Monday, July 20, 2009

Missy's Report from RWA National!

Missy here! I'm home from RWA National and thought I'd share some photos and also my picks for best workshops I attended. And since Blogger doesn't like me, I have a feeling all my photos will be off from the descriptions of them. So please know I at least tried to label them correctly. :)

First off, Danica Favorite (left) and I met up at the airport and shared a cab to the gorgeous Marriott Wardman Park in Washington, D.C.

This is a photo of the older part of the hotel. There were amazing gardens all around. And also a wonderful neighborhood nearby that had lots of fun restaurants with outside tables and patios. I think I ate 5 meals there! Debby said she was going to pack up the fun neighborhood and take it home with her. :)

And the next photo was an exciting moment. A photo and autograph opp with Janet Evanovich! She gave a fun opening session speech. It seems she's probably as fun in person as you'd expect.

And now just some photos with all my great writer friends!

First, Golden Heart finalist, Cara Slaughter. Then Debby and Janet dancing at the amazing Harlequin 60th Anniversary celebration.

In the next, I'm posing with Love Inspired authors Stephanie Newton (center) and Dana Corbit at the Awards Ceremony reception. The group photo is (from L to R) Kit Wilkinson, me, Janet, Debby and Irene Hannon at the HQ party.

I also had a few sight-seeing photos to show you. Janet and her hubby were kind enough to let me tag along the first morning there. We visited the Capitol, and even had an amazing tour guide who slipped us some tickets to visit the Senate Gallery. It was a glorious day as you can see in the photo.

The last two are of the Library of Congress. It was, well... just check the photos. I was nearly speechless. And even more so when I got to view the Gutenberg Bible.

That ends the photo tour. I'm sure others from the conference have a lot more photos. But I wanted to share a few highlights for me.


I know some of you are interested in purchasing CD's or downloading recorded workshops. I have to say my very favorite was Donald Maass's class based on his new book, The Fire in Fiction. Wow. It was an amazing class for me. Interactive. And I got some great ideas for my story!

Others I got a lot out of include:

Emotion: The Heart of the Novel by Brenda Novak

The Fifteen-minute Synopsis by Jessica Faust and Sharon Page. (The handout is supposedly great, too, if you could order the handouts from RWA.)

Under Their Skin by Robin Wells.

Tina put a link to Bill Stephens Production on the weekend update. So if you're interested in checking out the workshops, go there. This year, they're offering an option to download individual workshops for $8 or $12 each.

It was wonderful to see some our Seeker blog friends in D.C.!! It was especially nice to have them come say hi at the book signing. So thank you, ladies!

Now, finally, I'm off to my very own bed and my very own pillow... ahhhh....


  1. Glad you had a wonderful time, Missy! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Missy.

    Oh my stars, how much fun did you have, girlfriend????????

    What a great experience and thank you for letting us live a little of it vicariously through you!


    Noting pics:

    I need to save a little extra cash to afford a great black dress like you guys were sporting. I love playing dress up with the little girls. How much more fun it will be FOR REAL!!!!

    Deb and Janet look way too thin. Poor things. Is that what blood diseases do to you?


    Cara!!!!!!!!!!!! Our GH finalist!!!!

    Kid, love seeing you anytime, anywhere, you look awesome and I'm expecting a big hug in Nashville. HUGE hug in Denver.

    Hey, I stopped by the ISLAND to do a little butt-kicking...

    And didn't need to. Pam, Sandra, Audra, Tina and Cara are working into the wee smalls getting stuff out there. Let's empty that dag-blasted Island...

    Open it up for cush Island retreats, a respite from our multi-contracted, multi-published daily lives. Writers' retreats where all are welcome.

    Hey, um, Christy, nice to have you here darling... First in brings the coffee, but you're new so I've got your back. That's what Seekerville's all about. No one gets in trouble.

    Well. Except me and Mary. And Tina, but she's sneakier. And I hear there's a rumor going around that Belle's character in Montana Rose (Mary Connealy, just out, Barbour Publishing) is based on Tina, Mary or me.

    Maybe a combination of the three!!!!! I KNEW I loved that woman!

    Christy, you are stinkin' too cute for words and I have to run apply extra anti-wrinkle cream RIGHT NOW because I haven't looked like you since, well... EVER.


    Hey everyone from RWA National, SO good to have you back!!! We missed you guys.

    And since we couldn't be with you, we made serious suck-up inroads with agents and publishers while you were gone. Get in early, you know! Before the crowd.

    All right, the coffee's on, the day is young and I brought the breakfast of champions for the diet conscious and cinnamon rolls with real butter/cream cheese frosting for the rest of us.

    This is the one place where we can eat to our heart's content. That alone is worth the price of admission.

    Which is free.


  3. Great post! Thanks so much for the pics. :-) And I'm glad you all are having fun!

  4. Missy,

    Sounds like you had a great time.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures and workshops.


  5. I'm finally here! I slept in this morning (after staying up til 4 am trying to catch up on some blogging and email!)

    I'm so grateful to Ruthy for bringing breakfast! I've gotten spoiled after living in a luxury hotel for the week. :)

  6. Hey, Christy! Thanks for stopping by so early! I hope you were writing before work. :)

  7. Ruthy, honey, you'll be getting a huge "hello" hug and an even bigger "congratulations on the sale" hug in Denver.

    And yes, playing dress up once or twice a year at conferences is so fun! But I have to dust my clothes off before heading out. I just never get the chance to use them while at home.

    And speaking of the little black outfits. Did you notice anythig similar about mine and Debby's?? Don't we have great taste? :)


  8. Hi, Jessica! Thanks for stopping by this morning. Enjoy some of Ruthy's yummy breakfast. You know, it's so nice to be able to partake and not worry about calories. And she does such a great job describing it that my mouth is watering!

  9. I'm glad the photos were fun, Rose. I probably need to re-read my post though. I was so tired when I wrote it, no telling what I said!! LOL

  10. MISSY!!!!! Oh, I am SOOO jealous, girl -- the trip sounds AMAZING!!! Thanks so much for bringing it back to us via pix and a great post! I'm guessing you'll need a nap today ...


  11. Good morning, Julie! Yes, I imagine that I will have a nap...or two... today. :)

    But the kids are all over me to do things today! They spent a lot of time at home last week while my husband worked. They've got cabin fever. :)

  12. Okay, my coffee pot finally beeped. Time for a caffeine fix...

  13. Loved seeing the pictures, Missy! You're way ahead of me. I still have to upload mine. Loved the Harlequin party and cheering for our Cara at the Golden Heart and Rita ceremony.

    The Internet hook-up was pricy at the hotel. I kept meaning to get on and visit Seekerville, but never found the time. I missed you. As soon as I get some work done, I'll catch up with posts.

    Great info on the workshops, Missy. I'm ordering at least three.

    I was so exhausted, I slept nine hours last night. Hope you catch up on the zzzs today, Missy.

    Only thing you left out was our aching toes! Walking and dancing on bloody stubs hurts.

    Guess who turned in the label on my sheer stole? None other than Jennifer Crusie. :-) Nice of her. I cut the tag off before the Ritas.


  14. Yes, Janet! I forgot those bloody stubs! LOL

    Of course I was so embarrassed that your tag was hanging out. We just can't take you out anywhere!! ;)

  15. Thanks, Missy, for that glimpse at the RWA conference! It looks like you had a great time!

  16. Hey Missy,
    Thanks for the post. Boy, did it look like fun. I went on the RWA site last night to check on prices - and I'm SO grateful for you recommendations. It's hard to pick from all the options on there...of course, the handouts are free, so now I have an entire CD full of them :-)

  17. Yes, Melanie, we had the best time. It was so much more relaxed for me this year with no ed/ag appointments and not leading a workshop. I could just soak up all the great info and meet with friends. And also meet some great new friends!

  18. Pepper, I'm glad you reminded me about the handouts being available online for download. Although I guess it's in the members only section. But for those who are members who haven't checked it out, it's a PDF file you can download and save to your computer.

  19. I'll check in later. My daughter is having the big event of her life in a bit...getting a cell phone!! Oh my goodness. Everytime I called home from D.C., it's all she could talk about. She researched phones the whole time I was gone. And now we're going to go buy it. I should probably snap a photo! LOL

  20. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Good memories! Thank you for sharing the pictures!

  21. Wow! Missy, thanks for including me in the fun photos!!! What a great time. Now, back to work!!!

    Great seeing everyone!!!

    Hugs, Kit

  22. What a bunch of glam girls! Thanks for sharing the pix and the recap, Missy! One of these days I'll get back to RWA again.

  23. Hi Missy:

    Looks like you had a lot of fun.

    Now, can you tell me: were there any men at the event? My book will be ready for the next event and I wonder if I should attend?

    Good to have you back,


  24. Hi, Missy. I really want to make an RWA National Conference someday. It's in Indianapolis next year right? Right? Close to Janet's house?

    Could it possibly happen?

    You know I've never been to an conference except for ACFW? Well, there have been some really short (1 or 2 day)local conferences held by my local RWA group and those were fun.

    I need to expand my horizons.

    Or maybe I just need to stay home and keep typing.

  25. I'm glad you enjoyed them, Erica. I wish I could have included more, but I was afraid Blogger would crash. :)

  26. Hey, Kit! It was great seeing you again!!

  27. I hope you will, Myra. We missed seeing you.

    And Mary, next year is in Nashville. Which is great for those of us within driving distance!!

  28. Vince,

    There are quite a few men there. Of course, the men are way outnumbered. But I saw several. You'll be right at home. :)


  29. Mary, you definitely need to expand your horizons. All work and no play doth a boring Mary make! (okay, so maybe that's no quite the right quote. But you know what I mean.) :)

    Plus, we'd just like to see you more than once a year!

  30. Oh mylanta, the coffee pot's empty and the sweet tea's gone warm.

    Thought I'd stop by and see how lunch fare is holding up, and it was a good thing I did!

    Okay, chicken salad, no onion, lettuce and tomato if desired on rolls (plain and sesame), rye or lightly toasted bagels.


    And a crock of Italian wedding soup. Double YUM.

    Mare, RWA is in Nashville next year. The whole mantra thing, 'member???? I've like said it at least a gazillion and a half times...

    ..."Next year in Nashville..."

    ICRS is in Indianapolis. You're so busy producing three score books that you can't wrap your brain around the mundane. We've got you covered, girlfriend.

    But how much fun would it be to have even more Seekers at RWA????

    Opryland Hotel. Cowboys. Country music. Cowboys. Country singers...

    Sensing a trend??


  31. Thanks for lunch, Ruthy!

    You know, Melissa Endlich was bragging on your alpha hero in your story! Reminds me of one of those cowboys. :)

  32. Next year in Nashville!?! I'm making reservations right now. That's in MY state. Yipee! I might actually get to go and meet you wonderful people. So...who's available to watch 5 kids, a puppy, and a pastor? Any takers ;-)
    I think this might require reinforcements - I'll call my parents :-)

    Btw, Missy - I'm not a member of RWA and was able to save the handouts (praise God)

  33. Well, Pepper, we can match up your 5 kids, puppy and pastor with my 3 kids, 2 dogs, cat, 2 guinea pigs and pastor. We'll let them fend for themselves, and you and I can hit Nashville! LOL

    And it's in the Opryland Hotel!! I've walked through it a couple of times (man, Christmas is amazing) but have never stayed there. I'm so excited about that!

    That's cool that you can download the handouts without going into the members only section! So you all be sure to take advantage.

  34. Oh Missy! Thanks so much for the trip to RWA Nationals!! I loved the photos and I'm guessing you had a great time : )

    I'm drooling over all the great stuff you learned. The handouts you're talking about, are those the downloads you can access at the RWA site?

    Glad you came back in one piece : )

  35. Yes, Audra, they're at I guess you click on the conference page. I can't remember for sure! :)

  36. By the way, I'm sorry I didn't add any links in the post. I was so blooming tired! I just couldn't even think straight. Plus, Blogger was acting up, telling me it couldn't make contact and save my post. I was flipping out that the whole thing would be lost that I just wanted to hit publish and get it up there!

  37. Missy,
    LOL...8 kids, 2 pastors, 3 dogs, a cat, and 2 guinea pigs. That sounds either hilarious or scary :-) The faint of heart need not apply :-)
    You used the word 'blooming'. Where are you from?

  38. Is something in Indianapolis? What am I thinking of. Not that long race????

  39. LOL, Pepper! I've never said blooming before! I don't know where it came from. :)I usually say darn.

    I'm orignally from Kentucky and have been in Georgia since 1984. :)

  40. Mary, you're only partially confused. Not totally. ;) ICRS is in Indiana.

    Tina, I can't wait to get some photos with you in them, too!

  41. Mary,

    I think it's ACFW that's in Indy in 2010.

    Missy, it was great to meet you in DC. Where's Debbie? I enjoyed meeting her too.

    Janet, it's pretty sad when I have to go to DC to see a friend who lives in my state. LOL.

  42. Cathy, I really enjoyed meeting you, too!

    So fun to meet online friends in person!!