"? LOL

  4. You and me both, Jessica. Stick with me, we will conquer the world.

  5. Jessica, being intrepid double qualifies you, honey. It's a little known, unwritten Seeker rule.

    And I love it when Tina messes up. It's so rare that we actually mark those occasions with a Seekers Night Out.

    We all dress in a costume based on one of our characters and then talk to the servers in 'book speak'.

    So much fun.

    The historical authors REALLY get some strange looks.

    So does Mary, even if she's wearing an outfit from a contemporary novel, but we let it slide. No one wants to hurt her feelings.


    Hey, for all of you who are being romanced tonight, send us notes. Not too specific, you understand, just enough to feed our romantic hearts.



  6. I might be being romances.

    I'm not sure, for some reason I keep nodding off over the book I'm reading. But maybe if I paid attention.

    He might be trying.

    Intrepid is GOOD Jessica. I can tell you're still trying to pretend like cheating occurred.

    Soooooooo not gonna let you escape from our chocolate clutches.


  7. Congratulations to all our winners! Chocolates for everyone : ) Happy Valentines Day!

  8. Hi Seekerville Ladies,

    Thanks for hosting such a fun event.

    Thank you in advance for the chocolate.


  9. Mary put down the book and the baby and go romance your husband. Sheesh.