Saturday, June 20, 2009

For Rent: One Lovely Hut on Unpubbed Island


Seekerville is thrilled to announce that
the witty and wonderful,

Ruth Logan Herne

got the call from Senior Editor, Melissa Endlich and is
now a Love Inspired author.

Her release will be available in March of 2010

Who says contests don't lead to first sales?

And now it's time to party, Seeker style.
So grab a cold drink and some food.

Unpubbed Island is open for the day!!



  1. Wow congrats Ruthy thats wonderful news.
    i could really use some warm weather so am going to enjoy a day at unpubbed island

  2. Ruth, way to go dudette. You so rock.

  3. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! That is SUCH fun and exciting news! Bit time confetti being thrown your way Ruth!! SO happy for you! I will take your place on unpubbed island and enjoy the coconuts. :)

  4. WHOOO HOOOO,Ruthy!! So excited to have you with me on the Love Inspired team! CONGRATULATIONS!

  5. Congratulations!!!! Happy dancing for you!!

  6. You rock, girlfriend! Sad to say, you'll have trade in your grass skirt for more formal business wear.

    Is it worth it?

    WooHoo, Ruthy!! The Love Inspired world is going to LOVE you!!!

  7. Celebrate today, Ruthy!!!!!! You so deserve it!

    I can't wait to read your LI!

    Are you still grinning from ear to ear? I imagine you will be for a long time.


    Primal scream of joy alert




    And that's all I have to say about that!


  9. RUTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Since I heard, I have been walking around with a glow SO MUCH, that I feel like I'm radioactive!!! Cannot even IMAGINE how you must be glowing, girl!!

    I have one thing to say: It's about freakin' time.

    SUPER CONGRATS, my friend ... you made my weekend (uh, you and the fact that I FINALLY shipped off book 4 to my editor, praise God!:)).


  10. Hip hip hoorey for Ruthy, who must be walking on air!


  11. Wow! How cool is that!

    Bringing a box of chocolates, hand-made by the Amish.

  12. Congrats, Ruthy! So excited for you!!!!!


    Excellent job on the WE, Tina!

    Hugs all

  14. Congratulations Ruthy!

    Best news I've had all week (okay, next to my letter from soulja boy, you understand!)

    Enjoy the high, and tell us all about it when you come back to earth!

  15. Hey, hey, hey!!!!

    Sorry to come late to the party but I have a gorgeous grandkid here and she likes playing with Grammy....

    So computer time is at a premium, LOL!

    And she's too old for a nap so I'll sneak in as I can and say:




    Oh my stars that felt GOOD!!!

    But I will not be completely happy until the Island huts are all decked out with For Rent signs, courtesy of Seekers...

    And then the next generation...

    Because writing is all about giving back and paying forward. Kind of like how I grew up, with one hand helping the other, big brother, little sister, etc.

    I believe in paying your dues and enjoying the rewards, riding the downs and helping others.

    But for right now:

    Pass the Pina Coladas, Tina!!!!

    No ice, please, just a frosted glass.

    And the signature little umbrella!!!

    Hey I brought tropical drinks for all and can you believe a March release????

    Oh.... My.... Stars...

    Poor Melissa. After she tracked me down and I got over the stammers...

    And the shreiks and giggles....

    And the chit chat that hits when I'm excited....

    We got down to the real deal of being on board with Harlequin and SH.

    I am truly blessed.

    Hey, try these coconut cookies too. Mandy makes 'em and she calls them 'crack' cookies because they're addictive.

    Hey, girls, can SH authors say 'crack' when they mean 'crack'?

    So much to learn?????



    Tina, great party. Super deluxe. Grab me another pillow for my feet, won't you dear??????


  16. Ruthy--Awesome! Now I'll get to read those manuscripts of yours in print. I'll be watching for your name on the cover. :) Have fun with your editor!

  17. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! RUTHY!!!!! I'm so happy for you, girl!


    Can't wait to get your book and read it! Let us know all about it when you come down off Cloud Nine. :-) No, on second thought, that might take too long. Let us know sooner. ;-)

  18. Congratulations, Ruth!!!! Yay! I'm so excited to hear this. You've waited a long time. Way to go, girl!

  19. And THANK YOU TINA for yet another beautiful island send-off edition! I can hardly wait until we get to do yours!

  20. Rah, Rah, Ruth,

    She's the greatest that's the truth

    She's been patience she's been kind.

    Now she has a contract and it blows my mind.

    Yeah Ruthy,

    Tell us the truthy,

    how does it feel to get off this island

    And how soon will it be till your rich and styling.

    (you were already styling, but I needed a rhyming word)

    Congrats. I just sit here and cry into my spilt coconut milk.

  21. Ruthy, I am sooo happy for you! Cheers and hugs, Anne



    Scared hubby and the pups with all the screaming and dancing around.

    Hey unpubbed island is going to get really lonely. But parties are always great.

    Love and hugs, Sandra

  23. Ruth -

    Congrats from Romance University!

    Kelsey, Adrienne and Tracey

  24. Kudos Ruth:

    This is great news for the reading public. If your book is as good as your posts, it will be a five star winner!

    I expect to be the first ‘production’ fan to start reading it at 12:01 am 1 FED 10. (A production fan is one who acquires the book through normal distribution).


  25. Ruthy, may I add my huge congratulations to all the others!!!! Exciting times ahead for you, and from what I've read from you on this blog, you are way past due for getting the call.
    Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy!!!

  26. I leave on vacation and this is what I come home to!!! Well, we did have a couple of pina coladas on the beach (actually just sort of near the beach, like maybe 3 blocks away from the actual beach), but consider yourself post-toasted, Ruthy! Long overdue and well-deserved!!!! Congratulations!!!!

  27. I'm so happy for you, Ruth. This is such good news. One less among us on unpub Island still waiting to get that call. Pat

  28. Oh my LANTA!!! I am so excited about this you'd think it was me. Well, maybe it's just that 'for rent' hut on unpubbed island? Looks like I'm going to have to take a number.

    congratulations Ruthy. I said it would be in God's timing and DING DING DING alarms and sirens are going off!

    THE CALL!!!!!!!!!

  29. Oh mylanta, do we have enough food for the partyers????

    Quick, Tina, can you grab some more mahi mahi, darling????

    And Sandra, pick some of your famous fruit, would ya????


    My head is still spinning. My kids are off-the-wall happy for me, my church buds from choir (who are my 'first' readers and great groupies) are jumping up and down and missing notes (which helps to cover MY mistakes) and my pastor will be thrilled to get a thank you for his steady stream of answers (Priests LOVE it when you query them with theological questions... Makes 'em feel so Baptist!)


    Guys, thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!

    You guys rock. Totally. I've still got the munchkin here, but it's a great call story...

    I was OOT...

    Had to be tracked down...

    Had no Internet on my computer and had to use someone's old one...

    Oh my stars, a five-year-old computer seems like a dinosaur now, doesn't it?? Like, come on, cursor???? Would ya' move???

    And seeing Melissa's greeting in my Inbox. Knowing she called home.

    And they only call home for ONE THING...

    Unless you've blown a deadline but that's a whole 'nother story.

    And she was so stinkin' sweet.



    And funny.

    I promised her I'd behave and you know what she did?


    Oy vey, my reputation is tanked.

    Understandably. Deservedly. And they want me anyway.

    What are they thinking?????


    Still grinning.

    Noticing my teeth need whitening again. Sooooooooo important you know!

    Hey, is that carafe empty?

    Jules, more wine!



    To life!


    I love Fiddler on the Roof. Random, I know. That's how my brains been working lately.

    It might be Julie's wine.

    And hey, Julie, fourth book DONE.


    Nose to the grindstone. That's my girl.


  30. All of Seekerville and beyond is rocking. And it's all because of you Ruth. Enjoy every minute of your ride to fame.

  31. Ruth, you aren't supposed to be worrying about food and drink and the guests. (Bruno is taking care of the catering...he's the guy in the grass shorts) Just enjoy being the star for at least a day or two.

    I'm turning your hut into a double size hut for moi, btw.

  32. I hate when Bruno is in charge of food and drink. Those grass shorts make me nervous.

    I still just get hit every few minutes with this BUZZZZZZ of excitement, Ruthy.

    I love it. I love your work. I love you.


  33. What a wonderful thing to see when I tune in after a very long day!

    Congrats Ruthy!!! Looking forward to seeing it on the shelf. Long may your pages wave!!

  34. what a great uplift to a long day! to get on blogger and see that you got the call, ruthy! even more see the kind of support your seekerville sisters (and others) have given you! that's so awesome.

    congratulations...and god bless!

  35. Jeannie, it's real early Sunday morning, and I'm sitting here with tears streaming because you recognized what a great gift this blog, these guys and gals are.

    What a blessing this sisterhood is.(sorry Vince, we have no men as the original fifteen, but take NO OFFENSE. Everyone's a Seeker in Seekerville).

    How special to go to a place where people understand, commiserate, cheer, raise their glasses in a toast, hug, kiss...

    Do not hug Bruno.

    Don't do it.

    Just don't. More on that later.

    And to see the congrats, the kudos, the cheers....

    Oh mylanta, I'm overwhelmed.

    But we need to clear this Island. Make way for rentals, for languishing retreats. Great sunglasses and muumuus for all who understand that fewer than 2% of the population should even wear a two-piece much less a bikini. Cottage cheese thighs are not pretty.

    But then again, it is our private island retreat so wear what you want. Bruno does. He makes a mean strawberry daiquiri, ladies, but don't ask him to do that mojito dance like they do on the commercials. Please. It's not pretty.

    So, okay, Tina, I'll sit back and enjoy the festivities. It feels weird to be the guest of honor because we've hosted so many of these for others.

    AND I'm a bossy twit.

    But I'm calm... Cool... Focused...

    Where's Gina? We must have Gina at this party.

    Someone fly her in, 'kay?


  36. Congratulations, Ruth!!!

    Isn't there some kind of stipulation in the rental agreement that when you leave you must take lots of fresh coconut so you can bake scrumptious goodies to send back to the island? I'm sure there probably is ...

    And even though Tina has plans to double her hut size, there are plenty of us who'd love to rent the spot for ourselves. Because we KNOW we write so much better while sitting on the beach ... or better yet, on a secluded island ... with no bickering children ... and no cats that go ballistic when you're trying to pour amoxicillin down their throats twice a day after eye surgery ...

    Um, sorry. Got off track there. All the jumping I did for you must have rattled my brain too much. :-)

    Enjoy your well-deserved celebration!

    PS -- I posted Sat. night but it didn't come through so I tried again. So, sorry if another variation of this message also appears later. Does that ruin my chances of getting an island lease?


    THAT'S MY MOM!!!!!!!!!

    Ru, I am so proud of you. I always knew you could do it and I am so happy that the day is finally here. I can't wait to see your books finally in print! (They will be so much easier to read with a binding rather than the hundreds of pages of computer paper.)

    I love you and I am so happy that your dreams are coming true. You deserve nothing less! :)

    ~ Bethy

  38. Ruth, this is fabulous news!!!! Congratulations!!!!

  39. Congratulations, Ruth. That's wonderful news. Dreams do come true.

  40. Leigh, ya' gotta fight Tina for the hut.


    I did have some bug problems. Tina's not aware of that, but I know she'll figure it out fairly quick.

    She's smart like that.


    And the chupacabras visit regularly. I'm not sure why because meat is scarce on the island and they're not big on fish.

    Oh, wait.

    They eat meat...

    Humans are meat.....

    Oh mylanta, I'm lucky to have escaped with all my toes!!!!


    Someone hand me some sneakers. Cross trainers. Running shoes.


    Hey, I'm auctioning off that bag of old '50's make-up that was left by Myra, Janet and Julie. There's also a starting bid of .10 on Mary's old washcloth.

    Any takers?

    Donnell, Pepper...

    Love those names. You guys sound like novelists. Seriously. Thanks for the congrats and for stopping by and posting. Totally loving it.


  41. Congratulations, Ruthy!! Whoo-hoo!

    Good news doesn't get much better than a first sale!

    May this be the first of many, many sales. :)

    Boy, do the Seekers know how to party!


  42. Congratulations on your "overnight" success, Ruth! LOL
    May I have a small bottle of sand from the floor of your hut? Maybe if I sleep with it close to my pillow, it will inspire some good ideas.
    ; )

    Kathleen L. Maher

  43. OH MY GOSH!!!!


    You are brilliant.

    Small jars of sand from Unpubbed Island. We'll bring them to ACFW.

    I love it!!!

  44. Ruthy, I'm late to the party, but WOW! Cool, and YEEHAW!

    Congratulations!!! I'm thrilled for you!

  45. *blushing*
    Flattery will get you everywhere. At least I hope it will get me to my publication destination. hehehe

  46. Judy!!!!

    Yee haw, girlfriend, thanks for coming by!

    Your post and follow-up e-mail meant SO MUCH to us in Seekerville, woman. You are the prime example of perseverance and focus.

    I've probably said this before but after a particularly rough writing time, lawyer boy asked how things were going. After listening (how about that, a lawyer that's a GOOD LISTENER!!!) he told me the only thing that would disappoint him was if I quit.

    You just can't quit.

    End of lecture and on with the party.

    Hey, did you notice Bruno changed? Who says real men don't wear pink???


    And Erica! Kathleen!!! Yowza, thanks for stopping by. There's still a ton of food, fun and frivolity going on.

    No one has to work today, right? It's a new federal holiday. Ruthy-day.

    Bless you all.


  47. I just heard the news, Ruthy! Congratulations!!!!

    I remember when I got the call from Barbour. I screamed. The cat hid under the bed and wouldn't come out for hours. :-) I hope you traumatized no animals with your scream! :-)

  48. Well, I'm late but wanted to drop in to continue the celebration!!!!

    Congrats, Ruthy, honey!!! This is so well deserved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  49. Beth's post made me CRY!!!!!


    Now EVERYONE pray that Unpubbed Island becomes TOTALLY deserted of Seekers and Seekervillains (that's all of you) this YEAR!!!

    Still pleased as punch for another "Sold!" Seeker!


  50. CONGRATS RUTHY !!!! :)
    I know I'm way behind on the news, but I've been on a family vacation and am still catching up. ~ Reading all these comments has made me smile, and I am so very happy for you!!!
    Blessings from Georgia,
    Patti Jo :)