Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Welcome To Denver Part I

The ACFW Conference (September 17-20) is approaching fast. This is the first time ever that all the Seekers will be in one city at the same time. Lookout Mile High City!

We'll be sharing the details of the Seekerville Conference Treasure Hunt (not an ACFW authorized event) soon but until then we'd like to introduce you to our host city. My current hometown. Denver, Colorado.

This post will focus on getting you from the airport to the hotel and answer your questions about the area surrounding the conference hotel. Part 2 (August 4) will focus on fun things to do while you are visiting.

Facts & Figures on Denver, Colorado:

Denver is an arid and dry region with the same amount of precipitation as L.A. We have 300 days of sunshine per year.

5280 or the Mile High City describes our distance above sea level. FYI, the 13th step of the state capital is exactly 5280.

Denver has a central downtown area and the northern edge is called LoDo. Lower Downtown.

The Pepsi Center is home to the Nuggets (NBA) and the Avalanche (NHL). Coors Field in Lodo is home to the Rockies (MLB). Invesco Field hosts the Denver Broncos.

Denver has the largest city park system in the U.S. with 205 parks in City limits.

Always remember that the mountains are to the west. Always!

More fun facts can be found here.

DIA. You have arrived.

Denver International Airport consists of three concourses connected by train, all taking you to the main terminal where baggage claim and your door to the city lie. You can check here to find out at which concourse your airline will arrive (click on a concourse). You cannot walk to the terminal unless you are at Concourse A.

Ground Transportation
information can be found here. If anyone asks, you are going SOUTH to the Marriott Denver Tech Center. If you need help look for the folks in the cowboy hats, they are located in and about the airport to assist you if you have questions.

Click on the map to enlarge.

The Denver Tech Center in a nutshell.

DTC is approx. 30 minutes southwest of downtown Denver, along what is known as the I-25 corridor and is a corporate complex of hotels, office buildings and eateries surrounded by a residential areas. DTC includes the business parks of Denver Tech Center Business Park, Inverness Business Park and Meridian Business Park. It also includes the cities of Greenwood Village, Centennial & Lone Tree, and is minutes from the cities of Englewood, Highlands Ranch, Parker and Denver.

Marriott Denver Tech Center:

(Info from the hotel site) Driving Directions: Exit the Airport to I-70 west. Take I-70 west to I-225 south. I-225 south to the Yosemite exit. Turn Left on Yosemite going (east) to Union. Turn right on Union to S. Syracuse. Turn left on S. Syracuse and the Hotel is on the right hand side.

This hotel does not provide shuttle service.

Alternate transportation: Super Shuttle-one way $21.00 one way

Estimated taxi fare: $55.00 (one way)

Hotel parking is $2.00 an hour. (First 30 minutes is free) $10.00 a day.

A photo tour of the hotel from my recent field trip.

Hotel Services:

Complimentary Service :
  • Coffee/tea in-room
  • Phone calls: toll-free
Business Services:
  • Copy service
  • Fax service
  • Full-service business center
  • Messenger service
  • Network/Internet printing
  • Notary public
  • Overnight delivery/pickup
  • Post/parcel
  • Translator
Guest Services :
  • Cash machine/ATM
  • Evening turndown service
  • Housekeeping service daily
  • Laundry on-site
  • Laundry on-site, coin operated
  • Local restaurant dinner delivery
  • Newspaper delivered to room, on request
  • Newspaper in lobby
  • Room service, 6:00 AM-11:00 PM
  • Safe deposit boxes, front desk
  • Shoeshine stand
  • Valet dry-cleaning
Check-in and Check-out :
Check-in: 3:00 pm
Check-out: 12:00 pm
Express check-in and Express check-out
Video Review Billing, Video Checkout

Hotel Vicinity Eateries:
(click on map to enlarge for review)

Park Meadows Mall:

Known as a resort mall, Park Meadows is huge. A directory of stores can be found here. The mall is not within walking distance, but if you you can get a ride there, you'll be rewarded with a wide assortment of eateries (12 in the dining hall alone) and more in the nearby Entertainment District. You can find a listing here at the mall website. And a further listing of the the Entertainment District restaurants here.

Pizza Delivery, Denver Tech Center:

Pudge Brothers Pizza (720) 200 0700

Pizza Hut : (303)695-6333

BTW, the nearest grocery store is in Belleview Square at the corner of Belleview and Yosemite. From the hotel turn right, pass DTC Blvd and the next main intersection is Belleview and Yosemite.

Look for the King Soopers grocery store, which also has a pharmacy inside. They are open 24/7. Address: 4910 S Yosemite St # B2, Greenwood Village, CO‎ - (303) 793-9080

That's it for this tour. Next week we'll hop on the light rail and take you into Denver.


  1. I was just in Denver for ICRS. Tina! I actually recognize some of this. And now, I didn't start coffee, I still have to go to bed. Coffee would be a disaster!!!

  2. Well okay, I'll start coffee. I'm always the first one up anyway.

    Hey, did you say we should direct all our questions to men in cowboy hats?

    Tina, this is an incredible resource to help us prepare for our trip to Denver. Just the type of thing I try to do for myself but you've added so much detail!

    One question-- I expect to be hotel bound (no car--it's practically unAmerican!) at the Marriott and conference area. I'd like to see part of Denver but I don't know when I'd break away and how I'd get around.

    You may be covering this later, but will we have access to public trans and can we just do a ride around town on it and come back?

    A pot of regular (that means not decaf to me) and a pot of decaf have started dripping as I speak.
    Happy Tuesday!

  3. What are you doing up Ms.Mary? And on a school night.

    Morning, Debra. Yep, I will cover public transportation next time. We have RTD buses which run 24/7 and light rail.

    Men and women in cowboy hats, kind of like the Wal-Mart greeters they are. (That was ET talk)

  4. Ohhhh! Thanks Tina! Hubby and I are staying over until wednesday (our anniv. is the week after so we decided to combine trips...) so any tips of some fun things to do would be LOVELY too!!

    Question about trans. from airport to hotel: Do you have to book that BEFORE you go? Like buy a ticket with the super shuttle? Or do you just go to the place with the shuttles and let them know where you are going...

    We'll be getting a rental car... but probably not until Sunday after the conference to save a few bucks.

  5. No, you just go up the desk AFTER you get your luggage and buy your SS pass. They will then send you out door 505 I believe it is to wait on the curb and the various ground transports come around about every 15 minutes. The majority are dropping off at DTC with a few residential drop off in between. For trips back to the airport of course call and schedule ahead of time and give yourself lots of time as the trip can take up to an hour with all the pick ups they do.

  6. Teenster.

    You've outdone yourself AGAIN with your ever-increasing techieness and just all around great blogs.

    And the links. Woman. I'm awed.

    This rocks the big Kahuna. My first trip to Denver (which is where the Seekers first met and the idea of banding together formed in our little pea brains) I allowed no time for sight-seeing.

    Not so this time.

    There are mountains to be scaled. Chocolate to be eaten. Starbucks to be explored.

    I'm psyched. :)

    Hey, I brought a Denverian feast for us today. We've got breakfast catered by Gunther Toody's over in Glendale, and they're prepared for a house full of hungry women.

    Dig in, ladies. Omelets to order, eggs, sausage, bacon, rolls, muffins, amazing French Toast...

    So yummy!!!

    And I brought NY real maple syrup because they just don't grow maples like that in the desert!

    Dig in. Feel free to pick the brain of our resident Seeker experts.

    Tina, this totally works. You rock, Sistah!


  7. EEEk!!!! You just totally spiked my blood pressure. I'm SO excited.

  8. Was it the food or the conference, Jessica? I know NY maple syrup has that effect sometimes.

  9. NY maple syrup DOES have that effect on people.

    And why not???

    But Tina, darling, where are the western cowboys??? The ranches? The sprawling spreads of horseback riding, hat wearing, bronc-busting MEN????

    Research, you know.

  10. The cowboys were just at largest outdoor rodeo..Cheyenne Frontier Days..up the street in Wyoming. You missed it. Kenny Chesney was there.

  11. Tina, thanks so much for doing this tour. This is very helpful, expecially to anxious little me about attending this year. How do you book the shuttle, and do you recommend it over a taxi? There's a huge savings if it's worth it.

  12. Tina, thanks for this. I knew our hotel was not the same one we invaded in Denver the last time. It helps to have visuals.

    I'm CRANKED for conf. now and I haven't even finished my AM coffee!

  13. Great tutorial, Tina! I was a little nervous about transportation to and from the airport. I went to the Super Shuttle website, but couldn't find their hours. I have an early flight on Sunday. Gotta get home for my son's 16th birthday.

    "But, Mom, you miss my birthday every year."

    "Yeah, but you have Dad. He missed your first ten due to work and you were fine with that."

    Sigh, the guilt...

  14. What a wealth of information! Thanks for posting!

  15. What about the Internet? Do they provide it Free in the Lobby as some other hotels do?

    Please email me:


  16. Lisa, call Super Shuttle's 1-800 number. I have had them pick me up as early as 4 am..but sometimes they charge extra for the earliest pickups.

  17. Oh Tina! I want to come...I want to come! It looks absolutely wonderful.

    I stayed up as late as Mary reading... Montana Rose. Could NOT go to sleep until is was finished. Some things are worth losing sleep over :-)

  18. Internet in the room is 12.95 from noon to noon.

    Wireless is available in the lobby, no password. Go to the atrium area for best reception.

  19. Tina! Marvelous job encapsulating our delightful city! Makes me proud to live here : )

    Can't wait until our County Fair is over so I can get excited about the Seeker Treasure hunt : ) I'm sooo ready for September to come, I'm drooling -- which makes me a hit with the 4-H livestock--not so much with the humans : )

    Thanks for tour!

  20. You've outdone yourself again, Tina! Thanks so much for the insider info! I've only flown into Denver long enough to RUN from one plane to another. And that was ages ago.

  21. I just love Denver. My home office is actually right there in DTC (I live in Phoenix though)....beautiful place. Can't wait to bump into you all!!

  22. Tina -- does the airport shuttle pick up on the hour? half hour?


  23. Thanks Tina for taking the time to do this - very HELPFUL!

  24. I was just in Denver and I am a complete DOOFUS when it comes to travel.

    So, here are some things I've learned.

    Ground transportation means rental cars, buses, shuttles. Look for that word.

    I scheduled a super shuttle online before hand. I was scared not to for some reason but it was a hassle. But they really do know what they're doing. They asked for my flight number then they said, "Stop at the super shuttle desk (ground transporation section) and have your confirmation number and voila ticket.
    Then they said, "Go to Island Three." She pointed and said, "Go straight out the door."
    I went straight to where she pointed and there was a big sign over the door I was supposed to go out of that said LEVEL three, so I went there.
    Go out the door and there are signs that say, "Island ONE, Island TWO, etc."
    Also, ask for help. People are unbelieveably kind and I'm so stupid I think they feel smart and powerful so when I say, "Where to we get luggage." And they say, "Get on that tram and get off at Concourse A." they feel wise and important. So it's good.
    AND oops, new post needed.......

  25. If you want to get out in the mountains, ask the concierge. They are all knowing and all seeing. They know EVERYTHING.
    They seem to live only for your happiness.

    We asked about bus trips into the mountains because we didn't want to drive, because we wanted to sight see. They have about fifty options. Short, long, meals, different routes. And they just were so helpful, and gladly took our credit card. We took a nine hour trip into the mountains that included a short train ride. There was also one to Rocky Mountain National Park.

    Don't do this during the conference, get BACK IN HERE AND STUDY. But before or after, definitely the concierge can help.

    And one lady on our bus trip said she booked her ride through expedia. They're called Gray Line Tours and I guess I've heard of that but I hunted around on the internet quite a while (without expedia or anything like that) and couldn't find this.
    The bus came to the hotel to pick us up and dropped us off. Super easy. It cost about $100 a piece for a ten hour ride.

  26. Thanks Tina,
    You've out done yourself, so, your part two orta be fantabulous.

    I don't know why, but it seems kind of familiar to me. Almost gives me deja vu, ya know?

    but I gotta hand it to you, Tina, even I learned something today, I didn't realize it was the thirteenth step that was at 5280, I thought it was the Capitol lands, which I've seen more close up than I wanted to since mom is in St Luke's downtown.

    As for those cowboys, Ruth, well, people if you come west, as in over the hills to Grand Junction, or go north, east, south out of Denver too far, you're liable to run into some.

    Of course some hang out in Denver too, they like to make the rounds at Starbucks, eat chocolate and scale a few fourteeners, (when they're bringing in the cattle of course) so you'll probably run into some. But be reminded many plan to go incognito because of all the romance writers that will be in town trying to do research.


  27. There is not a set time for any of the shuttles as far as I have ever noted. And I have tried them all. When they fill up, they leave. So they generally circle around every 15 to 20 minutes. If I have to wait longer I call the desk on my cell and complain. The ground transportation shows you a link to the islands Mary speaks of. They are labeled for taxis, shuttles and buses. The clerk will give you a door number to go through. The first number..as in 505 is the level you should be on.

  28. TEEEEENNNNAAA!!! Does your hubby regularly kneel down to kiss your feet, honey, because you are an absolute font of valuable information!!! Wonderful post and can't wait for the next one!

    Like Mary, I am NOT a real confident traveler (and, yes, that pains me to say since I worked for a travel company for 20 years), so every single bit of wisdom is so very welcome!!


  29. Oooh Debra, Thanks for the coffee. Hits the spot. And Ruthy, the Denver omelet is to die for.

    Tiiiiiina. You are always so incredible with your wealth of knowledge. Is your middle name encyclopedia????? Thanks so much. This will be a big help.

    And Pepper, I'm with you o Montana Rose. Couldn't put it down.

    How excited is everyone for September????? Hooray.

  30. Wow, Tina!!! Incredibly informative post! And thanks so much for posting pix from your hotel tour! It's always comforting to have a general idea of what you're walking into when visiting somewhere new.

    I hope Janet notices how high you've set the "information bar" for when ACFW is in Indianapolis!!!

  31. WOOHOO! I'm so excited. Thank you for the information and the tour. I'm looking forward to meeting all the Seekers.

  32. Hub is an IT guy, so he is the one who helps me.

  33. I think we broke photobucket. But if you click on it you will see the slide show. Mine is flashing at me.

  34. A couple of questions were emailed to me and I will share for the group.

    I called Paradise Bakery & Cafe the manager said there is a path between the Hotel and the Bakery and it is less than five minute walk. They do close at 4 so you may want to buy earlier and save it for later. The hotel lobbys have lots of tables and chairs and couches all over.

    Also the Denver Performing Art Center is in Denver ...downtown Denver. You have to take a bus to the light rail station and then the light rail. Details on this next week. Downtown Denver is minimum on a good day 30 minutes away.

  35. Thank you, Tina!!! I get really stressed and my blood pressure goes really high when I travel, so I appreciate this SOOOO much! I'm a country girl from Alabama, so I need lots of directions. :-)

    I'm super excited. Please say hi to me, since I might be too intimidated by my adoration of you guys to run right up and say hello. :-) I'm also really shy.

  36. What a kind thing to do, to serve us all this way. A lot of work went into this, and you've answered pretty much every question I've had.

    Thanks so much.

  37. I'm back.
    There is a first timer's orient loop and the Seekerville Blog (Tina's super information) has been linked in.

    She's the GO TO girl.

  38. Melanie, do not tell me you're afraid of me.

    You know I am forever beholden to you for surviving my mentoring. I came THIS CLOSE to being blackballed. There was even talk of the Connealy Curse.

    All of that was hushed up when Melanie refused to testify.

    God bless you.

  39. Paradise Bakery & Cafe

    Oooh, that sounds good! And a PATH between the hotel and the bakery?

    Honestly, Tina, if you're on the CoC committee in Denver, tell them to spiff up that path with some cute little bistro tables and some shade trees and they'd have a HIT.

  40. True, Mary, my first conference was almost my last, but I'm not sure it had anything to do with your mentoring! Maybe if you'd mentored me a little more closely ... if you'd warned me not to take other people's sleeping pills ... but it's all water under the bridge now. ;-) I've survived two more conferences since then! I'm on a roll.

    No, Mary, I'm not afraid of you, because I knew you before you were famous and before I realized how amazingly talented you are. But I am easily intimidated in general. That said, I'm determined for all the Seekers to like me. Maybe if I promise to bring them all chocolate ...

  41. Oh Melanie,
    Bring chocolate and you KNOW Ruthy will like you ;-) From the sound of it around here, they already do. Have you been sending cyberchocolate or something? (psst, what's that website?) ;-)

  42. Tina, you rock!

    This info is so helpful.


  43. Thanks Dawn. I like it when I rock. Memo to self: rock more often. lol

  44. sounds as though you were really having a good time and the best of services.


  45. I am sorry, I did not answer Eileen's question. NOOOOO DO NOT TAKE A TAXI. The cost is outrageous.

    Take the shuttle. You squeeze in with a few other folks you never met but it is quicker, and nicer even if it takes a hour.

    Eileen call the 1 800 number. I always do and I pay cash. The guy has a little charge card machine but it seems to take forever.

    If they will let you pay on the phone then do that.

    Deb, yes this is an even nicer hotel.This one is the third largest in Denver. Whoever booked is one smart cookie.

  46. I'd like to add one more comment to this post.

    Anyone who is reading it now officially knows more than I did at my first ACFW conference.

    After it was all over my husband kept saying, "You had to see a mountain. How could you not see a mountain?"

    I went in that hotel and, vampire-like, did not emerge into the daylight again until I headed back to the airport.

    Although that was cowardly, you will note that I am alive.

    So it was a fundamentally sound way to handle that trip.

  47. Here is the SuperShuttle number.

    (800) BLUE VAN (800-258-3826)

    I called and got this general information for those who need it.

    The fare is approx 19 dollars to the Hotel per John at SuperShuttle and his magic computer. No discount for round trip. No discount for groups unless you can get ten people and reserve an entire van then the charge is 150 dollars ( 15 each).

    If you use a Colorado AAA card you can get a ten percent discount.


  48. Here's the difference Mary. Leave the hotel. Look to the west. You will see mountain, I promise. At least foothills.

    Next week, we'll discuss mingling with the natives..aka field trips.

  49. Melanie, I can only eat dark chocolate. No pressure, however.

  50. Wait, reread my notes..for the AAA discount there has to be three of you.

    Also they have another discount. If there are three of you and you get dropped off at a residence or business... NOT HOTEL, you pay 19, 14 and 14.

    So if you got dropped at Paradise for example.

  51. Awesome, awesome post, Tina! Thanks!

  52. Dark chocolate. Got it. Anybody else have a preference?

  53. Fantastic info, Tina!!! Thanks so much. Loved seeing the hotel ahead of time. Now I know where I'm going! :) The photo of Denver is spectacular. Can't wait to see everyone! We'll have a big Seeker and Seeker-friends hug in the lobby!

  54. Excellent information for the conference. Wow! You've certainly done a good job putting Denver and conference information together. What a nice job.

    Thank you,

  55. Mel, I DON'T NEED you to bring me chocolate.

    Unlike my greedy friends.

    A hug is all I need darling.


    Sandra left all her chocolate home at the last conference, for her BROTHER...

    Imagine that.

    Not like my waistline needed it, but geez, Louise! Just a bag or two secreted into her luggage!


    Teenster, I love this blog. Have I mentioned that? Only a gazillion times?


    Ruthy (who really isn't nice and defies anyone who spreads such evil rumors)

  56. Hey, Janice, thanks. And thanks for stopping by. If you have any questions, holler and I will try to find the answer.

  57. I love Denver.

    Thanks again, Tina!

    You are amazing.