Saturday, February 27, 2010

Weekend Cover Girl Edition

2009 was a busy year for the Seekers. Besides dozens of book sales we also were active behind the scenes with various photo shoots. We'd like to share some of our favorite magazine covers with you! Click on any cover to check it out up close and personal.

We Have Winners!

Tuesday: Interviewing Your Characters with Sandra Leesmith. Winner of an entry into the Genesis contest is Diana Shuford.

Wednesday: Boy Meets Girl: Kicking Off a Rockin' Fictional Romance, with Love Inspired author Glynna Kaye. Winner of Dreaming of Home is Walt Mussell.

Friday: Summerside Press author Ocieanna Fleiss shared, Meaningful Moments: The Rich Landscape of Story. Winner of her release with Tricia Goyer, Love Finds You in Lonesome Prarie, Montana, is Lindsey Parker.

Next Week In Seekerville:

Monday: Join Barbour author, Mary Connealy as she discusses consistency in your writing. She'll also be giving away a copy of Black Hills Blessing.

Tuesday: Putting Your Baby To Bed, with Love Inspired debut author, Tina Radcliffe. And a surprise giveaway!

Wednesday: Revell author, Laura Frantz is our special guest.

Thursday: Love Inspired debut author, Audra Harders is your hostess today.

Friday:March Contest Update. The prize vault will be open.

Save The Date:

March 10: Friend of Seekerville, talented and award winning writer Pepper Basham.

March 12: Multi published children's author Shari Barr.

March 15: Multi-published historical author, Ruth Axtell Morren.

March 29th: Publishing professional, writer, and friend of Seekerville Patty Hall.

March 30th RITA and Christy Award winner Francine Rivers.

April 2: Mutli-published historical author, and three-time RITA nominee, Cheryl St. John.

April 9:
Revell author, Janice Hanna Thompson , returns.

Seeker Sightings:

Ruth Logan Herne will be seen enchanting small children with tall tales of life as an author as a featured guest at Read Across America!, hosted by St. Lawrence School, 1000 North Greece Road, Rochester NY on Friday, March 5th.

Also, Friday, March 5th, Ruthy will be featured on the Harlequin Blog, answering Dream's questions, Ruthy-style.
Come on over to chat with Ruthy, Danica/Dream and get an insider's view of being a new Steeple Hill author.

And on Saturday, March 6th, the Alpha and Omega Bookstore in Stoneridge Plaza, Rochester, NY is hosting Ruthy's first ever book signing event for Winter's End, her 4 1/2 Star debut novel! Ruthy will be cracking jokes, giving hugs and signing books from 1-3 PM. and is seriously hoping for company! Alpha and Omega proudly carries Parable Books.

Monday, March 1st, you can find Mary Connealy in Seekerville and on Christian Writer's World Blog. She's giving you a chance to win a copy of Black Hills Blessings at both blog spots!

Friday March
12th, Mary will be in Sioux Falls, South Dakota doing a book signing for Black Hills Blessing and The Husband Tree from 2 - 4 at Crossroads Book and Music, 3900 South Westport Avenue, Sioux Falls, SD.

Janet Dean will be at Sherry's Blog on Wednesday, March 3.

Random News:

  • From PW Online: Baker Publishing Group announced the promotion of Chad Allen to editorial director for Baker Books effective February 1. Allen had been senior acquisitions editor. Read the rest of this article here.

  • Check out Agent Kristin Nelson's four part series (Mon-Thurs) this week on eBooks and publishing contracts.


  1. Oh my stars...



    I'm on the floor laughing here, because that is TOO fun.

    Oh good heavens sakes to Betsy, where do you come up with such fun ideas???? I haven't looked that good since I "Elfed" myself.

    And I'm just sayin', no one holds a candle to Tina as an elf. :)

    So stinkin' fun.

    Hey, I brought coffee. The dog got me up way too early after a night of way too late doing tax returns....


    More coffee, please, stronger if possible.

    I brought fresh fruit, sugar-snow to celebrate maple syrup season AND the 18 inches of snow in my yard.

    And plowboy was LATE yesterday, so my little ones had to trudge up the driveway from the road. And then again last night. What's up with that????

    Loving how beautiful it is and WARM. Like mid-thirties with a heap of snow.

    Edits are done, taxes are done, grandkids are coming later and we'll play in the snow.

    HUGE piles of snow.

    And then back to new book.

    SWEET. God is good. Amazing. Wonderful.

    Can you tell I'm getting a tax refund? :)

    I'll treat everyone to Perkins. I love Perkins.

    THIS much.

  2. You all do look good on the FRONT PAGE!! What fun. Thanks for sharing all this. GREAT STUFF!! What fun!! But of course that's what you all do best you have fun and we do too!! :D


    Finding Hope Through Fiction

  3. Okay, I'm with Ruthy ... WHERE DO YOU COME UP WITH THIS STUFF, GIRL???? This is TOOO CUTE and TOOOO FUNNY!!!

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for giving me the cover of Tru-Love -- I am forever indebted, but that GH picture is NOT my favorite, unfortunately. Wait, come to think of it, I don't have a favorite ... :)

    SUPER CONGRATS to all the winners and happy weekend, all!


  4. Tina,
    HA! This is GREAT!!! You are awesome.
    My favorite was 'VAGUE" Magazine. LOL
    And where else should Julie be but on the cover of TruLove.
    Oh Tina, so good!!

  5. Tiiiiinnnnaaaaaa, You are tooooooo much.

    These are a blast.

    Love you on the BLING cover. Great picture.

    Maple Sugar Snow, Ruthy. Yum. Might even make snow worthwhile. Bet Glynna doesn't think so.

    Ruthy, your first ever book signing. How fun is that? Wish I could wing my way to Rochester.

    Maybe I'll call the bookstore and order some special autographed books. 585 697 7693 Autographed books make great gifts.

    Mary's signing too.
    Crossroads Bookstore 605 338 5951.

  6. Tina, these covers are adorable. What FUN. Love how you captured everyone's personality. :)

  7. Happy Saturday.

    Hope you all have a very productive writing day. Hot coffee. A computer that runs.

    Life is good.

  8. VERY FUN, TINA!!!

    Mary, you are the big-time traveler, especially for someone who never got on a plane until she came to ACFW five or six years ago.

    Love you guys.

  9. Oh. My. Goodness!!!

    This is SOOO cool, Tina!

    I loved that you're on the Bling cover (LOL!!) and it totally makes sense for Julie to be on the TruLove cover. You really nailed it for some of these *wink*

    I love when you guys get pictures up. You always look like you're having so much ties some of us over until we can *cough cough* actually meet you all *grin*

    Thanks and happy weekend!!!

  10. Thanks, Hannah!!

    Only three months to graduation.

    and 26 days until GH/RITA announcements.

    The important things in life.


    I'm with Pepper, Vague magazine is pretty good, we all know how much you Seekers hate to share on line...

  12. Oh my gosh!! LOL How am I supposed to concentrate on all the news when those HILARIOUS yet BEAUTIFUL magazine covers are stealing my attention! Hahaaaa!

  13. Ahhhhhhh!! Tina don't tell me THAT!!

    : O

    And technically it's a lil longer....we don't graduate until June 15 (if we don't have anymore snowdays!).

    But I don't wanna hear it! I'm in denial *wink*

    That's exciting that you only have 26 days left to wait! Woohoo!! We'll be thinking of ya!

  14. Well that wait is not for's for all of us in the Seeker Kingdom.

    All our buddies.

  15. Yes,

    Arrgh! Magazine

    You gonna make something of it, Mary????

  16. Ruthy, you getting a tax refund is almost as good as my son getting a tax refund.

    Almost, but not quite.

  17. TEEEEENA! You never cease to amaze me! LOVE the covers!!

  18. Oh, and Tina's right on about the several dozen book sales. I sold several dozen copies of mine.

  19. This brought such a smile to the face!

    Congratulations Cover Girls!!! American's Next Top Model should be calling soon...

    And Congrats too on the book signings!!! YAAA WAAA HOOOO!

  20. Arrgh, matey! Pam, do we get to vacation in the Carribean??

    This was so much fun, Tina! Your mind is really quite the fun place to visit, LOL!

    Loved the Bling! And the Outdoors! and Fame! What a hoot!

    Tina, I want you to do my cover art!!!

  21. Hey Arrgh is Captain Jack's favorite magazine.

  22. Tina, love the Weekend Edition!!!! Thanks to you and that lively mind of yours each week is fun and informative!

    Love all the magazine covers! You look adorable on the cover of Bling, Tina.

    So Mary, how has fame changed you?

    Camy, can't wait to read your secrets.

    Pam and Audra, researching the top ten movies guaranteed to make viewers throw up must've been, ah...interesting.

    Sandra, Thanksgiving in Turkey? LOL

    Thanks for all the laughs, Tina!


  23. Tina, so fun! But gosh, I thought for a split second that I might actually be vogue. Instead, I'm vague! LOL

  24. LOL! SO adorable! Tina, your WEs ROCK!