Saturday, May 9, 2009

Seekerville Mother's Day Weekend Edition

"I've got the GMC and POV, but does my WIP have strong MRU's ?"

Next Week in Seekerville:

Monday, May 11: Steeple Hill Love Inspired Historical author, Janet Dean is up and she's got a book giveaway.

Tuesday, May 12: We welcome Jeane Wynn, of Wynn-Wynn Media.

Wednesday, May 13: THIS JUST IN!! Sandra Leesmith will be interviewing agent, Steve Laube today.

Thursday, May 14: Sister Mary Ruth Logan Herne will be spending the day with us.

Friday, May 15: Kregel Publications author, Patti Lacy will be in Seekerville.

"I just realized my heroine is too stupid to live."

We Have Winners in Seekerville:

Congratulations to over 25 friends of Seekerville who collectively shared that they have entered a ton of contests so far this year. The winners of The Writer's Portable Therapist from the May Contest Update are Melanie Dickerson and Chicki.

The writer's block winners from Friday's, Getting the Block Out of Writers Block post are Tina Pinson and Conni aka Connie.

Please contact Tina Russo by Wednesday, May 13th or the books go back into the prize vault.

"A nice cup of tea and I'll be ready to murder my protagonist."

Seeker Sightings:

Camy Tang will be at the The Faith Chicks Blog, May 14, talking about Homemade Cold Remedies. Achoo!

Julie Lessman can be spotted:

At the Daily Bee Blog for an interview and giveaway from May 7-14.

Blogging at A Pen For Your Thoughts, May 9-16. Book giveaway!

with Missy Tippens at Life With Missy on May 11-15.

And Next in Dianaland for a review and giveaway on May 12 & 13.

Signing her Daughters of Boston series, at LifeWay Bookstore in St. Louis, Missouri -- 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM, May 16th.

Janet Dean will be guest blogging at Petticoats and Pistols this weekend, May 9 & 10.

She'll also be blogging at Running with Quills, on May 11.

Speaking to readers and writers on May 14 from 6:00-7:30 PM in Marion Library in Marion, IN.

Signing, Courting the Doctor's Daughter, on May 15, 7-9:00 PM at Borders in Hamilton Town Center in Noblesville, IN.

Mary Connealy will be blogging at Petticoats and Pistols on May 13 on Artificial Insemination~And that's NO BULL!

"Stella suffered from debilitating writer's block."

Save The Date:

May 20, Steeple Hill author, Margaret Daley will visit Seekerville wearing her ACFW Conference, Volunteer Coordinator hat.

May 29, Barbour author, Marcia Gruver returns to Seekerville.

June 3, Harlequin author, Holly Jacobs is our special guest.

June 12, Harlequin and Silhouette author, Cheryl St. John will be in Seekerville.

"Just a little something I whipped up for my crit. group."

News and Stuff:

Congratulations to Janet Dean.
Courting Miss Adelaide is a Phoenix Desert Rose Golden Quill "Best First Book" finalist!

Yahoo Finance:

This week Torstar delivered their first quarter financial results and Harlequin continues to look good.

From Reader's Read:
Wiley Uses SKYPE for Author Book Signing
Publisher John Wiley is thinking outside the box when it comes to book signings. The company used Skype to hold a virtual booksigning. Wiley used Skype to allow Mark White to appear and give a talk to a live audience in a Cincinnati bookstore from his home in New Jersey.

"I baked you a novel!"

Happy Mother's Day to all our friends, from Seekerville!


  1. I cannot believe you wrote that. :)

  2. Love, love the captions..and the pix are a hoot. Thanks for starting my day laughing!!!!!


  3. You once again started my Saturday with a smile, Tina!

  4. Yay! I won some therapy!!! Just what I needed. :-)

    Mary and Tina, I laughed out loud at that, and that's no bull. My daughter asked me what I was laughing at but I told her, Nothing.

    I really like those pictures and those captions, too. What a fun time we could have, making up ridiculous captions for those poor, smiling '50's housewives. :-)

  5. Great captions under those pictures!

    Happy Mother's Day to all!


  6. Good morning, SEEKERVILLE.

    Whadda ya mean you cannot believe I wrote that??????

  7. Tina, I love the pictures and captions!! What a hoot! Happy Mother's Day!


  8. Okay. Now I know Mother's Day's soon. Those pictures and captions were great!

  9. Great pix and captions, Tina! You made Mother's Day a hoot!


  10. The pictures are SO cute! The first gal has borrowed my mom's mixer. She hardly ever used it, but it was featured at a surprise shower that my grandma and aunts gave my mom.

    Obviously Mary has a life outside of writing ;-)

  11. The title of my blog post.


    If Melanie can't tell her daughter then maybe I should find a different title!!!!!

  12. It's okay, Mary. My daughter doesn't read your blog posts. :-) You gotta call a spade a spade. Or not, as the case may be.

    LOL I crack me up.

    And you should all read Julie Lessman's newest book, A Passion Denied. It's wonderful!!! It's really going to minister to the young people who read it and don't realize that passion is something God created, but that God sanctioned it only for marriage, and He has to be in the center of the relationship. Or something like that. Just read it! She says it much better than I can!

  13. You see Mary. Her daughter is too young for bull but is just right for realizing, yes, Martha, married people do--do it.

  14. Oh, well yes and a great commentary on Julie's extraordinary writing. Here Here.

  15. happy mothers day to all the mothers here on seekerville! hope you have a special day with your families!

  16. What hilarious pictures and even better captions!!!

    Janet, congrats on the Golden Quill final!!

    And happy mother's day to all!


  17. SISTER MARY RUTH says:

    What a hoot!

    I can't wait to read our Mary's post on semen. (She was named for me, you know.)

    Are you planning to follow it up next month with a post on airmen?

    And then maybe Cheryl can post on PJ's.

    Or nightgowns. Or flannels. Oh,saints be praised, I can hardly wait!

    I must tell the other sisters about this. They love a good story, you know.

    Sr. Tina Marie? Assumpta? Come quick and see what our darling Mary is writing about!


    Sister Mary Ruth

  18. Really interesting post!! I enjoy it and would like to browse Wiley for my favorite books.