Monday, February 2, 2009

We Have a Winner!!!!!!!

And the winners are Rosslyn ‘I live in the sun-and in your face’ Elliot
Rosslyn said-I cannot believe the boldfaced impudence of the weather here in New Mexico. How DARE it be sunny 325 days a year! How DARE it be fifty degrees in January! And can you even bear the fact that we have not lost our power once in two years?
The nerve of New Mexico.
The Sarcasm practically vibrated off my monitor screen.
She gets extra points for inviting Ruthy to come and live at her house. Rosslyn, you’ve going to need all the points you can get if she shows up. Take the book. And run!!!
Janna ‘I’m so sweet it’s KILLING ME to be sassy’ -Mary, you let me down! I'm telling you what - I have such high hopes for you and this is what you give me???
And, because you all impressed me immensely, I’m giving out one more (I was tempted, sorely tempted to give out about five more-okay, TEN more):
Delia ‘Gingham Mountain makes me look Fat’ Latham. It made no sense but, on the other hand, I reread it fifteen times trying to MAKE it make sense, so I suppose that is sassy writing with a kind of power, right?
And, in an act of pure love on my part and ’cuz it’s her birthday, I’m also sending one to
Melanie ‘I’m going for the Pity Vote’ Dickerson -My husband says I get free books all the time, so why would he give me the money to go out and buy Mary's latest?

I’m mainly sending Melanie one because not only does her husband pick the Super Bowl over her (and I happen to know he doesn’t even LIKE football) But also because Melanie had to once be hauled out of a dining room by EMT’s while I was in charge of her.

Seriously, I should be sending her one of EVERY book. Is it too late to start that, Melanie??

They quit having the mentoring program at ACFW soon after and I was told by insiders that they actually had my picture up by the official ACFW computer with a red circle around it and a slash across my face.
A woman does her best and when she fails, well, that’s what 911 is for, right, Mel, honey?
Thank you all so much for playing with me yesterday on Seekerville.
And remember, if you don’t want to buy the book, go harass your local librarian. Tell them Ruthy sent you.


  1. Rosslyn, Janna, Delia and Melanie. I think I have all your email addresses on file but, if you have mine maryconnealy @ hotmail . com send me your mailing address and I'll get the books in the mail right away. :)

  2. That's right. Mary had me sent to the hospital. She likes to play the victim, but she's the one who told them to take me to the psyche ward. They only let me out because I told them I had an appointment with the editor from Tyndale and I would put them all in a book if they didn't.

    She owes me.

  3. LOL okay, my decision to give you a book, due to sassy-ness has been confirmed. :)

  4. YAHOO! That's the best news of the week.

    Thanks so much, Mary!

    I'm sending you my snail mail.

  5. Uh...about the Mentorship program. I was a mentor once.

    Found my mentee late Saturday...or was it Sunday?

    Sad, sad commentary for a Mentor.

    Hey, congrats on winning copies of Gingham Mountain, ladies!

  6. Woohoo! This is the first time I've ever won something for writing that doesn't make sense.

    All I can say, Mary, is ...oh, for heaven's sake, just read it again!

  7. Mary...I can't wait to dive in to this book. LOVE the new pic by the way.