Saturday, January 23, 2010

When Pigs Fly Weekend Edition

This weekend edition is dedicated to Flying Pigs.

You know who you are!!

THIS JUST IN!! Madame Zelda was right. Congratulations to friend of Seekerville, Lynn Rush on her first sale. You can read more at her blog! WAHOO from all of us in Seekerville!

We Have Winners:

Congratulations to Jackie Smith, who won a copy of Debby Giusti's new release from Love Inspired Suspense, Killer Headline, in the Wednesday post, The Continuity Challenge.

Next Week In Seekerville:

Monday: Look out, because Seeker Pam Hillman is your hostess today.

Tuesday: National best-selling author Lisa Wingate is our special guest. Join us for this special interview and a chance to win a book too!

Wednesday: We welcome Love Inspired author, Kim Watters who will be sharing on Taking the Plunge and, she's giving away a copy of her new release, On Wings of Love.

Thursday: We're delighted to have Avalon author, Fran McNabb with us.

Friday: Awe-Struck Books author, Connie Crow joins us today in Seekerville for E-Publishing, The Latest Overnight Sensation.

Save The Date:

February 2: Revell author, Janice Hanna Thompson.

February 5: Superromance author, Abby Gaines.

February 12: Five Star and Abdingdon Press author, Jennifer AlLee.

February 16: Multi published author of Southern mystery and suspense, Robin Caroll.

February 26: Summerside Press author, Ocieanna Fleiss.

March 3: Revell author, Laura Frantz.

Seeker Sightings:

Glynna Kaye is the Featured Author on the ACFW website the week of January 25th. Check it out beginning Monday.

Romance by the Book
, the second of Myra Johnson's three Heartsong Presents contemporary romances set in Missouri, is due out in the next few weeks.

Romance writer Chandler Michaels has been the object of Sailor Kern’s dreams for as long as she can remember. And now she’s about to meet him in person! But romance and fantasy don’t always go hand-in-hand, and Sailor is in for some big surprises. Will Sailor follow her dream man, or will she see the true hero God has placed before her, right in her own hometown?

And be watching for Where the Dogwoods Bloom, Myra's third Missouri romance, later this year.

Congratulations to Mary Connealy on her multiple placings in the 17th Annual Heartsong Awards!

Also, Montana Rose is the selected discussion book on the ACFW Book Club Loop now through February 1st. Join by sending a subscribe email to

For a chance to win The Substitute Bride, Janet Dean's February release, visit Goodreads. Janet is giving away three copies of this fun to write mail-order bride story. You may enter between now and March 1.

Random News:

Have a great weekend, and don't forget to let us know when pigs will surely fly for you!


  1. Great weekend edition, Tina :) Sounds like some awesome posts coming up!

    And I have to admit, those pigs are pretty cute. LOL :)

  2. I didn't even realize Myra had Heartsongs coming out. Awesome!

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  3. Great lineup next week in Seekerville. Thanks for keeping us up to date, Tina!

    Love the flying pigs! I have a iron flying pig in my kitchen. Poor critter is too heavy to get off the ground. Not that I'm complaining.

    Hope lots of you will stop at eharlequin and sign up for the "Get a Book, Give a Book" giveaway. A half dozen Seekers are giving away copies of our books.


  4. Tina,

    Great info!

    Thanks for the link on the blogpost about agents commissions. Gives a writers something to consider.

  5. Tina! Did someone else get a sale???

    Thanks for the great weekend edition!

  6. I love flying pigs.

    And roast pork with applesauce.

    Maybe some fingerling potatoes, roasted in seasoned butter.

    Broccoli with cheese sauce.

    I hate diets.

    But I LOVE the Weekend Edition, Toots!!!!!

    Lisa Wingate is coming. Oh my stars, Tina and Sandra put me onto Lisa's early stuff years ago and I've been a fan ever since. Cooking in Texas series? Good Hope Road? Talk of the Town????

    How Fun Will That Be??????

    Can't wait.

    Gotta go sell a puppy.



  7. Oh, one of my FAVORITE expressions -- When pigs fly!!! And those pigs -- ADORABLE, which is a good thing because I certainly made one of myself last night at dinner ... sigh.

    Anyhoo ... great Weekend Edition, Tina, as usual and WHOO-HOO, MARE!!! Way to go in the Heartsong Awards!!

    Have a great weekend, all.


  8. Happy weekend everyone.

    Will be looking to the skies for pigs that flies.
    ...or something.
    (yes - it's early on Saturday and those pigs were just CUTE as can BE!)

    Thanks very much for the link to agent commission discussion. Since I'm just starting this process myself (on agent #2 now) this was a very timely post.

    How has the experience been for the Seekers? Anything to share publicly and candidly? (or would there need to be anonymous postings that day?)

  9. Ruthy - what KIND of puppy??

  10. Happy Weekend everyone!

    Finally got my hands on Montana Rose....LOVED IT!!!

  11. Good morning SEEKERVILLE.

    Java in hand. Pigs firmly tongue in cheek.

    KC, agents are like a supportive brassiere. It is crucial that it be a good fit.

  12. Oh wow, thanks for the dedication, Tina. ;-) Flying Pigs and Dr. Seuss...sigh

    Lisa Wingate- oh boy!! Wait, should have written, YEE HAW!

  13. I like the agent=bra analogy, Teenster.

    Wendy might not appreciate it, but she'd most likely agree.

    We're a good fit because we're both bossy, goofy, have a sense of humor and she's okay that I don't take things to extremes. Maybe even grateful. And we both like Golden Retrievers.

    And when a fellow not-to-be-named but really, seriously cute Asian American Seeker said to her: "Wendy, what were you thinking when you signed Ruthy????? You could have called me, I'd have filled you in."

    Wendy leaned in a smidge and said, "What was I supposed to do? She came attached to a handful of contracts."

    Amazing how paper talks, Chica!!!

    So: That good fit is huge. And like Christmas trees, to each his own, that fit isn't universal. Kind of like a 34B from Bali might not be the same as a demi-cut 34B from VS.

    And yeah, I think it's okay to try things on, including business relationships. If it doesn't work, it's not anyone's fault, just a bad fit.


  14. KC, we breed red-toned Golden Retrievers and Golden Doodles.

    Which aren't in the least bit golden. In fact, with a red/gold father and a brown mother, we've managed to turn out 16 black and black/sable puppies.

    Oh my stars.

    Too funny.

    Go take a peek. Fun. Crazy. Drives my poor husband crazy.


  15. Congratulations Lynn Rush!!!

    We love first sales in Seekerville.

  16. Congrats, Lynn Rush! Fantastic news! I'm on my way over to the site right now : )

    I love pigs : ) Actually, I love piglets, by the time they're full grown and pushing down fences, I'm ready for them to leave : )

    Nice lineup for the week. Thanks, Tina!

  17. Lynn Rush, congrats on your contract!

    First sales are wonderful things, chickie!

    And don't ya' just love a good contest win. SIGH.... ;)

    I brought sparkling grape juice with which to celebrate. Help yourselves.

    And coffee because I NEED IT.


  18. Great weekend edition, Tina!

    And Lynn!!! Congrats to you!! :)

  19. And congrats to Mary on the Heartsong Presents results!!