Monday, March 30, 2009

Kreativ Blogger award

Also, big thanks to Rachael for giving us the Kreativ Blogger award!

Here are seven things we love:

1. You guys! Our blog readers! (although I guess you'd technically call that more than one thing or person...)

2. Each other! The Seekers were formed as a support group for contest divas winners who constantly saw each other on the contest circuit and wanted to rally each other in our goal toward publication. We formed this blog partly to spread our enormous wealth of wisdom rays of encouragement to other writers, partly because we're writers and we can't shut up.

3. Contests! We are all junkies. We admit it. It only got worse when we got contracts.

4. Fiction! Non-fic just ain't our thang, although some of us will read it if forced to at the end of a gun. Many of us have been reading fiction for most of our lives, so naturally we'd write it. The majority of us write Christian fiction, but we fully confess to liking a good Silhouette Desire every so often. Keeps the marriage healthy.

5. Knitting! Okay, okay, only Camy likes knitting, but since it's my blog post, I can put whatever I want.

6. Contracts! We want all of us to one day be published! Even those of us with contracts would like a few more (except maybe Mary who has enough contracts to last her until the Second Coming).

7. God! We are fifteen women who are all incredibly different, but we are also sisters in Christ. We pray for each other and praise God for each other (most days...after all, we're not perfect :).


  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I love this.

    We also like anything Italian.

    Romance with a kick of garlic.


  2. That's why Tina and I are friends. I was Italian in another life.

  3. Good morning Camy or I guess for you it would be good night. smile.

    Thanks for reminding us why we are here. We are a crazy bunch but what stories we can tell.

    Have a great day all of you. I put on a fresh pot of chocolate velvet coffee. It's too early for food yet here in Arizona, but I'll run down to Einstein's and pick up some yummy fresh bagels and a variety of cream cheese spreads.

  4. Such a fun site :-) Advice and no-cal cyber food

  5. Grin. Fun post, Camy, and THANK YOU, RACHEL, for the Kreativ Blogger award!! Very cool.

    And Camster, I had to laugh when I read your line "Non-fic just ain't our thang, although some of us will read it if forced to at the end of a gun."

    Oh, dear Lord, I cannot count the number of guns I have had placed at my temple by well-meaning friends who swear my life will change if I read something solid and substantial like nonfiction. Say what? I happen to like my life the way it is (uh, except for not finalling in contests!) and I like to keep my nonfiction list fairly short -- like the Bible and an occasional devotional.

    Besides, to me, non-fiction readers tend to be pretty tense in their commitment to grow and improve, which is a good thing, I guess, but if it's all the same to them, I like my tension in romance instead. So sue me. :)


  6. Yay for fiction! And Yay for the Seekerville ladies! Seekerville is a 'must check' blog for me every day...okay, I admit it, a few times a day. :)

  7. I love you guys, too! And I'm so glad I'm not the only once who no longer can read non-fiction. YAWN! Except for Beth Moore Bible studies. But then, you only get small doses, sprinkled liberally with Bible, so it doesn't really count, right?

    Staving off the negativity/discouragement monster today. Had to have my daily does of Seekerville.

  8. Ay yi yi, all those typos! Sorry. That's daily "dose" of Seekerville.

  9. You guys deserve this award.


    You provide great writing knowledge and much warmth to your visitors. And, oh, lots of great cyber food, too, that thankfully doesn't go to my thighs!

  10. Thanks, Rachel, for the blog award!So satisfying to us Seekers. Better than my new favorite dessert--Lava cake.

    Perfect list of seven things we love, Camy! Even Number five. I'm not up to the beautiful projects you create, but knitting simple things like scarves is relaxing.

    I also love Italian. And Italians. :-) So, Tina, can you give me some Italian phrases--in English--for my wip? Victorio talks with his hands but the words out of his mouth sound like me. Can't have that!


  11. Fun list, Camster! However, I confess I do read nonfiction--yes, Julie, in hopes it just might change (or at least improve) my life. I always try to read a chapter or two of a good nonfiction inspirational book as part of my morning devotions.

    Adding to the list of stuff I love: doggies!!!

  12. Oops! Sure hope I don't get kicked out of Seekerville for being addicted to all sorts of NON-fiction!! History of just about any kind/anyplace (was raised on national geographic!) Biblical stuff. Biography. Archaeology. Psychology. Self-improvement/Motivational. Home improvement. Gardening. Travel. Shhhh, Myra. It's our little secret.

  13. Awww, this is so sweet! I'll admit, I hate non-fic too. I hate to say that because it makes me feel dumb, but really, snooooooooze.
    I did used to read a lot of Max Lucado in high school though.

    I'm so glad you guys formed this blog. It's awesome!

  14. See what happens when you let me come into your group and hang around . . . you win a BLOG Award . . .

    Okay so maybe my creative on line spiels (or was that spills) didn't accomplish that for you. You did that all on your own because you're so inviting and witty and informative.

    But where would you be without me? DON'T ANSWER THAT and please, please don't make me leave.

    Especially when I admit that I love some of those NON Fic things too. Can't actually do my research without 'em.

    And I am in the process of trying to better inner self this week. Last week it was my outer self, the week before that it was my husband's, the week before that, well . . .
    Can you tell I'm big on the self help? Not really.

    Okay sometimes. But that's all I'm saying.

    Oh and, I'm not Italian, not even in former life, but I do like garlic.

  15. Oh, Camster, you little firebrand!!!

    Non-fiction??? Yes, for research. Yes, for sweet stories (Chicken Soup, Cup of Comfort, etc.)

    No to self help. Are ya' kiddin' me? Have you seen my hair??? Why on earth would I need help??? Hello?????


    Admitting this quietly in tiny letters... I garden. Umm...

    voraciously. I mean, serious addiction to getting my hands dirty.

    Flowers don't sass, wreck the car, drink alcohol or ask me for money. On the plus side they attract butterflies, toads, frogs and fairies.

    Frogsong is the birdsong of the night.

    Just sayin'.

    And baking is fundamental to life. Not as fundamental as Jesus, but taken very seriously nonetheless.

    I make a mean cherry pie.


  16. Janet, google Italian slang and you will find the mobsters slang dictionary and the Soprano's site. There are tons of sites out there with mobspeak.

    I also have the Rick Steve's phrasebook which is helpful, cause growing up Italian you learn stuff but do not know how to spell colloquial Italian.

  17. What's not to love about Seekerville?

    So, if we have Italian slang, I need Irish slang. I wasn't really thinking in terms of slang though, but maybe dialect.

    I need to lightly sprinkle it in, but don't want to over do it.

  18. This isn't on the subject here, but I would appreciate your prayers for a letter I am considering sending out to the man my mother is married to.
    After 37 years together, My father died in 1994. Mom remarried in 1998. Even before the marriage there was abuse and we begged her not to marry this man. A couple/three weeks back he abused her for the umpteenth time, this while my mother is going through Chemo for cancer. Anyway, my husband and I and my sisters have confronted him before to no avail. I'm sick to death of this endless cycle they go through and would really covet your prayers in this matter.
    Sorry if I sound somewhat down, but I'm nervous and my heart is broken over the whole mess.

  19. LOL! Good one, Camy. I love the strike-throughs. :)

    And Tina, I'm with ya!! Only in romance with a kick of garlic, both hero and heroine have to partake!!

  20. Tina P., you're all in my prayers.

  21. Tina P, am also adding your family to my prayer list.

  22. Tina P.

    Our strength is in the Lord, who made heaven and earth...

    I hate to see people suffer for the choices they make. Every mother, sister, daughter and friend feels for you. We'll pray for your strength and peace for the ongoing conditions.

    God bless you and keep you.