Friday, April 16, 2010

Name That Book!!!!!!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Weekend Edition to bring you this breaking news story...

This just in from 233 Broadway, Suite 1001....

Waiting for satellite feed....

And it's a go!!! Gretchen, we're over to you, you're live in Seekerville.

"Walter, thank you, happy to be here in front of 233 Broadway, the historic Woolworth Building in the heart of the world's biggest financial district where we have word that Steeple Hill Publishers has just offered a new contract to none other than Ruth Logan Herne, one of their hot new authors."

"Gretchen, isn't she the author of that 4 1/2 Star book she's been bragging on for months?"

"Well, Walter, actually it's been weeks... But, yes, she has been talking about it. A lot. Although I'm told that's what authors are supposed to do, the new ones especially. Talk it up. Create an Internet presence."


(Gretchen smiles) "Never mind, Walter, let's see if the news reports hold true. Someone's coming out of 233 Broadway. Why, it's Melissa Endlich, the illustrious senior editor of Steeple Hill Books. Melissa, good morning!"

"Gretchen Carlson? Of Fox News?"

(Gretchen smiles. Gosh, she's got the greatest smile. And really good hair. But then that Endlich gal is no slouch, you know what I mean???)Melissa, forgive me for interrupting your weekend, but we just heard that Ruth Logan Herne has been offered a brand new contract with Steeple Hill. Is this true?"

(Melissa beams, which is waaaaay better than cringing) "It is. I just got off the phone with her wonderful agent, Wendy Lawton of Books & Such Literary (shameless plug, I know, but hey, who's writing this gig??? HUH????) and we're delighted to be tucking Ruthy's first Joy in Jamison novel into our April Love Inspired line-up."

(Gretchen smiles) "I can't wait to read it! I just finished her debut novel, what was that called again???? Spring's Beginning? Springing Forth? Spring has Sprung?"

(Melissa's smile thins slightly) "Winter's End. Her debut novel is titled Winter's End."

(Gretchen smiles) "Oh, of course! That's it. I loved it from beginning to end, couldn't put it down. That Marc DeHollander... He was a hottie! And with Derek Jeter eyes, too!"

(This gratuitous picture of Derek Jeter contributed by author)

(Melissa nods) "Well, since your husband is Jeter's agent, you're probably way more familiar with his eyes than I am. But Ruthy seems to have a Mom-mance going on with him."

(Gretchen smiles) "He's a sweetie! So, tell me, Melissa." (Gretchen leans in) "What's this new book called?"

(Melissa shakes her head sadly). "We don't know."

(Gretchen's smile dims) "You... WHAT?"

(Melissa shrugs, discomfitted) (fyi, discomfitted is the word of the day, try to use it in a sentence, starting....NOW!!!) "It's as yet untitled."

(Gretchen hesitates, looking for some good in this situation, then just plain gives up) "Why, Melissa? Why?"

(Melissa sighs) "We need help. We have all the earmarks of a great romance novel. We have a secret baby, a Gift of the Magi type sacrificial love, mistakes made, a West Point graduate, military hero... Gretchen, this book has it all. A great son who wants the best for his mother, a darling, Shirley Temple-type daughter..."

"And no title?"

"No." Melissa draws a deep breath. "But that's where the friends of Seekerville come in."

(Gretchen turns) "Where?"

(Melissa sighs, a little heavier this time) "Euphemistically. I mean we need their help to name this novel."

(Gretchen's smile perks up) "Really? You'd let them help?"

(Melissa nods sagely) "They do, after all, put up with Ruthy and her particular brand of nonsense each and every day. And they're salt-of-the-earth good people, of the race that knows Joseph, if you get my drift."

(Gretchen nods in return) "The backbone of America, motherhood and apple pie."

(Melissa agrees wholeheartedly) "You nailed it. The people of Seekerville know a good book when they see it. So we're enlisting their aid to come up with title possibilities for Ruthy's first 2011 release. Some key words they might want to consider are 'hearts', 'edge', Alyssa, Trent, soldier, military, Jamison. And this story evokes feelings of redemption. Forgiveness. Second chances."

"I just know I'm going to love it, Melissa!!!!"

Melissa smiles full agreement as she opens her umbrella in the face of a brisk April rain. "So do we, Gretchen. So do we."

Ruthy here, pleased to have brought you that late-breaking news flash!!!! It's another party in Seekerville!!!! YAY!!!!!

So yes, today you get to help Name That Book.... Alyssa and Trent's incredibly beautiful romance has just been officially contracted by my BFF editor, Melissa Endlich of Steeple Hill.

So jump in everyone. Run the gamut. Here's a mini-synop to help you along...

Four-year-old Trent Michaels was dumped by his parents alongside a busy interstate in Western New York. The town of Jamison took the boy to heart and raised him with pride and hope, going the distance for a little boy lost, a child of hope and promise, a pre-schooler who'd been left for dead on a bitter cold, snowswept November day.

Alyssa Langley never meant to fall in love with Trent Michaels, Jamison’s pauper to prince icon. Trent’s rocky beginnings should have spelled trouble, but Trent’s intellect and football skills made him an ideal West Point candidate, his boyhood dream fulfilled. When Alyssa discovers she’s carrying his child after high school graduation, she keeps the secret to herself, knowing Trent’s integrity and faith will push him to do the right thing, marry her and declare the child. Cadets cannot be married or responsible for a child.

Alyssa breaks things off with Trent, moves west and maintains her silence through years of bad choices until family circumstances force her to move back to Jamison with her eleven-year-old son and three-year-old daughter.

When Alyssa comes face-to-face with a now successful Trent in her family-run restaurant, she realizes the time of reckoning has come. Old feelings resurge as proximity and strengthening faith push Trent and Alyssa together, but when Alyssa’s little daughter becomes gravely ill, Alyssa’s re-found faith is shaken to the core. Can she hang on long enough to become the family Trent never had?

And hey, be sure to leave your e-mail addy for me if you'd like a chance to be entered in a drawing for either Winter's End (NOT SPRING HAS SPRUNG, DAGNABBIT!!) or my upcoming release Waiting Out the Storm...

Breakfast today is courtesy of The Edge, the Langley family's beautiful hillside restaurant, set along a ridge overlooking the sweet town of Jamison, New York, nestled below. Try Susan's homemade strudels, Rocco's egg-n-bacon sandwiches on thick, homemade bread and a lovely selection of buckwheat pancakes and real maple syrup from The Maple Tree Inn.

And feel free to party-hearty. It's celebrating time in Seekerville once again!!!

Now let's Name That Book!!!!! (Oh, hint: We can't use the words family, small, daddy or hometown... Now that I've said that, that's all you'll think about, LOL!!! And I'm tippin' me cap in thanks to ye', I am!) We'll announce the title (picked by the esteemed and illustrious and all-too-cute Melissa Endlich of Steeple Hill Books) and the winner in NEXT SATURDAY'S Weekend Edition!



  1. Congrats on the new contract, Ruthy! Here's my contribution:

    I Should Have Had Derek Jeter Eyes



    Make that...AGGRIEVED SIGH!!!


    Shouldn't you be in bed? Huh??? Beauty sleep?

    Thanks for the congrats, Sweet Pea, but Trent doesn't have Derek Jeter eyes. (silly Camster, not EVERY hero gets Jeter eyes...)

    Think Patrick Dempsey with Trent. Tall, Celtic, rugged, dark, rumpled hair, blue/green eyes, very military stance, dogged and determined.

    And totally dedicated to God, country and family. Except... he has none. Family that is. Until he discovers he has a son...

  3. oh my gosh!!! Too funny! I love this post. :-) Congrats on the new contract!
    I'm trying to figure out a new title for one of my manuscripts (which also has a secret baby)... hard work!


    Hearts Forgiveness
    A Soldier's Heart
    Romancing the Cadet (just kidding, lol)


    I am thrilled for you but even more thrilled for me (and all your other readers) since we get more books from you...HOWEVER...I am somewhat DISCOMFITTED that there will be a seven month lapse between your third book and the first in your new series!!!! I will try to console myself with the knowledge that your Untitled will make it's appearance at Winter's End! A sure sign of spring -- especially if it has a message of hope!

    So far the only title I can think of is:

    Child of Hope

    Which describes Trent, his son and likely the little girl in some way or another...but I will put my thinking cap on in between reference questions at work today and maybe come up with more.


  5. Ruthy, congratulations on the contract!! Seekerville is up to the challenge of naming your book. Now me, not so much, but here goes:

    Second Chance Love
    Finding Daddy
    Returning Home
    The Daddy Surprise
    Hearts Reunion

    Thanks for the delicious breakfast!


  6. Ruthy:


    How about Jamison's Pride.


  7. We now take you to upstate New York where Ruthy busily records possible titles into a file covertly labeled:


    Okay, not so covert. Exactly the reason why Ruthy does NOT write suspense. The biggest suspense in her life is whether or not the Yankees must endure a rain out OR if Kohl's is out of Gloria Jean's Butter Toffee coffee for her Keurig.

    Ruthy loves her Keurig....

    Jessica! Romancing the Cadet.... I'm laughing out loud here because you roll like we do. Good girl.

    And KAV!!!! What a lovely compliment, sweet thang!!!! Thank you so much!

    And I like the Child of Hope idea... The ambiance it creates. And we don't have to stick to category-sounding titles necessarily. Melissa's open to whatever works for the book, so I like that you're outside the box a little with this! Thanks, girlfriend!

  8. Janet, good morning, dearheart, and thank you!

    We can't use 'daddy' at all, though. It's already been assigned that month. And Trent's son is 11 years old now, so he'd be more "Dad" or 'Father'....

    Whereas Alyssa's little girl Cory is about the cutest little thing you ever did see... 3 years old, with a lithp (!!!!! Sorry, couldn't rethitht)... And pugnacious. And she weally, weally, weally likes Twent. And Banilla ice cweam....

    But not just banilla. She likes lots of kinds of ice cweam....

    (Oh my stars, I'm so carried away with myself right now. Someone stop me. Please. Save me from myself... I need an intervention.)

  9. This was cute.

    ROFL on Camy's suggestion!

    Here's my suggestion:

    I Should Have Had Derek Jeter's Smile

    Or um, his Caboose. You know, the tight one that propels him around all those bases. Not that Ruthy has ever looked at it or anything...



  10. Jess, a secret baby for you too????

    You know, we're sick women. But how much fun is it to create a real reason for such choices????

    Oh my stars.

    And I wrote a scathingly brilliant reply to my friend Janet Dean...

    Google ate it.

    Or Blogger.

    Anyway, it's gone. But where did it go? And will it show up at some later date, on a totally unrelated post?

    How funny that would be.

  11. Congratulations Ruthy!

    How about "Child of Promise" for a title?

    Trent's promise to God, promise to the town, etc.

    Just a thought!

    Good luck in finding the PERFECT title!


  12. Oh, Ruthy, this book sounds like a really sweet tear-jerker! Can't wait to read it!

    CONGRATULATIONS! on your new contract! You go, girl!

    Go Ruthy, Go Ruthy!!!

    How about Hometown Boy's Secret Baby?
    No? Oh, phooey, I'm just not very good at coming up with titles. I'll keep mulling it over.

    Oh, and, I know I'm not really a Seeker and all that, but, you know, a lot of you really like me and all, and well, I was just wondering, the next time I get offered a contract, will you throw a party for me? Just a thought. You can say no. I won't be hurt. :-)

  13. Cheryl, great minds think alike.

    I admire Jete for his athleticism. His prowess. His vertical when he launches himself into the air to make a catch and an aerial spin move while firing a bullet to first base....

    And oh my stars, that smile.


    And he does wear a mean pair of pinstripes.


    I'll give the next hero Derek Jeter's smile. His name is Danny...

    And he's a big city guy that can't believe he's stuck in Jamison, New York and keeps wondering what on earth he did wrong....

    Until he finds out that he's actually done just about everything right, LOL!

    But that's a book discussion for another day, huh? Back to Trent... Who is, dagnabbit, just a wonderful hero. He so badly wants to do everything right, and he loves finally being back home, but he's tortured by things he had no control over...

    The working title was "A Family for Trent" because he has no family....

    But family's used in April so that's out. And it was that sneaky little preacher's wife MISSY TIPPENS that got 'family' that month...

    But I'm not bitter. No. Not in the least. I'm SO over it, Melissa. Really.

    (Wiping tears as I speak...)

  14. Jamison's Pride....

    I love it, Helen!!!!!

    It's on the list, and thank you, my friend! Since your name is IN THIS BOOK....

    (Of course all similarities to people living or dead is purely coincidental...) You know that, right????

  15. Pam T., I just love having you back here, darling girl!!!!

    Yay for us!

    Child of Promise....

    Pam, I like it! It's going on the list, kiddo.

  16. Soldier Father

    Soldier's Unknown Son (ROFL)

    Soldier Who Looks Nothing Like Jeter Because Ruthy Said So

    Soldier of Redemption

    Jamison's Redemption

    A Family for Trent

    Um wait, I think you said you can't use family...if so nix that one.

  17. Melanie, honey, I'll throw a party for you with or without a contract. Name the day and the time...

    party's on!


    And that's a really horrible title by the way. Just thought you should know.

    And hey, everyone's a Seeker. Aren't we all in this together? Working, moving forward, helping one another? That's all a Seeker is, kiddo, and you qualify, hands down.

    You let me know when that next contract whisper comes about and I'll be sure to bake up a storm. :)

    And keep working on titles, hmm?

  18. Okay, so Ruthy...something you said in your comment gave me an idea:

    Finally Home

  19. Redemption's Edge....

    Ah, Cheryl, that flows beautifully and touches so many aspects of the story....

    Writing it down in the not-so-covert file.

    Thanks, sweetness.

  20. Ruthy!! Woohoo! Grinning and dancin' for you. Wait, just envision the grinning, the dancing might be too scary - especially early in the morning.

    I'm horrible at titles. It took me two years to find the perfect one for my historical.

    What about Dagnabit!
    At the Heart's Edge?

  21. Cheryl, great minds think alike once again.... since A Family for Trent was the working title...

    So yeah, it's all Missy's fault.

    Stole my title.

    Thank God I have a forgiving, nurturing spirit.

    And Cheryl's the go-to gal for soldier titles... Beth stole my copy of A Soldier's Devotion... Just because she had a really cute baby shouldn't mean she gets to steal my books, right????

    How about "To Die For Soldier Daddy"


    "Patrick Dempsey Look-Alike-Contest-Winner Soldier Daddy"

    Do you think people would notice if ALL my heroes looked like Jeter???

    But seeing as how it's JETER, do you think they'd CARE????

    Just thinking out loud here.

  22. Can't use 'home'.

    And that's a tough one, because this is a real 'homecoming' book for both protagonists....

    Great idea, though, Squirl.

  23. At the Heart's Edge....

    Love it!

    Adding it now....

    (This is me, scribbling furiously in the not-so-covert file. Note the bowed head and serious expression. What are those? You mean the cookie crumbs??? Oh, wait, here, let me share...)

    Yes, I have fresh baked sugar cookies, with Ruthy-frosting, and delightful sprinkles, done in shades of spring. Dig in, guys.

  24. You guys rock.

    Can I just add that in here???

    Totally rock.

  25. Congrats on the latest contract, Ruthy! Loved the fun post.

    Titles aren't one of my strengths, but if I think of something, I'll be back to share it. I think you've already gotten some promising ideas form the creative Seekerville crowd.

  26. A Reunion with Daddy
    Surprise! Your Son is Eleven!
    Face the Music
    Alma-mama (now, think about it!)
    Alma Matre Mother

    My Highschool Oopsie

    Reunion of the Heart
    High School Face-the-Musical


    I don't do title either but I do read. Does that count?

    Time to make a new pot of java..I am up to that too.

  28. Keli Gwyn...

    That's lame....

    Seriously, woman.

    You walk away WITHOUT TAKING A STAB?????

    Oh my stars, here I am, shamelessly exploiting my good news and you trot off into the sunset. Get back here and at least TRY for heaven's sake....

  29. Oh Mary!!! You made me laugh so hard!

    My Highschool Oopsie

    That is BAD, Mary!

  30. And Ruthy, you're so sweet. :-)
    Actually, I finally got to see my first contract this week. A beautiful thing. I hope I get to sign it before the book comes out in Sept/Oct! :-)

  31. Connealy, that's what friends are for, darling...


    Sounds kind of dirty, doesn't it?

    I'm striking that one in the interest of family-friendly viewing.

    High School Face-the-Musical totally ROCKS!!!!

    HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!


    HA HA HA HA!!!!

    Okay, okay, okay....

    If you have to EXPLAIN it, then it's really not funny.

    I kind of get a warm, fuzzy feeling over "My High School Oopsie"...

    Right away the title evokes a feeling of "Oops!" that I've tried to make intrinsic to the story.





    And I'm not just sayin' it.

  32. Mary, you made me laugh this morning, and I needed it because the characters in my WIP work me up this morning with their chatter. Early.

    Jamison's Son--the only serious one I could come up with

    Alyssa's Hearts on Edge for Soldier Trent--prize for using the most words suggested

    Small Hometown Daddy's Got A Family--prize for using all the taboo words

    Honestly, how many of you come back here every day just to read Mary's comments?

  33. Ruthy could you do the
    Jamieson's Whatever thing?
    Like if this ends up being a series?
    Jamisons Pride
    Jamison's Betrayal
    Jamison's Forgiveness
    Jamison's Football Injury
    Jamison's Revenge (getting ugly)
    Jamison's Horse (I don't know)
    Like Cheryl does the "A Soldier Daddy" thing. It really brings things together.

    Jamison's Garden
    Jamison's Winter's End
    Jamison's Hernia
    (Look, I can't name them ALL this morning

  34. Major congrats Miss Ruth. That's awesome.
    Are Derek's eyes smiling I presume you keep them in a special place so you can let your hero's use them from time to time.

    My attempt at humor today

    Jamison's Grace

    Alyssa's redemption

    return to redemption

    redemption's reveille

    recruit of grace

  35. LOL I think Mary is on to something with her Jamison's series...well, not all of them (rolling eyes). And here's a few more I thought of:

    Hearts Promise
    A Redemption of Hope
    Faith's Redemption
    Time of Reckoning
    Redeeming Hope

  36. Congratulations, Ruthy! So happy for you!

    I'm horrible with titles so I won't even inflict my thoughts on this subject to you guys.

  37. I am TERRIBLE at naming things, so I'm not even going to say anything, except CONGRATULATIONS!! Awesome news if evern I heard any. :)

  38. about...

    For God, Country, and Family

    Sorry, NO Family. Got it....

    Promise of Spring
    Hope Springs Eternal
    All Together Again
    Full Circle
    The Edge of Love
    Loving Trent
    Love's Enduring Hope
    To Love Again
    To Love Anew
    To Love Trent
    Loving Alyssa
    Derek Jeter Doesn't Stand a Chance with Alyssa
    Over the Edge in Love
    Head Over Hills

    Some Military Lingo titles, courtesy of Google:

    KISS the Captain
    S.O.S. for Love
    Countdown to D. Day
    Lifer for Love
    Enlisting for Love
    Husband: Reporting for Duty
    Father: Reporting for Duty

    If I repeated someone's title, forgive me. That just means it stuck in my subconcious as good and I'm not reading through all the comments again! lol

  39. Mary Connealy you are the funniest person ever!

    Sorry Ruthy, but have you read Mary's comments??? She had me laughing out loud at each one! :)

    As for the title, I like the idea of using the word 'edge' and/or 'heart', but that's as far as I've got. I also like the use of 'Jamison' in the title, but I am a little biased as it is my last name! ;)

    Oh, here's a title:
    "Your Heart's on the Menu at The Edge"

    I really like Mary's suggestions of "My Highschool Oopsie" and the "Jamison's ________" series.

    Oh, I know, Ruthy can steal some ideas from Mary's books:

    Jamison Rose
    The Son Tree
    Soldier Canyon
    West Point Ranch
    Trent's Mountain

    What do ya think Ru?

    Laughing out loud in Ruthy's kitchen while using her laptop,

  40. Hi Ruth:

    I can think of no greater honor, as a fan, than to name one of your books. Here are a few suggestions while I think of a really good title.

    The Heart’s Return
    Duty and Devotion
    Love’s Unlikely Reunion
    Redemption Beyond the Horizon
    A Redemption Interrupted
    Love and Sacrifice: Beyond the Horizon
    Sacrifice and Renewal: A Mother’s Love
    Knowing the Place for the First Time
    The Gray Knight’s Long Journey Home
    The Heart’s Hidden Sacrifice
    The Past Runs Through It
    Reverberations in Sacrifice
    The New Centurion‘s Second Chance
    The Heart’s Echo


  41. O Lordy, I haven't laughed this much in weeks! (wiping tears away). Thanks ladies for the fun.

    My High School Oopsie did it for me. And then Jamieson's Hernia.

    How are we supposed to think of serious titles now?

    My first thought was: "Redemption's Promise."

    Very similar to the other brilliant ladies' suggestions.

    Seriously, SO happy for you Ruth! Can't wait to read this one.



  42. Oh my stars, leave it to Connealy to make sport of my poor, erstwhile protagonists in their hour of need....

    Oh my gosh, I'm writing down all of these... Melissa will have a ball.

    Or she'll throttle me, but it's tricky long distance.

    And since the contract's been cut, I'm safe. Kind of. Of course, they might always RETHINK the next one, LOL!!!!

    Vince, thank you so much! I love these... I particularly like Love's Unlikely Reunion...

    Poignant and not over the top.

    And I really like Redeeming Hope that Kav put in... Thanks for coming back, girlfriend!!!

    And obviously Beth is cooking Heart at The Edge while I was rocking 'Lijah....

    Who, by the way, is doing great and absolutely adorable somewhat-alienesque-looking gnome-like three week old grandson. So cute...

    Alyssa's Redemption

    Ah, yes, we need some from Alyssa's pov... Her heart was in the right place initially. Just a few wrong turns... And isn't that just too easy to do when you're young and away from home for the first time????

  43. Tina, I'm loving the coffee. I added some caramel macchiato creamer to the buffet. Just right for a smooooooooth cup of joe mid-afternoon.

    Thank you.

    And thanks for letting my impromptu party mess with your regularly scheduled WE....

    Which will, of course, be shown in its entirety tomorrow.

    Except for viewers on the West Coast.

  44. Patty, thanks for coming, sweetcakes!!!!

    And I won't call you "chicken" in public.


  45. Pam....

    Oh my stars, Pam Hillman and Mary Connealy are the quintessential book namers in Seekerville. I do not know how they manage to roll so many cool ideas around in their very cute heads.

    Pammers, wonderful!!!! Thank you. Hey, can you pass me some hummus for this bread?

    Oh my goodness, who brought the hummus dip? I'm loving it!


  46. Okay, Pam, how fun is "Over the Edge in Love"?????

    Love that one!

    And "Derek Jeter Doesn't Stand a Chance With Alyssa"

    Look at that Yank, tryin' to steal Trent's girl!!!! And him a military man!!!

  47. I like
    Full Circle Homecoming.
    I am discomfited that I can't think of anything else.
    Maybe there's a phrase in the book that will fit, something one of the characters says about the situation.

    Home to Stay
    Heart's Reckoning
    Heart's Homecoming
    Love Renewed
    Home in my Heart

    High School Oopsie is my favorite, though. I would suggest The Healer's Apprentice, but it's already taken.

  48. Oopsie. I just saw that you can't use Home. If you can't use Home or Family you're sort of up the proverbial creek without a paddle. You might have to consider High School Oopsie after all.

  49. Congrats on new contract!!

    Hope Never Dies


  50. I'd like to win Winter's End. I've only heard wonderful comments about it!

    I'm bad with titles, but I do know how very important they are to gaining my attention. I like something different...something that doesn't sound like a title I've heard before...
    Alas, I stink at coming up with such titles. Good luck!

  51. Rebirth of a Family
    Generations Reborn
    Legacy of the Foundling
    Renewal of Love
    Begotten Sons
    Broken Chains
    Unlimited Love
    An Almighty Love
    Heir of Grace
    Begging Her Pardon
    Never for Nothing

  52. Congratulation on the new contract. The book sounds like one I will enjoy ... as for the title.

    The Heart of Redemption's Edge
    Redemption's Edge
    Hope Kept Waiting

    Titles are soooo hard.

    A J Hawke

  53. Denise, thanks, Cupcake! I'm tossing it into the mix as we speak....

    Sounds like we suddenly changed to the cooking channel, doesn't it???

  54. Melanie, I like the idea of coming full circle...

    And honey-lamb, we're never up the proverbial creek without the paddle.

    We're imaginative. We're authors. We're like all over this like soft butter on warm bread.

    Or something like that!

    But I like that feeling you've brought up, of things coming 'round.

    Thanks, sweetie.

    (Am I being nice again???? Really???? This is becoming almost habitual. Mary, quick, say something witty. Wacky. Give me ammunition, here.)

  55. Courtney, I've got you in the drawing, dear girl.

    And I know what you mean. I like titles that are a bit different too...

    And we've got lots of great choices in the mix. Think of the money we could make if we placed bets on what Melissa will pick????

    I could be a bookie for a day. And I get a cut, right????



  56. Lisa, look at you, sweet thang!!!!

    You come out of the woodwork (not really. I don't think...) and you've got a mitt-full of very cool titles.

    Don't you just love to wrap your tongue around words like foundling??? Love it. And I sense of hint of historical about you. :)

    Thanks, kiddo, I'm putting them in the mix.

  57. Ooooooooooooo.......


    Sweet. Very sweet. Love 'em. I'm adding them as we speak.


    You know what I mean.

    Thanks, kiddo. I appreciate it.

  58. The Edge of Love
    The Edge
    Winter's Edge
    The End of Alone
    Discovering Love
    A Cafe of Love
    Serving up Love
    A Serving of Love (that sounds like tennis)
    The Waitress and the Warrior
    Now You're Cooking
    Soldier on the Griddle
    Grilling a Soldier
    My Surprise Son the Adolescent
    Alumni Banquet of Love
    Alumni Surprise
    The Girlfriend's Return
    Revenge of the High School Sweetheart

  59. RUTHY!!!!! I am SO stinkin' proud of you, girl, I can't stand it!!

    Great blog, GREAT way to cull the talent, girl!!

    And thank God for creative Seekers and friends because God knows I am NO good at brainstorming titles, but like Cheryl, I LOVE "Child of Hope."


  60. What's the little boy's name, Ruthy?
    It'd be cool if his name was Chance.
    Then you could call the book
    "Second Chance."

  61. OH-MY-WORD!

    I CANNOT stop laughing.


    My High School Oopsie & Jamieson's Hernia!!! Ah-hahahaa! Too funny.

    Howling to the point of tears over here,


  62. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Soldier on the Griddle
    Grilling a Soldier


    This is TOOOOOOO much fun.

    How about:

    Shouldn't But Did & Now I Have A Kid


    Her Best Kept Secret


    Um...can't think of any serious ones.

    I like the one someone suggesteAllyssa's Redemption. It fits. Not sure if I spelled her name right. But you get the one I mean.


    LOL on incorporating part of Mary's titles.

    Glad you stopped by!

  64. I think Cheryl's having a bit too much fun. :-) I can hear her giggling from here.

    I'm waiting for someone to get really crazy, like -
    "You Can Have Your Best Kept Secret Now"

  65. A Hometown Daddy for a Small Family

  66. How about Redeeming Hearts?

    Nicole.Zotlack AT

  67. From Here to Paternity

    Suited to Paternity or Sued Paternity

    Lab Test of Love

    DNA Tests of the Heart

    Sonny Boy's Revenge.

    Kentucky Fried Daddy

  68. Oh.



    I go off to church like the good little Catholic girl I am and what happens here, in my absence???

    Everyone has fun!!!!

    Oh my gosh, you guys are a hoot. Alumni Banquet of Love????

    Oh, that might be the winner right there, LOL!

    And I shouldn't but I did and Now I Have a Kid....

    Oh mylanta, Cheryl Wyatt, WHO KNEW you were that funny?????

    Seekers, of course! I love when you pull your cute, snub nose up out of the keyboard and join in the dance.

    Who said it's hard to get serious around here today??? Susan, I think.

    Whose name is ALSO in the book. She's Alyssa's mother.

    And Pepper wants me to name the kid Chance...

    Whereas I would have assumed she'd ask me to name him 'salt' or something.

    But there is a character named Ginger in this book. A delightful gal, smart, well-educated, married to a preacher....

    Remind you of anyone, Spice Girl???

  69. WINTER'S EDGE!!!!!

    THAT'S IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Virginia....

    well done, my good and faithful servant! :)

    Oh my stars, it's so hard to get good help these days!

    Thanks, Virginia... Can I call you Ginny? Because I want to.

  71. I love Nicole.

    She's taking my title quest seriously.

    Love you, Nicole!!!! I really mean it. If you're young, I could adopt you. If you're not young we can just be friends.

    As long as you don't make fun of me like... sniff.... sniff...

    LOUDER sniff......


    Hey, did anyone bring champagne??? Because I think each book sold deserves champagne. I'm not even close to kidding.

  72. Julie Lessman, you've got cabernet, right? Or something akin to that????

    Who hired the reggae band?

    Was that you, Cheryl, because I think dread locks would look REALLY GOOD on you, honey.

    Really good.

  73. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WAY TO GO, RUTHY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Would have said something earlier, but I was in a writing workshop all day and then my 8-year old's team had a baseball game. (FYI, Ruthy, my son's team is the Yankees.)

    I thought about a title before looking through the list. No one has it, though Cheryl was close.

    Edge of Redemption

    Other possibilities:

    Winter of Redemption
    End of Winter
    End of Redemption
    Fortunate Soldier
    But Can Jeter Pitch?
    Does Ruthy Care if Jeter Can't Pitch?
    Full Stomach, Empty Heart

    Congrats, Ruthy!!!!!!!!!!


  74. Congratulations Ruthy!!!

    How about -

    Redemptive Hearts
    The Heart of a Hero
    Jamison's Hero Returns
    Where Lies My Heart

    Smiles & Blessings too you!
    Cindy W.


  75. Walt I would have appreciated a spew alert. You hid those funny Jeter titles smack dab in the middle of the others and I wasn't expecting it. Well done.

  76. Walt,
    I have this funny feeling you might be in some deep trouble...coming in from upstate NY.
    You mess with Jeter, you mess with Ruthy.
    I don't know about you - but that scares me.

    Ginger is a fabulous name. Sounds like a wonderful gal too. Btw, you know my mom's name is Ginger. Spice girls! We even sing together.

  77. Hey y'all! I've been lurking around Seekerville for a while now. Lurking...doesn't that sound so ominous and makes you think of Restraining Orders.

    Anyway, congrats Ruthy! And by the way, as a Southern gal with Irish roots, I was immediately drawn to Kayla Doherty's name. Love it!

    Here's some suggestions:

    His Honorable Duty
    His Honorable Commission
    Do The Right Thing
    Whew, He's Outta Diapers


  78. Oh my! Look at all the fun had in Seekerville today!! Ruthy, super congrats on the book!!

    And now in search of a title.

    Hey babe, if you don't find one in the mountain of suggestions on this page, there's something seriously wrong!!

    Mary had me laughing.

    Again and again.

    But Cheryl's "Shouldn't But Did & Now I Have A Kid" had me spewing!!

    How about :

    Little Love; Big Price
    Who Knew?
    Honey? Surprise!
    The Price of Love
    The Forever Love

    Cheesy, I know. No way could I match the brilliance offered today!

    Seekerville has the best friends : )

  79. Ruth:

    Since my name is in this book, I simply have to read it soon as it's out.


  80. Ruthy, I think Pepper is onto something.

    Ginger Snapped
    Pepper Meant
    Tara Gone
    Jasmine the Jerk
    Poppy and Mommy
    Rosemary's Suprise Baby
    Anise A Nephew
    Thyme? Nine Months
    Wasabi(g) Deal

  81. Walt, rolling on the floor, laughing out loud, causing a ruckus here!!!!


    And to have your kid play for the Yankees....

    Every Southern woman's dream, Cupcake.


    Hey, Yankee tidbit... one of our local DeeJays is from Texas... His little nephew is playing on the same team as Andy Pettitte's son...

    I now have a bona fide Yankee connection. It's like Andy and I are BFF's, just like that!!!!

    Walt, thank you, my friend! And I'm leaning toward Winter's Edge.


    But Can Jeter Pitch?

    To which I respond:

    WHO CARES?????? IT'S JETER!!!!!

    See if there's some wine left, Walt, but I fear Mary and Cheryl have downed the last drop. Who knew Heartland girls could party that hearty????

  82. Cindy W, those are awesome!!!!

    Busily scribbling right now...

    (which means hitting copy, then paste, but scribbling in a notebook sounds much more writer-like. Very Austen-esque)

  83. Tracy Elkins, as ah live and breathe, you fit right in, sugah!!!!

    Glad y'all came out of that there lurkdom 'cause ya know that jus' sounds so awful'n'all, bein' on the sidelines when there's just so much more scope for the 'magination by jumpin' in the water an' splashin' around!!!!

    Welcome aboard, Tracy!!!

    I'm going for "Whew! He's Out of Diapers!", LOL!

    Wonderful stuff, kiddo, and glad to have you jump in on the party.

    Grab food.

    If they've left any.

  84. Audra, you're absolutely right, my friend, and we've got a slew of them to send off to Melissa tomorrow.

    Oh my stars, I can't wait to see what she picks. SO MUCH FUN!!!!

    Although these pooooooor peeeeeoooooooopppppplllllleeeeee SUFFER....

    Ah, yes, they do....

    But hey, life offers few handouts, right? You roll with the bad and celebrate the good. Very few gimmes in this world.

    And oh, my stars, Mary....

    The whole spice brigade is out in good force.

    Pepper, I blame you for this.

    You and that Ginger-cute mother. Chatting with Pepper's family is like an episode of Blue's Clues...

    Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper.

    Baby Paprika and Little Cinnamon....

    Oh mylanta....

    I need a Word program that sorts and categorizes and alphabetizes with a click of a button to get these babies in order for tomorrow...

    But I'll have so much fun going over them, playing with them. You guys outdid yourselves....

    And I'm still gathering here, kind of like a squirrel in October, so feel free to keep adding. I can't wait to see what gets picked.

    Oh, and who wins that next book, of course!!!!



  85. Oh, and Tracy Elkins....

    Thanks for the shout out about Kayla Doherty's name!!!!

    Didn't I use that in a book called WINTER'S END??????????


    I love it, too. Go Celts. Go Irish. Erin go Bragh!!!

    And Marc's name is taken from Finance Boy's old girlfriend whose last name was DeHollander. Sweet, sweet girl, but it was high school, eons ago, and it didn't work out... they went their separate ways and I hijacked her family name because I loved how it rolled off the tongue...

    DeHollander Hereford Holdings...

    Flash forward five years...

    And of course, it's the first book out, right? And finance boy has a lovely new lady friend, and little Ms. DeHollander is marrying a different guy this summer whose name is....


    How fun is THAT????? ;)

  86. Okay, I'm late and everyone is gone. It's quiet.

    Seriously? End of Alone really caught my eye. Sounds like the title of a movie.

    Congrats Ruthy!
    Is the hero still in soldier mode? I think a title that has a military edge to it would be nice. But I gotta get ready for church. I'll think about this during the sermon. Oh you KNOW THAT HAPPENS, so I just said it for all of you.

  87. Congratulations Ruth - that's wonderful news. I'm so pleased for you! :-)

    God bless,
    Nicola x

  88. Hi Ruth:

    I picked a favorite title:

    What Goes Around


  89. Ok, I'm not only new but horribly late! I'm also totally rubbish at naming my own WIPs but am taking a stab at this anyway :-)

    Hometown Hero's Surprise (or Secret) Baby

    As for Derek Jeter, I'd never heard of him as we don't have baseball in England, but I'm loving him. He's hawt!!

  90. I love HAWT, Victoria. My new favorite word.It sounds sooo British.

  91. RUTHY!!!!
    So sorry I'm late, girl, but I had to stop by still.


    *big hugs*

    This is awesome!! I can't WAIT to read it, though we've got another one before that (YAY!).

    How about:

    - Pursuit of Redemption (makes me think of Pursuit of Happyness!)

    I'll be back later, I'm still thinking!!!

  92. Hi Ruth

    Here are a few title suggestions:

    A Soldier’s Salvation
    Second Chance Sweetheart(s)
    Season of Surrender
    Season of Redemption
    Surrender to Love
    Hearts Choice
    Back in the Heart
    Hearts Dream
    Hearts Love Reunited
    A Family at Last
    Snowswept Promise(s)
    A love worth waiting for
    Winter’s Dream
    Winter’s Promise

    Good luck and blessings,


  93. Ruthy, here's a last minute title suggestion:

    Is it Bad that I Didn't Tell the Dad?

    Walt, I'm with Tina. Uou must post spew alerts. Hilarious!

    Mary! The spice ones...Oh, I don't know when I've laughed this hard. My family thinks I've lost it.

    And Ruthy, I have SO wanted to get dreds. Billy actually digs them on girls but I don't think I could stand to not wash my hair for that long.

    Get dreds...confession time:

    I did once...well, they were a mixture of microscopic braids and dreds. That was a very long time ago when my hair was down to my waist. BUT, I only got them on one side of my head. Don't ask. Okay, I'll tell you anyway.

    I was in another country and figured out they were using the same combs on everyone without disinfecting them.

    So I got up mid-twist and took off. With only half my head done...and I could NOT get the boogers out. So I left them. Looked ridiculous but I was having fun so I didn't care. LOL!

    I will have to post pics of it sometime.

  94. And...we're SO glad all you lurkers are coming out of hiding!

    Thanks to those of you revisiting us to and always, to our regular readers. I so enjoy reading your posts and comments!


  95. Vince, I love that title...

    Seriously love it.

    And 'hawt' for Jeter?????

    You British KNOW your laddies, that's for certain!!! And Jeter should put you in mind of staging a Yankee tournament...

    For the queen's benefit, of course!

    But you guys sent us Beckham and I've been eternally grateful!!!


    Lisa, I'm loving this list. Thank you, CHICA!!!!!