Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Giving Thanks

By Debby Giusti

Not long ago, the beginning of a story wrapped its tentacles around me, like a Portuguese Man O' War. As much as I tried to shake it off, I’d been stung with an idea that wouldn’t let go.

“What if?” I asked, then sat back and watched as the plot started to take shape. A heroine introduced herself and hung around, demanding someone to love, until Mr. Right strolled across my mind--tall, dark and handsome with a back story that made me want to wrap my arms around him and kiss away his pain.
I fiddled with GMC and the opening hook and a riveting climax. Some days, the parts wouldn’t fit. Too many pieces. Not enough pages. When I got discouraged, the characters took over. They stamped their feet and put their hands on their hips.

“Get your backside into the chair and write,” they said.
“It’s impossible,” I moaned. “This isn’t a book I want to write.”
No, it wasn’t the book I wanted to write; it was the book I had to write.
In some mysterious way, the puzzle came together. All the pieces fit. A new story was born, and the proposal is on my editor’s desk.

Creativity amazes me. How does a tiny spark of an idea grow into a full-length novel? Looking over the process, I wonder where the bits and pieces come from…then I remember who’s in charge.

Today, I am overwhelmed with gratitude...

…for inspiration from above,
…for the flow of ideas that makes me eager to face new writing challenges,
…for never being satisfied and always wanting to write a better story,
…for a computer that hasn’t crashed, yet,
…for a husband who calls me his favorite author,
…for children who make me proud,
…for an editor, agent and publishing house that allow me to follow my dream,
…for Seekers who support me,
…for readers without whom there would be no reason to write,
…and most of all for the Lord who loves me whether or not my stories sell.

What are you thankful for today?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing you abundant blessings,
Debby Giusti
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  1. Hi Everyone!

    The coffee is ready so grab a mug and fill up your cup! Bagels, cream cheese and jelly, and pecan coffee cake are on the buffet bar. Melon and strawberries as well. Enjoy!

  2. Debby:

    Guess I'm at risk of getting kicked out of here. Not a coffee drinker. How not American can that be??

    I am thankful, though. Fot a lot of things. A home to call my own. A loving and supporting husband. Self sufficient kid--meaning I no longer have to take care of them.

    God has been good to me.


  3. Helen, just so you'll feel better -- I don't drink coffee either. Love to smell it perk, have never been able to acquire a taste for it. Diet Coke is my caffeine drug of choice. :-)

    Not quite ready for a bagel yet, but I'll snag one for later.

    I'm thankful for too many things to list -- family, faith, friends, work ... At the moment, I'm thankful for a job that gives me the flexibility to do things with my kids at school sometimes and a boss who doesn't care when I do my work as long as I hit my deadlines. Which is why I'm still wide awake at 1:30 a.m. (thanks to the DC)...

    Love how your story came together like that. I'm always amazed at how far the "what if" game can take a writer once an idea sets in.

    Have a great day, everyone.

    leigh at leighdelozier dot com

  4. Ooooh, I hope the editor loves your proposal, Debby!

    I'm thankful today for:
    --I got a lot of words written today!
    --my critique partners!
    --my Seeker sisters!


  5. Debby,

    Love this! Today I'm thankful for friendships and that I'm not alone in the journey. I'm thankful for God's provision in everything and that He loves me more than I can imagine. I love that He cares about things that are important to me.

    I'm thankful for our blog readers and for our book readers.

    I could go on and on.

    I'm also thankful for great coffee!

    Hugs C

  6. Hi, Debby! Happy Thanksgiving! I am always most thankful for FAITH, FAMILY, FRIENDS & FELINES : ) The four corners of my world. I appreciate the many kindnesses sent my way, whether large or small. I am also very thankful that we live in a Democratic society with freedom of speech. We can express our philosophical and creative ideas through many different avenues. We can sit at our computers and explore the world through the internet and contact our friends online. I have always been grateful for my beloved books and their wonderful authors, now more so than ever!

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  7. I'm going right for the pecan coffee cake.
    Didn't see any shooting stars this morning? Did anyone else look?

    Debby, I'm thankful that God is in control, and I'm thankful that He has gifted you with a spirit of encouragement--I know, because I've benefitted from it.

    I'm thankful for the journey I'm on. Wouldn't want anyone else's either.

  8. Great post, Debby!

    Thinking of what I'm thankful for sometimes draws a blank because there is so much going on to thank God for.

    -I'm definitely thankful for having a husband and kids who let me go for writing time.
    -I'm thankful to have only 2 chapters left for finishing my manuscript.
    -I'm thankful to have a job in this economy (outside of writing) even though most days I'd rather stay home and write.

    There is so much more, but I'll stop there. Now, on to work...

    See you Sat., Debby.

  9. Deb, what a wonderful posting. So true on so many levels.

    Loved it.

    And I'm so grateful to be here today because I couldn't get into Seekerville yesterday. Aren't computers the weirdest things????

    But as long as Cheryl and Camy and Danica didn't run out of food, it's all good. Gotta feed the masses!!!!

    I'm drinking your coffee, Deb, but I've got hot chocolate here, Helen and tea, a full range.

    (and there's always diet soda in the fridge... ALWAYS!!! help yourselves, ladies)

    Deb, I love how some stories just call to us, waiting to be told or demanding to be told. And I so enjoyed Protecting Her Child. Can't wait to grab the combined duo of Deb and Margaret Daley who is one of the hardest working women on the planet. Daley, if you're reading this, you rock!


  10. Hi Helen,
    Guess I failed to mention I brought tea as well. Enjoy!

    I'm a coffee gal in the morning, but after three cups I turn to tea when it's cold outside or otherwise Diet Coke.

    My dad never drank coffee. He started his day with Coke. We've always been a Coke family, even before we moved to Atlanta, which is the home of Coke, in case you didn't know. :)

    Always nice to pick up a bit of trivia in Seekerville!

    Thanks for stopping by Helen. Hubbies are the best, aren't they? Also kids. As you mentioned, when they're able to take care of themselves, parents know they've done their job!

  11. Hi Leigh,
    You're in the drawing! Hope you found the tea! I snagged a few Diet Cokes from the fridge so help yourself!

    I was talking to my daughter the other day about flex hours! Aren't we lucky that idea has taken hold? So many mom's work from home. Writers do, of course, but even business gals and guys can enjoy the luxury of staying at home a few days a week and still get the work done!

    The writing process remains a mystery to me. Especially when a story doesn't fit together at first. This one seemed especially difficult--maybe stubborn would be a better word. There were many days when I wondered if I was supposed to toss out the idea and start over.

  12. Camy,
    Love your brainstorming post yesterday!!! Fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

    I don't have a set number of pages or words that I write each day, but I'm beginning to think I need to establish a daily goal, especially when I'm on deadline. Since I use my Alpha Smart for my first draft, I try to get the bulk of the story on paper within a short period of time. Then I go back and rework.

    My process may need to be revised!

  13. I'm thankful for God's grace and unconditional love.

    I'm thankful for my supportive family who understands my need to write and encourages it.

    I'm thankful for my friends who laugh with me, offer me shoulders to cry on, and provide plenty of fonder for my novels.

    I'm thankful for my country where I have the freedom to express my belief in Jesus openly.

    I'm thankful for our service men and women who fight for our freedoms.

    I'm thankful for my writing mentor, my writing support groups, and awesome blogs like Seekerville where I can learn about the craft and ramble on about my favorite show. :-)

    I could go on and on...Great post, Debby!

  14. Hey Cheryl,
    You, Camy and Danica rocked yesterday!!! Great blog!!!

    God is so good, isn't he? He's attuned to every detail of my life, and he gives that same one-on-one attention to every single person! Amazing! And wonderful!

    Cheryl and I share the same technique. She also uses her Alpha and gets the story done in a matter of days! Evidently, she's perfected the process. I'm still the tortoise who slowly plugs along! :)

  15. Hi Virginia!!!
    Love the four corners of your life: Faith, Family, Friends & Felines! You've got to use that as a tag line for your writing!

    I'm grateful for our country, as well. And freedom of speech! Yes, the Internet allows us to share ideas with folks from all over the world. Imagine how much life has changed--especially for the writer--because of the Net!

    Since we just celebrated Veteran's Day on November 11th, I want to give another Shout Out to all our brave military guys and gals who defend our freedom each day!!! I'm thankful for them!

  16. Right now I'm reminding myself how thankful I am for my 2-year-old even though she got me out of bed HOURS ago and is saying "no way" to taking a rest. I am thankful, I am thankful, I am thankful...


  17. Hi Debra!
    I'm thankful I had the pleasure of judging your manuscript in a contest this year! Then we met at ACFW! Another reason to give thanks!

    You're an outstanding writer, and I'm sure God will bless your work!

    We all need encouragement, especially in this profession. Rejection hurts...even for published writers. I'm holding my breath, wondering if my editor will like the story that's on her desk. My baby might seem like a temperamental child to her. I also submitted two other ideas along with the proposal. I could get three rejections! YIKES!!!

    I'm thankful the internal negative voice that says I won't succeed isn't the one I need to follow. Today, I'm focusing on "All things are possible with God."

  18. Dianna!!! Two chapters and you'll finish your manuscript!!! Now that's something to celebrate!!! Whoo-hoo!!!

    I know you're at work now, but I'd love to hear your thoughts about the writing process sometime.

    Where do all those ideas come from? Often one dovetails into another, and a seemingly random thought turns out to be significant once included in the story.

    I attended the Donald Maass workshop at ACFW this year. He suggested giving the hero a quirk or a silly phobia. An idea popped into my mind--my hero would be wary of dogs. Big macho guy, but he tenses when he hears dogs bark. At that time, the story was just starting to take hold, and I didn't know that tiny so-called character flaw would play an important role in the plot. Looking back, I'm grateful to Donald Maass! Thankful I could attend his workshop as well.

  19. Hi Debby,

    I've always been thankful that I have a home and have never gone hungry or had to chose one necessity, like medicine over another like food.

    Of course, I'm thankful for my family even when they are driving me crazy!

    Wishing you good luck with your proposal.

  20. Hi Ruthy,
    Margaret Daley does rock! And she's a friend to all.

    Margaret is the person to whom I turn when I have a question or need help. She's always there. Always ready to lend a hand or advice or a listening ear.

    Having my story appear with hers in CHRISTMAS PERIL is a huge honor for me!!! We also worked together on the Love Inspired Suspense Series that will begin in January: PROTECTING THE WITNESSES. My book comes out in Feb and Margaret's follows in March. She held my hand through the whole process, which I'll write about in a January post.

    Like you, Ruthy, I'm grateful for Margaret Daley and all writers who give so freely of their time and talent!

  21. Morning Debby, Thanks for the pecan pie and fruit. For you non coffee drinkers I brought a set of hot chocolates that include white chocolate, vanilla chocolate, raspberry chocolate, cinnamon chocolate, dark chocolate and regular. There's plenty to enjoy.

    I think the writing process is amazing. I am working on a project I actually wrote three years ago. I hadn't read it since and now I'm reading and thinking, wow, how did I know all this? How did I write this? This is really good, did I write this? LOL

    Makes me realize how much of our inspiration comes from above.

    I am thankful for so many things so will ditto all the rest of you because you've pretty well nailed it.

  22. I love this post. Thoughtful and inspiring. I am Thankful for Hope. And for Possibilities. And for tiny rays of sunshine that touch us even when we are determined to squint our eyes tightly shut.

  23. Oh, Debby, I'm sooooooo thankful this Thanksgiving! Praise the Lord, I'm getting off Unpubbed Island!

    Oh, but I'm not supposed to talk about that yet. (Ooops!)

    Ha Ha! Ah-hem. Well, I'm also thankful for my husband, for my children, and for life and good health and for today, when I (hopefully) can stay home and revise. And thankful to be able to see your pretty, smiling face this morning! Thanks, Debby!

  24. Hi Deb,

    Oh, what a needed post!! Gratitude is spilling out of me right now because I JUST found out not ten minutes ago that my editor "loves" the first book in my next series and only has very minor revisions ... which is a true miracle after a VERY rocky start with it.

    SO THANK YOU, GOD for that and for ...

    my husband,
    my family,
    my friends,
    my Seeker buds and friends,
    my country,
    my health,
    AND for allowing me to write for You!


  25. I am thankful that (when) my computer works without a hitch, I can read the Seekers and get out of my world here!

  26. Good morning, all!

    Thankful? You bet!

    -For this amazing community of authors that support one another, pray for, laugh with, cry with, and occasionally kick one another in the seat to get them moving.

    -For the DH and kidlets who cheer for me.

    -For a laptop that keeps going and going and going.

    and so many more things.

    thank you Debby for reminding me of all the things I have to be thankful for!

  27. Hi Debby,

    I'm enjoying my second cup of coffee this morning...
    I'm thankful for the privilege of spending time w/ all of you. What a great way to begin the day!


  28. Greatly blessed by your post, Debby. I have many blessings in my life, too many to mention. And like others here I'm thankful I can come to Seekerville to get more encouragement in the writing journey. This week I'm especially grateful that I have the opportunity to sign copies of the latest Chicken Soup for the Soul Count Your Blessings for a network that reaches out to homeless families in Philadelphia.Their empty bowl dinner is attended by some 1,000 people and the proceeds from dinner and book go toward helping with their outreach. Such an honor to think that something I wrote in Count your Blessings may help another. Please enter me in the drawing.

  29. Thankful for:

    Good health...with the flu and colds raging all around me!

    Good weather...with a husband harvesting.

    Good progress...on the edits for my May release Wildflower Bride

    Good review...4 1/2 stars in Romantic Times Magazine for my January release The Husband Tree, sequel to Montana Rose.

    I love that you're excited about your story, Deb. Always fun.

  30. Debby, as a reader of yours, I'm thankful that you write.

    And as I already have a copy of Protecting Her Child, please don't include me in the drawing.

  31. Debby, I'm praying the editors scoop that proposal right up. I have a feeling it will be tremendously impactful on readers.

    Thank you for always being the encourager. Your advice is always sage.

    Love ya,


  32. Debby:

    Appreciate the tea. We drink gallons of that here.

    Sounds like your dad and I would have gotten along great---and I need to move to Georgia!! I'm a Cokaholic and start the day with one--it's caffeine, after all. But I drink the hard stuff, not the diet. (Classic)

    Nowhere to Hide and Scared to Death are on my keeper shelf.

    Another thing I'm extremely thankful for that I didn't mention is my youngest son's safe return from Iraq.


  33. Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for sharing the things for which you are most thankful.

    Lucky you to have a supportive husband and family. Mine are too, but I know some gals--and guys probably--struggle with loved ones who don't understand the inner need to write.

    I always said I have to write or part of me dies--my spirit starts to fade. That's a concept non-writers don't understand. Sometimes they think writing is just a hobby that gives enjoyment but can be put aside at will.

    I'd love to hear about your writing mentor. Bet she's (or he's) special!

  34. Hi Collettakay,
    Give that little one of yours a great big hug from me!!! Hope you and baby get a nap today.

    Thanks for stopping by! You're entered in the drawing.

  35. Hi Rose,
    Good to see you today! Thanks for sharing your thanks and for the good luck for my proposal!

  36. Hi Sandra,
    Thanks for bringing the yummy chocolates!!! I'm filling up my mug. Mmmm, good!

    You said you relooked a story and wondered how you'd come up with the ideas. I can relate totally.

    Sometimes when I review a project, I do question if it really came from me. I marvel how the words and ideas and hooks and dialogue and narrative all flow together into a cohesive form. Not because I love my writing but because the process is so fluid and comes from inspiration.

    Then I wonder whether I'll be able to do it again. There's always a hesitation in the beginning...a question in my own mind as to whether I can repeat this mysterious process. This time I wasn't sure the pieces would all go together. Guess that's why I'm so grateful today. Once again, the process worked!

  37. Hi Jenny,
    Love your photo with the little one. Lots of Hope there, right? Thanks for mentioning rays of sunshine. I love standing in the light, don't you?

    Have a wonderful day and a joyous Thanksgiving holiday!

  38. Hi Melanie,
    I heard a wonderful rumor. So it is true! Can't tell you how happy I am!!! Whoo-hooo! Cyber hugs and mega congrats! Ah, yes, this Thanksgiving will be so special for you.

    Hope you'll be able to tell us the whole story soon. Until then, we'll keep it a Seeker secret! Okay?

  39. JULIE!!! WHOO-HOO!!! More good news on Seekerville! You put your heart into each of your books. I know you've been waiting patiently...okay, maybe not so hear back from your editor. Of course, she loves the story. We will too.

    It's all good!!! Halleluiah!

  40. Hi Bookie,
    And I am so grateful you could be with us today!!! Have a great one!!!

  41. Hi Erica,
    Thanks for sharing your heart with us today. Family and friends are always on the top of the list, right? Looks like computers rank up there, as well! :)

    I need to turn in my old model and buy a new desktop. Not ready to go through all that intensive labor, I'm so low tech. My motto is...if it still works, be thankful, and don't make any changes until absolutely necessary. :)

  42. Hi Karen K!

    Thanks for stopping by the blog!

    I've added cold cuts, sliced Swiss cheese, lettuce, mustard, mayo and an assortment of sandwich rolls to the buffet. Chips and dip, too! Dig in!

    You're in the drawing, Karen! Good luck.

  43. Hi Pat Jeanne,
    How heartwarming to learn about your booksigning and the way it will benefit the poor. We never know the impact our words will have on others...or how those stories will be used for good. You've been given a beautiful gift with your writing, and now you'll have the opportunity to reach out to those who attend the event. I know God's smiling!

    I'm giving thanks for the many ways we can do God's work through our writing. Thanks for sharing your story, Pat Jeanne!

  44. Mary shared the following:

    Good review...4 1/2 stars in Romantic Times Magazine for my January release The Husband Tree, sequel to Montana Rose.

    MORE GREAT SEEKER NEWS!!!! FANTASITC!!! To those of you who may not know, Romantic Times Magazine reviews just about every book of fiction with a romantic element. Writers hold their breath to see what score they'll receive.

    Mary's next book, THE HUSBAND TREE, received the top score!!! (Okay, I guess I heard that once or twice in the long history of the magazine, they awarded a 5--but everyone thinks that must be an Urban Legend.)


    Can't wait to read THE HUSBAND TREE!

    I'm giving thanks for a good RT review and for that sweet hubby of yours. We love our farmers in the USA!!!

  45. Aw, Walt! Thanks!!!

    Hope to see you at the Georgia Romance Writers meeting this SAT. Missy, will you be there? Dianna Shuford stopped in earlier and said she'd see us SAT. We could have a mini-Seekerville reunion!

    Melanie, you need to come over from Alabama sometime. Pam, you too. You're not that far away!

  46. Hi Cheryl,
    Thanks for the prayers! I can use them.

    Someone today mentioned that the Seekers pray for one another. We do!

    And we pray for everyone who stops by the blog so you're all covered in prayer. Enjoy the special surprises God has in store for you! :)

  47. Ah, Helen, thanks for the kind words about my books!!! Cyber hugs heading your way.

    When I read your thankfulness about your son's safe return from Iraq, tears came to my eyes. My son has had two deployments there and one to Kosovo. I know how hard it is to have a child in a war zone!

    I talked to a lady at church today whose son is there now. She finds comfort knowing so many of us pray daily for our troops. We are a grateful nation.

    Give your son our thanks and love for his service to our country! I know you're proud of him. And you should be!!! We're proud of him too!

  48. Hi Debby
    great list to be thankful for.
    Im thankful for this wonderful house. While its so hot outside its so cool in here and it keeps its cool.
    Im also thankful for my new life I never new what freedom was to do what I like when I like.
    I am thankful for having looked after mum but I am glad to now be able to have my own life.
    Im Thankful shes in the right place even with its issues.
    Im Thankful the heatwave will end tomorrow.
    Im thankful for authors who give there time to write for readers like me.
    and right now Im thankful for food.

  49. Debby, I'm thankful for a warm house on such a rainy, dreary day. For my family. For the gift of writing books. For my Seeker Sisters and all our friends. For health. For God's love. The list is endless!

    Praying your editor buys this book, Debby!


  50. Hi Ausjenny,
    Loved your giving thanks. Prayers for your new life! :)

    I had dear friends in VA who were from Australia! Great people! Always interesting to have the reversed climates. In Georgia, we're having mild temperatures in the daytime, but it turns cold at night. Leaves are falling. Still beautiful, but it won't be long until the trees are barren.

    Thanks for being with us today.

    Hope you get something to eat. Have you stopped by the Seekerville buffet bar?

  51. Wowser! Way to go Mary! I can't wait to read the rest of Belle's story in "The Husband Tree" : )

  52. Hi Janet,
    It is a gift to be able to write, isn't it? I am always grateful and still wonder how my stories were chosen when there are so many talented people submitting. I joke that God got tired of hearing me beg. :)

  53. Thanks for the great post, Debby! I'm thankful for more things than I can possibly mention including my morning latte which seems minor except in the morning. I'm also thankful we have a special day set aside to remember to thank the Lord although we should do that every day!

  54. Debby,
    thanks for the reminder to be thankful AND how God calls us to do things we don't think we're ready to do sometimes.

    I'm thankful for the Seekers.
    You guys are SUCH inspiration. Mary, I can't thank you enough for introducing me to this group.

    I have a wonderful family, big, loud, chaotic, and loving.
    I was reminded today at a funeral of a dear saint, that I'm thankful for a perspective full of hope.

    And yes, Debby - I'm writing one of those books I HAVE to write, right now. Difficult, emotionally draining, but exactly what I'm supposed to do :-)
    (I keep an easy one on the side for my commericial breaks, though ;-)



  55. Hi Debby:

    I’m thankful that I was born when I was and where I was. If I had been born fifty years sooner, I would have died at age 30. If I had been born only twenty years sooner, I would have died at age 59. (Such is the rate of medical advances in our age).

    Given all the years man has been on earth, this is a very good time to be alive. I wonder how many people reading this would be dead now if they had been born in a more distant past.

    Given what you wrote below:

    “Not long ago, the beginning of a story wrapped its tentacles around me, like a Portuguese Man O' War. As much as I tried to shake it off, I’d been stung with an idea that wouldn’t let go.”

    I wonder, was that “Portuguese Man O' War” actually your “Yule Die” story?

    I started reading “Yule Die” this morning at work and the only way I was able to break away from the short, cliffhanging, chapters was to attend an important appointment.

    There are so many hooks in “Yule Die” , you could tie a string around the book and catch fish with it. Great job!


  56. Hmmm what am I thankful for.

    Well, I have a wonderful husband, and family, and etc...

    I get write. When my brains working.

    We still have work at our business.

    I'm healthy, so to speak.

    And my head finally stopped hurting, the pain didn't arise from racking my brain over story lines, no I managed to conk myself a good one while helping change the toilet in the bathroom.

    I was tightening seat nut and raised up and lamblasted myself on the cupboard, hurt enough it made me ill.

    But the pain in my neck and back of my head is subsiding.

    I'm thankful it wasn't more serious.

    And of course it goes without saying perhaps, I'm thankful for this group.

    Thankful for the laughter and the lessons.

  57. Hi Cara,
    I'm thankful you're off the island and your book will be out...when? Can't wait to read it. I remember when we talked about that story at ACFW. You were so confident in the way you had developed the story. You were right!!! Your editor loved it and so will the readers!

  58. Cara, I should add the ACFW conference I mentioned was a number of years ago!

  59. Ditto Debby. I am grateful for you!!

    Excellent post.

  60. Hi Pepper,
    Is your family Italian by any chance. When I married my hubby I found out his family loved lively "discussions." I was an only child--I had never seen such emotional interaction! :)

    Sorry about the funeral -- a celebration of a life well lived, I hope!

    So, do tell, are you writing two books at one time? I'd like to know how you're doing that. Certain days for one? Weekends for the other?

    When a book takes hold, it needs to be written, right?

    Thanks for joining up this evening!

  61. Vince, I love you!!! You made my day -- maybe the whole year!!!

    And I didn't pay you to say those nice things, did I? Thanks bunches.

    No, the story that wouldn't let go is the proposal currently on the editor's desk. If they have a slot for Dec 2010...and if they like the story, the title may be UNLOCKING THE SECRETS OF CHRISTMAS PAST. That's the title I've been working with throughout this birthing process. If they no longer have a Dec slot, then the title changes. The overall theme is The Evil Within, so maybe that would work for the title.

    The other two stories I proposed deal with people doing good work but then getting twisted and turning the good to evil. The concept interests me and is often seen in our world, unfortunately.

    And, Vince, I'm glad you're living now. We need you in Seekerville!!! Good luck with your own writing. Hoping to read your book one of these days!

  62. My family?
    Appalachian, but a big, close-knit Christian Appalachian - when I saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding, I thought of my family, only with a totally different accent, occassional tobacco chewing/spitting, sports/hunting talk, and food - lots of it. :-)

    Yes, the funeral was a celebration of a life lived to the glory of God. One I hope to live as well. I was asked to sing a solo of "In Christ Alone". Ever heard that song? It's uplifting, with powerful words.

    Two books? Well, I have a touch of ADHD, I think - or at least my brain has a 'need' for multitasking, I guess. My dramatic historical takes a lot of emotional demands, so when I feel exhausted from it, but still NEED to write, I'll switch to my contemp romantic comedy. long as it takes me to get one good chapter out of my historical, I can get about three with my contemporary. I'm not sure why...but I know I need to write the historical and want to write the contemp. does that make any sense, or am I just supporting the fact that I'm weird or an amateur?

    both, I'd wager ;-)

    (btw, Debby - I'd love for you to be a part of "who's got character" ;-) My little plug for the night.

  63. Oh, Tina P., I'm so sorry you got hurt. Glad your head is better! Poor dear!

    You have such a beautiful family. I always love seeing their picture next to your comment.

    Thanks for being with us this evening and sharing your thankfulness!

  64. Hi Tina R.,
    I'm grateful for you and all you do for this blog. We wouldn't exist if you weren't our dedicated leader. Cyber hugs and lots of love heading your way!

    I should add that I'd love you even if you weren't our blog leader. You're the best! :)

  65. I'm thankful to have finished Radiation Therapy for breast cancer; thankful for dh being supportive and helping me in many ways.

    very interesting how your story came to be and was the one that had to be written.

  66. Sounds like you have a fun family, Pepper!

    And you can sing! Talented lady. What a special gift you gave to your friend's family today.

    Good for you writing in two genres. The historical must be tough! I'm always impressed when writers set their stories in another time. The research alone must be amazing! Good luck with both your projects!

    Stephanie Bond wrote category romance for a number of years and then wanted to write a single title. She worked on her category contracted book during the week and saved her "heart's desire" book for the weekend. Interesting, huh?

  67. Tina P, go lay down. We like your brain intact. But,um, don't close your eyes, have to watch for a concussion.

    Robyn,we are thankful you finished radiation too and pray for a complete recovery. Think of those cancer cells as part of a Pac Man game. Visualize your cells gobbling them up!!!

  68. I'm thankful for so many of the same things you mentioned, Debby!!

    Today, I'm most thankful that I got a good report from some medical tests!! :)

  69. And yes, Debby. I'll be there Saturday! I'll also be signing A Forever Christmas after the meeting. :)

  70. i hope i'm not too late :)

    - I'm very thankfull coz yesterday was my Birthday !
    - Have a Great husband that love me,our child, and my family
    - Have a beautiful boy, he's 3yos now.
    - meet some great friends via you guys here !

    uniquas at ymail dot com

  71. Hey Debby!
    Sorry I'm a day late : /

    Really nice post : ) I love your descriptions of how the book "had" to be written! You can definitely tell that you're a writer : )

    I have been trying to find your Magnolia Medical! Lol...I'm keeping an eye on the LI shelves at the only used bookstore around here, hoping that one day they'll come in. Otherwise, I might order them off of Amazon! They are on my Xmas list : D
    P.S. I am SOOOOO thankful for all of you guys. Not just because of your amazing books, your talent, but because coming here is a way for me to unwind after school. I can relax and be myself because I know that everyone will actually accept me for...well me! So, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!