Saturday, July 18, 2009

Seekerville Sticky-Note Weekend

Listen Up! Lots of random stuff to share this weekend. I hardly know where to begin.

This is Golden Heart and RITA awards gala event night!

Cheers going up for the friends of Seekerville (Anne Barton, Jaqui Jacobi, Anne Marie Becker, Cindi Myers, Susan May Warren, Robin Lee Hatcher, Karen White, Judy Duarte and and our very own Cara Slaughter!

Here is a complete list of the RITA and GH finalists! Check the site often late Saturday evening for the list of winners.

If you can't be at RWA Nationals here's a site that tracks everyone who is. They mentioned the Seekers on Thursday.

Workshop handouts are available for download at the RWA site and the conference audios recordings will be available after the conference at Bill Stephens Productions.

Congratulations to Robyn, who correctly guessed four of the five locations of the photos in Sandra Leesmith's Wednesday post. She will receive a copy of Julie Lessman's, A Passion Redeemed and a copy of Sandra's book, God's Spirit Within Me.

Next Week In Seekerville

Monday: Fresh off the RWA Nationals circuit, Seeker Missy Tippens, will be posting today.

Tuesday:Love Inspired author, Cheryl Wyatt on Ramping Tension.

Wednesday: Glynna Kaye, Love Inspired debut author is up with, The Princess Who Understood Magic.

Thursday: Golden Heart finalist, Seeker Cara Lynn James shares today.

Friday: Seekerville welcomes back Barbour author, Kaye Dacus. (Check out her site, she has some great IRCS photos)

Coming soon to Seekerville....

July 30, Dorchester Western Historicals, author, Caroline Fyffe is here with a fun post.

August 5, It's Jane Austen's number 1 fan, Melanie Dickerson.

August 7, Seekerville welcomes April Irwin.

August 14, Tammy Barley, Whitaker House author blogs.

September 2, Dorchester debut author, and Starbucks aficionado, Marilyn Brant will be with us.

September 18, LIVE FROM ACFW it's Seekerville!

September 25, Our guest is Love Inspired Historical author, Winnie Griggs.

September 30, Cool Beans! NavPress author Erynn Mangum will be here.

Seeker Sightings

The Camy Tang, Deadly Intent Blog Tour schedule is up!

7/20-7/21 Camy is discussing Asian food—and the Asian food in Deadly Intent—on the blog of Christy Award-finalist Tosca Lee.

7/20 Love Inspired and Avon Inspire author Lyn Cote is featuring Deadly Intent on her blog.

7/21 Check out Tina’s blog for the answer to who Devon’s character is loosely based on.

7/22 On historical romance author M.L. Tyndall’s blog, Camy is blogging about how her publication journey has impacted my faith in God.

7/22 Lyn Cote is posting a recipe of one of Camy's favorite foods from Deadly Intent, and the story behind it.

7/23 Camy is on the F.A.I.T.H. blog where she answers how the spa got the name Joy Luck Life.

7/24 Camy is on the blog of romantic suspense author Robin Caroll with an interview.

7/24 An excerpt of Deadly Intent is running this week on the Chapter-a-Week loop.

7/25 Camy is at Prairie Chicks Write Romance talking about how she gets by with a little help from my friends.

July 19-25:

Interview and Book Giveaway (winner's choice of one of the books in The Daughters of Boston series) on Dawn Kinzer's blog, From Dawn Til Dusk.


Saturday, July 25, 11:00 AM TO 1:00 PM:

Book Signing at Paducah LifeWay Christian Store
Kentucky Oaks Plaza, 3480 James-Sanders Boulevard
Paducah, KY42001

Saturday, July 25, 3:00 to 5:00 PM:

Reading/Book Signing/Book Giveaway at Metropolis Public Library
317 Metropolis Street, Metropolis, Illinois

Mary Connealy is giving away free copies of Montana Rose:

Wednesday, July 22nd, at Erica Vetsch's blog, On The Write Path, talking about phobias and fiction.

Thursday, July 23d, at Bustles and Spurs, talking about Montana Rose.

Random Weekend News

  • Those of you who know former RWA president Janis Reams Hudson may be interested in donating books to her book raffle. For details click here.

And finally some fun on the romance entertainment front:

Lots of romance entertainment at the movies and on DVD!

or this TV show on the Lifetime Channel

If you don't have cable ( I don't!) you can watch full episodes here--on your laptop or desktop.

Or if you love the Love Comes Softly Series, check out the new release to DVD, Love Takes Wing.

P.S. Since Pepper mentioned Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, you can take your chance on winning a copy at Sukos Notebook.


  1. I got the stickies handy, Tina, God knows I buy them by the gross!!

    Soooo much great info, girl ... you honestly scare me at times with all the information in your head. I know you used to work in a library once, but Geez Louise, I am in total awe!!

    GO, CARA, and all our other Seeker friends ...

    I'm off to see Vince ...



    What a gorgeous day it is. Special K and coffee this am. Body enhancement project underway for the ACFW conference.

  3. Hey, Tina! I agree with Julie. You're brilliant. I just hope that girl you asked to write about Jane Austen can come up with something interesting.

  4. You know I'm still trying to get past the Jane Austen and Zombies thing. There are some things that just don't seem to go together very well - like chocolate and...hmmm...doesn anything NOT go with chocolate?

    Good morning to ya'll this lovely morning. It's in the low 70s and sunny on this side of the States :-)
    Btw, Tina I just went to the store to buy some stickies and try Camy's back of the door idea for plotting.

  5. Hi Pepper. I have several projects going at once. So I use the portable plotting board--a large piece of cardboard from work and Camy's door idea with stickies.

    Portable Plotting Board btw is here...

  6. Tina,
    There aren't a lot of words on the stickies. Is the board basically a visual outline?
    Thanks for the link, btw. I have the hardest time trying to visually plot the book, except for using the 3/4 act structure and having an table for scenes as they come to mind.
    Btw, Susan Hunt spoke at the BRMCWC in May and gave some GREAT tips on plotting and time management. One thing that she does, which was convicting to me, is before she even starts writing for the day - she prays. Why was that such a 'aha' moment for me? I should have been doing that all along. Of course I pray during the day - but to specifically get my mind in the right/write place beforehand was a spiritual shove for me.

    Her presentation was great.

  7. I have been in a small plot glitch on a manuscript I am editing. Basically though the msc is done I realize I have an issue at the 60 percent point or higher stakes. (I use Michael Hagues plotting, The Hero's Two Journeys)

    I have been praying quite a bit more than usual before I write.

  8. I use my stickies to list scene location and day of the week and how many pages (color indicates POV)

  9. Lots of good stuff coming up! Thanks for posting the link to the Pride & Prejudice & Zombies drawing. I can't quite bring myself to buy the book, but I'm interested in spite of myself... more for curiosity's sake than anything.

  10. LOL, same with me K.M. Total push pull mentality. It will probably become a cult classic.

  11. Tina, I just got back from Wal-Mart and snuck a peek at that aforementioned Regency Zombie book...Yikes!
    Of course, the author's a guy and really let his sense of humor get out of head, I mean hand. Lizzie Bennet beheading zombies while verbally sparring with the beloved Mr. Darcy? Throw some vampires in there and we'll be all set for the next big movie hit ;-)

  12. Tina, you amaze me and I only wish I had half the brain power you put in one little computer finger.

    You rock.

    And I KNOW it's Monday, but I had to work this weekend...

    No play time.

    But I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this weekend edition. Oh my stars, Camster is heating up blogsites globally and Jules and Mary are traveling the world at a touch of a finger.

    Have I mentioned how I mostly love computers? When they work?

    Thanks, girlfriend.

    And our mantra: Next Year in Nashville.