Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oh, no.

Once again the Ruthinator has hijacked the reins in Seekerville and holds the remaining Island-bound (but not for long, we HOPE) Seekers hostage...

So, here's the scoop.

We're writers. We work on our butts. We eat whatever's handy because many of us are keeping day jobs, or night jobs, or kid jobs etc, so life doesn't hand us a calorie counter with perfectly proportioned meals, right?

And we all know that extra weight is unhealthy, muffin top jeans are unsightly and certain people should never go shirtless.

Which means you should ALL AVOID the Jersey shore mid-summer. I'm deadly serious.

Oh my stars, don't those people have FRIENDS????

But it's so stinkin' tough to keep it together, balance food vs. weight, job, etc. And when your job is pounding a keyboard, not much caloric output there.


Share with us. We all know it's tough. I do Atkins every few months because (as you all know) my weakness is sugar. Candy. Baked goods. The fact that I'm a really good baker is part of my downfall. The high protein plan works for me because it keeps me cold turkey off carbs for at least a few weeks.

What do you guys do? What helps? What's your dietary downfall?

And feel free to eat all the cyber food you want because that one indulgence keeps us calorie-free and grounded.

Jump in here, feel free to share what keeps you motivated and targeted. And what doesn't????

Because even if we've fallen off the January 2nd wagon, we can jump back on, help one another.



  1. Mornin' Ruthy and all ...

    My diet plan? Treadmill, 6-second abs, oatmeal for breakfast, skip lunch. That's it, although I think my body is getting wise to it now because it's going really sloooooowwwww this time. I hate when that happens ...


  2. Julie, that's simple and sensible!

    Girlfriend, I think that's the ticket. Nothing grandiose or crazy, just to the point sensible.

    But you're right, bodies get acclimated and then we have to change things up a bit.

    To that end I recommend lots of chocolate, preferably dipped in even more chocolate.


  3. Ah, Ruthy, hit me where it hurts : )

    I'm doing a full court press fight against my secretarial spread induced by a sitting day job and a sitting writing ambition.

    The New Year brought Weight Watchers to my doorstep, and to the stoops of my office mates. As a pack, we go to meetings and in two weeks of little effort, I've lost 5 lbs.


    Next, my little tubby Corgi and I go walking in the evening. This is much earier accomplished in the summer months because my little guard dog is afraid of the dark.

    Makes for a VERY fast paced walked before dinner : )

    My downfall?? Sweets. Specifically chocolate. More specifically mint dark chocolate. Guess what I got for Christmas? Bars of mint dark chocolate.

    Everything in moderation, right??

    Working on getting rid of unsightly muffin top and firming up bingo arm.

    Let's go team Seekers, let's go! Off with those pounds!!

    Thanks Ruthy : ) That revved me up for the day : )

    Got any cyber mint dark chocolate on the buffet???

  4. Hi, Ruthy! How very timely, since I've gained so much weight in the last few months.

    The thing that worked for me was the Zone Diet. It balances protein with vegetables and fruits. You can have some whole grain carbs, but you stay away from potatoes and doughnuts, rice and pasta. But I can't seem to force myself to get back to doing it. I need to!

    I've also been thinking about joining Weight Watchers. One day I will! In the meantime, I just need to focus on eating less, and eating healthier. My biggest weaknesses are chocolate, potato chips and doughnuts. If eat them, I gain two pounds immediately. And I've learned it's so much harder to take it off after you reach a certain age. Dare I go there? Oh yeah, I just did.

  5. Oh wow, what a great group of friends to greet this morning. I'm off to another meeting in a second, but wanted to drop by.

    After one of the Seekerville posts, I created a treadmill desk of my own. It's been great, because time isn't on my side (most of the time), but there is plenty of fat on both of my sides. SO... I've been faithfully walking on the treadmill every night for twenty minutes.
    Slow losses, but losses all the same.
    I'm also using a smaller plate at mealtimes and NOT eating seconds, thirds...etc :-)
    Sweets are one of my weaknesses, and licking the bowl when I bake...so
    instead of hiding the bowl, I've been telling my kids about it.
    enough said.
    No more brownie bowls for me...
    but I keep the mixing spoon :-)
    Prayer helps too. Sometimes I'll REALLY want to eat at 11pm and I have to refocus my 'heart' by saying, "Lord, help me not eat that."
    So I'll drink tea, instead, and since my tea is SO good - I can handle the substitute.

    Have a great day, ladies... and thanks for the get-up-and-go, Ruthy.
    You, Julie, and Ruthy all look so great!

  6. Melanie!!! Your biggest weaknesses are chocolate, potato chips and doughnuts???

    Ah ... twins separated at birth ... give or take forty years. :)


  7. But Ruthy you said we WORK on our butts. I've been following orders!
    But we have agym membership, when I use it. Iwalk the treadmill lift a bit of tonage.
    It sure feels like tonage. I do the elliptical too. Use the pool but try not to scare everyone too much.

    I have a treadmill desk type setup at home for that rare urge too.

    Bread and sweets are my downfall. Been trying to eat better for awhile though

    well there's that. Just wanted to ask if you all would keep our business in prayer the supposed economic rise is killing us. Thanks.

  8. Ruthy hijacks Seekerville? Oh my word!

    Never been to the Jersey shore, but you did leave out the disgusting "men wearing speedo" description. While never attempting that fashion nightmare, I fall into "shouldn't go shirtless" category.

    I do have two Pilates DVD that resurface every six months and may get out to walking again, now that weather in the Atlanta area is above freezing.

  9. Julie, for you to be 40 years older than me you'd have to be 80! I don't think you're nearly that old. You look better than I do!!!

    Actually, I shouldn't have lumped chocolate in with potato chips and doughnuts. I can't be trusted with the latter two things, but chocolate seems to help me keep from binging, if I reward myself with a little bit at the end of a meal. But right now we're doing a special "21 days of prayer and fasting" at my church, and I'm fasting chocolate. I never imagined it would be this hard!

  10. Melanie, bringing up fasting raises a great point and wonderful option.

    I'm an old Catholic gal. You guys know that. And when I was little, I remember being taught about how the body is a temple of God, the home of the Holy Spirit, and how we should keep HIS home in the best shape possible.

    That made an impression on me. That and the crazy alcoholics surrounding me, LOL! :) So I've always had it in my guilt-riddled head that it's my job to take care of this body, God's vessel.

    How weird the things that stick with little kids.

    But I'm also a mite obsessive, and my love of sugar and chocolate falls into that. God help us all if I took up alcohol or drugs!!!

    Fasting helps break obsession, very Rock/Scissors/Paper. And Melanie, when I give things up for Lent, the first of those 40 days are so tough, but then it's kind of like waiting for Christmas and it's better.

    Kind of.


  11. Audra, that walking in the dark with the dog thing is funny.

    And seriously, woman????

    Anything you can punt farther than a football isn't REALLY a dog, is it?


    Five pounds. Honey, that rocks! Wonderful, wonderful.

    Inch by inch. That's wonderful.


  12. Pepster, that treadmill desk thing is amazing, isn't it? Wonderful.

    And yeah, we all need to feel together in this quest for health and smaller butt-wattage.


    If we band together, we can be stronger, healthier, happier, more pleased with ourselves (and for women, that's a HUGE thing, so much a part of our self-image) and we'll just plain feel like we're in control.

    I like control.

    I live for control.

    Gasp. Did I say that out loud????


    And WALT!!!!!

    Yes, I took over, grabbed the reins and have possessed The Innocent of Seekerville with Ruthyisms. And seriously, the Jersey shore.... I went mid-summer, nice hot day, had to SEE the ocean for the first time.

    You pay to get on the beach. See, now, I live along the Great Lakes, there are beaches everywhere, and you might have a small fee to get in a state park, but you don't PAY to walk on the beach. So that was my first thing, to fork over a ten spot to walk on sand.

    Let me just say: Other than Victoria's Secret catalogs and the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, thongs should be outlawed.

    End of story.


  13. And Pep, those little things add up, don't they?

    We don't gain weight overnight but we freak if we don't lose it in days.

    We're so pathetically human.

    Tiny strides, baby steps.

    Giving up the bowl, the treadmill, the prayer before bed. I do that, too.

    It helps. If I'm sleeping, I can't be shoving food in!!!


  14. Melanie, you sound like me, though.

    I can't just cut back. It doesn't work for me.

    I have to do an about face and then police myself to stick with it.

    Like a jet lifting off the runway, the liftoff is the toughest. By far.

    Once you're cruising at 10,000 feet and losing a pound or two a week, it feels GOOD.


  15. Tina, you've come to the right place for prayer, sweet thing.

    Seriously. We'll put you on our Seeker prayer list and our individuals. AND you've just asked for prayer in front of lots of good folks, so we've got you covered.

    I saw a special a couple of weeks back that talked about ways to change your business around, incorporate new things or aspects to pull in customers and drive up sales.

    If you want to toss out some facts, maybe we can trouble shoot with you????


  16. Ruthy,

    Have you been peeking in my window? I have made up every known excuse to man NOT to go to the gym. "Oh, there's a few snowflakes. I better just go straight home!"

    Last week, I was so proud of myself, I did 2 days of the SLIM in 6 (Try Slim in 600!) video. Except afterwards I almost needed knee replacements. No more squats for these knees. So back to the treadmill it will be.

    As for the treadmill desk, that is too scary for someone who can barely stay on the thing at the best of times, never mind type as you go. Shudder.

    I'll indulge in some cyber goodies with my real coffee - and go to the gym TOMORROW! LOL.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Sue (Still battling the 'scretary spread')

  17. OMG, Pepper! How could I forget the prayer thing?!? See how easily I'm led astray. When I get home, I'm taping a note to my computer screen to pray before I bite : )

    I'm with you on Lent, Ruthy. Easy to give up something with others are doing it with you, perhaps not the Biblical, but God is still with me : ) It's just up to me to keep the momentum going.

    Hey Sue! Down with secretarial spread!!!

  18. Hi Ruth and all Fellow Dieters:

    The good news is, you can’t take it with you. The excess weight, that is. I can’t wait to get my ‘glorified’ body on the other side, but then again, I’m in no hurry to leave this world -- even with all its slings and arrows.

    The bad news is, every diet works. I’ve lost tons of weight on every diet featured in a best selling book (and a whole lot that only made it as magazine articles) over the last forty years.

    Why is that bad news? Because diets only work as long as you stay on them. It’s not the diet that is the problem. It’s staying on the diet that is the problem. And that’s a problem that diets don’t adequately address.

    Do you want to make millions of dollars as a writer? Here’s the book you need to write:

    “How To Stay on Any Diet and Lose All the Weight You Want.”

    But won’t I gain it all back? Of course you will. Why do you think God gave you a ‘set-point’? However, not to worry: by reading my bestselling, “How To Stay On Any Diet and Lose All the Weight You Want,” you can lose the weight again and again any time you want to. If it’s thrilling to get back into those jeans you wore on your honeymoon, think of having this experience several times a year! Think multiple elations.

    I believe that diet books sell so well -- at all times and in all economic conditions -- because, while a person is reading a diet book, (though not yet dieting) she feels good about herself in that she is doing something about her weight. (Unless she is a he and then he feels good about himself but never as good as the she feels about herself.) The problem with this ‘feel good by reading’ approach is that there are just not enough best selling diet books to keep you feeling good all year long.

    I disagree about eating all that cyber food. Cyber food will make your cyber body fat and that can hurt your cyber image which mirrors your real body image. In fact, ‘deep dieting’ begins with cyber discipline. You must ‘show’ the body how to diet rather than ‘tell’ the body how it needs to diet. This all starts at the cyber level.

    I think we need a paranormal diet. This would be a diet that would hopefully explain the very strange phenomena of the skinny writer and abominable snowman at the same time.

    While dieting is hard, revisions drive me to distraction and to other misdemeanors.


  19. Dieting? What's that?

    I don't do the dieting thing, I just do the more extreme exercise/workout thing. I like chocolate too much to worry about dieting! I also don't like cottage cheese and coleslaw enough to do the 'Ruthy diet'.

    I haven't been able to exercise much for the last few months, but in 10 weeks or less this baby is going to make his/her appearance and then a serious workout routine will be in order!

    I recommend the P90X workout from Beach Body. It'll kick you into shape in no time! :) Plus it's fun to do with a friend and/or spouse!

    If that one is too intense or just too long, the modified "10-Minute Trainer" is a good workout as well.

    My philosophy: Eat all the chocolate you want and then workout to burn it off when you feel like it.

    ~ Beth

  20. Yes I pork out while hanging out here in Seekerville. Who can resist all the goodies you provide. Truth be told writing equals gum chewing. Nothing like gum to pretend you are really eating a bar of chocolate, right?

    Anyways diet's don't work but lifestyle changes do...well that is what I keep telling myself anyways! ;) Baby steps towards any goal!

  21. Thanks, I knew I hit the sweet spot for prayer. You've brought tears to my eyes.

    Our business is Omega Avionics We install Instrumentation in aircraft. Mostly for general aviation and do their FAA required tests. But alot of people are selling their planes and the are holding onto their money.

    Enough little jobs will sustain us. We'd really like wisdom for any steps we should take and strength to hold on

  22. Well, that fries it. Vince has declared cyberfood fattening for our cyberbodies, which mirrors our real-body self-image, etc., etc. And here I thought I was safe scarfing up all those blintzes, scones, and super deluxe mocha lattes here in Seekerville.

    Ah, the pain of it all!!!!

    What really fries me is how I can watch what I eat, work out, and STILL GAIN WEIGHT!!!! What's up with that???

    My personal diet of choice is the Flat Belly Diet. It used to work. At least when I was more faithful about following it. But I can't quite resist a piece or two of chocolate after every meal. I mean, really.

    And my husband is great about sabotaging my efforts. "How about I go pick up a pizza for supper?" he'll suggest. Or Pei Wei. Or anything else takeout. And naturally I'll say yes. Anything to get out of cooking!

    I am hopeless.

  23. Vince, you hero, you!!!!

    I'm rof, lol, dying over the cyber food/cyber diet/cyber image.

    Oh my stars, sir, that is wonderful.

    Vince, tell me true: Do vampires care about weight gain/loss? Do they gain weight or is blood too high protein to be a problem?

    And if that's the case, that's just unfair to the extreme.

    Love it, Vince.

    And Bethy, Bethy, Bethy....

    Like her father, Beth eats whatever she wants and stays skinny.

    But she doesn't eat meals. Almost never.

    Bags of chips = Supper

    And she's adorable prenant. Noisy, but adorable.

    And that whole workout thing?

    Again.... Her father. My workout entails a leisurely stroll to the new Keurig coffeemaker.


    Susan Anne, oh my gosh, isn't it SO STINKIN' easy to mess up and turn left, AWAY FROM THE GYM, than to hang that right, spend the hour, and get sweaty.

    This is why Jesus is Jesus.

    Because we're slackers. Oh mylanta, we need a little slappin' around.

    OR.... Just knowing others are on the 'treadmill' with us. I know that helps me.

    Hey, MISSY???????


    You got anything to say, honey-girl????

    Where are you?

    You guys know why things like Weight Watchers, Curves, etc. work? Because we feel like we're connected in our quest, like we're doing it together, AND...

    There's a check in involved.



  24. Tina, that's interesting and fascinating work.

    What other context could it be used in or applied to????

    Are there partnering businesses that need you to exist?

    When I think of business chains, I think up and down. What business will cease to exist below me, and what business do I need to exist by claiming my fair share above me on the totem.

    So what else lives on the avionics totem, Tina P.?

  25. I have got to do something.

    Anyone know about gastric by-pass surgery?

    That's my current favorite fantasy. Passive weight loss.

    Except I'm too afraid...and too poor.

    And I think it might be a bad idea...for my long term health.

    But other than THAT...it's my favorite fantasy.

    I am the shape I am because of a fifty-year love affair with pizza and donuts.

  26. But I am ashamed.

    And I am trying again to settle down.

    I swear.

    My downfall is the hurricane hour between getting home for work and supper. And a sedentary lifestyle that makes a sloth look hyperative.

  27. The treadmill, eating fruits and veg instead of cookies and cake...portion control.

    And whining. LOTS of whining. :)

  28. Ruthy, I hear you calling my name. Because you know if I get on here and admit I'm doing the Flat Belly Diet, then I'll have to stick with it! And I'll have to report in and be held accountable!!! :)

    Well, I guess it's too late to hide. I think I hollered about it a few weeks ago when I had that terrible caffeine-withdrawl headache. LOL So yes, I've been doing the Flat Belly thing. Lost 4 pounds but have been going up and down with the last pound. I need to get moving some, and also need to be more careful with portions. And drink more of my water.

    My weaknesses are French fries and cheese. And pasta.

    Okay, for lunch today, I'm going to have tuna. No running out to Micky D's to get those fries I crave. :)

  29. Totem huh, we work for corporate aircraft to keep their minions running all over the globe, but they've slowed down too.

    My husband is trying to get us contracted to a bigger company who possibly has some work. We did this before during a lean time.

    We can put fancy instruments in boats and trailers and such, but aircraft has it's own special rules.

    We also thought about bankruptcy, (hoping we'd get enough to meet the bills so we don't have to,) then heading for the oil and gas fields which seem to be coming to life a little.

  30. Mary,

    I know someone who had one of those gastric bands put in to lose weight and it killed her. NO joke.

    I hear the big thing right now is tapeworms, and they eat away the extra food and have no lasting side effects and as far as I know there have been no deaths either.

    Amazing isn't it.

    People in third world countries try to keep from getting tapeworms and here in the west we're putting them in for dietary needs

  31. Definitely will be praying for your business Tina. God bless you all for being part of the backbone that makes up our phenominal country.

    While everyone is at it, please pray for our friends in Cayman. Just heard they had a 5.8 earthquake there. Our friends (John & family) ran from their building but all ok.

    Isn't it grand how the Lord has His people in the right place, at the right time, with the right message, and gives them the courage to share it?

    On exercise, my Dad "does the stairs". Now I don't mean wimpy stairmaster stairs. I mean - he DOES THE STAIRS.

    He used to climb the stairs in the bldg across from his office 3-4 times a week. This is a 72 story bldg.


    He does a few windmills and jumping jacks, a few free weights (5-10 lb) for arms. But mostly, it's the stairs.

    Now that he's 77, he is doing 100 flights 3 times a week. And he climbs them 2 at a time.

    So... I've begun doing 5 flights, 3 times a day. I don't know if I'm losing but things are fitting better.

    That and walking to our mailbox & back. It's about 1/3 mile from my desk.

    I want to know from Vince if the 3 missing vampires are at the gym...

  32. Ramping up the exercise. Walked 3 miles yesterday.

    Going back to Atkins-like (not quite as restrictive) eating. It works and I got much too far away from that baseline.

  33. I actually know someone personally who died from gastric-bypass surgery, too.

    But I know some people who've been helped.

    And I know some people who've lost a lot of weight...then gained it back.

    Why am I so sure that would happen to me? I'd find a way to get fat with NO STOMACH AT ALL..... :(

  34. Hello Seekers!
    After 1.5 yrs on a job where I could NOT visit you all - it is SO good to be back!

    My diet? Not planned yet - but I do walk as much as possible - which will be much more as the weather continues to warm up and due to the fact I AM HOME FULL TIME - Yay!!!

    My diet downfall? Bread - any and every variation...bread, cookies, cakes, pies, pastries, crackers, (you get the point) and of course Chocolate. :-)

  35. KC, will definitely pray, after Haiti, it's certain people will get more squeamish when the ground shakes.

    As for your stair exercises, I used to do that when I had them in my home, I'd run up and down them about twenty times a few times a day. It's a great work out.

    Right now, I use the stare method most, hoping if I stare hard enough it will all fall off.


    Be nice to yourself. Take the easy way, try the tape worm.

  36. Hello,
    My name is Pepper...
    and I'm a choco-holic.

    I have a good friend who can eat like a cow and still looks like Keira Knightly. I'm with Melanie, however. The scent of food lands on my body and produces weight gain.
    It's sad

    It's really out of my hands though, you know. It has nothing to do with my continual craving for all things chocolate or high carb...or the need to bake things that I HAVE to eat between meals.

    It's my family's fault. Gotta feed all those people, right?


    Thank you, Ruthy - for reminding me that it's all about Jesus. When we are weak, He is our strength - even in the little, chocolate-covered things.

    The slow loss is hard - you're right, but there's another lesson I need to learn. Self-control.

    I think I just cringed when I wrote that word. Self-control...oooh.

    Okay, time to pray again ;-)

  37. Talking about dieting and knowing we can all use more support while we're trying to lose weight. let me invite you to take a look at the cartoon on my blog page

    http semicolon forward slash forward slash tinapinson.blogspot.com

    Has anyone ever gone through weigh down? It's one where you lean on the Lord and the scriptures more. Unfortunately, as with so many other diets, I've seen people lose weight and put it back on.

  38. Great to see you again, Pamela!

    Tina P., I'm just cracking up at you using the "stare method"!!

  39. Ouch, Ruthy, to look at my lack of success with losing those Christmas pounds is painful. We no longer have cookies in the house tempting me. So what went wrong?

    I've failed in my plan to work out at Curves 3 days and walk 2 miles five days a week. The pounds I lost found me.

    Unlike Julie, I don't skip meals. I have fruit and veggies with protein for lunch. If I'm starving, I'll eat a tiny dish of low fat yogurt or a dark chocolate Hershey Kiss, but the key for me is exercise.

    Can I borrow your dog, Audra?

    Praying for your business, Tina P.

    Praying for us to get and stay healthy. Painful or not, thanks for holding me accountable, Ruthy.

    Vince and Mary have me rolling on the floor. My fav exercise btw. Thanks!


  40. Hi Ruth:

    To answer two questions:

    (1) Vampires have been on the Atkins ‘protein’ diet all their lives. They have very healthy hearts. In fact, it takes stake to stop one.

    (2) The three missing vampires in my book died when they bit my sweet little adorable heroine who has a rare blood disease that, while killing her, also kills any vampire who bites her. The hero is the vampire detective trying to find the killer. In the process he falls in love with her.

    BTW, after a vampire bites the heroine, her life is extended for another six months because of the vampire antibodies. She needs to kill vampires to survive. The hero needs to kill her. There’s a lot of conflict in this book.


  41. My name is Heather...
    I am a batter eater addict.There are times that I will bake cookies just so I can have that all too delicious cookie dough.
    Obviously my wii fit has informed you of my diet progress,lol. It would not insult me nearly so much if it realized that I could return it. I am currently doing the raw food diet and so far have been doing okay with it during the day and cheating at night,lol.

  42. Oh, such a fun topic. Not! ;) I have Celiac so I've been trying to adjust all sorts of diet restrictions. For months I lived off of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Lays potato chips, and Pepsi. Totally unhealthy, but I knew they were safe. I began to add in safe hot dogs and brown rice. I was a carb addict seriously trying to adjust. Although I was under a tight restricted diet, I still wasn't eating right. And I wasn't losing weight (you'd think taking out all fast food would drop the pounds, but noooo, not with me.)

    So, the changes I've made have been in learning how to cook whole foods, buying organic when I can, and thinking a bit more about cardio activities.

    We have a weight bench in the front room, along with a punching bag, but wouldn't you know it, I want a Wii.

    Fun post.

  43. Hmmm... I'm losing weight. Down 42 pounds so far. I'm not a good example though because mine is mostly from meds. I'm trying to go off the ones that made me gain the weight in the first place. More pain, less weight. I also eat a little less. But I eat what I can when I can. I already have too many limitations because of IBS ~ so I don't do fancy diets and I admit that I'm lousy at workouts. I already have enough pain in my life.

    The plan ~ according to my doc and I ~ is to lose enough weight to lessen the burden on my body and then it will be easier to workout. Good theory. ;o)

  44. Oops! Make that "my doc and me." I really do know basic grammar. {blushing}

  45. Oh my stars, I had an afternoon puppy customer, the cutest couple, so sweet.

    And they bought a puppy so that's a WONDERFUL thing!!!!



    Okay, who's been hangin' around this popsicle stand today???



    Giggle. Giggle. Tee hee.

    It is so easy to guilt Missy into ANYTHING because she's got a conscience.

    Go figure.

    But I am so proud of her because she's sticking to her guns with this diet. And now that you all know about it, we can hold her accountable together.


  46. Mary, gastric by-pass.

    So extreme.

    I want a magic pill or a genetically altered gene which allows us to eat anything we want (oh, man, did I just encourage gluttony???)


    gain no weight. But in actuality, the self-control (PEP!!! I just used the word and we BOTH LIVED!!!)
    we need to do this stuff is a God-given gift. It's the human side of us that makes it hard.

  47. Kerri C, yes, those little lifestyle changes are HUGE. Even if they take awhile, it works so well. And then if we cheat a little here or there, we don't hate ourselves, and we don't give up. That's huge.

  48. Myra, what is pei wei????

    Tell me, inquiring minds want to know.

    And girlfriend, aren't we pathetic, how easily we're led astray????


    Oh, sure!


    With extra sauce??? YES!!! And don't forget the fries!!!

    Salad, with broiled chicken on top. Amazing.

    Cole slaw, my current craze, to fill the empty spots.

    Eventually even I get sick of cabbage, LOL!

  49. I'm loving KC's dad doing the stairs.

    My kind of man. That rocks, costs nothing, is available, and makes you feel like you DID something.

    Oh my stars, he's awesome, girlfriend!

  50. Patricia, good girl! And I know it's hard to make the time, find the time, especially if you're in the north where the days are so short right now. It's dark early and stays dark late.


    It's so worth it to get to March and April and be on your way rather than starting, you know???

  51. Yuck! Ruthy...this post should've come with a big WARNING in the title about the content of the post : P

    Being in high school, it's really hard to find the time to lose those few (aw...who am I kidding with only a few!?) extra pounds. After school, I always have something ranging from piano, District rehearsal, or some sort of meeting. Starting soon will be tennis, which will be used for my advantage : D When I finally get home, I have to start homework. Then, eat dinner (unfortunately!). Back to homework. Now, is around 8 o'clock, hopefully. I will watch one of the many TV shows my family follows and work on the Pilates machine. This thing is a WORKOUT! Lemme tell you! It's great, but hard. It's new to us, but we love it so far. And what's better is that we've almost had it a month and we're still not tired of it : ) We (kind of) look forward to using it! Anyway...that's during the week. I try to use it 3-4 times/week. On the weekend I'll usually use the PM, but I also will ride my mom's stationary bike. It's in her room, so there is a new DVD player in there *big grin!* This means I can catch up on all my Grey's, House, Heroes, etc....oh! Don't get me started!!!

    So, basically, I try to find the good in my exercising. I'm hoping for a Kindle (or some sort of E reader) for my birthday this year(it is a BIG b-day after all *wink*), in which case, I can listen to "books on tape" while I'm running for tennis or riding the bike or going for a walk.....

    Lottsa options!!

    Still mean of you to address this subject, Ruthy!! : )

  52. Pamela!!!

    Girlfriend, I've wondered where you were! Welcome back, kiddo!


    So very nice to see you here.

    Ummm...Didja bring food????

    (sorry, kidding of course... Kind of. Maybe.)

  53. Janet.

    Ain't it the truth?

    And because I actually have to feed kids every day, I can't just not have food. Cookies. Cake. Ice cream.

    Have I mentioned how much I LOVE ice cream?

    Oh mylanta.

    And I live to imagine how good that Chick Fil A tasted in Denver.


    Chick Fil A.


    Oops, sorry, I'm SO WEAK!!!!

  54. Vince, talk about a win/win/win but everyone has to die, LOL!



    Good conflict. And it better be funny, Vince, and none of your totally high-brow funny, you gotta get a little down in the gutter funny for us normal folk with vampire murders.

    And there's no antibiotic for this, huh????

    I sense a sequel... the doctor who develops the medicine that thwarts the disease being stalked by the man who wants to annhilate all vampires.


  55. Heather? A Batter Eater?

    Wow, it's always the quiet ones.

  56. Ruthy I am using every ounce of my self-control to get my books written. All that is left of my own will...is like dust in the wind.

    Or maybe...like donuts in the wind.

    Or how about...like donuts in the tummy.

    I'll have to work on that simile and report back.

  57. Oh know I know went wrong I never joined the band wagon!
    Im not a writer but a bad cook!
    (im serious there)
    I do find that I have bacon for breakfast (I wipe the fat of with a serviete or paper towel) and If I dont eat sugar treats I do much better before lunch. If I eat say a cookie Im sunk!
    it goes down hill from there! I need to start on salads etc. but I have been eating so bad this summer. I have cut the crisps out this week well 3 days so far.
    I do try to walk somewhere each day or ride. (Yesterday was a longer ride to the nursery then the town center and home).
    but right now I need my breakfast!

  58. Ruthy!!! You don't have Pei Wei up your way? You are SO deprived! It's kind of a trendy Asian restaurant, similar to P.F. Chang's. In fact, it's part of the same company.

  59. Y'all are making me "hongry" as they say...

    Real quickly on Dad - he's climbed these stairs for years. About 3 yrs ago now, Mom (who's disabled) found him face down on the stairs in their townhouse.

    LONG story short - he had a major blockage but his stair exercising had helped him build completely new circulation. He'd had the problem for a number of years but his stairs kept him going fine.

    He's a Renaissance man you know - veterinarian, published author, inventor and such. And a pretty good Dad too!

    Oh - had to share this. Of course after all this he said - "Good Boy Scout training, I had my feet above my head."

    Yep - tough as a rock. He's a German Viking! :)

  60. Heather.

    Wii fit is to be ignored or destroyed, your choice. The day some stupid bought-and-paid-for machine insults me ON PURPOSE is the day I start the intensive psychotherapy so often recommended by my family.

    But what do they know???? :)

  61. Oh, and Heather...

    the batter is always the best.

    Must be the raw egg, LOL!

  62. Renee, any diet that allows me Reeses PB Cups is #1 on my list, sweet cheeks!!!

    Sorry about the celiac problem. That makes things interesting, doesn't it?

    Rice bread.

    Mmmm. Yum. ;)

    I love your good nature about it all though. You're one tough cookie.

  63. Lee, I like you and your doctor already.

    Because that grain of common sense, makes perfect sense. Less strain on our body from less weight.

    Oh my stars, it's such a simple concept and we blow it time and again. I'm so proud of you, weighing (sorry, pun NOT intended this one time!!!) up the pain relief vs. the weight, which then adds to problems and causes a vicious circle. You've interrupted that circle and that takes guts and grit. Great job, kiddo.

  64. Hannah, Hannah, Hannah...


    Cry me a river, sweetcheeks, then hop on that bike. Or that machine. Or whatever it takes, LOL!

    You're young and beautiful, smart and savvy. There is NO SYMPATHY from the Ruthinator for youth whinage.

    And you've got freshman year in college coming up, when so many kids pad on an extra 10 or 15....

    I'm going to risk you hating me (don't do it, H, I'm really, really nice inside...) and say get it totally under control this year, because it's just WAY too easy to mess up next year and no one (especially young, beautiful, single cuties)wants a double whammy.

    Send me hugs and kisses and let me know you still love me.

    I'm sensitive.


  65. Myra, no, no Pei Wei...

    And there's a PF Chang's over on the east side of town, but I haven't had the pleasure of trying it yet.

    I love good Chinese food and we have the sweetest, cutest, tiniest Chinese restaurant in our small town and it's solid. Good food, freshly cooked. Yum.

    And KC that only ups my respect for your dad another notch or twenty. SWEET....

    And Mary Connealy, I totally understand the whole submitting your total energy into your work.

    With donut in hand, of course. Hey, writers get hungry and there's only so much rabbit food a girl can take before she needs to bust out the good stuff.

    How's that milkshake, darling????


  66. Jenny, you're in summer....

    And what's a crisp? A cracker? A cookie????

    Tell us, sweet thang, inquiring minds want to know!

    I'm dreaming of summer right now. Warm days. Warm nights. Crickets. Frogs. Spring Peepers.

    No bugs allowed.

  67. Oh boy!! Jenny's speaking Aussie!
    Isn't a crip, a potato chip, jenny?

    Just got in from work and so sorry to have missed the LOOOONG amount of fun.

    I think I'll take anything chocolate you have...especially a milkshake!!

  68. yes a crisp is a chip. I thought americans called them potato crisps.
    we call the potato chips. (I love chicken flavoured ones)
    but I am going of them! its now day 4. but i did buy chocolate.
    Oh I love summer and Cricket (as opposed to crickets) Cricket the sport im a fanatic.

  69. Cricket I knew. And I'm not surprised you're a sports fan, girl! Not surprised at all.

    Chicken potato chips?

    Let me ask that again...

    Chicken potato chips?

    I'm lost. Are they chicken flavored, like we have sour cream and onion, or cheddar cheese chips, or salt and vinegar chips?

    And PEP!!!!!

    Lovely, lovely, lovely pic of your shelves. Got me all ver klempt.

    Pass the chocolate!

  70. Ruthy,
    you mean picture of my shelf (singular)
    I didn't take a picture of the shelves on purpose. THey don't look anything like Erica's ;-)
    Hmm, and I'm glad it made the Seeker-rounds

  71. Lol, Ruthy! *covering ears* No! Don't tell me that about next year! I don't need any more pounds!!! Seriously!

    Of course I still love you though ; ) *sending hugs and kisses your way*

    The Pei Wei thingie and the other one that you have, Ruthy...we have neither one in Vermont!! Lol! We have a couple Chinese restaurants and Kotos! Lol!

  72. Yes Ruthy Chicken flavoured chips.
    like bbq, sour cream and chives,
    salt and vinegar or plain potato chips.

    I love the chicken flavour.

    What can I say I just love cricket. When Cheryl comes to australia we are going to a match.