Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's a First Sale Party!

I am thrilled to announce my first sale to Steeple Hill Love Inspired Books.

My unnamed novel, formerly a manuscript titled
A Place Called Home, will release in January of 2011.

Nurse Annie Harris has returned to Tulsa, Oklahoma to recover from a mission trip gone wrong--home to Sullivan Ranch, Will Sullivan and housekeeper Rose O’Shea, the only family Annie has ever known. Rancher Will Sullivan is challenged as never before; not only is he faced with the task of saving Sullivan Ranch, but he must deal with the fifty-fifty odds he may have Huntington’s disease. Together Annie and Will begin a journey of faith, learning to accept God's unconditional love.

A Place Called Home has been a finaling manuscript in 8 contests and of those, won three.

I am humbly honored to call the incredibly insightful Melissa Endlich my editor, and delighted to be represented by very savvy Meredith Bernstein.

More details in a minute.

First lets eat, its BYOB, bring your own breakfast this morning.

Later we'll be serving a formal meal on the beach, at the First Sale Party Plains. Don't get lost. You can find a map here.

Tonight's Menu

Fresh chopped tomatoes & basil on grilled sourdough bread

Shrimp & Avacado Salad
With mixed greens and a Dijon vinaigrette

Pan seared scallops
With roasted garlic and shiitake mushrooms

Mahi-Mahi Sauté
In a sauce of sundried tomatoes, fresh basil & garlic

Save Room for the dessert tray...

Key lime tarts
Dark chocolate cake with chocolate ganache
Chocolate covered strawberries
Coconut macaroons

A Peek Into My Journey:

After Melissa's visit to Seekerville last year, I did a bit of research. I listened to her podcast at eHarlequin and decided to give the inspirational market one final knock at the door.

I followed the guidelines very carefully.
In May I submitted a query letter to the editorial assistant.
In July I received a request for the full from Melissa Endlich, Senior Editor at Steeple Hill Love Inspired.

In September I received a letter from Melissa with notes on what worked and what did not, and suggestions.

In October I sent in a revised manuscript.

Monday, January 4, I received a call and an email with a request to touch base, from Melissa.

It would have been lovely if I had actually checked my email or my phone before that evening.

On Tuesday, already a nervous wreck, I broke my phone. Literally. In two pieces. However, I did manage to finally connect with both Melissa and Meredith.

And a newbie author is born.

Honestly none of this really sunk in until I received the revision letter via email from Melissa on Wednesday. Even now, her suggestions for Annie and Will's story just make me a little weepy with excitement. The idea that someone else gets your story as much as you do is really pretty darn overwhelming.

Why this story?

Once upon a time I had the opportunity to work through the ranks at Oral Roberts University Village, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. UV is a residential care facility. I began as a nurse aide and eventually went on to become Director of Nurses. It was there that I met a young orderly willing to face the incredible odds of Huntington's disease with the woman who loved him by his side. When they shared their engagement news with me, A Place Called Home was born.

The sequel to this story, Promises To Keep is almost ready to submit.

BTW, I'll be writing for Steeple Hill as Tina Radcliffe.

Now, a couple of shout outs are in order:

Thank you to the Big Guy and my family (my dashing hero, Tom, my already published sister Anne, the collective Russo family of Western New York and all those who call me Mom and believe in me).

I have 14 wonderful Seeker Sisters who have been my support system for almost five years. Whether up or down, these women have shared talent, prayers and love unconditionally and each and every one of them has paid their dues on Unpubbed Island.

Thank you to the very talented and generous Ms. Sharon Sala for reading one of my manuscripts, The Rosetti Curse, and hooking me up with the Meredith Bernstein Literary Agency.

Rogenna Brewer, thank you for supporting me at the day job and keeping me focused on the course and for celebrating with me all week!

Much appreciation to Jordan Dane for your unwavering faith that I would sell (the Godiva and the secret decoder ring were a big hit too!).

Finally, thanks to all of Seekerville for your friendship and for making sure the coffee pot is full every morning when you arrive.


  1. Every day with Tina is a real life romance. I texted her the other day and said “I love you!”

    She texted me right back and said, “Who is this?”

    Tina, you are amazing. You are so talented. I am very proud of you. Your dreams are coming true.

    LETS PARTY!!!!!!

  2. Tina:

    I am so HAPPY for you!!!


    Let the good times roll!!


  3. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Wait, I want to put that in a bit more clearly understandable terms. Other than a primal scream.

    I love you. You've worked so hard for this. And you are so key to the success of Seekerville. So your work has been instrumental
    in all of our success.

    And you're so talented. It's absolutely an honor to watch you and be here at the beginning.
    You know I never cry but this makes me a little misty, baby doll.

    And, oh what the heck, AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. PARRRRRRRRTAY! Woo hoo, Tina!! I'm so thrilled and excited for you!

    I can NOT wait to read your book next January!

    Hugs and major congrats!! :-)

  6. Even though I'm a relatively new follower here, I am impressed at the dedication and camaraderie here, and I want to offer my heartfelt congrats to you, Tina. Good on ya!
    Can't wait to read it.

  7. Woo-hoo, Tina!!! I am soooo happy to hear that you sold.

    I knew your wonderful writing would eventually find a home...and what a great home Steeple Hill is!

    Mega, mega congratulations!

  8. Tom who?

    Helen, thank you so much.

    Mary, you are getting mushy again. But I still love you.

    Carla, you fantabulous famous author you. I miss you!!!

    Kathleen, what a lovely thing to say.

    Cindy, you are so kind. Thank you.
    I want you all to know that Cindy was one of our guests on Unpubbed Island during the big Plan B we had almost two years ago. She was inspirational.

  9. Amazing journey for an amazing author, Tina! Well done, and I'm so proud of your tenacity and fearless writing. Enjoy your time!!!!

  10. There are no words to describe the excitement of MY moving into Tina's hut! You should see all the stuff she's left behind. Posters, sticky notes, calendars, to-do lists, phone numbers (Tom, pizza delivery, I assure you. Island food gets boring after a while, LOL). Ocean view like no other...

    Oh yeah, I can get used to this : )

    I'm so stinkin' proud of you, Tina!! We've survived two RWA chapters, multiple conferences and a magnificent tour of Denver together. I can't wait to go to CRW and HODRW meetings and cheer you on!!

    You deserve this so much, girlfriend. Your stalwart faith in all of the Seekers succeeding has boosted each of us at one time or another and another and another.


    'Nuf said : )

  11. There's only one word for this! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can't wait to read it! :-D

    xoxo~ Renee

  12. Tom's post made me tear up. I loved hearing the story of their real-life romance.

    Tina, I am so thrilled for you! You will be such a wonderful assett to Steeple Hill, to Melissa and she to you.

    Big, big congrats!

  13. That is so amazing! Congratulations!

  14. Congratulations!! Thanks for sharing your story about the story. :) And I love first sale parties. What a menu. :)

  15. Congratulations Tina! How very exciting! :)

  16. I'm new here to Seekerville, but wanted to say congratulations!!!! What a wonderful way to begin the new year for you!

  17. Congrats on your First Sale, Tina!!! I'm thrilled for you!

  18. TINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ohhhh, yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!
    I am SO, SO excited for you--congrats, my dear!! Best wishes to you for a well-deserved celebration and to the start of a fabulous career. I cannot wait to get this book at B&N!!!!!
    M. ;)
    p.s. What a GREAT way to start the New Year...

  19. wonderful news! congratulations!! God's timing is perfect...i'm thrilled for you!!


    Tom--LOL! Good story. Sounds like something I'd do. :)

  21. I love Tom!!!!!!


    Teenster, I am so stinkin' happy for you!!!!


    I mean seriously, have you considered just HOW CRAZY WE CAN MAKE MELISSA with both of us writing for her????

    Bow your collective heads in prayer for the lovely Melissa Endlich now. Right now. I promise you she'll need it/them, LOL!!!

    OH YAY!!!!

    And what a repaste! Oh my gosh, the food. And when did you put this up that 21 people are here ahead of me and it's 5:00 AM...

    Night owls, the bunch of youse.

  22. But we need coffee.

    Lots of coffee to start the party day.

    And I brought it, especially for you sleepyheads that stay up half the night.

    And the breakfast I promised last night.

    Wood-fired steak and eggs. Hash browned potatoes O'Brien (because I'M Irish, and Tina's Italian and we both love good food), seafood quiche (an early morning addition), bagels from Bernstein's Bagels, fresh-churned butter from the dairy farm next door (MOOOOOOOO!) and an assortment of flavored cream cheese.


    And Mimosas.

    (insert slightly wicked grin here)

    Because it IS a party, after all.


    Toasting you, Toots. You are amazing, heartfelt and one of the strongest women I've ever had the honor to know and make fun of.

    You rock.


    I'm getting weepy all over again. Dagnabbit, Radcliffe.

  23. Well done, Tina. I am so happy for you. Looking forward to ordering your book from England (how cool does that sound--your book)!


  24. Ahhh, I have tears in my eyes. I am so thrilled for you Tina. And Tom's comment put me over the edge.

    You do deserve it. And I know you've got more books on the way. I know I judged a contest entry of yours (no I didn't know till months later) and it stood out. And it wasn't this book!

    I know if we were having this First Sale Party where we could all get together, there'd be hundreds of people waiting in line to give you a hug, share a laugh and a tear with you!

    (When I got here and there were already 26 comments at 6:30 I knew something was up. I should have heard the steel drum band at least!

  25. AAAAAaaaeeeekkkkk!!!!

    *huge grin*

    Congratulations! This is so awesome. :-) What a way to start 2010. Thanks so much for sharing your journey too. The story sounds wonderfully sweet. :-)

  26. Oh TINA!!!!!!!
    Yeah, I'm so glad for you!

    Ummm, can i have your hut ;-)

  27. Tina! I am super happy for you! I knew it would happen because because your writing is amazing! Wahoo!

  28. I see that Audra has already nabbed it...sigh.

    Oh well, I don't mind sleeping out under the stars.

    Tina, I'll say again. I'm so happy for you. As soon as I read that I got this stupid grin on my face and it won't go away.

    Ooo, this has to mean we can have chocolate for BREAKFAST!!!
    I love parties ;-)

  29. Tina, what a thrill! I'm so happy for you. Welcome to the Steeple Hill family.

    First sale stories often make me cry and yours was no exception.

    Congrats again,

    Laura Scott
    Secret Agent Father LIS 5/10
    The Christmas Rescue LIS 11/10

  30. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Wonderful news Tina and well deserved. We can't wait to have you over at the Inkwell to promote this story, and many, many more !!

  31. Oh man, The Teenster's got everyone all ver klempt.

    Sniff... sniff...

    I've been no exception, LOL!

    I've put on more coffee and I even lugged my Keurig on board so you can pick your brew.

    I love the Timothy's Caramel Vanilla with Caramel Macchiato creamer by International Delight. It's a party in a cup.

    Oh my goodness, THIS IS SO EXCITING!!! TINA!!! GET UP!!! TELL US MORE!!!!!

  32. Tina, I'm so excited for you!! When I saw your invite in my inbox I came straight here--so excited!! I've been praying for this for 9-10 months now!! =] YaY!!! This is the bestest news to start the weekend with! Woot!

  33. WOO-HOOOOOOO!!!! Tina, words cannot even express how *thrilled* I am for you! Oh my gosh. What an amazing way to start the year!

    I don't care how early it is, I'm breaking out the champagne. Celebrate and enjoy this moment that you've worked sooooo hard for. It couldn't happen to a nicer, more deserving person. HUGS!

  34. Tina, fabulous news! Thanks for inviting us to your First Sale Party and for sharing your success story!

  35. Tina

    Congratulations on your sale! *HUGS!* It was only a matter of time and I'm so glad you persevered. Not only do you write stories of hope, love & encouragement--you live your life much the sam way--that's what makes you such a great writer.

    I can't wait to pick up your book when it hits store shelves Jan 2011!

    Wow, our critique group has come a long way from reading our stories at your dining room table in Littleton, Co. all those years ago.

    Party on, girl!

    Marin Thomas
    A Cowboy Christmas (Dec 09)
    Harlequin American Romance

  36. TEEEEEEEENNNNAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Honey, the first thing I did when I found out you were published was to scream and scare Keith! The second thing (after Keith and I screamed together) was to say "It's about time!!" Which, come to think of it, is pretty much the same thing I said when Mary put a sex scene in her book that you actually knew was a sex scene. Truly causes for celebration BOTH!!

    All humor aside (because yes, that was my sad early-morning attempt at weekend humor), I am still buzzing with that rare, giddy joy you get when somebody you truly respect, love and admire A LOT finally gets their due. I'll say it again. It's about freakin' time!

    Love you, Tina!

  37. Wooooo-hooooo!!!! Tina, I'm so happy for you!

    To think that you shared not too long ago that you felt God saying you'd be the last one off the island. And that you were OK with that. And now to know that He was already putting all those pieces in place for you to jump in the boat and leave the coconuts behind. Just gotta love how He works.

    I see Pepper tried to snag your hut but Audra beat everyone to it. Does that mean Audra vacated another hut the rest of us can fight over? :-)

    Thanks for inviting us to the party! I'm going to scrape my son's name off the cookie cake we have for his party this afternoon and replace it with yours!

  38. Oh, Tina, I'm SO, SO, SO stinkin' happy for you, girlfriend!!!!!!!!!!!
    Plus, now I can mark you off my list of writers I'm praying for to get published!

    Yay, Tina! CONGRATULATIONS! Revel in the joy!

  39. LOL Tom!! Tina is a total hoot!!!! And blessed to have your support!! And you manning the grill.

    We're tossing confetti, dancing in the sand and praising God for your talent, tenacity and first sale, Tina!!!! Love you!!! I'm awed how you've looked after Seekerville and Tom, worked a day job and kept a productive writing schedule!!! You rock!!!!

    Now eight of us are not only Seeker Sisters, we're Steeple Hill storytellers. Hurray for Melissa!!!!!!!!

    Love, Janet

  40. This absolutely awesome!! I love hearing what inspires the story.. the backstory.. you working as an aide then moving up to DON and seeing the story in the events unfolding around you with the people in love but in crisis.

    It's just so exciting for you.. sending huge hugs and congrats!

  41. Tina!!! Wwwwwhhhheeeeeeeeeee!!!

    I'm so thrilled for you!!!! Your journey was incredible. I've always thought your blogs were so creative and fun--full of humor and cleverness. I can't wait to read your first novel!!! I'll be the first in line!!!

    Hats off to you today, my friend. Love and hugs and joy all around.

    Enjoy the fabulous ride!!!

    Love and prayers,

  42. Hooray for Tina!!!

    This is so awesome. The absolute best news I've heard all week.

    I'm always excited to hear about a sale, but when it's a SEEKER, that excitement is magnified 100 fold...

    because Seekers are Sisters!!!

    And Tina is one of 14 favorite sisters!!!!


    Per instructions from Ruthy, I brought butter cake with cream cheese icing, and vanilla bean ice cream!

    Just holler if you want ice cream...and I'll run outside and get it...


    If Mary's AAAAAAAHHHHH.... goes off the screen, and we can't see how long it really is, does that mean that it screams in cyberspace for eternity?

    Inquiring minds want to know!!

  44. I am so tickled pink thrilled for you! Congratulations!

  45. Tina, did you see Leigh's comment? She is mutilating cookie cakes for you. Itjust does NOT get any better than that.

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I checked back several times last night, hoping this would appear before my insane bedtime and it did and at 12:13 I wasn't even first in line to celebrate.

  46. Tina, congratulations!!!! You deserve this! Your words made me weepy. I'm proud of you for sticking in there. I know it isn't easy. But it is worth it.

  47. Oh, I'm so, so excited to be celebrating this today!!!!!! :) :)

    And reading Tom's comment just made me cry. Belive me, I don't look pretty when I laugh and cry at the same time!!!


    Way to go, Tina! This is so well deserved.

  48. Audra, honey, enjoy that hut now. You won't be there long. :)

  49. Congratulations, Tina. What an exciting time for you!!

  50. That is absolutely AWESOME! Congratulations!

  51. Hip, hip, hooray!

    What happy news this morning in Seekerville. Thank you for the sharing your story's "story" at the party in YOUR honor today.

    I'm so happy and excited for you! Can't wait until you unveil your cover to us.

    Congratulations, Tina Radcliffe, book author.

  52. I love parties. Thanks so much for stopping by. Ruth, thanks for making coffee.

    I need a gallon.

    Going for the half and half, be right back.

  53. Tina--I am sooo proud of you. I told Meredith this week (and long ago) that she'd be working with someone she'd really love--a real professional. And your story sounds so good. Of course you deserve chocolate fit for a goddess. And it cracks me up that you kept this a secret for so long. Jan 4th? That would have killed me.

    Enjoy your "virginity" while it lasts. Love you, babe!!!


  54. TINA!!!! I've been happy dancing ALL week for you! You very much deserve this with all your hard work for the Seekers and your never-give-up attitude. I'm SO excited for you! God is amazing!

    So glad Tom could join us to celebrate! When I met him in September, I knew you had a real-life sweetheart!

    And true Italian that you are, Tina, YOU brought most of the food to your own publishing party! (I'll never forget that homemade feast you and Tom put on for the Seekers in Denver. YOWZA!)


  55. So, like who else remembers Paul Harvey's ...and now...


    Writers are pretty much control freaks. Come on. You know it's true. We create characters and tell them what to do.

    So we have spent years scripting our "call" story, right?

    We have books on publishing how to and if you are like me, you have papers pinned to the wall with lists of questions to be sure to ask.

    Toss it all in the circular file.

    Life never happens the way you planned.

    Thank you God.

    This week was not the norm. It was so far from normal even I am surprised.

    I have a cold. I never get sick. It's a rule. So when I talked to Melissa and Meredith I am sure then thought they were talking to Tom. Not Tina.

    I worked 84 hours at the day jobs in the last 7 days.

    OMYGOSH, my office. I can barely find the desk.

    The Christmas tree is still up.

    So when I read Melissa's email I returned to my day job office/room and nearly passed out.

    I was incoherent. Fortunately Rogenna Brewer speaks fluent babble.

    The morale of the story.

    Life happens.


    And I am serious about letting that dusting stuff go...

  56. Coffee.


    Chocolate. YES!!!!

    And butter rum cake. I think that's MY favorite, not Tina's, or maybe both of ours, slightly beneath chocolate of course...

    Chocolate and a good man being the first favorite always.

    Under God.

    As you can see, I really need this coffee.

    Hey, we've got several huts up for grabs. I'd be happy to draw up a rental agreement.


    Weekly donations of chocolate to Hilton, NY can gain you your very own imaginary hut.


    Tina, still waiting for details. Tell us where and when you got the call, what did Melissa say, did she mention we're now BFFs????

    Poor Melissa.

    Lucky us!

  57. Hi Tina:

    Where’s all the fireworks and hoopla? You deserve the best!!! I saw your ‘First Sale’ post late last night and went to bed. I just thought you’d sold a ‘Solve it Yourself Mystery’ to Woman’s World!

    This morning I find out you got the “CALL”! Come on. I love seeing those fireworks over the island. This calls for a big celebration! Whose got the graphics?

    Congratulations. I love Steeple Hill Inspirationals! Great stories and they come in larger print with the best cover art! Wow. My wife wants to know when she can read your book. She’s a big fan of yours because she’s read you Woman’s Word romances.

    BTW, what happens now that you’re going to be published? Are you banned from the Marlene contest? You’ve been a big help motivating me to enter these contests.

    Looking ahead to 2010! Madam Zelda is off to a good start. Lot’s of good news yet to come.


  58. Wow, what a party! Things haven't been this fired up since...since...Ruthy sold!!

    Anyway, I had a special sculpture ordered from Godiva. Check out the 6 foot high figure of Will Sullivan and the one holding his chocolatey hand is Annie : )

    All the clothing is dark chocolate, the people are milk and bits of white chocolate are scattered over them representing hay (do you have hay in your book, Tina? Of course you would, it's on a ranch!)

    Whew! Sure glad Godiva accepted Paypal payment over the internet since obviously, I'm busy redecorating MY hut as we speak...Pepper, no way am I giving up this two-story hut with a deck facing the ocean!!

  59. Congratulations, Tina! You've shown persistence (and dare I add chocolate!) pays off!

    As Jordan said, take time to enjoy this moment. Chaos quickly follows...


  60. Marin, HI!!!

    I was just reminiscing about all the awesome writers I have had the pleasure and honor of critiquing with.

    Many of the Seekers of course.

    Marin Thomas (Harlequin Romance)

    Rogenna Brewer (Superromance)

    Janet Edgar (now in heaven, Love Inspired)

    Jordan Dane (Avon/Harper Collins)

    Lynda Sandoval (Intrigue)

    Terry Clark (Harper Teen)

    Joyce Mullan

    Tami Cowden (Avalon)

    Sue Viders

    Carolyn LaFever

    Janet Lane (Five Star)

    Lynn Sunday

    Deb Kastner (Love Inspired)

    Stormi Filson

    Susan Hornick (Love Inspired)

    And I am sure I am missing someone or two...

  61. Well, Vince, I am no longer qualified for the Marlene. You will have to take home the prize for the rest of us.

    Fireworks are tonight. Be there.

  62. Such fantastic news! I'm SOOO happy for you, Tina. What a great way to begin a new year. You've been such an inspiration to me.

  63. Thank you and I hope you had some breakfast...

    Donnell, thanks for stopping busy Dahpne Coordintor you.

    Marilyn, and 2007 Golden Heart buddies, thanks for the support.

    Joanne Cleary..all the times I stopped to read your blog. How did I not know you are from England. Duh!!

    Debra Marvin, what sweet words.

    Thank you.

  64. CONGRATULATIONS!! I am so excited for you!

  65. Thanks, Jordan. SWAK!!

    Jordan is a 2005 Golden Heart pal along with Janet Dean, Myra Johnson, and Julie Lessman

  66. Debby Mayne, wow this is like a trip down history lane.

    Debby and I were in a group with Cindi Myers, Linda Sandoval, Denise Camp..and a few others.

    We all wrote for the confessions and other short story markets.

    Those stories paid for stamps and paper and toner. Thank goodness.

  67. Melly, isn't it fun to pray people off the island?

    Now to pray Pammy, Audra and Sandra off before Audra builds that condo.

    Loving that Godiva sculpture Audra.

    Kathy, thank you!!!

  68. Im just stopping in to check the party. More chances to scream.

    My primal scream did go off the page. That's 'cuz I'm still screaming at home, Pammy.


    Oh, I'm so excited for you! This is awesome! Amazing!


  70. Tina sweets, the Godiva sculpture is for the guests.

    Look at the end of the buffet table...the carrot cake slathered in cream cheese frosting decorated and shaped as a book is for YOU!

  71. So when can I actually eat the carrot cake and Leigh's lovingly donated cookie cake.

    Leigh I cannot beeeelieve you did that.

    Erica, you obviously graduated from the Mary Connealy school of screaming. Nicely done!!!

    Thank you!!

  72. Okay Audra,
    Then I'm taking your hut ;-) The view of the dormant volcano is lovely.

  73. Hi, Tina -- this is Sheryl, Glynna's sister --

    CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm so happy for you!

    And a belated THANK YOU to you and Tom for your tour guide expertise and warm hospitality at the Denver ACFW conference -- you made me feel like part of the family!

    Hope you're feeling better soon -- lots of exciting -- and BUSY! -- times ahead!

  74. Things never happen the way you imagine them, do they? But the more I think about it, the happier I am for you, Tina. When I met you in Denver it was as if I'd known you all my life. It was so cool.

    This is such a special thing to me, because I know how tough you are, Tina, and I know how much this means to you. I think I might cry too!!! And I usually save all my tears for Sunday. But I love you, Tina! I'm so ... sniff ... happy ... sniff sniff ... for you! Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

    Seriously, seriously can't wait to read the book and cry some more. :-)

  75. I am so proud of my sister! She is kind, generous, and loving to a fault. Finally, something wonderful (besides Tom, of course) comes her way!

    She has been deserving of this for a very long time, and kudos to Steeple Hill for recognizing what a talent she is.

    This is just the beginning, and what an exciting one it is!

  76. Tina,
    I'm so thrilled...overjoyed...elated...pumped...peppered...excited...joyous...well, you get the message!!!!

    You've been so patient throughout this entire process. Always the woman behind the scenes, ensuring Seekerville is that warm, inviting community of writers. We are so blessed to have you as our friend, sister, Web mistress extraordinaire, and now published author.

    Can't wait to read your debut. The blurb brought tears to my eyes, which have been moist ever since I first learned of your sale. The story has even more emotional bang because of the folks who were your inspiration. Thanks for allowing all of us to see the strength and faith of so many faced with Huntington's!

    I know God has so many beautiful, enriching stories for you to tell. My prediction, a wonderful, successful career that spans generations and marks your name with writers who have made a difference. You've already made a difference in my life. I treasure you and your friendship.

    Love you!

  77. Awe, Anne and Debby you are making me cry. Thank you.

  78. Pepper,

    Shhh, there is a secret little hideaway (tree house) to the north of the island. I will send you a map. Know one knows about it. You may have it.

  79. Sheryl,

    Thanks for stopping by.What a treat to have met you this year. You are as lovely as Glynna.

    It was another dream come true to have all the Seekers together in one location.

  80. Seems my long string of verbs in my previous comment didn't survive blog editing. Hope you realize I'm rejoicing in Georgia, which was 13 degrees this AM.

    Looking forward to the gala dinner this evening and the warm, balmy ocean breezes.

    Fireworks at dark!

    Dancing on the beach!



    Tina and Tom, sitting on a raised stage, are surrounded by admiring Seekers, cheering on her sale! Tina wears a diamond tiara and is giving a queen wave to all her loyal fans! Tom is basking in the glow of the moment! Island music filters through the night as the Seekers continue to celebrate Tina's success!

  81. Yes, when Debby G's words went off the page, I was unable to sense her excitement at all. :D

    Good think you wrote again.

    I think we need marching band music.
    Vince's idea about fireworks.

    For now it's all in my head. Bottle Rockets and John Phillip Sousa...and Tina

  82. Ya'll don't sleep much in seekerville do you?

    It took me an hour just to wade through all the comments so I could join the party.

    Not complaining --after all, I did have a front row seat for "the call" and I've been able to celebrate with Tina all week.

    I'm thrilled beyond words for you Tina!

    We've been BFF for too many years for me to confess that number so let me just say through all the hard times, there have been the good times and then there have been those moments of sheer joy--this is one of them.

    You go girl. You deserve this!

    Perseverance pays. Now go make it pay the bills! Because I am tired of seeing you work yourself to death at the day job and with three jobs!

    Could be your sick for a reason. So if you're not going to let Tom or I take care of you, then you're going to have to do a better job taking care of yourself.

    Missed you at our workout this morning . Not nagging--okay, maybe just a little.

    Publicity pictures, babe. I got your back!

  83. Yep, this is the year we not only desert Unpubbed Island, but all the lovely Seekers return to their former svelte selves.

    Thanks, Ro.

    Good to work with someone who GETS IT. And your frequent kicks in the BOOT TEE are a necessary evil.

  84. Tina,
    A big congratulations to you! I'm thrilled to hear this news. Cheering for you here in chilly Atlanta, Ga.

  85. Tina!!!!!

    Boy am I glad I stopped in today for the party!

    Many, many congrats to you!

  86. I can't imagine Tina needing a kick to get writing.

    Me, on the other hand, but we won't go there.

    Rogena, tell us what REALLY happened when Tina got the call?

    I imagine y'all haven't had that much excitement in years!

  87. Treehouse? Ooo, I won't tell.
    AND a lovely view.

    It's temporary....
    I hope

  88. Thank you to Jessica, Casey, PatJeanne, Kerri, Terry, Rose, Chickey, Joanne, Shelby, Katie, Lee, Lynnette, Audra E, Katy, Renee and Crittyjoy, Keli, Lisa.

    Renee, you are never new to Seekerville. We are family.

    Patty Wysong, you hermit. Good to see you.

    Helen,thank you for being there to make coffee so many morings.

  89. Another one of my idols stopped by. Hi to Laure Scott another LI author.

    Jeanne the Character Therapist. Waving. Did you get food or did I eat it all my nervous energy?

  90. Hi Belinda. I think Denver is warmer than Atlanta today.

    Pepper, you changed your hair!!!
    Love it.

  91. Pam, what really happened is I work in a fish bowl (yes Marsha, again).

    I asked the room to collectively say hi to Melissa when she called my cubby. Since my cell was DOA.

    The entire room yelled HI MELISSA.

    When Melissa made the book offer, I asked the room if I should take the offer.

    They all yelled YES.

    A few people from other departments came over to see what all the yelling was about.

  92. Wow I came in late and look at all the posts just waiting to congratulate me

    oh wait. Those aren't for me they're for Miss Tina Russo Radcliffe.
    All I can say is YAY WhoooHooo I'm so very proud of you

    and if anyone thinks they get Tina's hut my names already on it. LOL

    Congrats again Tina

  93. Good point, Tina.

    It's all in the name.


  94. Tina, Tina! Oh I am sooo thrilled for you. Absolutely thrilled! This is the most wonderful news! Wonderful, wonderful! Hugs and happiness! Jenny Matlock

  95. Jenny!!! Love that big huge contagious smile.

    Thank you!!

    YAY TINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. Wooohoooo, Tina!!!!!

    At long last the 2005 Fab Four Golden Girls will ALL be published!!!! Yay, yay, yay!!!!! No one is more deserving than you! You've inspired all of us in so many ways with your prayers and perseverance.

    You totally rock, girlfriend!!!!!

  98. Tina:

    I make the coffee for you guys, but I bring along a Coke for my non-coffee-drinking self.

    Hey, it's caffeine!


  99. Hey, Tina, did you think to grab some coconuts from the Island before you escaped????

    I just love a good fresh coconut pie!

    Oh my goodness, so many guests, so little time.

    Audra. The sculpture. To die for. Really.

    And the carrot cake. YUM.

    Whaddya mean we weren't supposed to eat it yet. Are you kidding???

    Mary had two slices before I got near the table!

    Hey, Pep, the treehouse?

    Infested. Don't let Radcliffe pull the wool over your eyes, sweet thing, didja notice SHE DIDN'T live there???

    Uh huh.

    Bed bugs. Gnats. Ticks.

    Oh, Pepster, beware. Here, I brought an extra can of Raid along for you. Don't you worry, honey, we've got your back!

    But I will bequeath you all of Myra's make-up nonsense that I left for Tina. Pay it forward and all that.


  100. Oh and Pepper? Fleas...the treehouse definitely has fleas.

  101. We all want off that island for a very good reason.

    And no hammock in the tree house, you're working too hard trying to build your raft to escape.

  102. Oh, Pam . Tina is the energizer bunny. She doesn't need me to kick start her. She needs me to stick my foot out and trip her up every once in awhile!

    Otherwise she just keeps going and going...

    My first question to her every morning was. has it sunk in yet?

    Well, Tina HAS it sunk it yet? You are a FIRST SALE author, girlfriend!

  103. TINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just barely got home and am SO thrilled to read this! I wasn't expecting it, but hey! I'm not gonna push it away! This is amazing! I'm speechless for you....I can only imagine your reaction : D

    Super huge congrats! Glad 2010 is being good to you so far!!

  104. I can hear the fireworks and the John Philip Sousa.
    It's dark.


    What a party!

  105. Trish is another poster child for perseverance.

    She finaled in the Golden Heart 8 times and several years was a multi finalist.

    She is now multi sold. Check out books when you can!!

  106. LoL Tina. A hermit, huh? Only sometimes. =]

    Just want you to know--I was so excited for you this morning that I completely forgot my plans for a jumbo batch of sloppy joes for the freezer that I was going to simmer all day...and am now thankful we have enough leftovers for supper. *eye roll*

    It's worth it! =] You've been a huge encouragement to me ever since I found Seekers. =]

    Huge Hugs!
    Can't wait for the fireworks to start!! =]

  107. AHHH, bed bugs, fleas, no hammock!

    What kind of condition did Audra leave her hut in, since she's moving to Tina's. ;-)

    I refuse to build my own hut, since I don't plan on staying long... I've always been an optimist, sometimes unrealistically so ;0)


    And ACFW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  109. They're just messing with you Pepper.

    I also know where the hidden stash of Mallow Cups are..and for a small nominal fee....

  110. Oh Tina,
    What a relief! I liked the idea of a treehouse. I have the Peter Pan mentality, you know.
    Who needs to grow up - especially since the majority of people in my house aren't driving age yet. It's much more fun here in Neverland ;-)
    A treehouse would suit that perfectly.
    Just add a floating Pirate Ship with Capt Jack on it specifically, and it's almost paradise ;-)

  111. Just checking in again to pick up a few snacks before getting back to my current WIP. Love this "grazing" all day. Thanks for the excuse, Tina! (Or should I be thanking our dear Melissa?)

    When is it the fireworks start?

  112. Well Unpubbed Island is a Pacific coast sunset is not for an hour.

    Grab your drinks and a blanket and head down to the beach for a good seat.

  113. Hey, Pepper! My hut is in great's the TREE HOUSE you need to worry about!!!

  114. Wow! I almost didn't check today! What news I almost missed!

    Congratulations, Tina! I'm thrilled for you. Your story sounds AMAZING, can't wait to read it.

    Enjoy your big moment! Celebrate all weekend long...


  115. Okay, Tina. I'm back and ready for the fireworks!

    Man, I got the comments sent to my email addy today, and my goodness, you're party has filled up my box! LOL What a big celebration. Like Mary said, maybe a record. Woo hoo!

  116. Congratulations, Tina! What a wonderful story. I am so happy for you. I will be looking for your book.
    God bless you.

  117. Hi Susan and Linda. Lovely to see you.

    Grab some sand and pull up a seat.

  118. I can't think of any better reason to party. Congratulations. What a wonderful accomplishment! I'll be looking forward to your book!

  119. Fireworks.

    Pacific Island sand.

    Great seat.

    Cool drink.

    Cute guy.


    No thanks. Not tonight. Tomorrow's soon enough for that, LOL!

    And Pep, you touch those Mallo Cups, it's me you reckon with, sweet thing, and I'm just gonna go out on a limb and say...

    Fight Mary instead, 'cause I'm a total wimp.

    MARE!!!! Chick fight!!! You and Pep!

    Oh man, do you see those boys come a'runnin'????

    They're pathetic.

    Here, Pep, I'll share my Mallo Cups with you willingly.

    But keep your hands off Jeter.

  120. Ruthy, once you get off the Island you can't claim the mallow cups.

    Of all disgusting things anyway, who'd want to?

    And when Pepper gets off, she's gotta leave them the the next raft builder

  121. She's right Ruthy...once you leave you leave it ALL behind. Capt'n Jack even.

  122. Oh ladies,
    It's me and capt. Jack against the world...or at least anyone crazy enough to fight us for Mallow cups.

    And you know what, Ruthy, Mare loves me...
    She'd willingly give me chocolate too ;-)
    (biting lip and fingers crossed, while cautiously glancing over my shoulder toward the jungle behind me)

    Tina, bed bug, watermelon-sized mosquitoes or not -
    I'm still smiling for you!

  123. Tina,


    Sorry I'm so late to this party. We celebrated my 8-year old's birthday today. (It was actually yesterday. He shares his birthday with Elvis.) We had 13 boys over here partying.

  124. Congratulations Tina!! Such exciting news. Enjoy this time. You have earned it. i can't wait to see it in print.

  125. Mary, thank you. I went over to your lovely blog. But now I am hungry. Yummy!!!!!

  126. YAY TINA!!!!!!

    I am so excited for you! I love that you and Ru will be publishing buddies with Steeple Hill.

    Congratulations! I am so excited for you!

    ~ Beth

    PS: I would jump for joy, but I can't feel my's -6 degrees, and feels like -24! Why would people live in Minnesota?!?!

  127. Beth, you Ruthy clone, you!!

    Thank you!!

    Keep warm.

    Are you aware there is a cute guy behind you??

  128. Wouldn't you know the minute I step out someone sells and a party happens. And I miss it.




    I ditto everything Mary said. And so many others. Tina you have inspired all of us so it is such joy to celebrate your wonderful news.


    And Audra, I had dibs on that hut darlin.

    Ps. If you give me the hut, I'll step out again so we can get another sale on the books. LOL That would be you.

  129. Danica thank you. And thank your alter ego, Dream too.

    Sandra, our favorite drill Sgt. and world traveler. We missed you, honey.
    I have some carrot cake in the fridge, hidden in the back. Help yourself.

  130. You hid carrot cake for me? My fav. See why we love you. Thanks Miss published author.

  131. WOWSERS! Tina, I'm absolutely thrilled for you!! And you've won a spot at the top of my TBR pile when your book comes out as I live in Tulsa and can't wait to read about my great city!

    Also, Meredith is a doll. I had my pic taken with her at a conference here in OK once. And she's a very savvy agent, so you're in good hands.

    I'm thrilled for you and can't wait to see your name in lights and on book covers everywhere.


  132. Lights? My name in lights?

    I haven't thought of that.

    OOOOH, Carla, you do have good ideas.


  133. Hi Tina! Paying you a return blog visit, and so impressed with your wonderful news! Congratulations from the emerald isle, now painted white with snow and freezing.
    Can I move to unpubbed island?

  134. Thanks Sally.

    Hey, we have The Colorado Irish Festival here in Denver btw.

    And as soon as we get three more Seekers booted off Unpubbed Island is open to the public. :)

  135. Way to go, Tina! Just shows what talent and perseverance can do :)


  136. Tina, congratulations! I am thrilled for you! You sooooooo deserve this.

  137. CONGRATULATIONS! It's great news and my dear husband would applaud you for breaking the phone, as well. LOL. I look forward to your book's publication. It sounds like the perfect present for my retired RN-romance-loving Mom, for one thing. ;D

  138. Oh, Tina, I think I missed your party! *dismay *jubilation

    ... I'd be happy-dancing around the livingroom except my bruised ribs hurt too much. :(

    But my spirit is dancing. :)


  139. Awe, Andrea thanks..I'm also very stubborn.

    Lorna, thank you. It means alot coming from you.

    LOL, why would he applaud me for breaking the phone, Victoria. Now I have to know.Thanks for stopping by and helping me celebrate!

    Anita, what did you do to yourself. I will have to head ove to your blog and find out. Take care of YOU!!!

  140. Anita!!!!!!! Rats. You said that's TINA, right? lol


    So happy for ya gal! Took forever to graze through the comments but I made it before midnight! And I see so many wonderful authors here I might not have recognized if I hadn't taken on NRCA Inspy category coordinator this year for the first time. Goodness, Mary, Glynna, Carla (hi), and so many more I recognize. What a great support system you have here.

    Did someone mention an empty hut for rent? WHen can I move in? I don't even mind bed bugs!

    Congratulations Tina!

  141. My hubby hates talking on phones, Tina. At least in part because he's lost his hearing, but he also just HATES phones. He claims it's a moral imperative. LOL Long live e-mail.

  142. Calisa! You are a hoot. Thanks for stopping by. :)

  143. Hi, Calisa! You found Seekerville! YAY! Come back and say "hi" again sometime!

  144. Hi, Calisa. We are big into contests here at Seekerville. But we all started with unpubbed contests. We're still learning the ropes of pubbed ones. We keep hearing NRCA is one of the top ones to enter.

  145. Wow--this is a big party!! I can't even see past the door!!

    Congrats girl!!

  146. One of my favorite YA authors..welcome Brooke!!

  147. Tina, so sorry I'm late (way too late to be fashionable but hey - let's just say I was locked in the coatcheck room with David Boreanaz :grin:) Anyhoo, here's my excited and very happy congrats to your first sale. May there be many more!

  148. Oh that is a very acceptable reason, Paula. I am sooo jealous.

    Thank you dahling!!

  149. Tina - congratulations on the first sale! - Terri

  150. Congratulations Tina! You deserve it.

    Terri W.

  151. Congratulations on your novel, that is great!