Friday, September 11, 2009

Book-In-A-Week is Coming

The Seekerville Book-In-A-Week is an opportunity to:

A. Kick start your writing

B. Make stopping by Seekerville (often), a necessity

C. Stretch your writing muscles and see how much you can write under pressure.

D. Be a part of the Seekerville 2nd Year Birthday Celebration

Answer: All of the above.

What Is A Book-In-A-Week?

Book-In-A-Week, or BIAW is a week long period focused strictly on page production. It does involve clearing your calendar of all appointments and errands. It does not involve editing in any form. This is a whole week of down and dirty writing.

On Friday October 2nd you'll get your BIAW Prep: Quick recipe ideas, methods to keep you motivated, suggestions to keep the internal editor at bay.

Just think, this one week of writing could be a preparation for NaNoWriMO!
or part of an inexpensive writing retreat.

You could finish your manuscript in time for the Golden Heart or write that next proposal for your editor.

Start now to clear your calendar for BIAW. Click on this calendar and print it
for your own BIAW calendar.


April Kihlstrom Book In A Week

The Book In A Week Challenge by Suzanna Carr

BIAW Not for the Faint-Hearted!

Seekerville BIAW Rules:

1. Register. Let all of Seekerville know you are up for the challenge. Registration opens Friday, October 2, through Sunday, October 4, right here in Seekerville.

2. Write. JUST DO IT.

3. When? Monday, October 5, through Saturday, October 10. Sunday is optional.

4. Check in on Sunday, October 11, or Monday, October 12 with your results, and take the BIAW survey.

5. Everyone who registers AND follows up with a post BIAW comment will be entered into a drawing for BIAW prizes.

6. We'll announce the prizes on BIAW Prep Day, Friday October 2. Winners will be announced in the Saturday October 17, Week End Edition.

7. Stop by Seekerville daily for an encouraging post by one of our Seekerville authors during the Seekerville BIAW.

Please note that Seekerville will not be monitoring your goals, page counts, or how much you produce each day. You'll have to hire someone for that.

We suggest Bruno the BIAW Enforcer.

Oh, and by the way. Bruno said to remind you to check out the Seekerville Treasure Hunt.
Happy Friday!


  1. Good morning!

    This BIAW sounds neat.

    I'm going for the whole enchilada this morning, ignoring calories, and serving a breakfast crescent with egg, sausage and cheese.

    Writers need to keep their strength up!

  2. Hmmm. I'm hungry.

    This BIAW comes at a good time--I'll still be on Conference High.

    I'm going to take the plunge. I enjoyed the last one I did, keeping my goals reachable. It wasn't so much about number of words but the discipline of making myself do it.

    Happy Weekend everyone!

    I just did my final print off of Tina's Welcome to Denver posts and the Treasure Map. That is the most important things to take, after all.

  3. Good morning! Thanks for the preview of BIAW, Tina. Catch a look at that long line of brave souls ready to sign up. Bruno may be a factor. LOL

    Cathy, thanks for breakfast. Yummy!


  4. Good morning. I am dragging today.


    Now point me to the java.

    Yes. it is perfect timing for a BIAW, while everyone is jazzed up. So start clearing your calendar now.

  5. Yay! I love BIAW! Sometimes on the ACFW forum we do this, and it is always so great for me. I always get more written when I do it. It helps motivate me. And since I'm just starting a new WIP, and I haven't exactly been focused on it (I've only written 7 pages since I started about a month ago).

    I know Mary must be gasping in shock and horror at my lack of wordage.

    But when I get back from the conference, hopefully I'll be able to concentrate again.

    Thanks for doing this, Seekers! I'm definitely IN!

  6. Oh sweet. Too bad it wasn't this week. I have been pounding out some serious word counts on a new project. Not sue I can conjure up another idea by October 1st, then do Nano. LOL. But hey, who knows what God'll cook up in my tiny little brain. :-)

    This looks like so much fun!!

  7. I'm in, but I'l need extra coffee. I woke up early this morning and the only thing I could do was go back to sleep.

  8. If you have a full-time job and family, can you do a short story in a week? ;-)

    I love the concept. It definitely makes you focus on creativity and not so much on revisions. Yipee.

    Thanks for breakfast, Cathy. Sounds great!

  9. Tina, this comes at a perfect time for me because I am SO behind on my writing deadlines ...

    Thanks for the extra push!


  10. Guys, good morning and Cathy!!!

    Who is STILL speaking to me even though I judged her in the Barclay back in the day...

    Bless you for that!

    Anyway, the breakfast crescent is totally yum, I've grabbed coffee and brought refills, and you know what????

    BIAW isn't about getting the WHOLE book done, right? Just word count, page count, gettin' in, get 'er movin', get 'er done...

    Oh man, I sound like Larry the Cable Guy and I don't even know who Larry the Cable Guy is. Sheesh.

    I can't wait to see people next week. Hug you guys.

    And WALT...

    Back To Sleep????

    God bless your honesty, but man up Dude. Get up, get smokin', hit the keyboard.

    (Walt will never, ever be honest in Seekerville again most likely).

    I can't wait for BIAW. Reasons are multi-fold:

    Conference/Seekers High

    My last day on the bakery night job is 9/26.

    Do I hear a Hallelujah Chorus!!!! Oh yeah, baby, bring it!!! Hit those hight notes!!! Ruthy will have 20+ hours/week she hasn't had in TWO years.

    Of course I'm not leaving my full time job. These young mothers keep me apprised of cool stuff, fun, hip TV (see, they'd never say a word like "hip", but you guys understand what I mean...)

    But to start off BIAW with just the day job and a new wonderful series I'm developing...

    Set in the mountains...

    With hunky guys....

    Conflict galore....

    Secret babies....

    Oh my stars, I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

    Bring it!!!

    Here's my favorite Ben Franklinism:


    Walt, take note, darlin'.


  11. OK, please send me Bruno's e-mail address. I printed out the calendar. I'm gonna try this.

  12. Sounds like fun, a great way to jump start the book I want to finish by year's end. I'm nearly done with the synopsis so this is perfect timing.

  13. This looks fun! I leave for vacation that Friday, so mine'll have to be a book-in-five-days.

  14. This will be great motivation. I've printed the calendar...the first step of commitment!


  15. I'll be your cheerleader and Mary can beat you into pages.

  16. Is it Friday?

    When I saw Bruno, I knew it must be.

  17. LOL, Mary! (Bruno made me smile, too. :)

    I'm very, very tempted by BIAW, except I'm not sure I'll be able to clear my calendar as much as I'd like then--some important dates are already set for that week. BUT, I've got you on my blog roll now and will check in on everything you're doing. I'm sure I'll be inspired!

    Hope you all have a great weekend ;).

  18. Ruthy,

    You want a piece of me? Bring it on! :-)

    (And bring coffee. Lots of it.)

  19. WALT! RUTH!! To your corners.

    Marilyn you can cheer us on too.

    After the BIAW Rogenna Brewer and I are going to hide out in a hotel for two days and do a TWO DAY WRITING MARATHON.

  20. Jenny, Patricia, Sarah, Debra, Melllllie..ROCK AND ROLL DUDETTES!!!

    We're gonna have fun and we have some great rewards coming up too..

    Walt, prepare to BIAW!

  21. Rose, just saw you. I am reading out of order. This has been an insane day.

    Mary, I got Bruno's number from your husband.

  22. This sounds so awesome and very timely for not too long after being pumped from the conference too. I'll be in on it for sure. Preparing myself for it now!!

    Thanks for the opportunity and accountability!!

  23. Wow, Tina, where did you unearth Bruno??? I don't think I could write a single word with him standing over my desk. Scary, scary, scary!!!

  24. My writing group has BIAW the 2nd or 3rd week every Jan. I've participated twice with very satisfactory results.

    I am so looking forward to this!

    Thank you!!!

  25. I'm not sure I can really clear a week, but this sounds very tempting...

  26. oh, my gosh -- Bruno looks my son! So that's where he's gotten all that extra money for 2,000+ Lego's. He's moonlighting!

    I'd like to do BIAW. I might have to get up earlier to pull it off. But if DH is harvesting, it will be my wifely duty to get him out of bed plenty early, too. He'll appreciate it so much!

  27. Well you clear the week to the best of your ability. Your clear and mine are not the same. I still have to do the day job. But I will forgo other things to be able to do this.

  28. What a great idea. I'm in.

  29. If this is how to be counted as IN for book in a week, consider it done. Sue

  30. Okay, throwing my hat into the ring. I've been planning my NaNo novel, so it will have to have a seat while I see what I can do with this BIAW.