Saturday, January 16, 2010

Weekend Follow The Yellow Brick Road Edition

Welcome to another weekend edition, as we look at the week past and keep moving towards that goal at the end of the yellow brick road.

We Have Winners!

Monday's winner, from guest Kaki Warner's post, The True Story of a Twenty-Five Year Success, is WALT!

The winner of Ruth Logan Herne's debut release, Winter's End, from her Thursday post, Writing Humor and Book Giveaway, is Jeanette Levellie.

Friday's winners from the Editor Dave Fesseden, Birthday Poem Giveaway, are

Next Week In Seekerville:

Monday: Steeple Hill author Missy Tippens will share a tip from her fabulous new agent, Natasha Kern, about how to enhance the conflict in our stories.

Tuesday: Stop by for a special post on Commonly Misused Words by Steeple Hill author Cheryl Wyatt,

Wednesday: Steeple Hill LI Suspense author Debby Giusti, will be blogging about the New Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense Continuity, Protecting the Witnesses and how the series goes from concept to published stories.

Thursday: Steeple Hill Suspense and Zondervan author Camy Tang, will post on Proposal Structure.

Friday: Seekerville welcomes publicity expert, Sabrina Sumsion.

Save The Date:

January 26: National best-selling author Lisa Wingate.

January 27: Love Inspired author, Kim Watters.

January 29: Awe-Struck Books author, Connie Crow.

February 2: Revell author, Janice Hanna Thompson.

February 5: Superromance author, Abby Gaines.

February 12: Five Star and Abdingdon Press author Jennifer AlLee.

February 16: Multi published author of Southern mystery and suspense, Robin Caroll.

February 26: Summerside Press author Ocieanna Fleiss.

Seeker Sightings :

Now available at the bookstore near you!
Cheryl Wyatt's, A Soldier's Devotion, Wings of Refuge Series.

Good news from Debby Giusti. Her December, Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense release with Margaret Daley, Christmas Peril, has sold out!

Next week you can find Debby blogging in Seekerville, as well as on the Craftie Ladies of Suspense blog, on Wednesday January 20th.

Julie Lessman
is part of a 5-BOOK GIVEAWAY (Julie Lessman, Golden Keyes Parsons, Laura Frantz) currently underway at Cornhusker Academy Blog where Janna Ryan features her 2009 TOP 9 PICK FOR BEST HISTORICAL ROMANCE of the year as well as other categories.

Mary Connealy will be visiting Margaret Daley's blogspot all next week. Stop by!

Time to pre-order these upcoming releases:

The Substitute Bride, Janet Dean

Killer Headline, Debby Giusti

Winter's End, Ruth Logan Herne

Random News:

  • From ROMCOM and the 2010 Reader's Crown Contest: Harlequin has agreed to REPRINT any series romance title that wins its category in the 2010 Readers' Crown contest. So if you haven't entered because you thought your 2009 Harlequin/Silhouette book wouldn't be available this summer when contest winners are announced, think again! Not only could you win end-cap display space at all U.S. Borders for a month, but your 2009 series romance would be re-distributed via Baker & Taylor!

Seekerville reminds you that dreams really do come true, Dorothy!

And we'd like to dedicate a tree to Debra Marvin....


  1. Now I want to watch the Wizzard of Oz.

  2. So much going that Yellow Brick Road!!

  3. I agree with Ausjenny; now I want to watch The Wizard of Oz! ;)

  4. Hey, I have one of their anniversary editions, gals, on VHS.

    Always happy to lend it out, spread the cheer of witches, death, crashing houses, killer storms and flying monkeys.

    Toss in a little drug use (hey, that poppy scene wasn't fairy dust, guys and gals!!!) and it's all good.

    Actually I love the Wizard of Oz and think it's an amazingly well-crafted fantasy. Wonderful, wonderful. And scaring small children is my own brand of fun, so it's all good!

    HEY WALT!!!!!!!

    MY BAD.

    You won Kaki's book on Monday but I forgot to send your name along to Tina so you didn't get your name in lights like you so richly deserve, my friend! I'm sorry, big guy, BUT...

    Kaki will be contacting you for your snail addy so she can send off one of the first copies of Pieces of Sky to you.

    Congrats, my friend!

    And Tina, mega thanks for a wonderful weekend edition as always. SWEET!

    And did you see my book cover on there, huh?????? Mine????? My very own??????

    tee hee hee.



    Need coffee, so I brought some Van Houte chocolate almond (try it with the chocolate caramel creamer for a totally decadent experience) AND a big pot of real joe.

    Also, I figured it was time for a little break from starvation diets, so I brought along a full box of chocolate, custard, and cream filled croissants. They're the mini-croissants, so take two!


    I did cheat on these. The croissants are store-bought, but the fillings are all home-made.

    And quite delicious, might I add!

    Happy, happy Saturday all!


  5. Good morning, all ... although I don't qualify waking up at 4:30 AM on a Saturday morning as a particularly "good" morning, but hey, that's the good thing about being an author ... you can always get up and write!!

    Great weekend edition as usual, Teenster!

    And, oh my, all the wonderful Seeker books coming out!! My Seeker TBR list is almost as high as my other one now, which is what I like to see ... :)


  6. I like her shoes...
    AND her little dog Toto too! :)

    Good morning y'all! Hope it's a wonderful weekend.

    Great to see all the Seeker books! Congratulations everyone!!

  7. Not a big fan of the Wizard--I use to be, but hearing it every day for five years as my oldest daughter watched it just took all the magic out of it for me. But I have to say--any movie that has midgets(or should I be politically correct and say the height-challenged) is always a sure hit!

    Got to go--heading to the library for a day of writing.

  8. Tina,
    As usual, you out-do yourself on these weekend editions and it inspired another poem.
    Do you mind if I share it?
    Seekerville Weekend Editions? ;-)

  9. I love the shoes too!!

    Patty, good job..the library is my second favorite place to write.

    All right, Poet in Residence. Let's hear it. I am ready!!!

  10. I can remember watching this movie on TV with my brother in our jammies. My parents left us alone with the TV and snacks.

    WHAT WERE THEY THINKING??? I was terrified but I had to act like I could handle because I was the big sister. That witch scared the snot out of me.

  11. Be afraid. Be very afraid. I'm inspired by Seuss!!

    Good morning to the Seeker gals
    where everyone finds faith and pals
    and Tina brighens Saturdays
    with news in many different ways

    From cavemen, fireworks, parties too
    Red ruby slippers, bad hairdos
    from signs to seas and humor galore
    She doesn't stop there
    She brings so much more

    Holiday greetings with mittens & wreathes
    Wipeouts and movies, and popcorn for treats
    Monthly updates on the contests to come
    winners, reunions, and so much more fun

    After Christmas Peril, Winter's End is in store (or stores ;-)
    and A Passion Most Pure leaves your lips wanting more

    A Soldier's Promise
    Leaves you Dreaming of Home
    along with Autumn Rains
    and some Sushi for One

    From Cowboys at Christmas to Husband Tree Prose
    His Forever Love helps our faithfulness grow.

    No one is Scared to Death around here
    Because there is humor and 'just sayin's here
    Along with great writing tips, agents, and things
    and coveted news that a publisher brings.

    Thank you, oh Seekers
    for providing this place
    Where laughter is common
    and so is God's grace

    Okay...I'm no Dr. Seuss - but it sure was fun ;-)

  12. Yijes! I should reread...and reread what I type. What happened to the rhythm of THAT poem.LOL

  13. Yes, Dorothy, dreams really do come true. Sometimes it just takes a while.

    Thanks again, Tina, you soon-to-be-published author, you.

    PEPPER! I LOVE THE POEM!!!!!!!!!

  14. Lol Pepper! I liked it : )

    Wizard of Oz was playing at like midnight after we got to the hotel after David Archuleta concert. So, we watched it while eating pizza and hot wings : D It was awesome!

    Wizard of Oz also sparks memories of Night of the Museum 2, where the bad brother is like these ruby slippers aren't even real! LOL! That part made me laugh....dunno if anyone has any clue whar I'm talking about!

    Sounds like the upcoming week has some really good stuff. I have no school on Monday and Friday, so I'm hoping I'll have lottsa time to drop by. However, in between then I have finals : / ughhhhh!!

    Okay....enough of my rambling for one time!
    Talk to you later,

  15. Great googly-moogly, Tina!
    I forgot two stanzas. (Can it get any longer, right? LOL)

    "Seekerville's all inclusive
    Mini-books, many clues
    where there's love on a dime
    Mishchief and mayhem too.

    Kitchen cook-tips with Ruthy
    kissing clues straight from Jules
    chocolate, coffee, & Star Trek
    It's true, Seekerville Rules"

    Okay - what else do you do when you home alone with 5 kids and just finished Wii Fit step aerobics with a 3 year old on your leg. Come on! Mental agility, ladies.
    Mental agility...(nice word for CRAZY)

  16. I blame Cheryl for this.

    Forget Julie.

    It's time for a Seuss intervention.

  17. Tina,
    Seuss intervention?
    Does that mean I have to ride a wallabaloo or something?

  18. Thanks, Tina, for shifting the blame to Cheryl.

    Great poem, Pep, but I'm thinkin' you have WAY too much time on your hands ... or kids! :)


  19. sigh...
    Ruthy gets to be giddy and no one says anything.

    I, on the other hand, am having post-girly-sleepover trauma +birthday sugar high, and suddenly I am in need of intervention.

    too much time on my hands? LOL...
    yeah, that's it - or, I think in rhyme.

    I also have a laptop on the counter in the kitchen while making ya go.

    Now, I'm off to wash dishes, do laundry, and I might even SING in rhyme while I'm at it(during my free time).

    Some people! :-)

  20. I'm thinking too many kids. Wow, a sleepover..brave woman.

    No sleep then I take it.

    Horton says, YOU NEED A NAP!

  21. Wow, look at all the books you ladies are popping out!
    Whew. I can't keep up. :-)

    Congrats to the winners! I'm looking forward to another fabulous week in Seekerville!

  22. Jessica, happy weekend. You know I counted last night. Right now we are at 42 with a few more to be added to the photo bucket.

    I think we'll have to do something really big when we hit 100.

  23. looking forward to a great week. I'll be front row center for Missy's post with suggestions from Natasha Kern.

    Have a great weekend ladies. The sun is shining and the snow is melting and if I hadn't gone through this so many years, I'd be lured into thinking SPRING HAS SPRUNG.


    The trees that threw things scared me more than the witch.
    Can't actually say I could sit through the whole movie again. (not because of the trees FYI)

  24. Hey Ruthy want to share it I dont have it on dvd or video.


    RUTHY'S NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Mare, I don't have A Soldier's Devotion yet. I'll have to hunt it up.

    And there was a Ruthy book sighting!!!!

    Cheryl is a reader service subscriber for Steeple Hill and she has WINTER'S END!!!!!

    Oh, snap! People will actually read it now and HAVE OPINIONS...

    EEE GADS!!!! :)

    Jen, I think Peppers Witzitgalooo ate my copy, or one of my kids absconded with it. But I like blaming Cheryl AND Pep today because it's Saturday. Give Jules a day of rest.

    Pepster, I loved the poem. Totally. And I used to LOVE sleepovers. I annoyed the girls by teaching them how to do a jig...

    Irish jig, ya' know? Not fancy like on Riverdance, but still a jig.

    And speaking with a brogue.

    But I made them lots of good food so they put up with me.

    And I've been cleaning all day. I would so much rather write, but it's been a writing marathon around here since July so the cleaning/organizing.... dagnabbit, a necessity.

    Hey, anybody bring chocolate??? Mary, where are you? Got chocolate?

  27. Moist chocolate-walnut brownies for all your trouble, Ruthy (and because you liked my poem)

    I taught my sleepover guests how to slide down the stairs on a matress. Very cool!

    Now back to giving kids baths.

  28. Hello all! Here's some chocolate. I think it's left over from last Valentine's day, but I think it's okay.

    Pep, cute poem!!! lol

  29. Oh my gosh, Pep...

    These brownies are to die for. SO GOOD!!!!!

    Just what I needed, girlfriend!

    And Pammers, I believe the Bible considers it sinful to hold chocolate in absentia that long, girlfriend. Chocolate is a God-given treat meant for consumption. You should have shared in MARCH!!!!

    But I'll take what I can get and be grateful...


    Is that a WORM in the chocolate?

    Eee gads.


    Wait, wait...I just realized those trees aren't real. No, they're not. THEY CAN'T SCARE ME ANYMORE. Apple trees do not have that kind of bark or trunk formation. Boy, that horticulture degree finally paid off...

    Thank you Tina for making me face my fear and face something that has held me captive most of my life.

    I hope you can do as much for those people who are still afraid of the flying monkeys!

  31. Sunday morning

    I must get on board on Saturdays. You folks have too much fun. And probably too much sugar. That certainly explains most of this.

    Loved the poem Pepper. I'm showing it to my family because they have all kinds of words for me when I subject them to my poems.

    Cheryl I not only sighted your book in the store but bought it. smile

    Ruthy, can hardly wait to see yours. Its been a long time coming. Love ya.

    Oh what a great year this has been already. Hugs to all of you.

  32. it's a party here! I should've vistited yesterday too..

    cheers! and happy day.

  33. Shelby, it's always a party here. You brought snacks, right??

  34. Watched the Wizard of Oz as a kid and was scared to death by it, but just loved Dorothy. Thanks to the seekers and their tenacity I feel optimistic on the bumpy ride down the yellow brick road toward publication.I see that those dreams do come true. Thanks, Tina, for letting us know the list of guests here next week.

  35. Seekerville is one of the best places on the blog. It's filled with uplifting fun.

  36. Tina, the movie scared the snot out of me, too! I used to tell my family to call me once it went to color. Could NOT stand the tornado part and had nightmares of witches flying on bikes.


    Pepper, I loved your poem, you brave soul (brave for the sleepover, not the poem sharing, I mean.)! Have you had a sleep over for a son yet? Girly slumber parties are almost as bad as little boy sleep overs! :)

  37. LOL...Missy, I have this thought about kids in the house. "At least I know where they are" ;-)
    So, having their friends over, means mine will be here too.
    My oldest two boys have birthdays two days apart. Last year, they each got to invite 3 friends for an overnight.
    (plus one of the boys has a sister who is my daughter's friend- she came too)
    So...let's see...
    that means I had 12 kids in teh house.
    We ordered pizza, rented a movie, and closed off the upstairs so that the boys could have nerf wars to their hearts content.

    Volume is relative

  38. Yeah, Pepper. I guess it is all relative. Now that I have one in college, that only leaves two at home. And if each has a friend over (which we do often), then we still have less kids than you do on a regular day! LOL

  39. Am I crazy or does it sound like you all are just seeing Cheryl's book!? I bought mine in Walmart like 3 weeks ago! Lol! The new LIR hit shelves like the last week in the month. The LIS hit shelves 2 weeks after that, I think. I think they should all come out at the same time. It's really annoying to have to worry about "Are they in yet?"....just MY opinion....I know THAT doesn't matter!

  40. Hannah, we're a little slow. Either that or the Seekers are writing too fast.

  41. I'm late chiming in. Thanks for the Weekend Yellow Brick Road Edition, Tina. Fun! Pepper, love the poetry.

    Thanks for the smiles!


  42. Renee, you are so sweet to say that. Thanks for being a friend of Seekerville.

    Okay group therapy for Wizard of Oz scaredy cats will begin on Tuesday.

  43. PEPPER! LOL, I LOVED your poem. Very creative and clever to use Seeker titles.

    I'm still smiling!

    And yes! I have already dived into Ruthy's book. It is AWESOME so far.

    I am a BAD seeker sister because I have not sent my seeker sisters any of my books yet. No time! I will need to make that a priority.

    I'm glad they buy them anyway. LOL!

    Hugs all