Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Every now and then we have to have a blog post that doesn't instruct, motivate or encourage.

Today we just want to remember all the great times we've had at conferences past and tell our friends in Seekerville that we look forward to seeing you at the RWA and ACFW conferences or perhaps at M & M, Desert Dreams, or ICRS, where you can count on finding at least a few of us hanging out, laughing and being totally inappropriate.

Please feel free to comment today on your memories of conferences past and/or Seeker sightings. And if you find yourself in any of the photos please let everyone know and your name will be added to the randomizer for a chance to win a SURPRISE! Seeker gift. Winner will be announced this weekend. If you aren't in a photo but you can identify someone (besides a Seeker) who is, we'll throw your name in the hat for that too.

ACFW 2008

RWA 2008

RWA 2008

ICRS 2008

ACFW 2007

RWA 2007

ACFW 2006

RWA 2006

ACFW 2005

RWA 2005

RWA 2004

Miscellaneous Conference Photos!


  1. Good morning Seekerville. Today in honor of conferences, we have conference food.

    First up, cherry and lemon danish and a fruit bowl. Of course a silver urn filled with coffee and another urn of hot water for tea.

    Later we'll bring in the rubber chicken

  2. What a fun look back! I love conferences because of all I learn, but also because of all the great people I meet ... just need to do better with keeping up with folks afterwards. It's good to see friends who have celebrated together in so many different places.

    I recognized a few non-Seekers hiding in there. One was DiAnn Mills in the ICRS photo with Mary and Julie; another was Angie Breidenbach in that gorgeous red dress in the last RWA 2007 photo.

    I brought muffins and icy cold pitchers of juice to go with Tina's danish. Gonna try to keep crumbs out of my keyboard while I catch up with some new conference friends from the spring ...

    My word verification looks like an attempt at text messaging -- c u later. :-)

  3. I think it's great that you guys have been friends (and encouragers for each other/cohorts) these past four years. It's nice to share friendships, but also passions together. How great!

    I'm pulling blueberry muffins out of the oven right now - made with fresh, plump blueberries.

  4. Wow we have a virtual feast this am.

    Hey, spot on Leigh. You are in.

  5. Leigh,
    Didn't we meet at BRMCWC? You looking curiously familiar ;-)

  6. Can't wait for the rubber chicken. Could we throw some overdone potatoes in with that? You know, the starchy, stretchy ones????


    Oh, Tina, what a great trip down memory lane! And how wonderful that none of us has aged a bit.

    (Trip to confession time, the downside of being a good, Catholic girl!!!!)

    Love the photos and can't wait to see everyone in Denver.


    And I have an RWA goal for next year in Nashville. I loved ACFW in Nashville. Such a beautiful city, and lovely people. Of course the waitress did correct my Yankee speech, but that's okay. I talk better Southern now than Missy and Pam!!!!

    I'm into the Danish. Gotta grab 'em before they get stale. Early risers get the freshest food. Can someone pass the creamers, please?


  7. Thanks for the fun walk down memory lane, Tina! I can't wait to see Seekers and our friends at RWA next week! Though I can wait for the rubber chicken. LOL


  8. OMIGOSH ... I literally hummed "Memories" all the way through this blog and didn't realize until I finished at the end with a tear in my eye that my golden retriever had left the room, apparently at my humming, which was more than little off-key ...

    Thanks for the memories, Tina -- what a wealth of good times we have shared. And I apologize I didn't send any pics in to you, but I have NO idea where they are. I'm just grateful you guys kept them!

    I brought runny scrambled eggs and those little cubed potatoes ...


  9. The only person I know in any of the photos is...JULIE! I just wanted to drop in and say "Hey!". :)

    I'm still amazed I actually got to meet you!!! It was such fun!

    Have a wonderful day everyone!
    Lori S.


  10. Good times! Pooh, I wasn't in any of the pictures. :)

    I first met Mary C. at a book signing here in MN. I'd never been to one before, and I think it was the first time Mary was signing books. We sort of latched onto each other and talked for a long time. I probably should've let her go to mingle, but she was such a fun conversationalist, that I couldn't stop!

    Love the picture of Camy with the BOTY award.

    All you Seekers have come such a long way. Can't wait to meet more of you in Denver this fall.

  11. Ah, what a treat! So many dear, dear friends. So many wonderful memories! Thanks for posting these great pix, Tina!

    For the buffet table I have brought unidetified salad greens and "mystery dressing." Oh, and a basket of rolls.

  12. Unidentified. Sheesh, I can't spell this early in the morning!

  13. Is that Margaret Daley standing between Debby and Mary in the first photo.
    And in that 2008 RWA photo, that's Merrillee Wren on the end.
    I saw Brandilyn Collins and I believe that was Paula Moldenhauer in one photo. I recognized a few others but couldn't remember their names.
    Can't wait to see everyone in Sept!!!

  14. Wow. Those are great pictures. I thought I recognized: Margaret Daley in two pics, Linda Goodnight holding the RITA, I think Lenora Worth was in that one too, Brandilyn Collins, Sue Brower smiling behind Camy, Emily Rodmell in a group pic, Angie Breidenbach, and I thought one of those photos was Terri Blackstock but I could be wrong.

    It seems like the Seekers have had such a great time. You gals are awesome.

  15. We all look so HAPPY. where are the pictures of us being CRABBY? That's the heart and soul of the Seekers....
    or is that just ME???

  16. I had a really good picture of me and Erica and another of me and Melanie. But they died with my computer.


  17. What a fun post! You all look so lovely, and yes, ageless! I remember meeting Camy Tang, one of the first sweet people I met "virtually" in the CBA. She was so kind. We got published around the same time, so it was neat. I love conferences for the friendships and inspiration.

  18. I was at RWA 2007. I'd had #5 four months earlier so I was constantly toting or strolling her around. My "Seeker" memory of that conference was getting off the elevator while Missy was getting on. She was dressed to the nines and going to a Harlequin party.

    I told her she looked beautiful.

    She blushed. Said something (like everyone else was) about how cute my youngest critter was then went on to her party.

    My main feeling memory of RWA that year was "everyone's going to a party and I want to go too."


    I was never like that in my younger days.

    In case anyone feels the need to exercise her spiritual gift of giving, today is my birthday. I'm accepting presents not coconut, peach, or pork related. And please take into consideration I'm a non-legalistic vegetarian.

  19. Wow! I've never been to one of these but you all look like a bunch of fun, vibrant and creative Seekers.

  20. Wow! I've never been to one of these but you all look like a bunch of fun, vibrant and creative Seekers.


    Sending you a large bottle of BBQ sauce for your birthday.

    Wow, good job Denice!

    Someone go get the fake chocolate mousse for dessert.

    Erica, what Mary are you talking about? OUR MARY?

    We are never cranky or whiney, Connealy so button it.

  22. I must confess to being a bit impressed with how well dressed you ladies are in these photos.

    Not a mumu in sight.

  23. Look at that last picture of Cara, she's almost glowing!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want to go on record as saying none of these pictures really captures how I look.

    I'm much younger that that picture would lead you to believe. Prettier and thinner, too.

    Also, i'm way smarter than I look.

  24. Erica is being kind. She was so nice to me. My first book signing. She got down on her hands and knees and lured me out from under the table with a Hostess Twinkie and kept me talking until the nice men with the nets and happy pills could arrive.

    I'm much better at book signings now...fantastic really. I've learned to bring a couple pillows, then it's really comfortable under the table. And of course I stock up on Twinkies beforehand.

  25. Happy birthday, Gina!!!! Just for that, we'll treat you to a real dinner tonight away from the rubber chicken. Anyone else game?

    And, Pepper -- I probably look curiously familiar because 1) I am somewhat curious/odd/off-kilter [I'm a writer, you know!] and 2) I'm familiar because we did meet at Blue Ridge. You said you had to commute because of your family, and then you won the fiction contest award at dinner that night but weren't there to accept it. I was so happy for you but didn't see you the next morning. So -- belated congratulations! :-)

  26. Do I see NORA in those pics???

    I've got some Seeker pics as well, but didn't get them to Tina in time. Oh, well, maybe next time!

  27. Thanks, Leigh. I WISH I could have been there in person, but since my hubby's a pastor (and had to perform a funeral), I had to get back home to tend the five younguns ;-)
    I'm so glad to 'see' you again. :-)

  28. LORI!!!! Sooo good to talk with you again. And trust me, I'M AMAZED that you and your sweet sis drove an hour and a half to come see me and Maggie, bearing gifts, no less!!! Sure wish you could be in Denver for ACFW so ALL of the Seekers could meet you and you them!

    Big hugs,

  29. So many conferences, so little time.

    Who will be at RWA or ACFW?

  30. Julie, that sounds like a LOT of fun! I would love to be able to meet everyone!

    Be sure to let me know when you start on the Anne of Green Gables books. I know you're going to love them!

    Take care,

  31. everyone looks to be having fun,


  32. Julie's never read Anne of Green Gables? Has she seen the movies???

    I love Anne and Gilbert,

  33. Oh drat. I've never seen any of you and don't recognize anyone (besides Seekers) in the pics, except the great NR.

    Maybe this year I'll sight one of you at ACFW? :-)

  34. Tina, I love all these pictures. The Seekers along with a lot of other writer friends are creating such a history together. I'm so grateful for RWA and ACFW! Otherwise, we'd never know each other.

  35. Jessica, we'll find YOU. Don't worry.

  36. Tina what an amazing trip down memory lane! Loved it!

    Can you believe we've been to sooo many conferences? Great place to build friendships and hey, if we sell a book, not a bad deal at all : )

    RWA in just a few days now. Everyone that's going--take lots of photos and share!

  37. Anne of Green Gables is wonderful..and it's a plus that she has red hair and freckles. ;-)

    Quick unrelated question: If I only had funds to become a member of one or the other, which would you recommend: RWA or CFWA?

  38. What a great bunch of conference photos, Tina! I love looking at all of these candid Seeker shots :). So, you'll be in D.C. next week?? Hope to see you there!

  39. Pepper, you mean ACFW?

    That is a huge debate. I personally have never let my RWA dues lapse since I joined in 1995. There is so much valuable stuff..and they advocate for writers on a huge scale with 10 thousand members they have a voice. The members only section of the site keeps you up to date on agent and editor guidelines and the conference is unbeatable for the price.

    Others will tell you ACFW for networking specifically at the Christian market. They are on a smaller more intimate scale which may be less overwhelming than RWA.

    It truly depends on your needs.

  40. No, sadly. Going to ACFW this year. Next year going to NASHVILLE RWA!!!!!

  41. ACFW...yes, where did the other come from? Who knows, it's getting late in the Eastern part of the world :-)
    Thanks Tina. I'm really not sure what I "need" either. ACFW is more tempting just because it's cheaper ;-)

  42. Fantastic pics, ladies! I love seeing everyone. So excited to see so many of you this year at ACFW!

  43. Some of the faces in the pictures, can you find them?

    Margaret Daley, Lenora Worth, Allie Pleiter, Bradilyn Collins, Mae Nunn, Nora Roberts, Jordan Dane, Rogenna Brewer, Cindy Kirk aka Cynthia Rutledge, Cindy Myers, Assistant Editor Emily Rodmell, Darlene Buckholtz, Angela Breidenbach, Merrilee Whren, Leigh Bale, Debra Clopton, Pamela Tracey, Linda Goodnight, DiAnn Mills, Margie Lawson, Belinda Peterson and Shirley Jump!!

    There are a few faces I don't know too.

  44. I'm amazed at the camaraderie of the ACFW and other authors. It's great to see. I recognize Camy Tang in the 2008. I also recognize the Rainbow Forest cafe in one of the pics. I'm only 5 minutes from the Mall of America. It was my first time to go to a signing. Most of the authors were new to me, as I mostly read mysteries at that time. Wow, has that changed. The signing was the highlight of my year (after 3 back surgeries), a mini-vacation to me. Now that I know many of your works, would love to see you return to MN. Thanks for the wonderful memories.

  45. I loved meeting so many Seekers at the Mall of America book signing. It was so nice to finally meet some of the amazing women that Ru always talks about.

    I wish I could be at the conference in Denver! Not that I'm a writer or anything, I just want to hang out with the Seekers in Denver! :)

    ~ Beth

  46. Oh, how fun!!! We were such younguns in some of those photos!! Thanks for compiling them, Tina!! :)