Thursday, March 12, 2009

Saved by a Child...

Taylor saved you today. Seriously. Not like Jesus “washed-in-the-blood” saved you. Naw, we can’t compete there.

But consider yourselves fortunate that a seven-year-old from Western New York spared you a Ruthy tirade. I mean, seriously, how cute is this kid? This is a pic of "T" bobbing for apples last fall at our Halloween party. Cute, spritely and sassy, she's unafraid to get wet to win the apple contest! My kind of girl.

I was totally ready to be a Super Snark. I had an entire discourse prepared on time constraints, and it started by shooing people away. Not just any people. You know the kind. The ones that THINK they have time constraints when what they lack is motivation. I soooooo wasn’t in the mood to deal.

So I did this wonderful diatribe, releasing them from reading further, then proceeded to offer sound “Ruthy “advice to people who really are in a time crunch because of children, parents, illness, jobs, responsibilities, etc.

And then this wonderful thing happened that drove me out of my Snarkier-than-snarky mindset. One of my young charges, a delightful, super-intelligent seven-year-old that I’ve had the honor of watching since infancy, wrote her first ‘book’ in school. It was a lovely book about Clara Barton, one of my favorite historical characters. I love Clara’s story, her fears, her focus, the way she pulled herself together. True inspiration, right?

Well, Taylor came home from school yesterday and announced, “Ruthy, we got to dedicate our books to someone, just like a real author. All the other kids dedicated theirs to their moms or dads or both.” She looked me in the eye and said, “I dedicated mine to you.”

I think my heart about stopped beating in my chest. Her mom had just come in to pick up her kids and she was A-OK with missing out on Tay’s first dedication. Rare mother. Rare daughter.

So now I’m feeling waaaaaaay too good to harangue anyone. Don’t fret, this too shall pass, and I’ll go off on a tangent about something crucial to the well-being of mankind in general or writers specific, but this moment was like the one where Lawyer Boy called from Manhattan to thank me for not letting him get hooked on game systems. Or the time Teacher Boy stopped by to thank me for being tough. Or the time Professor Girl called to tell me she was real glad I wasn’t like those mothers who never let their kids have candy. Candy is a staple in our house, LOL! Along with cookies, cakes, etc.

Since I’m feeling too good to wallop anyone, we’re changing the game plan.
We’ve scheduled some very cool upcoming visitors to Seekerville.

Cynthia DiTiberio of Avon Inspire has an interview with me on March 24th. A surprise Secret Agent (I’m not sure if I’m supposed to reveal her name as yet, but she’s radically cool, connected and very savvy) is scheduled for April.

Jeff Gerke, a wonderful author, editor and now publisher of Marcher Lord Press ( is going to drop by in April as well. Jeff recognized Christian fiction’s reluctance to publish fantasy/science fiction and/or speculative fiction, and jumped into the chasm to fill a niche.

Right now you can follow Jeff and his wife Robin on their journey to China to pick up their baby daughter Sophie home. Live link didn't work here so the website is:

I’m putting this in your hands. Who would you like me to contact? To interview? Who would you like to ‘chat’ with in Seekerville? If you’re targeting someone, let me know. I’ll see if I can entice them with promises of no-calorie cyber food and virtual weight loss plans.

We’ll encourage them to tour the Island, see if there’s anyone who piques their interest. (Both Barb Scott and Melissa Endlich requested proposals from blog visitors, remember?)

I’ve got the coffee on. A bundt cake, fresh from the oven, one of those tunnel-of-fudge delights with the pudding layered throughout the middle. Yum. And Mandy stopped by with a lovely frittata, studded with egg, sausage, potatoes and cheese . The smell alone is worth tumbling out of bed, LOL! I’m glad she loves her auntie enough to bring cyber food.

And frappuccinos, God love her. This pic is of Mandy and me at the Sports-Themed shower we held for Lacey and Seth prior to Logan's birth in December. Note the cool Yankee shirt I'm wearing... And guess whose number is on the back??? If you guessed Jeter (#2) then you win an all-expense paid trip to Disney World.

Umm... Not really!!!

Give me your ideas. And if you’ve a mind to send Taylor a thank you note for sparing the Ruthy-rod today, send it to She’d be thrilled to know she has that kind of effect on me.

Ruthy (aka: meanest babysitter EVER!)


  1. Ruthy,

    This is a great post but dare I say I miss the rod, just a teeny bit?

    So...what would you have said about people who think they're busy but they're not?

    I'll have to think on who I might like to see on Seekerville. You've done an awesome job.

    My kids are having french toast dippers right out of the box and there are extras.


  2. I salute you oh, brave one who approaches editors and agents without fear and lures them to Seekerville.

  3. Awwwww, I almost think you're cuter than that little girl! :-)
    I can't wait for these great interviews/posts you have lined up. Thanks!
    Oh, and you're going to hate me now, but I'm one of those mean mommies who doesn't give her four year old candy. LOL

  4. Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Say it ain't so!! If ever there was a day I needed snark, this was it, after last night's appt. with our financial advisor. Without your snark outlet, Ruthy, I may be forced to kick a stuffed dog or pick up and hang up on all the telemarketers who call today -- what kind of witness is that for an Inspirational author who writes about love??

    I count on you, Ruthy, to get the blood moving, to stir me up. What am I supposed to do now????

    Just for that, I am forced to throw you a really big challenge as far as the person I would like to see you interview. I want to see Francine Rivers or Liz Curtis Higgs. So, what d'ya think of that -- ya got that kind of ammunition in those guns??

    No hugs today, try me tomorrow,

  5. Cathy, I'm so plebian. I LOVE French Toast dippers, even if they are "French"... ;)Glad to share them, girlfriend!

    What would I say to people who think they're busy, darling?

    Let's start with 'get a clue'.

    Big grin here.

    But in my experience, Cath, EVERYONE thinks they're busy. People have their own internal structures and time frames, so the motivationally-challenged (I think this may be a new educational buzzword soon if it isn't already)think they're swamped because they fret the small stuff.

    Those who are really time-challenged are the ones who fit the old adage: "Ask the busy person to do one thing more..." The "Marthas"...

    Here's the thing: If you think you're motivationally-challenged, then you do what you have to do to get the job done, right? That means structuring your work, disciplining yourself, focusing, doing what it takes. Turning the TV off, cutting out an hour of sleep, not allowing yourself e-mail time or online shopping fun until your work is done.

    I have no problem with that. That's putting a plan into action, and I respect that. My beef is with people who complain about having no time and have all the time in the world comparatively. Oy vey.

    For those who recognize they have a problem, they've solved half the battle, right? So the harangue was brief, shooing the unmotivated away and encouraging those who are seriously time-challenged into fitting writing into little blocks.

    Hey, want some coffee?? It's a hazelnut/chocolate blend, soooo good!


  6. Jessica...


    I don't hate you, darling. If I did it would be strictly because you're young and beautiful, not because you're depriving an awakening mind one of life's delicious treasures.

    Think "Chocolat" with Johnny Depp...

    Send the cute little kid over here. We'll raise his/her consciousness.

    No charge.



  7. Ooo, thanks, Ruthy for reminding me of that movie Chocolat and Johnny Depp. Yum. I just watched it recently.

    Okay, I am motivationally challenged. I admit it. But at least I don't whine about not having enough time. That is annoying. I have a friend who does that. I love her, but so help me, if she tells me one more time that she doesn't have time... I always think to myself, You make time to do what you really want to do.

    And I really want to finish my WIP, and I'm oh so close! But I have to put it aside for several days because we're leaving for our Spring Break trip to Washington, D.C. on Sunday--a 12-hour drive! Yikes. No computer for at least 5 days!!! I'm already getting the delirium tremens.

  8. Oh, and can I just say, my friend I spoke of earlier who says she doesn't have time? She doesn't work outside the home, and has a husband and two grown children. And a cat. Period. See my point here? (And I'm really hoping she doesn't read this. But since she's not a writer, I think I'm safe.)

  9. Oh, Jules!!!

    I can pretty much give you a play by play of last night's financial advisor meeting, honey. If you ever get in a high-stakes poker game, darling, I want to be playing against you. After you've made millions, of course. ;)

    And it isn't a snark you need, it's a kick in the rear. Didja miss Wendy Lawton's sage advice about not quitting your day job until you can absolutely afford to?

    Oh Mylanta! We are such a band of goofs. We figure we've got it all arranged, then life throws us curves (and these days, that's pretty much a financial guarantee, right??? There are curves and layoffs in every industry. Ouch.)

    So my advice is: Augment your income as necessary, even if that means heading back to work part time or full time. I seriously get more done when I'm working than when I have time on my hands. Why is that such a hard lesson for us to learn?

    I'm sending you BIG bear hugs because I think you need them today.

    And chocolate.

    And cheap wine. ;)


  10. I hear you, Ruthy, about the motivationally-challenged who whine about their lack of time. I know I have time, but honestly the more time I have the less I accomplish. Nothing like a looming deadline to motivate me to plant my derriere in the chair. Some serious roots growing back there.

    Melanie, do what I do on long road trips--print off your wip and do some revising...if you can concentrate with a carload of kids. I manage to do this with my d/h listening to a James Patterson book. Not easy.

    Ruthy, your bundt cake sounds like my new dessert favorite: Lava cake. Yummy, gooey, delicious!

    I'm excited about all of our upcoming guests you've enticed to Seekerville. Who else? I'm pulling for Julie's list!


  11. Melanie, LOL!!!

    That's it exactly, dear heart. Using time is so much more effective than whining about it. Puhlease.

    And you HAVE been frittering around with that WIP for a while now. Just sayin'...

    And since you were brave enough to post, I think I'll pester you a bit. Just for fun, of course!

    Get it in gear when you get back home. Enjoy your time off, your family, the sights to see, then put it in high when you return. It's easy to lollygag when we hit a tough spot in writing. A plot that doesn't work (and we're too lazy and/or stubborn to change it), characters that are unsympathetic (and we're too lazy or stubborn to change them), timing that's off (and we're too lazy or stubborn to fix it), language that's archaic or doesn't fit the hero or heroine's profile (and we're too lazy or stubborn to change it... are you sensing a trend here???)

    Or we think the market's saturated with what we write, no one wants us, I'm SOOOOO good but no one recognizes that yet, I'm tired, I broke a nail, my hair's horrid and I'm out of M&M's...

    Blah, blah, blah....

    I love Edward in Pretty Woman. The whole 'doesn't sleep' theory. You can seriously get by on less sleep than you think you need. If you want something badly enough, you do it.

    And I know 'Edward' is fictional. Pshaw.

    But the idea is factual. An hour here, an hour there. It adds up, right? Not necessarily what you think of as your ideal writing scenario but very doable.

    Our guest yesterday has produced 18published books and several contracted books in five years, on top of having a family and working full time.

    Now there's a time manager, guys and gals!

    Ruthy (haranguing even after she promised NOT to!!!)

  12. Janet, good morning!

    Ain't it the truth, girlfriend? The more time you have, the less structured you are. That's a bad habit for a writer to cultivate.

    Glad your butt's in the chair and butt-roots actually look good on you, darling!!!


    Now you don't have to pay for those butt pads that lift us to where we were at sixteen...

    Oh my stars, NO ONE makes men wear these things!!!!


    Lava cake... Yummy. Yes, this is very much like that! A nice creamy middle (even better than extra frosting, LOL!) and delicious, melty icing.

    I'm loving it.


  13. Nanny Girl here.
    AKA: Ruthy's younger daughter. I think it's great that all of her children are ending up with "super-hero-like" names based on their professions. :)

    If anyone is really interested in hearing Ruthy's rant about time management, give me a call - I know it VERBATIM! LOL! That's what comes from growing up with her as a mom (I wouldn't trade her for the world though, despite the lectures), and with living with her during my 4 months of unemployment upon my moving back to NY. Talk about time management "talks" - yikes! But, now Nanny Girl is gainfully employed (as Ruthy would say), so I have been granted a reprieve from the lectures...well, the time management ones at least! :)

    I don't bake, so I swiped the banana cream pie from Ruthy's kitchen this morning and brought it as my "dish to pass". Thanks Ru!


  14. Ruthy, I was motivationally challenged when I first started this book back in Oct., but since Jan. 1st I've been burning up the keyboard. Yesterday I wrote 2,750 words. I've had tons of 2,000+ word days lately. Right now I have 70,000 words and just need about 8,000 more, or something like that. Yay!!!

    Actually, it's falling into place really well. No real problems that I can see--no plot holes or characterization inconsistencies. (Say that three times fast.) I have THE best kissing scene in this book. Yeehah! Not as good as Julie's kissing scenes, but very close!!! I can't wait for this baby to get published! Haha! I know, I'm off the goofy meter today, but it's because I've gotta run and don't have time to make this sound more professional.

    Oh, and I'm with Julie. I vote for Francine Rivers!!!

  15. Oh, Janet, I'm planning on writing my synopsis on the trip. I may do some revising, too, like you said, printing it off. My 10-yr-old will probably read the whole trip and the 7-yr-old will play her Nintendo DS.

  16. Ruthy,

    Okay, I spewed coffee all over my monitor at your suggestion that I get a part-time job (again!) because no way, no how was I going to consider that. But then I just looked at my numbers on Amazon, er, I decided maybe you are right. Now what did I do with that classified section ...

    Starbucks, here I come ...


  17. Ah, Ruthy, roots don't lift. Roots hold you down.


    I just thought of the Banyon tree with roots that hold the branches up. I feel sixteen. As long as I don't check the mirror. LOL.

    Thanks Ruthy!

  18. Ruthy, this is so sweet.

    I'm all Misty. And, unless Cathy, I don't miss being scolded all that much. A little, but I'm okay with you taking a day off.

    And also, I know where to get one of those chocolate tunnel cakes. I hadn't thought of it but now, I think I'm going to have to have that for lunch!!!!

  19. I mean UNLIKE Cathy, and yes, this is an excuse to get my new ID photo up on the site again.

  20. Ruthy, that's just too sweet about Taylor's dedication to you! Why, I'm getting teary-eyed just thinking about it!

    Time management--aw, man! My bugbear is the Internet and all these--ahem!--blogs I just have to skim. I mean, after all, reading a blog is how I connected with Barbara Scott. Miss a little, miss a lot!

    But I'm in the same boat as Janet--empty nest, husband at home, no claims on my time other than writing and the necessary (if often ignored) household chores. But somehow the day manages to fill itself up.

    And of course we have to deal with the mindset of folks who say, "Oh, you're home all day. YOU can do this volunteer job!"

  21. Ruthy, Ruthy, Ruthy, Oh, your growl is so bad!

    I'll bet when those little ones grow up, they'll have plenty of fodder for those *I remember when Ruthy...* stories : )

    I'm so proud of Taylor for writing a book! Did you tell her how few people actually finish a book?? I'd like an autographed copy, please : )

    Bring anyone you want to Seekerville, I love'm all!!

  22. Hey, Nanny-girl, I wondered where that pie went! Snippet.

    Save me a piece, 'kay?

    So Nanny-girl can vouch for my very own home-brand snarkiness.



    Nice to 'see' you, Beth. I'll make sure to include a pic of you next time.

    But Taylor's cuter.


  23. Melanie.

    You've done well, young Grasshopper. I see that you too will soon be able to walk the ricepaper.

    Okay, you're off the hook for the moment. Good for you. Glad it's falling into place, kid.

    And hey, can you bring us back some treats from vacation? Huh? Please????


  24. Jules.

    We do what we gotta do, kid.

    And I seriously think that having a few years under our belts (okay, more than a few...) and having to work in various ways gives us greater insight into characterization and plot. I mean, just THINK of all the cool things we see and do in the workplace and marketplace? Yowza.

    And time management.

    Of course.


    Hey, grab me a frappuccino, will you? I'm on at the bakery tonight and supper is a non-entity.


  25. Time management-yikes. What I needed to hear to day. I used to be the top of the mark on time management. Somehow like everything on my body the time management has sagged too. And I refuse to say its because I'm getting older. aaaaaaaak..

    But I have to agree with Myra. The day fills and because you aren't limited on time, you tend to think you have plenty and then the day just fills up. You're right Ruthy when you say you manage to write better when you have a job.

    I'm taking college classes now and wow, seems like I'm doing much better now that I have tons of homework. Its that mindset that is telling me you don't have much time now so get busy.

    Is it all a mind game? After all time is the same now and tomorrow. Its how you perceive it and what you are truly motivated to do.

    The best help for me now though is to stop being a Martha all the time and take the time to be a Mary. With guidance from the Lord, your time is much more productive.

    And thanks Taylor for saving us. smile

  26. Hey, Melanie, good for you!!! I knew you were no slacker. And it helps the time to pass.


  27. Mary, I haven't told you yet how much I love your latest ID!! Adorable!


  28. First, Ruthy, stop feeding me. My stomach will never get to the point of shrinking because I'm eating smaller meals when you keep feeding me things not meant to be eaten in small portions.

    Second, I want a superhero name. I've been trying for week to get the attendence guy at our church to change my designation from "helper" to "Super Awesome Chick!!!"

    And appreviation don't count.

    I don't want to be a SAC.

    Or a bag.

    Or a hag, nag...ummm.

    Dr. Seuss's b-day was recently. My kindergartener asked me the other day how old he is.

    Being the kind, gracious, and oh-so-wise mom I am, I answerer, "He's dead, honey, so it really doesn't matter, now does it?"

    She said, "I think he's 38."

    I'm sure the Holy Spirit inspired her to say that in punishment for my tacky response. Oh, dear. For a second, I thought my word verification was "antichrist.'

    It's "anicsist."

  29. Janet, you're right. Roots have a general downward tendency and none of us need help in THAT direction.

    Super Sigh...

    But you know what I mean, girlfriend, and if those roots get the job done, feed 'em Rapid-Gro.



  30. Ah, and my buddy Tina knows that fearlessly luring and enticing influential people to Seekerville is a ploy to get noticed by some famous person who senses my inner genius and longs to make me rich.

    And I'm married so it can't be a Sugar Daddy.

    I'm doomed. ;)

  31. Sandra!

    You know, you, Myra and Janet have all noted exactly the same thing.

    I'm a big believer in the eat-a-bear theory.

    How does someone eat a great big bear?

    One bite at a time.


    Same with writing, but when there's too much time we get caught in a bad cycle that's akin to laziness. Sure, smell the roses. I've got nothing against appreciating the beauties of the earth. One of my favorite hymns, as a matter of fact...

    But how long does it take to smell a blasted flower????

    Just sayin'.

    And my buddy Sandra and I have the Martha/Mary discussion regularly. I'm such a Martha that I'd probably have instigated a girl fight in Bethany. Sigh. A scrapper, even then.

    Now I'm not saying it's Godly. We'll leave that up to Him. But it gets the job done, LOL!


  32. Gina, Gina, Gina.

    I miss you so much when you don't stop by. Seriously. Love you to pieces, woman.

    So you want a Superlabel???

    From this point forward you are to be known as "Superchick".

    So, Superchick, you're snarky to a kid? Oh my stars, how do you do that? I treat all children with the love and respect due their station.

    (read between the lines, please)

    And dissing Seuss.

    You're a Snark.

    Good to have you on board.

    "Dare to be different, Life is so full
    Of people who follow the same push and pull..."

    Helen Lowrie Marshal

    Love her poetry. (showing my gentle side. Look quick, it fades quickly).

  33. I'm really not snarky. That's my secret identity.

    I should be Super Humble Chick!!!


    Now I'm off to consider entering my fabulous new story in a contest. Or two.

    I started reading a Jordan Dane book. Had to stop only becasue House and 24 were on.

    Oh. My. Freakin'. Stars.

    Her book is intense.

    I've found a new favorite author. Not sure I want to write like her (light-hearted is not just my cooking style), but I love how she creeps me out.

  34. Yes to time management, and yes to determination, and yes to calling a spade a spade....We all can decide what is important, and make time to write..Writing is so hard, we'd rather talk about writing...Writers who get published, write, and then submit....I think we all know that...Fun is important too, and so is food,,fattening and gooey, and maybe fried?? We all look in the mirror at least twice a day, so maybe a little pep talk when we brush our teeth??? My WIP got stuck, I read Camy's comments the other day, and realized I hadn't spent enough time " planning", and then remembered the snowflake method, and I reluctantly opened Excel, and now I have a better grasp of where the story is going. Thanks to all of you on Seekerville..I know you are all slogging in the fields with me...

    warm hugs,

  35. I love that you're starting to sound like me, Gina. Be afraid. Be very afraid. This is probably why we make good kindred spirits.

    Jordan's work.

    Shiver me timbers. Literally. What a wonderful gift.

    But like you, I can't do real tough stuff. I get too invested. Heaven knows the people in my head make me crazy enough to live with as it is!

    Love it, though. Gripping.

    And Super Humble Chick.

    We'll talk off-blog about that one, Sistah!

    Good heavens.


  36. Mareva, that's a great comment. Totally.

    And if Camy ever gets out of bed, she'll thank you herself.


    Glad that her post helped. It's true, having fun is easier than writing when the words don't come readily, when the sun's out, when there's company downstairs or a great show like House, Castle, NCIS, etc., on...

    But you tackled your problem and handled it. That's where it's at.

    Because I'm a pantser, I write myself into corners occasionally, but that just pushes me to re-write which means the final product will be stronger and more layered because I think and see more things as I re-do.

    When Mary writes herself into a corner, she just shoots someone.

    When Cheryl does it, she just drops them out of a plane into a tree. Or a bush. ;)

    (This is me justifying writing myself into a corner, you realize that, right???)

    Glad to hear you're moving along. That's what we're here for.

    Until you upstarts start beating the remaining unpubbed Seekers in contests.

    Then we PRETEND to wish you well.



  37. So people...

    Who else do we want to see in Seekerville?

    So far you've got Francine Rivers and Liz Curtiss Higgs on the list.

    There's no one out there interested in chatting it up with an editor? An agent? No one who can't afford a conference in the next six months and wants a heads up intro????

    Are ya' kiddin' me????

    Speak up. They don't have to be CBA people, either. The sky's the limit. The worst they can tell me is "No.", right? That's just another word in the dictionary, folks...

    Come on, share some ideas here.


  38. About "French" toast -- I was in college before I realized that the glamourous breakfast food was actually the same old "fried bread" we had at home all the time.

    As for time management, I feel blessed to have more this year. I am working part-time still, flipping burgers, but I cut out some good stuff (like a stand-alone trip to the library) to include better stuff like writing time.

  39. Ann!

    Good to see you. Did you bring coffee? We're getting low and I feel the mid-day groggies coming on.


    Part-timer, huh? So what's your opinion? Do you find yourself better at managing time because you're asked to do more?

    And who do you want to see in Seekerville?

    Besides Derek Jeter, of course.



  40. Oh, Ruthy, I forgot your original question.

    I sent Tina my request last week: Kensington author Judy Duarte. Her book, MULBERRY PARK, has a strong Christian worldview. She herself calls it an inspirational.

    God's name not used in profanity form in a Kensington book.


    But her testimony is amazing.

    Book her to blog in April. That's when her follow-up to MULBERRY PARK is released.

    How about Kristen Billerbeck? She's pretty snarky. Gotta admire that in a chick although...

    I do have a plan to become more gracious, kind-hearted, compassionate, and all-around-wonderful like Missy when I grow up.

    Or maybe when my kids all grow up.

    Hate to give myself too short of a deadline.

    Change is a comin'...

  41. Gina, got it. I've added them to the list. Sorry I missed that exchange with Tina last week.

    And honey, we all hope to be Missy when we grow up.

    Why Sugah, ah can just tell you that mah sainted mothah would be proud to have a sweet, genteel thaing like Missy Tippens to call her very own!


  42. Here's another pot of regular Folger's. Our mysterious water at the farm brings out all its subtle flavors ;-)

    As far as who should be invited to the island, I think any of the nominees sound great.

    I wonder about a business forecast, though. For instance, will people still buy books in hard times? I don't know any names, though, being such a newb.

    (We get crop forecasts and outlooks all the time. Some of my gray hair came from days when we forward-contracted all of our wheat.)

  43. Now that you've all calmed down (just goes to show that children love discipline . . .) I have to say that 'who needs guests?'
    You seeker girls are entertainment enough and I'm sure there are lessons in here, somewhere between the dirty dishes.

    As Ruth is trying to regain some control over you and you're not listening I will say that any AGENT or EDITOR is a great guest.
    Like someone from Revell/ Baker?

    Or Johnny Depp, and please have him speak in his Scots dialect from Finding Neverland.

    You asked.

  44. Actually, Ruthy dearest, the Seeker ladies are generally sweethearts like Missy. Of course, we can't come betwen Julie and her coffee. Still she's more nice than I would be when drink-depraved. No stuffed dogs. I'd go straight for the family cat. With no regrets or qualms.

    Maybe I should amend myself.

    Tina's, well...she's Tina. Gotta love her for that 'cause even the Good Lord knows He created her with all those odd personalities.

    Mary...well, just betwen us, sometimes I think she wants to whack me upside the head. In a sweet way, of course.

    Pam would be 100% nice if she didn't mention spreadsheets so often. Excuse me while I cringe at the thought of Excell or is it Excel. I've used it so rarely, I'm at a loss on the spelling.

    Oh, since we're chatting about spreadsheets...

    I've been working on narrowing down the GMC for my western. (Gut need can drive a writer crazy.) Got Missy's GMC post right next to the computer and to my plotting board. Oddly, the board has sticky notes for another story. Oh well. I'm multi-taskable. Or at least I plan to be in the future.

    I like how Missy used the answers to Bill and Lindsay's story questions to come up with a back-cover blurb. Nice! (Didn't really need to add that "nice," but I was itchin' to use an exclamation point.)

    Oh, and tomorrow I'm grocery shopping and working on Cheryl's...*gulp*...character worksheet. Then again, maybe I'll skip her 2-pager and fill out the 23-page one.

    Aim high, right?

  45. Ruthy,

    Thanks for sneaking in the talk about time management. I needed it.

    Who would I like to view on Seekerville? How about Linda Goodnight? How does she mange to be in two lines with HQ? Does anyone know Melody Carlson--actually I need her e-mail. What about Brandilyn Collins?


  46. Cathy, have you been reading the Seekerville calendar?

    Linda Goodnight is scheduled for May 6 to give us insights on writing for Harlequin Romance.

  47. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Gina. Me, myself and Irene love you too.

  48. Gina, I was absolutely rolling laughing at your Dr. Seuss story. Even read the post to my hubby. So don't think I'm nice! I'm just not quick enough to be snarky myself. :)

    Hey, Jules, my daughter was going through one of my many disorganized piles the other day and found a Starbucks job application that I never did finish filling out! I also found an old one for Godiva. Shows where my priorities are. LOL

    Great post Ruthy, even though you didn't get to go on your rampage. I like this newer, softer version of Ruthy. ;)

    And by the way, I still wish you could have been a childcare provider for my kids. You're amazing.