Sunday, March 1, 2009

Seekerville Weekend Edition

A quiet weekend here in Seekerville. Good thing, since we have an exciting week ahead of us.

Look what's available for preorder at

Cheryl Wyatt-Ready-Made Family
(Steeple Hill, 4/2009)

Julie Lessman, A Passion Denied
(Revell, 4/2009)

Debby Giusti- Protecting Her Child
(Steeple Hill, 5/09)

Janet Dean-Courting the Doctor's Daughter
(Steeple Hill, 5/09)

Missy Tippens-His Forever Love
(Steeple Hill, 5/09)

Cheryl Wyatt- A Soldier's Reunion
(Steeple Hill, 5/09)

Mary Connealy-Nosy in Nebraska
(Barbour 6/09)

Camy Tang-Deadly Intent
(Steeple Hill, 7/09)

Mary Connealy-Montana Rose
(Barbour 7/09)

Mark Your Calendars: This Week in Seekerville

Monday: Barbour author, Mary Connealy brings us : Marketing: No End to the Possibilities.

Tuesday: Wendy Lawton, literary agent from Books & Such Literary Agency, will be here to share: Ten Near-Fatal Career Mistakes.

Wednesday: Former literary agent, Marlena Fortune, who is bigger than her bio, returns for a question and answer session. If you sent Marlena a question you will be entered in a drawing for a Marlena Fortune care package. But never fear she will also give you a chance if you post a question of significance on Wednesday.

Thursday: Rough and Ready, Seeker, Audra Harders joins us today!

Friday: Contest Update! Join us for an exhaustive peek at upcoming writing contests for the published, unpublished and just for fun!

And the rest of the month? In a word... WOW!

March 11: Harlequin Mills & Boon author, Laura Iding will be here to talk about the Medical Romance line.

March 13: Get the 2009 ACFW Genesis buzz and insider tips from our very own, Camy Tang ,who has been a category coordinator for several years!

March 20: Are you ready to Pimp Your Contest Manuscript? Join Tina Russo for contest manuscript makeover day. We'll review how to prepare your manuscript to dazzle those contest judges.

March 24: Cynthia DiTiberio, editor at Avon Inspire will be in Seekerville. She'll be taking your questions, and chatting. Come on people, let's keep her busy. Send your questions to

March 25: Steeple Hill author, Merrillee Whren is our guest in Seekerville.

March 27: Join us for a special Golden Heart and Rita tribute.

March 31: Sandra Leesmith will be interviewing Shef House author and Christian Fiction Online editor, Michelle Sutton.

And we've got more author, editor and agent interviews in the works..stay tuned to Seekerville.


  1. Woohoo! Look at all these books coming out from you guys! Congratulations. :-)

  2. Hey Jessica...I saw you were eating frosting and folding laundry on Friday. Wow you have gone up six notches on my list of impressive people. I love multitasking when it involves food.

  3. LOL Tina
    I burned calories while doing chores and indulging in my chocolate obsession. What could be better?

  4. Actually... there's a lot of things better than folding laundry. LOL
    I hope you're having a great weekend. :-)

  5. Tina works hard to put together all of these weekend updates. Isn't she great? Thanks Tina.

    You get to sleep in this week. No hikes around the island unless you join Jessica and eat all that chocolate.

  6. LOL, Sandra you slave driver you.
    Thanks buddy.

  7. WOW! It's cool to see all the Seeker books releasing in the next few months!

    Jessica...I am a terrible multi-tasker. I respect anyone who can. LOLOL!

    Yes, among other things...Tina is SO awesome at the Weekend Edition.


  8. Thanks, Tina, for posting all the upcoming Seeker books. Can't wait to read them!