Monday, October 5, 2009

BIAW day one! With Camy! Shift into Right Brain mode!

Ooooh, that’s a nice description. Oh no no no, that’s a terrible way to put it. Oops, I wrote a passive verb. Hey, I just laid down three adverbs in a row! The right word just isn’t coming to me . . .

Sound familiar?

That pesky internal editor. Most writers say to lay down a bad first draft and edit later. There’s actually scientific reasoning behind it.

Right brain is creative stuff like writing prose and brainstorming. Left brain is editing your prose and sifting through which brainstorm ideas you should keep or chuck.

It's often very difficult to switch between the two completely. Usually when you switch from analytical to creative, you're not 100% into your creative mode--there are vestiges of analytical thinking going on.

When you use both at once, the brain can't keep up with the switching back and forth. Most of the time, your creativity is what stalls.

That's why it's often difficult to be as creative or as efficient when writers switch between editing and writing, editing and writing. The analytical side--editing--doesn't fully relinquish brain energy to the creative side for writing.

This is especially important this week during our Book In A Week at Seekerville! Your goal is to lay down those words, and you can't achieve quantity unless you go completely RIGHT BRAIN MODE.

This is why many writers recommend turning off your "internal editor" when writing the first draft. Don't correct, don't second-guess that word, don't fiddle with that phrase, don't decide that action is too bland, don't stop and do research--just make a note to yourself and move on. That editing is left-brain work, which would short-circuit your creative right-brain work if you stopped to indulge in it.

Can't remember the right phrase? Make a note to yourself: [FIGURE OUT THE PHRASE HERE] and then just keep writing.

Stuck on a research question? Write a note to yourself: [DID THEY WEAR CORSETS FOR EVERYDAY OR NOT?] and then just keep writing.

Got lots of typos or misspelled words? Just grit your teeth and keep writing, don't go back to fix them now! You'll fix them all next week!

Realize you made a mistake or that you want to change something? Just leave a note: [REMEMBER TO GO BACK AND HAVE JAKE ENTER AFTER THE SHERIFF LEAVES, NOT BEFORE] and then just keep writing!!!

One trick to try is closing your eyes. The senses of blind people sharpen to make up for loss of sight--your creativity might enhance when you remove your sense of sight. It can also remove the discouraging picture of the blank page. Block out distracting thoughts like work, housework, kids (although if you've prepared adequately for BIAW, you'll have already cleaned, cooked for a week, and either shipped the kids to Grandma's house or gotten some good earplugs for yourself). If you can, type or write with your eyes closed, forget about misspelled words or the pen writing on the desk--oops, well, I guess you kind of have to watch out for that.

Another trick is to try writing as fast as you can. This forces you to just go with your gut and stall your analytical side. Plus this is a necessity for BIAW writers with only a week to write an entire book!!!

Something magical happens when you go completely RIGHT BRAIN MODE. While at first, your words are complete and utter dreck, after a while, you start to suddenly come up with some really good stuff. You surprise yourself with the ideas that flow into your fingers and onto the page. It's as if a secret box inside you suddenly opens up and starts spilling all sorts of literary gems into your computer.

This is the nature of when your brain switches to complete right brain mode--your creativity is unleashed full force. You are no longer hampered by cliches and boring ideas--your creativity bubbles up from deep inside you to come up with wild and fantastic actions for your characters to do, witty or deeply emotional dialogue, unexpected turns in the plot.

This is also why you can write a book in a week! So work to get into that right brain mode today and start writing!

Camy Tang writes romance with a kick of wasabi. Her novels Single Sashimi and Deadly Intent are out now. She runs the Story Sensei critique service, is a staff worker for her church youth group, and leads one of the worship teams for Sunday service. On her blog, she gives away Christian novels every week and ponders frivolous things. Sign up for her newsletter YahooGroup for monthly giveaways!


  1. Good morning, Camy! :)
    This is a great post for the first day of BIAW! A lot of times when I'm writing, I'll type bad sentences with cliches and weak verbs and get tempted to fix the mistakes right away. But I always tell myself I can fix it later, and press on.
    I'm so excited about starting SBIAW today! I'm praying that all 40 writers who signed up will be able to find time to write, and get much accomplished this week. OK, I'm off to start writing ;)


    Oh, and just so you know, it's 7:30 AM here on my side of the world, in case you wondering why I was commenting so early! LOL :P

  2. Great post, Camy! Some commitments here have made it impossible for me to do BIAW this week, but I really, really want to try it later this month. The only thing really blocking me, though, is this idea of having to cook and clean for a week *in advance*--LOL! You mean, we can't just do carryout all week? :)

  3. Hi Camy

    Thanks for getting us off to a good start!

    It's already half way through the morning in South Africa. Wonder where you live Arianna that you are so far ahead in time.

    Sorry you can't make it this week, Marilyn.

    Praying for all us participating this week

    God bless

    Ruth Ann

  4. What a nice group alreaady!!!

    I've brought coffee, both chocolate and regular, hot chocolate, sweet tea (for those non-coffee-ers), doughnuts and bagels.

    Quick food, quick drink, quick energy.

    And Flintstone vitamins.

    Arianna, so cool to have you here! you go, girl!!!

    And Marilyn, clean? Food ready?

    If that means the cold cuts are in the fridge and I'm ignoring the dust, then we're good to go! You don't have to do anything for BIAW except write, so when you jump in later this month, ignore the food, order in all week if you want, and step over the dust.

    It'll be there next week.

    Ruth Ann!!!

    Thank you for the prayers. I'm praying for all of us, too, that God reminds us of our goals, that we find the gumption to work hard like we play hard, and that losing an hour's sleep here and there won't kill us.

    Remember how God pestered Jonah??? Oh God's a goal-setter, all right. The original Get-'er-done! Dude.

    Gotta go write!


  5. Great post, Camy!

    Good luck to everyone who's participating in BIAW! Write, Write, Write!

  6. Ruth Ann, I live in Romania :)

    I managed to write exactly 2500 words this morning/early afternoon. I'm loving how much work I'm already getting done! I'm going to see if I can at least reach 3, 000 words today. I hope the rest of you have a wonderful day of writing ;)

  7. Arianna, you right brain/left brain maniac, you!

    You rock!

    Christy, good morning!

    Camster did a stellar job of giving us permission to WRITE ON!!!!

    (imagine fist pump!!!)


    Umm, anybody seen WALT?????

    Naptime, babycakes?????


  8. Camy, I hope you won't mind, but in honor of your "Right Brain" post, I wanted to provide a link to a of my aunt, Jeanne Robertson. The video is called "Left Brain," which is the nickname my aunt calls her husband. the video has a subtitle of "Don't Send a Man to the Grocery Store." It's got almost 2,000,000 hits, so people do find it funny.

    The link is here.

  9. It looks like the link didn't show in the previous post. If anyone is interested, please go to and enter the words "Don't send a man to the grocery store." The video should be the first one to pop up.

    Ruthy, I'm here. Glad to know you're awake.

  10. Great post, Camy!

    Working full-time (50 hours a week) and a missions conference this week cuts deeply into my writing time, so I'm not stressed about doing a whole book in a week. I'm planning on a daily goal of 1650 words, which will make the process so much more enjoyable.

    If I make that daily goal and still have brain cells left, I'll keep writing. I'm so excited about this. Great prep for Nanowrimo. I plan to write a new novel in November--the full rough draft in 30 days.

    As far as cleaning and having food ready...nope. I'll recruit hubby to cook this week. My 16-year-old son can help with cleaning, whether he likes it or not. :-)

  11. Great post! Here's to my right brain today! LOL
    (I'm not doing biaw, but can't wait to see how you guys fare!)

  12. Thanks for the coffee.

    I'm working on the very last part of a rewrite of The Great American Novel.

    Hope to knock it out this week.

    I never heard of typing with my eyes closed. Wonder how that will work.

    Good luck, everybody! Have a good week!

  13. Arianna? Have you met Mary Connealy? Another FLASH FINGERS!! Way to go girl.

    Editor on the Shoulder is such a HUGE issue that we have two posts addressing it this week, coming from slightly different angles.

    Carry on BIAWers.

    Morning Marilyn, whose new release is on its way to my mailbox.

  14. Totally agree Lisa. You do what you can and realize one word beats the no words of last week. LOL.

    I work 52 hours this week. And that's the norm. But you learn to work around it if you want to write. In the words of Ruthy. Get up an hour earlier. NOT ON MONDAY HOWEVER, RUTHY!!!

  15. Walt, that's your aunt??? She's a hoot.

    Myra knows how to make a cool link..Mary too.

  16. Camy, thank you, this was very helpful. I'm totally a left brainer, it takes major work to turn the editor off in my head. But I'm encouraged that you say it will get easier as time passes. I'll give it a whirl!

  17. Thanks for the post, Camy. I have a gosh-awful time with that darn internal editor. And with me being the queen of multi-tasking, it just made sense to do both at the same time.

    But your post has given me the scientific basis to lay down that internal editor and 'just write' this week. Being a research person--hey, that's what I do in my day job!--I need to hear that kind of stuff so thanks!

    Getting up and heading to my hideaway to write--I'll check back in later.

    Patty H

  18. Good luck everyone! I have to revise this week so my right brain won't get much use--except for a few scenes I need to create. I'm aiming for finishing my revisions this week.

  19. It's encouraging to see everyone up and going this a.m.

  20. Yes, Tina, that's my aunt. She's
    6' 2". (Her husband played basketball at Duke and is 6'5".) She's also a former Miss North Carolina. (Since she's 6'2", she often refers to herself as the tallest woman ever to lose the Miss America pageant.)

  21. Walt.

    Raising a mug to your aunt. Oh my stars, that was the most freakin' hysterical wonderful way to start my day because I have lived her life.

    And my husband runs a grocery store and still can't get it right. I still have two 32 oz. bottles of "Yazz" selter water that he bought last year when the list said "Jazz" soda (a Pepsi product, tested in our area, great diet drink that I bought EVERY WEEK...)

    And he was so sure he was right...

    Until he unpocketed the list.

    LOVE THIS!!!!

    Oh my goodness gracious sakes to Betsy, what a great crowd.

    And it is A-OKAY to do revisions for BIAW, you know. It's all about production, not about rules.

    Seekers aren't big on rules, but you know that, don't you???


    Get crackin'.

    And be afraid, little man. Be very afraid.

  22. Thanks Camy, I'm using my Alphasmart which forces me to stay out of that left brain. I'm ready to go.

    Wait, I think I'll grab some of that coffee Ruthy brought. And a bagel. I have a platter of fresh fruit all cut up and ready to munch. Pineapple, grapes, apple slices, chunks of cantaloup and honeydew melon.

  23. Good morning!

    Met my goal this morning of typing in some edits.

    I'm off to work and will check in with you guys later today!

  24. Thank so much for this! It was just what I needed to kick start my BIAW. I, too, am doing NaNoWriMo next month, so I'm using this as an opportunity to get a bunch of backstory writing done.

  25. Ruthy,
    Are you counting your comments as part of your word count for the day? ;-) Go girl!

    I'm taking some of your chocolate coffee...gadzooks, I'm not a coffee drinker, but anything with chocolate in it has to be a good idea.

    Anybody up for some oreo truffles this morning...they go great with coffee?

  26. Isn't chocolate counted as a brain food? Seems to work for me. I get all-inspired just thinking about it.

  27. It's nice to know that everyone struggles with that internal editor. It usually takes me about 500 words into a writing session to get rid of that little voice saying, wrong verb, don't use and so much, break that sentence up, etc.


  28. Way to go, Camster!! Great kick-off post!

  29. Oreo truffles????


    Word count.

    Can't write while the little ones are here. But I do check Seekerville, e-mail, etc.

    I got a solid start this morning, will go back to it after kid pick up tonight.

    And then hit the decks running tomorrow again.



  30. I'm going to try and do this. Turn off the internal editor at least a bit and get some real writing done. But you know.......I've got to do that editing sometime!

  31. OK, great tips. I love the idea of just jotting down the notes of what is missing without dwelling on them. I will do that in all caps so I feel better about making it important without making it time consuming. I have to finish up billing for my husband and then I'm going to set up that little writing program you recommended. Thanks for sharing your wealth of information so freely. Happy writing.

  32. Great post, Camy, especially on day one of BIAW. Shutting down my internal editor is so not me, but I'm determined to wrestle that left brain into submission. Will let you know how it goes.

    Walt, I've laughed myself silly. Thanks for the link and introducing us to your aunt.

    Thanks for the vitamin and donut, Ruthy. Proud of you for not cooking this morning.

    We're off! All the best to the BIAWers.


  33. I am SOOO not good at turning off my internal editor. But I do love those stretches of time when I actually do and somehow pour out pages and pages that I have no idea where they came from! That only happens when I allow myself to dive headfirst into the story, keep typing, and see what unfolds.

    BIAW has hit me at a time when I don't have a new project in mind and really need to focus on revising a completed ms. Hard to set a word count goal under those conditions, but I'll be with everyone in spirit!

  34. Yay! Permission to lay down a rotten first draft. I love it.

    Last year just before NaNo our local group used crayons to draw pictures of our inner editors, then we sealed them up inside envelopes, not to be opened until we'd hit 50K words. I even drew on the envelope--little bars like a jail.

    As silly as that exercise seemed at the time, I kept that envelope beside my computer while I wrote, and whenever I was tempted to go back and edit, or bemoan the dreck I was producing, I would be reminded that the inner editor was in jail. :)

  35. Hey everyone,

    Great post, Camy! I know what you mean by something magical happens when you write without the internal editor hanging over your shoulder. (Works with a glass or two of wine as well - but it's too early for that!) LOL.

    Even though I'm not officially enrolled, I'm going to try to finish a manuscript this week!

    Thanks for the inspiration, guys!

    Happy writing!


  36. Had to pop back in and say THANK YOU to Walt for my laugh for the day!

    What a hoot! I love her.

    Now I'm watching more of her.

    Check it out everyone, when you take your first break!


  37. Excellent, Camy!

    Off to write,

  38. Glad everyone is enjoying my aunt. She has been an inspiration to my writing. If anyone is interested, you can hear more of her stories on iTunes, satellite radio, and her website,

  39. I have a problem shutting down the spelling errors--old habits from IBM Selectric typing--but I think I can do the rest.

    My BIAW efforts will be like Lisa's--at night and after other commitments, but I'm planning to do a minimum of a chapter a day.

  40. I'm just now turning on my computer for the day. If it weren't for you guys I wouldn't even attempt to write anything today. But here I go ... and I can't even imagine how you would do this and work 52 hours in one week, Tina!!! You are my hero.

  41. I am just hoping to work with ANY part of my brain when I finally get to my story at 7pm tonight. I feel like I'm part of a group effort, which is a lot of encouragement.

    Can't wait to see our numbers.

    By the way was this a five day or a seven day BIAW Week? I guess I should have paid more attention. The whole fam is coming friday for the weekend. Hmmmm.

  42. Checking in during my lunch break and thought I'd deliver some seasoned fries guessed it...Marvelous Peanut Butter Bars with chocolate (of course). Since I can't write at work, I've been daydreaming about writing, which would work out a lot better for wordcount if I could have a microchip in my brain connect to my computer.

    Of course, this could turn out very badly too - depending on my mood and WHO is on my computer at any given time :-)

    It's nice to feel the encouragement of everyone working together. That's great! It really does make me want to write more...either in my head or at my computer.

  43. Susan, Erica, hello!

    Susan, that's the spirit! Just jump in and have fun.


    The calendar has us at a six days, with next Sunday being an optional day. I will be working Sunday because I'm comfortable with that. Writing is never work for me. Never. It's a God-given gift of joy, and besides, I have to make use of time I'm not working to dust the hardwood floors with Walt's sorry self.


    Patricia, a chapter a day rocks. I'm working all day too, and I know how it is to juggle work, family, housework (anyone who knows me will laugh at that but I do it ON OCCASION... Christmas. Weddings. Graduations.)

    If we can keep writing at the forefront of our right brain or whatever brain we still possess late in the day, we're all good.

    Okay, back to work!

    Sandra... Good food. And I'm loving the idea of Oreo Truffles.

    Oh happy day.

  44. Thanks for the encouragement to leave the mess till after the week is over, Camy

    That is a tough one.
    Not to sure how my right brain feels about it altogether, cause I'm just starting to feel that I have a brain and not a big lump sitting on my neck.

    BTW Thanks for the prayers, everyone.
    The infection is starting to recede, I can see some light beyond the haze and I've been able to get some verbage down.
    Whether or not I blow anyone else's numbers out of the water remains to be seen, but it feels good to get some writing down.

    Write on everyone.

  45. Ruthy,

    I'm with you - writing is never work for me. I think I've mentioned this before, but like Eric Liddel (the Irish Olympic runner), I 'feel God's pleasure' when I write.

    Unfortunately, I never 'feel God's pleasure' when I run - thus I'm trying to limit myself to 4 Oreo Truffles (today) :-)

    I love Oreo Truffles because they're chocolate (of course) and the fit into a crazy mom's schedule for baking...easy, cheap, and few ingredients :-) Now if I could just make them in a crock pot, I'd be all set.

  46. Welcome to Gail K, who has been trying to post. Hopefully she will be here soon. She is joining BIAW.

    Good luck Gail.

  47. So, right is creative? I can't do left and right... but without the analytic side I can't read what I write - fingers hit the wrong keys, even type the wrong words - maybe it rhymed, or maybe it's a match in shape or size or functionality - we all say camera for phone don't we? Impossible to unjumble 'cause it makes no sense.

  48. Melly, you just have to be creative. Going to the library right after work gives me like three good writing hours a day. And Saturday I am off so that is the WHOLE day and Sunday I write at my second job as it is okay there.

    Truly, you folks with kiddies are the ones who have it tough.

  49. I beg to differ Ruthy...writing has its moments --there are plenty of time when it is WORK. HARD BRUTAL WORK. (IMHO)

  50. Pepper, we need the recipe for Oreo Truffles posted dear. It's not nice to taunt us like that.

  51. Okay -so obviously I'm working REALLY hard, right? Actually, I'm grading papers and desperately need distractions ;-)

    Oreo Truffles:
    One package of cream cheese
    One package of oreos
    place in food processor until creamy

    Melt "coating chocolate" - I use the Wal-Mart version called "Almond Bark" or something like that (it's on the top shelf above the chocolate chips - yes, I'm a visual learner) :-)

    Roll the cream cheese/oreo concoction into little balls, dip into coating chocolate, and let harden (it takes all of 10 minutes for them to harden so the wait is short :-)

    One recipe makes 20-40 truffles - depending on how large you make them. The smaller they are the more you can eat for fewer calories ;-) Great logic, eh?

  52. Right at 2000 words for the day so far--but had to put in a few hours at the office before I finish up the day writing.

    Well, check back in with my final total for the day later.

    Patty H

  53. Oh, my. Cream cheese, Oreos and chocolate. I'm on it.

  54. Trying to catch up from the Moonlight and Magnolias Conference. Haven't written a word today ... except this message.

    Heading to my AlphaSmart, like Sandra, after I check my email.

    Camy, great info about right brain/left brain. Makes sense!

    Thanks, Pepper, for the Oreo Truffles recipe. We need a Seekerville cookbook!!!

  55. Whew! I'm exhausted from my first day of the challenge. But looking forward to tomorrow!

  56. Hey gang. I don't think we're supposed to write our word count are we?

    Dontcha wanna know? :)

    Loved your aunts comedy, Walt.
    Trying the snazzy live link in the comment box trick.
    Presto chango.
    Don't Send a Man to the Grocery Store

  57. Wow! I'm amazed at how much some of you have written! I have been at school all day and then therapy. Now off to do homework so I can write later : /

    Exhausting day, people...and I don't even have play rehearsal tonight!

  58. Ruthy sez:

    and besides, I have to make use of time I'm not working to dust the hardwood floors with Walt's sorry self.

    Atta girl, Ruthy. Take no prisoners.

  59. You only have to put your word count if you want to. Totally not a requirement of the BIAW. But if you want us to look like wimps go ahead and post it Mary C.

    Way to go Patty H. And Mary Bailey!!! You lived through day 1. He haw.

    Pepper!!! OMG that recipe!!! Thank you.

  60. I don't mind posting wordcount, as long as everyone realizes that 2,000 words to one person is as AWESOME as 20,000 is to someone else :-)...or 200 words, ya know

    Now, if someone wants to come teach my university classes, watch five kids, and be a pastor's wife for a while - so I can write -I'm sure I can up my number...he, he, ...any takers :-)

    I'm kidding. I'm very happy with my 1,500 words so far - and that's after work AND while the kids are still awake :-) Just wait until 9pm EST

    the truffles are easy and delicious. The recipe I sent you via mail is REALLY good to and VERY easy...of course, with chocolate :-)

  61. You're my heroine, Tina. Working two jobs would slay me, woman!

    Even kids sleep (sometimes) and have play dates and mine also go to school and I still don't produce what I should. Nonfiction is my day job and I don't know if that is good or bad some day.s

    You have set the bar very high so give yourself some credit and I'll try not to slack off too much :)

  62. LOL, Cathy. Thanks you slacker.

    Pepper, geez louise...way to go.

  63. What great advice, Camy!! I'm one of those who backs up and changes words as I go. I also re-read what I've written several times in one day and edit it. So this would be a great exercise for me!

  64. Walt, what a hoot! Thanks for the link to your aunt. :) My hubby said he had already seen it when someone emailed him the link a while back. :)

  65. OMGGSTB....

    You guys are really working.


    That's the spirit. The way to go for the stars, reach for the gold, tackle the cow by the horns!!!!

    Super Duper good stuff.


    I'm diving back in around 4:00...

    Gotta sleep a bit. Wake up, write, be nice to children, teach them about farms, seeds, God and lower case letters.

    Shoot, they'll probably want food too!!!!!!





    See you guys in the morning.

    Peace be with you.

  66. wow, late comments from the BIAWers! What am I doing up at 10:30 myself? Cramming my week of writing into four nights. See ya'll bright and early.

  67. Hi guys! Sorry I've been MIA today, I've been sick for about 5 days and I slept for most of today.

    Arianna--Don't fix those "bad" sentences! Just keep going! Tomorrow, Cheryl will post about turning off that internal editor while you're writing. Good for you on your word count for today!

    Marilyn--Sorry you can't do BIAW this week, but definitely let us know when you do your own BIAW later this month! We'll be here to cheer you on!

    Ruth Ann--Thanks for your prayers for all the SBIAW participants!

    Ruthy--Aaah, I knew I could count on you for cyberfood! Sorry, I forgot about that in my post. ;) Pass the Flintstone vitamins!

    Christy--thanks for the cheerleading! :)

    Walt--thanks for the link! But uh, I'm having a little problems playing it. I'm not sure why. I'll have to wait for hubby to get home to tell me what I'm doing wrong! Doh!

    Lisa--great goal for the week! And put that family to work!

    Jessica--so sorry you're not joining us this week, but definitely keep this right brain stuff in mind when you're working on your rough drafts!

    Ann--typing with my eyes closed actually really works for me, and for Cheryl Wyatt, too. It also keeps me from correcting my typos! If I don't see them, they don't exist... :P

    Tina--"one word beats the no words of last week" Now that quote is going up beside my computer this week!

    Eileen--I promise it really does get easier the more time you work at it. Some days, it takes almost 2 hours to really get me into right brain mode, but it's totally worth it. Even only thirty minutes in full right brain mode TOTALLY ramps up my creativity AND my productivity! I get more done--and really good stuff, too--in that 30 minutes of right brain mode than 3 or 4 hours of not-full-right-brain mode.

    Patty--thanks! I'm from a research background too, so when I first learned this stuff, I was so excited that I wanted to tell everybody about it!

    Cara--you be a revising queen!

    Cathy--thanks for stopping by!

    Sandra--I LOVE my Alphasmart for BIAWs!!!

    Pam--Good for you at meeting your goal!

    Justina--Great! You go, girl!

    Pepper--Oreo truffles????? Honey, thanks so much for the recipe for that!!! Actually, I eat chocolate a lot when I'm writing. It seems to feed my creativity. Or maybe it's just the endorphins doing that. LOL

    Rose--Wow, only 500 words? You rock! Sometimes it takes me 1000 or 1500 words to get into it.

    Audra--thanks so much!

    Mary--if you turn off the internal editor, your productivity will go through the roof! You'll be writing 5000 words an hour instead of just 2500. :)

    Jenny--about leaving notes for myself, I do that almost every page! It really helps me just keep going and not stopping to edit.

    Janet--I hope it works for you this week!

    Myra--Get your revisions done! You go!

    Erica--what a great idea! I love it!

    Sue--I TOTALLY believe in a glass of wine to facilitate right brain mode! LOL


    Patricia--you can do it! And try to not correct errors if you can--it really helps me get into right brain mode.

    Melanie and Debra--You can do it! We're here for you!

    Tina--we're praying for you! And one way I try to ignore the mess is to use a blindfold! LOL

    Sheila--you don't have to remember if it's right or left, just try to get into that creative mode!

    Patty--Woohoo! Good for you!

    Debby--welcome back from conference!

    Mary Bailey--good for you! You got it done today!

    Hannah--I hope you get lots of writing done tonight!

    Missy--thanks! I hope you get a lot done!


  68. OH Camy,
    I'm so glad you're feeling better.

    I like to eat chocolate when I'm writing too...and when I'm sitting...and when I'm...driving...hmmm....

    Thanks for the great post.

  69. Thx. This is GREAT!!! Just what I needed to read. I'm doing NaNo and really needed this article. Thx again. nike