Monday, May 25, 2009

Quirky People Make Quirky Characters

You want your characters to be quirky, but not too quirky, right? You want them to have real flaws and believable habits, but not come across as a basket case of nervous energy, or just plain loopy. And you want people to identify with them, right.

So, how quirky is too quirky?

How about this:

A housewife counts the plates as she puts them into the dishwasher, the spoons as she puts them in the drawer. She counts the towels as she folds them.

A grandmother cannot bring herself to throw away a note of encouragement or anything of sentimental value.

A man who rubs his feet together to fall asleep. His wife has to be wearing socks to snooze.
What about a dirty napkin phobia?
A woman reports that she never crumples her used napkin. She folds it. If someone else crumples theirs, she can't keep from looking at it. And don’t expect her to touch someone else's crumpled up napkins when cleaning up. Ewww!
One of my own pet peeves: I can’t stand a crooked drives me insane. I will straighten them whenever I see them.

I can’t stand for a stack of stapled papers, or file folders, to be haphazard. I will undo them and re-staple them to keep them straight. I did this once with the guy standing there who’d stapled them together in the first place. It was kinda embarrassing when I realized what I’d done.
I’ve heard of someone saying it was impossible for them to fall asleep lying down. That one has me scratching my head, and I’d like to ask that person how they do fall asleep. Maybe they sleep in a recliner or something!

I'm a hand washer. I wash my hands all the time. If I drive from home to the office the first thing I do is wash my hands.

I love this one… One woman reported that she has a thing with even and odd. She doesn't like odd numbers so she only deals with things that are even. Like if she can't just have one piece of cheese, she’ll have to have 2 and if she gets 3 she’ll need another piece to make it even.

So, how about 3 Krispy Kreme donuts, please ? Oh, we had Krispy Kremes one day last week, didn’t we? Well, I suppose we can have them again today, and we’ll have muffins from the Beagle Bagle café. Yum!

I’ve got 11 pages of these quirks I’ve saved over the years, and I imagine your particular quirk is on the list.
Dollars to Beagle Bagle Café donuts, your quirk is also somebody else’s quirk, and even more importantly, can become one of your character’s quirks.

Three more, because I can’t resist….

M&M’s are a popular quirk, from eating them before a flight, to before a doctor’s appointment, to sorting them into piles and eating certain colors. One person reported that the more blue M&M’s, the better their flight. A co-worker of mine sorts her M&M’s before she eats them.
Any of you have an M&M quirk? Dip into the bowl of M&M’s on the table. Just don’t eat all the blue ones, and save some for the rest of us.

Another plane quirk: One woman said she has to tap the outside of the plane ten times. Someone else said he sleeps with a window open—even in the dead of winter, and will not sleep with his head pointed toward a door. (Now, this I can understand. I wouldn’t want my head pointed toward a door while sleeping. Just makes perfect sense to me!)

So, let’s share some quirks. Either yours, or somebody else’s. Even better share a memorable quirk from a character in a book.


  1. OOoooo! What a fun post! I'm out of coffee, but the thought of Krispy Creme doughnuts sounds divine. Two doughnuts for everyone today!

    I am sure I have weird quirks, but I have a family member who likes their socks rolled and all in a line in the drawer. Weird. I'm lucky to have anything matching in my house! I even a basket of mismatched socks on the dryer so my kids can get their own matches! I have another family memeber who cuts of the end of a cucumber then rubs the ends together 3 times before cutting (to get the bitterness out, don't you know!)

    If I think of any weirdness about me, I will post later....

  2. Hmmm, I don't know if I have weird quirks. Maybe... Now I gotta ask someone! LOL

    Meg Ryan in French Kiss is one of my all-time favorite characters. I don't know if she had a specific quirk, but just the way she talked and moved was quirky. :-)

    Great post!

  3. I'll put the coffee on. Goes perfect with the donuts!

    We have a "sock drawer" dedicated to mismatched socks.

    I had to laugh ... our own normal probably looks like total weirdness to someone else.

    Like, what if you kept your own silverware and tooth brush with you everywhere you go?

    (Not me, a character in a story. Well, OK, the toothbrush and toothpaste I'll admit to)

    My WV is "sincome." I wonder if that pertains to income from questionable sources.

  4. Forgive me! I couldn't resist the opportunity for a bit of shameless self-promotion. If you like Quirky then you'll love my debut novel coming September 1 from our beloved Abingdon Press--The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow. Talk about M&Ms--find out what makes Agnes so quirky. You can learn all about her at the Abingdon website under the fiction tab. As for me, I'm the poster child for quirkdom. HA! Thanks for the plug, Seekers.

  5. Morning and thank you Sherrinda for the wake up breakfast.

    My favorite quirks are Beta Heroes with glasses who keep fiddle with them when they get nervous around the heroine. Love a geek.

  6. I think finding a character quirk is often the key to finding the character. It's a flaw, a weakness. We want our heroes and heroines to be strong and ... duh ... heroic, so that sort of screams 'perfect'. But perfect people are boring. So we need quirks.

    One of my favorite quirky heroes is from Of Mice. . .and Murder because I had a lot of trouble making Nick O'Connor anything but perfect. He was tall, dark, handsome, hardworking, brilliant and rich.

    Hard to believe I wouldn't like this guy, right?

    I hit on a quirk at last that also made her adorable and loveable. He'd been a fat math geek in junior high and his family was all geniuses and they'd stuck together, them against the world. He'd been bullied and he was a book worm.
    Now, he'd grown out of the baby fat and turned into this great looking hunk, but inside he was still a shy nerd.
    Of course no one would look at him and believe for one second he was shy or uncertain of himself or considered himself a dork. So no one treated him like that or understood that was going on inside him.

    He was fun to write. Everyone treating him like Mr. Perfect, his own internal thoughts pure nerdy chaos.

  7. Neat post....I'll share a couple of quirks....

    My husband can't stand to have someone read over his shoulder. If he wants you to read the article, he passes the paper, magazine whatever over to you. He actually gets angry!

    My quirk that bothers him is how I eat strawberry shortcake. I HATE mushy cake, so my cake and whip cream are in a separate bowl than my strawberries. I scoop a bite of cake,then strawberries and eat it fast!


  8. Um, should read, fiddling..pass the coffee.

    Mary, love that about your character, Nick.

  9. Fun post, Pam! Love the quirks! I have a son-in-law who's so neat his paper napkin looks unused. :-)

    Charles and Adelaide in Courting Miss Adelaide were total opposites when it came to neatness. Adelaide couldn't keep from tidying Charles's mess of a desk. Yet her perfect home was a reminder of her childless state. She learned to loosen up.

    I give secondary characters quirks to add humor to my stories. You've convinced me to add quirks to my h/h.


  10. Sherrinda! I have 3 males in my house, and they NEVER have any socks, to hear them tell it.

    All their socks (at least 200 socks!) are on a loveseat in my bedroom. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to match up all those socks. If they want them matched, they can have at it. lol

    I'm making a run to Starbucks even though it IS 70 miles away.

    What's your pleasure?

  11. You know, Jessica, quirks don't have to be weird...

    For instance, if I'm going to work on the computer, I put on my house shoes or a pair of socks so my feet won't get cold. I make sure I have something to drink sitting nearby. I turn on the overhead lamp, and turn off the radios (which my son just turned BACK on. Grrr!).

    None of this is weird (or is it?), but that way I don't have to get up b/c my feet are cold, or get up and go get something to drink, etc.

    So, some of these quirks could be routines that make our characters more real to the reader, not necessarily make them weird.

  12. Ann, I have a sock drawer too, and it's full of mismatched socks. Now they're overflowing on the loveseat.

    My guys would never look in the sock drawer.


  13. Joyce, congrats on your debut novel! How exciting!

    And that's neat that Agnes has an M&M quirk.

  14. Tina, what's something else that a nerdy hero could do that wouldn't be so obvious?

    Mary, does Nick give any kind of outward appearance of being nerdy? Things that the heroine might notice?

    Also, from Mary's example, Nick's quirkiness comes from the inside, not from something like...lining his tools up perfectly in his shop, or whatever.

    I would say this internal quirkiness is taking it to a whole new level. I'll definitely have to read this book! lol

  15. Rose, I'm not fond of someone reading over my shoulder either. I'd probably do the same thing!

    Janet, you know what would be fun? Create a character that's really neat at home, but who's car or office is a mess.

    Or a character who dresses to the 9's, but their apartment is horrible. Camy, didn't you do that? Not YOU, darling, but one of your characters.

  16. Guirks are great. One of mine is that glasses and cups need to be turned upsidedown in the cupboard. A person I work with always turns them up when she does the dishes. I also need silence when I write. A friend can't stand to have her food touch on her plate. Great blog!

  17. Okay - this had me laughing. And thinking about what quirks I could give my characters! Way too much fun!

    I had a coworker who was opposite of the even lady. She needed to have everything come in multiples of three. I asked her about having kids - she wants three. I asked her what would happen if the third baby turned out to be twins, and she had four. She said she would have to have two more.

    One of my quirks that could turn out bad for my son (he's seven months)... I HAVE to pinch his butt every time I change his diaper. It's a compulsive thing. I just have to. I can't look at his cute little butt and not pinch it. It's so pinchable! This habbit will have to stop before he gets to highschool. :)

    My husband's quirk - he can't stand a messy junk drawer. I keep telling him, "Honey, it's a junk drawer. It's not supposed to be clean!"

  18. Well, my socks are all neatly lined up in my sock drawer and sorted by color, length, and thickness. All of the cans in my cabinet are lined up label facing the front, and sorted, of course! I want to know what I have and don't have at a glance. I have to have my hair pulled up before I can sleep. I started doing it for my husband who complained that it got all in his face, but now it bugs me to no end if I don't. I can't get in the car or go to bed without going to the bathroom first. (I'm sure that harkens back to my childhood.) I put all of our books in alphabetical order, but now it drives my husband crazy because he'd rather have them lined up by size. He can't stand looking at tall, short, tall, short. I'm sure I can think of more! :) Great post!

  19. Hi Pam

    This is a fun post for a rainy Monday morning. It’s fun to read about other people’s quirks. There are good insights here for writers.

    My big quirk would be that I approach every question very seriously.

    For example, I think there is a big difference between ‘quirky behaviorisms’, which might also be called obsessive behaviors, and being a ‘quirky character’. People can have quirks without being quirky. Characters can be ‘quirky personalities’ without requiring that they have any given quirk. Like comedy, a good quirky character is very difficult to successfully bring off. If an author can do quirky characters wall, then the payoff can be very high.

    I think the most quirky cast of characters I know of are found in Lilian Jackson Braum’s “The Cat Who…” series of books. Every character has a quirky personality and it works book after book. Next is Janet Evanovich in her Stephanie Plum books – again all the characters are quirky personalities and yet Evanovich keeps a perfect balance by never allowing her novels to become farcical.

    Perhaps my favorite is M. C. Beaton with her Hamish Macbeth mystery stories. M. C. Beaton is also Marion Chesney who I consider the best plotter writing romance. Her romances typically covered 350 pages of story material in just 160 pages and for years I thought she should just write mysteries where plot is so much more important. Well, she did move into mysteries and she is my favorite mystery writer. She may have the most ‘realistic’ quirky characters of all and she is very big in England. The BBC loves her work.

    In short, I believe if you can do ‘quirky’ well, you are well on your way to success.

    I have one quirk to share that I would be very interested in knowing if anyone else shares. I cannot stand to have anyone read to me. It is actually painful to have someone read to me and I will get up and leave the room rather than listen. I don’t even like it in church. If the minister reads a long passage from the Bible, I will either have to find the passage and read it myself or get up and momentarily leave.

    In all the years I was teaching I would never read from a text book. I would always put what the text book was trying to convey in my own words and then provide real world examples in the process. I think adults should always get permission first before they start reading out loud to another adult. That is, IMHO, of course.


  20. Joyce, I just read about your book on the Abingdon site. Sounds great!

    I love the quirks you all shared! When I lived in an apartment with two roommates, one of them and I used to have a constant battle with the coffee table books/magazines. She liked to have them straight. I liked to have then angled. So we were constantly moving those books as we passed through the room! LOL!

    One of my sons likes to eat his food one item at a time. I drives me crazy to watch it! And I drive him crazy because I'm always saying, "Aren't you going to eat your meat (or whatever is still sitting on his plate)?" And he'll say he's saving it for last. Arrgg!!

  21. Amy, when I was a teen, I ate one thing at a time on my plate, and usually didn't drink much, if anything, until the end of the meal. When I realized how weird it was, I "trained" myself to eat (and drink) some of everything. I don't even notice it anymore.

    Also, I like knives to be point down in the dishwasher. Simply because I don't want to slice my hand open! It really irks me to find one point up.

    Hmmm, what about a character who has a quirk, realizes that's it's a little over the top, and decides to change his/her quirk (like I did above) throughout the course of the story.

    Okay, now we're getting deep! lol

  22. Katie said: One of my quirks that could turn out bad for my son (he's seven months)... I HAVE to pinch his butt every time I change his diaper.


    This is the funniest quirk I've seen!



  23. Vince said: I think there is a big difference between ‘quirky behaviorisms’, which might also be called obsessive behaviors, and being a ‘quirky character’.

    Oh, I definitely agree, Vince!

    Where were you last night when I was putting this blog post together at 1 AM??? lol

  24. I like this post also, as I am a (don't know what you call it) freak but I can't let anything get too low as washing powers, when I use one box and have another new one the next time I go to town I but another, just in case. I am that way about paper towels, toliet paper, medicine, everything. I also have to be anywhere that I am going at least 30 minutes early even if I have to just sit longer. I can't be late!!


  25. Count me in with the grandma, I have ALL of the grammar school work from both of my children (now 25 and almost 23) stored in boxes in my garage. I can't part with them. Somehow, revisiting those pages written in wide print and illustrated with stick figures helps me hold on to the image of those pudgy hands and toothless smiles I miss soooo much!

    Maybe I need to join an empty nest club? = >

  26. OKAY Quirks, let me think.

    In Petticoat Ranch, Clay was terrified of girls, especially crying.
    Sophie was in charge, it was very hard for her to back up and trust a new man with responsibilities.

    In Calico Canyon, Grace was trying so hard to be respectable that she'd become crazy prim and proper adn in an effort to be a perfect lady, she's become so careful she was a coward...but that wasn't the real her. She was a very courageous soul and a protector of Children...but she had to find that part of herself again.

    Daniel was so scared of a new woman because his wife had died in childbirth...but that was his internal conflict, a quirk should be smaller. He had zero manners and was very happy in his cave man all-male world, until Grace got plunked down in the middle of it.

    In Gingham Mountain Grant dressed in rags. He was subcousciously sacrificing everything against the day when he might not be able to afford to take care of his children, saving everything up, at least when it came to spending on himself.
    Hannah, well, Hannah has no womanly skills. She can't cook or sew. Is that a quirk?

    In Nosy in Nebraska the characters are loaded down with quirks.
    Carrie in Of Mice. . .and Murder is terrified of mice.
    Nick's a nerd and he IS a neat freak, Pam. Lines up his tools, gels his hair because it's unruly, always has his shirt tucked in.

    In Pride and Pestilence Bonnie is an insomniac, shy, bookworm who is obsessed with Maxie the World's Largest Field Mouse.
    Joe loves children and worked as a manny before his mother died and he came to town seeking his dead beat, abandoning father...who turns up dead immediately.

    In The Miceman Cometh Maddy is a klutz who is an oaf around people, always saying the wrong thing and she hates herself for alientating people and breaking stuff.
    The hero, Tyler, has two sons who are out of control, always risking sure death with their antics. Tyler knows they don't break easy so he thinks they're tough enough that Maddy can't hurt them if he marries her.

  27. Oh, what an absolutely delicious post, Pam -- who doesn't like "quirky" characters????

    I SO wanted to share a quirk, so I turned to my husband to ask if I had any, and he gave me a half-lidded stare and said, "Your whole personality is one giant quirk."

    Moi? The woman who has to stick one foot out of the bed at ALL times because she gets hot? Or the hazelnut coffee addict who MUST put Half 'n Half in the cup BEFORE the coffee so it stirs it without a spoon? Or the freak who carries a book EVERYWHERE, along with a battered black thermal coffee mug with a spider mark purposely scratched into the lid to identify it as hers?

    Mmm ... I think he's crazy. But then I guess Charity O'Connor didn't put crackers in her eyes to fake real tears on her own, you know ... :)

  28. My M&M quirk is making flowers - choose a color for the center; petals must be different from center, and if any petals match, they've got to match in a pattern. Grow more petals outside... then eat them.

  29. SPEW ALERT, please, Ms. Welborn!! You're the ONLY person I know who is quirkier than me ... or Mary. :)

  30. Pam, maybe that's my problem too! I've got 3 boys too...and a girl, who is just as bad with the socks! I refuse to match them up too...makes me feel better to hear you don't either!
    p.s. Caramel Machiato...don't know how to spell it, but it has some yummy whipped cream on top...sigh.

  31. Yeah, Gina and Julie are nose to nose, vying for the covetous Queen of Quirks Personal Best Awards.

    Some of my favorite non Seekerville authors who write characters with great quirks are Linda Howard, Janet Evanovich, Susan Elizabeth Philips and Jayne Ann Krentz. You just remember their characters forever.

  32. What fun, Pam! Quirks you say? I thought all this irrational behavior was caused by vitamin deficiencies : )

    One of my crit partners used to be a nurse and must have been scared badly by a germ. She will not take a bite from someone's donut or taste from anyone else's plate. Sadly, she's passed on the same quirk to her characters in her books. I change all that with a sweep of my red pencil, LOL!

    My co-worker is obsessive about neatness. Her area is spotless AND she knows when someone (usually my daughter) has been in screwing around with her things.

    She has OCD; I have ADD. Between us we're alphabet soup and add comic relief to the office : )

    Thanks for enhancing another layer to my WIP, Pam!!

  33. While I appreciate the honor of being put in the same boat as Miss Julie and Miss Mary, I once again repeat my statement:

    I am a quirk-free person.

    No butt-pinching.

    No separating M&Ms before eating.

    I am not dressed to the 9s while my house is messy or vice versa.

    I don't do anything by the numbers because I don't wear a watch so I have no idea the time. Nor really care to know. If I'm late, I"m late. If I'm not, that's great. The closest I get to any number fetish is my alarm clock is set to go off at 6:19 am. Used to be 6:20, but I figured I needed to give myself a minute to tinkle before I woke up the kids.

    I'm not OCDC about washing my hands. God made dirt, dirt don't hurt. Never met a hand-sanitizer I couldn't misplace.

    Sometimes I eat cake then icing, sometimes icing then cake, sometimes mixed together.

    I never do anything by routine. Don't belive in bad luck.

    I truly have no quirks.


    I'm the most normal, balanced person that's ever and will ever live on this earth. And my ego agrees with me.

    But if by some weird ripple in the space-time continum occurs and I discover a quirk, I shall happily let you know.

    However, I will admit I firmly believe the Sport's Illustrated Cover jinx and the Survivor car jinx are real. Not only that, but--word to the wise--once you accept that conspiracies are everywhere, you live a must less paranoid life.

    Just saying.

  34. By virtue of being QUIRKLESS you now have a quirk which is quirklessness.

    Sorry G.

  35. I'm going with Tina on this, Gina. Being utterly quirky is so quirky that well, it's very a quirky sort of way.

    So eat that dirt, quirk-girl and don't let anybody tell you not to.

    Which isn't probably a huge problem because...well, since we all have quirks we are very intimidated by you.

  36. Hi Pam:

    These posts just get better and better. I hope there are many more before the witching hour.

    BTW, ever since twice reading “Salad Days” (Nora Ephron) and seeing the movie several times, “complaints about missing socks” always register in my mind as meaning: “I’m cheating on you.” Missing socks played a big part in that book and movie. I think Nora was picking up on a universal complaint and giving it sinister undertones.


  37. Oh, I have so many quirks...just ask my hubby.

    The one that makes me the craziest, however, is when cupboards/drawers are left open. And our house is horrible, because the latches on most of the kitchen cupboards are broken!

    I regularly go through the house and close anything open (especially if it's a clothes drawer and it's got a bit of shirt caught it in, so it won't shut all of the way - argh!).

    The quirk that people harass me about is the fact that I'm over 30 and I sleep with a teddy bear. My hubby doesn't seem to mind :)

  38. I like things as neat as possible in my surroundings. I know I waste a lot of time putting things away, straightening the positions of objects on my desk, countertops, etc.

    This is a fun post; I really got a kick out of it.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. We redecorated our home recently, transforming it into the cabin we dreamed of having but could never afford. The pub table and stools were purchased to furnish the dining area of our kitchen. It is pretty fun to sit at with my laptop and of course to eat.

    See ya.

  39. Pam,
    Love the quirks!!! I don't want anyone standing over my shoulder when I write. Placemats on the table have to be straight. The centerpiece must be squared off, not at an angle. Can't stand to watch people doing a repetitive motion with their hands, such as tapping their fingertips or twiddling their thumbs.

    Luckily, no M&M quirks that I know of...but jelly beans? Maybe.

  40. Welcome Shaddy. That was moi who stopped by your blog.

    Glad to have you here.

  41. Hi! It's Ayrian again. Did my other posts not come through? Just checking since I posted two hours ago. Thanks!

  42. Okay, this is taking me awhile to get the hang of. Sorry! Here's what I thought I already sent:

    Good morning! Well, it's 8 a.m. for me anyway, here in China. I love this--waking up and reading a post full of great ideas and 'quirky' humor.

    I totally agree that quirks add enjoyment to a book. I think odd or interesting characteristics add humor to a book. But I tend to think quirks ought to be for humor enhancement instead of eliciting sympathy. (Like a fear of something dangerous) Why? Because if I'm sorry for the character's dilemma, I want to see it resolved. (Okay, my quirk--I like to 'fix' people, not things). I think it's fun when a hero and heroine fall in love with each other partly because of their humorous/interesting quirks (and anything other reason they stand out from the crowd!)

    Tina--I absolutely agree. We ought to create more characters with glasses! Why is it so easy not to?

    And Mary--the idea of inner nerdy chaos is great (whether the outside matches or not).

    Julie--I think the more passionate, exuberant a character is the more their quirks are going to show. Why? Because they're probably the ones who don't care what others think about the quirks anyway!

    As for me, I've had to counterbalance most my quirks. After ten years of marriage with a quirky husband (who had to learn not to be terrified of women, uh, me, crying, Mary!) and four strong-willed kids, I've kind of let them set the pace. So no more reading just to myself, Vince. No more socks folded, only rolled (have to find those matches!), and books in an order? Huh! I'm lucky if they're even on the shelf. LOL!

    The challenge? What quirkiness can I worm into the manuscripts I've been working on? I love all the suggestions!

    Oh! Here's a quirk for kids as side characters. My ten-month-old doesn't crawl yet. Instead, he's a rolly-polly chub who likes to sit and wiggle his hands at the wrists and his feet at the ankles. My friend with her own baby just laughs and laughs at his 'quirkiness'. And my other kids (ages 8,6,3) all like to walk around with their blankets draped over their heads (did they teach each other?)

    So I think side characters, especially kids, need quirks too, especially to add that humor element!

    Okay, I can't resist adding one more. What about cultural quirks? Like if a main character just returned from living overseas, he or she might have picked up some of the quirks from that nation. Of course, they're only quirks if you wouldn't expect a character to act that way. An American throwing bits of food on the table or floor? Gross! Squatting instead of kneeling? (Oh, yeah. Kids don't go to the bathroom anywhere they want in America.) And carpet? What's carpet? Stepping into the SanFran airport with its long, carpeted corridors always gives me a shock. And then I give a long sigh--Ahh! America! Oh, and don't forget to buckle up and drive between the lines! Rules are rules you know (at least if you're in America). And my favorite--don't you dare stick your utensil in some else's food dish (unless you come visit us! We're used to it!)

    So is that quirkiness or just culture shock?

  43. Hi Pam, sorry so late. ARe there an Krispy Cremes left? Once would taste great because its way past my meal. My quirk is I can't stand anything sweet after eating a meal. I like the meat, garlic, salt taste. But I do love sweets. Maybe in the morning with coffee or late at night.

    Debby, I have to laugh. I do separate jelly beans too.

  44. Ayrian,

    Your post was a delight.

    You reminded me of when I was living in Germany. In those days there weren't a lot of Americans there (late seventies) and American products. So when I wanted to look for an American I looked for someone in an American brand tennis shoe, then I knew I would find someone who spoke English.

  45. I agree with Jessica about Meg Ryan!

    I've been called "quirky" by a number of people. Apparently they like it. I just think it's who I am...

    I'm an M&M sorter. And I eat by color in pairs, until there are uneven colors when I proceed to eat them all.

    I count the stairs every time I take them. Even the ones in my house.

    I cannot reveal anyone else's quirks as I've been sworn to secrecy...

  46. Quirks are what make life interesting. I love the M&M quirks, by the way. I know people who will only eat certain colors of the little chocolate candies and leave the rest behind...for me!

    Personal quirks: I have to take three gulps of water after I swallow any type of pill. I can not eat a sandwich without it being sliced in half and the crusts removed. Reese's peanut butter cups, cream filled cup cakes and the like are always consumed by eating around the rim of the center, and then taking my time eating the creamy goodness. My husband always gets a kick out of how I eat. I know I have more quirks than this, but I'm still waking up!

    *need more coffee*

  47. I cannot sleep with my bedroom door shut in my own home, as I need to know who is out 'there' before they know where I am. Which accounts for nightlights. They have to be outside my bedroom so I see 'them' before they see me. Now, if I go to sleep at anyone else's house, I can close the door with no problem. Go figure!

  48. don't know if clumsiness is a quirk. A couple of my characters have that which come directly from me. As does the spilling and setting in things.

    My son hangs his shirts by color, even T-shirts. And they have to be on a like colored hangar. Light hangar for light shirt and dark for dark and so on. The hangar has to be just the right width so it doesn't leave push marks.

    He folds his shirts a certain way, and his towels. tri fold than half

    Whereas mine is trifold and trifold.
    Try to keep cans in alpabetical order, hubby makes sure that the new stuff is put to the back and we use the old cans first.

    My youngest son, irons his t-shirts.

    My middle son doesn't see the need to waste water to wash his hair, nor does he have to comb it.

    Hubby has to rub his cold feet on my legs and has to have a fan blowing in his face to go to sleep.

    It's funny I worry about how the closets look. But my room looks like it exploded and left clothes everywhere.

    My husband has to mix his almond m&m's a peanut mix.

    I tend to scratch my nose when I'm trying to type and someone comes in. And I start making stupid mistakes. I must get self conscious.

    He has to sprinkle salt in coffee grounds.

  49. What a fun post! I have to check the door locks before I go to bed, even if I know my husband just checked them. I used to check ground level windows too, but I've gotten over that. (Now that makes a load of sense, doesn't it?)

    I won't eat tuna or chicken salad prepared by anyone other than myself. Not hubby, not mother or one. The thought makes me nauseous.

  50. I got sidetracked Monday, uh, Tuesday, Wednesday…uh…never mind…

    Gina: You are just one adorable quirk!

    Karin: love the teddy bear!

    Shaddy: Turning your home into a cabin sounds really cool! Now, you can have your cabin and live in it too.

    Ayrian: So glad you stopped by.

    Sandra: You eat the salty to get the sweet out of your mouth, then eat sweet to…you get the idea!

    Debbie said: “I'm an M&M sorter. And I eat by color in pairs, until there are uneven colors when I proceed to eat them all.” This might be what my friend does. I know she has a particular system for eating her M&M’s.

    Gracious, J, you’re making me hungry talking about Reece’s peanut butter cups. Yum!

    Hi Carmen!

    Tina P, your son irons his shirts and hangs them up? Amazing!

  51. Patricia, I don't always check the doors and windows, but if I start thinking about it after I go to bed, I might as well get up and go do it.

    Guess what I'll be doing tonight, huh? lol