Saturday, March 14, 2009

Seekerville Weekend Edition

A Happy St. Patrick's Day to all our guests.

Where would we be without all our Irish romance writers like,

Nora Roberts and Ruth Logan Herne and Julie Lessman?

Are any of the rest of you Seekers or visitors Irish?

THIS JUST IN..............

THE BEACON - 2008 Unpublished Division

Award for Excellence in Romance

Congratulations to Cara Slaugher

who won the Inspirational Category with

Love on Assignment

The Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence finalists were announced this week.

All of Seekerville is shouting.

Congratulations to all the finalists,
especially our very own Debby Giusti and Janet Dean.

We apologize for postponing the Genesis post by Camy Tang. Blogger was having a technical difficulties day on Friday. Check out this week's schedule in Seekerville for the new date.

Monday: Steeple Hill, Love Inspired author, Missy Tippens on What I Learned From Judging the Rita. (BTW check out her updated webpage!)

Tuesday: Cheryl Wyatt, recent Romantic Times 4 1/2 star awardee for Ready-Made Family, will be continuing her writing series in Seekerville with scene indexes. Be sure to join us as Cheryl has a few surprises for Seekerville.

Wednesday: Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence Finalist, Debby Giusti will be sharing in Seekerville.

Thursday: Get the 2009 ACFW Genesis buzz and insider tips from our very own, Camy Tang ,who has been a category coordinator for several years!

Friday: Are you ready to Pimp Your Contest Manuscript? Join Tina Russo for contest manuscript makeover day. We'll review how to prepare your manuscript to dazzle those contest judges.

Shout the news! Guess Who's Coming To Seekerville?

March 24, Cynthia DiTiberio, editor at Avon Inspire will be in Seekerville. She'll be taking your questions, and chatting. Come on people, let's keep her busy. Send your questions to

April 30, Agent extrordinaire, Natasha Kern will be in Seekerville. Natasha has 24 years of experience in the publishing industry. Before founding her own agency in 1986, she worked as an editor and publicist for New York publishers (Simon & Schuster, Bantam and Ballantine). Natasha has personally sold more than 850 books as an agent and worked on close to 1,000 books during her career in publishing.

The countdown has begun.

12 days

until the Golden Heart and Rita Finalists are announced!!

"March 25, 2009.

Notification will be sent to finalists

by two-day guaranteed, registered delivery.

Phone calls to notify finalists shall also commence.

Release of official finalist list on RWA Web

site by 2:00 p.m. Central Time. "


  1. Apologies to Ruth. After twenty minutes trying to put the update before the harrassment post I had to put yours on hiatus..terminall hiatus.

  2. Talking to my mom recently, she said we did have some Irish background way, way back.

    I guess they have been shouted down by the Germans and the Welsh who are of more recent memory.

    Discrimination against the Irish is a minor detail in my WIP.

  3. Congratulations Debby and Janet! That's wonderful news!

    I've marked my calendar and I'll be back! LoL--sorry, made me think of heroes, but that one wasn't on there. My daughters would be disappointed. ;-) I'm looking forward to this week's posts.

  4. As far as the Irish go, a little drop goes a long,long way.

    Tipping my hat to you, Ann, lassie.

  5. WooHoo! Congrats to all the finalists and to Cheryl for the high rating! That's awesome. :-)
    I have quite a bit of Irish. Or Scots-Irish, rather. My grandma is half Scots-Irish, have French Indian (whatever that means, we still haven't figured it out).
    Thanks for the weekend post!

  6. Wow, what happened to my "half?" LOL

  7. I'm Irish, my little Italian Seeker friend! (And Scots, Welsh & English, too--with a dollop of Dutch, of all things!)

  8. I myself am Scots, Irish and Cherokee with a sliver of choctaw.
    and probably german in there somewhere.

    So I'm a mutt. But they are best are they not?

  9. Lifting a mug of Guinness to Glynna, Jessica and Tina.

  10. Go Janet! Go Debbie! Go Janet! Go Debbie!

  11. Another fantabulous weekend edition, Tina!

    Not sure what the percentage is, but I know I've got more'n a wee bit o' the Irish flowin' through my veins. My grandmother was a McClarney, and I've been told Langley is a fine Irish name, too.

  12. We have a cheerleader among us.

    Hiya to Kit.

    And Miss Langley who hails from County Killarney.

  13. Tina! My post deserved to die....



    But it's fun to razz you, especially when I know Blogger is already giving you fits. What are friends for, darling???

    And Deb and Janet!!! WhooooHooooo! So proud of you both! Awesome news for two strong and lovely authors. Heartfelt congrats from Western NY.

    And aye, lad's and lasses, aren't we all at least a wee bit Irish on the brink of this sainted holy day?

    And what a saint he was, our Patrick! A wholesome man who overcome a life of hardship to be a lovin' man o' God, studyin' and givin' o' his time in such a manner. Saints be praised, I might have sprung from robe-wearin' druids if it weren't for him!


    Hey, I brought along some fine Irish desserts to welcome your Saturday late day appetites. I've got apple duff, almond tartlets stuffed with sliced berries and topped with whipped cream and old fashioned bread pudding, with or without my mother's (Mary Elizabeth Logan) famous whiskey sauce.

    I prefer it without the sauce, but I love a butter ball (3 parts sugar to one part butter, mix and form into balls and chill, then thrust one into each serving of pud as it's sliced) tucked into the center of a nice fresh bread pudding.

    And I didn't use any silly green dyes in ANYTHING. No true Irisher does that sort of thing, for heaven's sake.

    And I think Jeter's a little Irish, don't you guys????


  14. Yeah, Jeter is Irish and I'm a nun.

  15. 12 days until the GH and the Rita's???


  16. Congrats to Debby and Janet!! Whoo-hoo!!

  17. I'm a smidgen less than half Irish. My grandmother was born in American the year after her parents and three older brothers came from Ireland. I wouldn't have liked to travel across the ocean with three little boys!

  18. That's alot of Irish, Cara.

    And you are a fourth gen lotta Irish.

  19. Congratulations, Janet and Debbie!

  20. Crud, Tina, why did you have to post the Rita finals announcement date, huh?? Now my stomach hurts, thank you very much!


    I'm Irish, too! I used to wear a cute pin every year that said "My roots are green." :) But I've lost it.

  21. And congrats to Debbie and Janet!!!!!

  22. LOL, you are quite a funny Irish gal, Missy McTippens.

  23. Kudos to Janet and Debbie! You both so deserve it!

  24. Thanks all for the congrats!! You're the best!!!

    Not sure if I have a drop of Irish blood. But come March 17 I'll be wearing the green. :-)