Tuesday, July 7, 2009

WINNER of Montana Rose

We have a winner.

And because I'm late posting this and feel like SCUM, I will soothe my conscience by naming two extra winners.

Crittyjoy, Carmen and Mez each win a copy of Montana Rose.

I'll get an email off to you right away and get the book in the mail when I get your mailing address. Thanks for stopping by Seekerville ALL OF YOU.

We love our guests.


  1. Hello. You said the winner was Carmen? I looked through the entries but did not see a Carmen. I'm Carman, though. I was not sure if it was a typo, or if someone else won.
    If I did win please email me at:
    booklovercb at yahoo dot com
    (or just post a comment here)

  2. NEVER MIND!!!! I'm so sorry. I had not checked my email yet. So I did not see the email saying that I was the winner. Please ignore me and my blonde-ness.

  3. I sign my name as Carmen5173, but haven't received an email saying I won. So I take it that it was Carman and not Carmen?

    desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

    Please advise.