Thursday, November 26, 2009

Seekerville :The Movie

We in Seekerville have an entire list of things to be thankful for, starting with the obvious:

The BIG GUY up there and our families and and every single person who has spent time with us in Seekerville (that includes our wonderful lurkers too) and our agents and editors and the paparazzi.

So on this day of thankfulness we'd like to share some exciting news!

Seekerville: The Movie, a spectacular screenplay has been completed and we are shopping it with various production companies.

We don't want to give away too much but, it's HIGH CONCEPT!

Think The Italian Job meets Mamma Mia!
and then tangles with Gone With the Wind and The Sandlot!

Pretty amazing, eh?

There's also quite a bit of knitting, chocolate, and Pride & Prejudice involved.

I better stop.

I am giving away too much.

But as you relax (satiated from eating way too much turkey and pie) consider who you might like us to audition to play YOUR PART (friends of Seekerville)!

Of course I should tell you who we'd like
for the lead roles: THE SEEKERS!

(If you are not familiar with our famous counterparts, move your mouse
over the picture to reveal the name of the actress.)

Debby Guisti

Missy Tippens

Camy Tang

Cheryl Wyatt

Ruth Logan Herne

Mary Connealy

Janet Dean

Pam Hillman

Myra Johnson

Tina Russo Radcliffe

Sandra Leesmith

Audra Harders

Cara Lynn James

Glynna Kaye

Julie Lessman

So from Seekerville, and Hollywood, Happy Thanksgiving and remember, it's never too early to start planning your Oscar acceptance speech!


  1. Happy thanksgiving to my american friends.
    I think I need to be played by an aussie! Besides her being tall, think and a redhead I will go with Nicole Kidman.

  2. Woohoo! Love those pics!!!

    Who would star me??? I don't know. Hmmm.

    I personally like Sandra Bullock, but didn't someone already pick her? LOL

    I hope every single one of you have a lovely day!

  3. Wonderful! Love it, Tina. Hmm, don't know who would play me. Some one who is energetic, I guess.

    Got it:
    Megan Follows, aka Anne of Green Gables

  4. Reba as Ruthy, why am I not surprised.

    And when I saw the Valerie Bertinelli, the first thing that came to mind was a Jenny Craig commercial.

  5. Seekerville: The movie is sure to be a blockbuster, Tina! In a phone conversation earlier, Meg Ryan assured me she'd color her blond locks brunette and add highlights for the opportunity to star in the movie. Isn't she a doll?

    My curser didn't reveal the names of our target actresses, typical of the cooperation I get from my computer. But I showed it who's boss and right clicked on the photos, then on properties to identify those I didn't know. What a fabulous group of gorgeous women!

    Nicole is a great choice to play you, Jenny.

    Sorry, Jessica, Sandra is taken. Anyone else?

    Pepper, Megan looks perfect for the role!

    Walt, don't forget to choose the star to play you!

    We're hosting the evening meal at the our house so time to play before tackling the turkey. Off to catch some of the Macy's parade. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!


  6. Well it's a trick cursor. You roll over it and look at the bottom of the screen and it will tell you in the bar area.

    Happy Turkey Day!!!

    I am a big fan of Megan Follows


    Glad Meg was so agreeable, Janet -- I had to put a gun to Catherine's head to play me! Something about some leopard pants ...

    Pepper ... sorry, Megan Follows is not cute enough to play you!

    Gosh, Debbie, Catherine O'Hara looks so much like you that at first, I thought Tina super-imposed our pictures over our chosen stars' faces!!

    Off to dress a 26-lb turkey ...

    Have a blessed day, everyone!


  8. Happy Thanksgiving to all the authors and contributors of Seekerville! You all are definitely movie-worthy! Wishing everyone a blessed and peaceful Thanksgiving : )

  9. All great choices, and Reba for Ruthy is a shoe-in!


    Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Wow! I've been waiting on pins and needles (cliche alert) to see what Tina was going to do with this post! So, so clever, girlfriend! I can't wait until premiere night! Do we get a limo? And front-row seats???

  11. Seekerville: The Movie is sure to be a hit, not only for content, but keeping all those stars on the same screen! Wow! What a showing!

    Tina, you've done it again. So much talent--and that's just in your little fingertips!!

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. May today capture all the goodness and blessings for you that this holiday represents.

    Julie, a 26 lb turkey? Whoa, mama! Makes me feel like a slacker. I'm just in charge of sweet potatoes...

  12. Myra, the limo will be a stretch, big enough for fifteen. No need to sit on anyone's lap this time. We'll need designer clothes to walk the red carpet. This could get costly. Not sure about front row seats. Probably second row, right behind those who are playing us.

    Janet, really picturing this.

  13. Thank goodness there's something to do between the fixin and the eatin. Shop around online for an actress.

    It was a toss up between Diane Lane, Laura Linney and Michelle Pfieffer. I'm going with Pfieffer. She won't mind a small bit part, I hope.

    Always wanted to know what it was like to kiss Kurt Russell. I had a major crush on him when I was an adolescent a few years ago.

  14. Debra!!! Happy Turkey day to you and your alter ego.

  15. Enjoyed this posting... Everyone is so glamourous.... Happy Thanksgiving to all.


  16. For me, it would have to be Jim Belushi doing a Dennis Miller impersonation.

  17. Hey famous Seekers!!!
    What a COOL post, Tina!! I love your choices, I knew most of them so that prolly has something to do with it : D

    It is definitely a toss-up between 2 wonderful woman for me. Either America Ferrera
    A.K.A Betty Suarez on Ugly Betty
    Or...Sara Ramirez
    A.K.A. Dr. Callie Torres on Grey's Anatomy

    Sorry for so many links! THis was so much fun to do, though!!! Wish this would really happen....*long sigh* It'd be great!!

    Enjoy your turkey with all the sides : D

  18. Oh Im hoping a private jet picks me up to get me to the screening.

  19. LOL, you guys are a hoot.

    Jim Belushi did a Dennis Miller impersonation?

  20. This was so fun! The pictures are really very good matches for all you lovely ladies!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all! : )

  21. I'd just like to say...I'm a lot YOUNGER than Sally Fields. And, my bones are in TERRIFIC SHAPE.

    Of all the things I'm Thankful for, and there are MANY. My Seeker buddies are right up there at the top and all you wonderful people who are so fun to hang around with, Seekervillians, THANK YOU!

  22. Tina, Wow, I can hardly wait for the premier. Jenny, I'll fly down for you. Nicole said she'd be delighted to play your part.

    I'm going shopping tomorrow for my gala gown--its Black Friday after all.

  23. Oh, Ruthy and Reba...


    A Thousand Times YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Tina, I love that you know me better than I know myself.

    Pep, I love Megan Follows too. Her Anne of Green Gables PBS/Canadian production is amazing. I treasure it. Always did, always will. Great performance.

    And Deb, I'd have probably gone with Dianne Lane. Love her in Must Love Dogs, one of my favorite movies.

    You could SO do that, trading barbs with John Cusack. Oh, totally see it happening.

    Walt, smooth way to channel SNL into the mix. Sweet.

    I love this!!!! Tina, you rock.

    And I'm in catch-up mode, so moving right along to TODAY...


    Wishing Tiger Woods didn't make the headlines in a bad way.


  24. Seekerville the movie... KEWL Miss Russo. And who would I want to play me. A young Doris Day of course.

    Hope your day was wonderful, thanks for the smiles. Can't wait for the premier

  25. This is wonderful! You guys picked your actresses well. Except maybe the last two. Those were a little strange. LOL

  26. Well they picked them. Cept Ruthy and Cheryl, I picked theirs. Occasionally I get bossy.

  27. ROFL! Tina, you are a riot.

    Love the pics!!!!

    Except I think Janet Dean is much more classy and beautiful than Meg.