Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A sure sign of Spring-Wildflower Bride

We interrupt this broadcast of Mary’s series on revisions for one of two reasons.

1) To bring you a totally self-promoting, pathetically ego-driven advertisement for my soon-to-be-released novel Wildflower Bride.
2) In the light of Julie on deadline, St. Mary, who only lives to help others, steps in to save the day. (why do I picture a St. Bernard instead of St. Mary? Whiskey jug attached to my coller?)

You pick.

So today, BECAUSE

I got my authors copies. YAY. (I always love those cases of books showing up at the door.) I'm giving away a signed copy of Wildflower Bride, my May release. With my promise that whoever wins it will get it BEFORE ANYONE ELSE. (unless I forget to mail it, or I mess up the address, or put the wrong postage on, or the mail is misdirected--please insert the whining disclaimer of your choice) Read on for instructions on how to get your name in the drawing. There may be some assembly required.

Here’s a bit about Wildflower Bride.

A white woman, raised by the Indians has yet to meet a white man she doesn't pull her knife on. . .including Wade Sawyer, who is determined to marry her.

She doesn't really need saving, but Wade doesn't let that stop him. And she hasn't actually cut him yet so he thinks she'd coming around.Wade's been trying to rescue women who are doing fine on their own since Cassie Dawson didn't need saving in Montana Rose. Now he's picked the toughest woman he's ever met to protect.

Glowing Sun might end up marrying him out of pure respect for his persistence. . .she can’t get rid of him anyway.
And while Glowing Sun is trying to adjust to a different world, Cassie Dawson is taking lessons on how to be tough from Belle Tanner.

Red may not survive.

Here is how it begins.

Gunfire jerked Wade Sawyer awake.
His feet hit the floor before he made a conscious decision to move.

Grabbing his rifle mounted over the door, he rammed his back to the wall, jacked a shell into the chamber and listened.

Another shot fired, then another. The volley went on and on. Many guns blazing. Even as he figured that out, he realized the gunfire wasn’t close.

Wade yanked the shack’s door open. In the heavy woods and the dim light of approaching dawn, there wasn’t much to see, but he knew the ruckus wasn’t aimed at him.

It had another target and from the direction of the sound he knew what. . .or rather who.
Glowing Sun. And her village.

Already dressed because he slept in his clothes, he yanked his boots on. Snagging his heavily lined buckskin coat off the peg on the wall, he dashed toward his horse, yanking the jacket on while he ran.

Living in a meadow Wade had penned off, his chestnut gelding had his head up, alerted by the shooting, staring toward the noise. Wade lassoed the horse and had leather slapped onto the animal within two minutes. Wade swung up and slid his rifle into the boot of the saddle. Letting loose a yell that’d make a rebel soldier proud, Wade kicked his horse and charged toward death.

The shots kept ringing, echoing from the Flathead village high on the mountain top.

His horse was game and terror goaded Wade to risk the treacherous trails at break neck pace.

But it was too far.

Racing up a deer trail, he knew, no matter how fast he rode and how much he risked, he’d be too late. He was already too late when the shooting started.
The hail of bullets ended. Wade galloped on. The weapons falling silence only made Wade more sure that whatever damage was being done, was over. In the gray of dawn, that silence ate at him, only interrupted by his horse’s thundering hoof beats. He reached the base of the rise surrounding the Flathead village and he tore up the mountainside.

A horse sky-lined itself, a masked rider atop it. A struggling woman thrown over his lap, screamed, clawing, kicking. A blonde woman, dressed in Indian garb, her hair catching the rising sun.

Screaming as only Glowing Sun could scream. She was still alive. Wade felt a wash of relief mixed with rage and terror as he goaded his horse forward. He could rescue her. Save her. He was in time.

Wade closed the distance, his horse blowing hard as it galloped up the rugged hillside, hoofs thundering. Still a long upward quarter of a mile away, Wade wasn’t close enough yet to open fire. Afraid he’d hit Glowing Sun, Wade drew his rifle and carefully fired over the man’s head.
At the instant he pulled the trigger, three masked riders topped the hill, riding at full speed.
Wade’s bullet slammed the first one backward. The man shouted. His horse reared. A splash of bright red bloomed on the man’s shirt. Grabbing at the saddle horn, the outlaw showed great skill by keeping his seat. But he lost control of his mount and plowed into the horse bearing Glowing Sun and her abductor.

Shocked and sickened to have shot a man, Wade grimly raced on toward Glowing Sun.
The masked man just behind the one Wade had wounded swung his gun at Wade in a way that struck Wade as awkward or somehow wrong. The shooter hesitated, then without firing a shot, abandoned the fight, whirled and race his horse back the way he’s come.
The third man, skinny, but beyond that unrecognizable behind his kerchief, turned to face Wade’s gunfire. The instant he saw Wade he turned coyote like the other outlaw and ran, leaving his wounded friend and the man who had Glowing Sun behind.


Glowing Sun gave an impossible twist of her body and an ear splitting shriek. She kicked herself over backward, landing a bare foot in the man’s face. He must have yanked on the reins because the horse reared, neighing and fighting the bit, skidding and spinning. As the horse threatened to go over backward, the man threw himself to the ground.
Glowing Sun went with him, screaming but not with fear or pain. It sounded like fury, killing mean rage. And it sounded strong. Wade prayed she hadn’t been hurt.

Wade, still galloping full ahead up the long slope, leveled his rifle one-handed and fired again, even higher this time.

The man Wade had shot gained control of his horse, wheeled and dashed after the other bandits.

The fallen man leapt to his feet, still holding onto Glowing Sun. Then Wade realized the masked
man wasn’t holding her, he was fighting her off.
Shouting Flathead words Wade didn’t understand, she had one hand jammed into the man’s throat as she slashed with her knife.

With the sharp smack of his backhand on Glowing Sun’s face, the man broke her grip. Her blade slashed, catching a flare of light from the first beams of the rising sun, cutting the man across his arm and chest. The outlaw yowled in pain.

Staggering back, Glowing Sun screamed an Indian battle cry and dove at him. She caught his kerchief and pulled it down. Then her fingers slipped. She fell and slid down the steep hillside on her back.

Wade fired again, his horse thundering forward.

Stay alive. Stay alive.

He’d be there in seconds. But one bullet, one slash of a blade could rob the world—and Wade—of Glowing Sun’s courage and beauty and indomitable spirit.

The outlaw jerked his gun free and shot at Wade. There was no blast. The gun jammed or was empty. Wade thought of the volley of gunfire that had awakened him and suspected the man had emptied his gun already.

Fury twisting his face, the man, his mask dangling around his neck, gave Wade one wild look. Wade saw his face plainly. Blood poured over his thick, black beard and down the front of his heavy sheepskin coat. The outlaw snatched up his horse’s reins, threw himself into the saddle and, in two leaping stride, his horse vanished over the rim, following the other outlaws into the Flathead valley.

Wade reined hard as he reached Glowing Sun. His horse nearly sat down as it slid to a stop. Wade swung to the ground and raced to Glowing Sun’s side. Blood soaked the front of her dress, coated her hands. She jumped to her feet as he got there.
“Where are you hurt?” Frantic, Wade tried to force her onto the ground.
She fought to stay on her feet and slashed the knife.
He only ducked in time because he knew her so well.

And here's a chance to win Wildflower Bride.
Wade survives a terrible, lonely winter, and with spring comes a re-union with Glowing Sun.
To get your name in a drawing for a signed copy of Wildflower Bride, leave a comment telling me your favorite sign of spring.


You know, that’s not what I really want to hear. I’ve just lived through a winter that would stress a polar bear, what I’d REALLY like to hear is why you LOATHE THE COLD.

Yes, I know snowflakes are shore enuff perdy. And I know you like to snuggle by a roaring fire sipping hot chocolate.


The signs of spring around here are robins. . .all laying on their backs, feet in the air, frozen to death in a snowdrift.

Forgive me if I’m not thrilled.

Okay, sorry, got carried away. Signs of spring. Or why you’re NOT sorry to see winter go.


  1. Mary:

    I HATE winter, especially February. By that time I'm sick and tired of the snow, ice, and tracked in mud and slush.

    The cold makes me shrivel up in knots until I hurt. And when my feet are cold, my brain doesn't function.

    Right now I'm going nuts. My yard is splashed with yellow forsythia, lavender wisteria, purple irises, and pink and white dogwoods. I'd be turning handsprings if I could get my feet over my head.


    P.S. Coffee's on.

  2. I live in upstate NY. Vitamin D deficit is very common here because of the famous lack of sunshine.

    My favorite sign of spring is waking up to the birds. What beautiful music. My favorite thing about spring is going for exploratory walks with my 2 and 5 year olds. They get excited about everything from earthworms after the rain to acorns fallen from the trees.


  3. Mary, what a great post!!!

    AKA a blatant plug....

    Either way, I LOVED IT!!!!!!


    Wade. How I used to hate that boy. And you... you... Mary Connealy, you have made me see the light!!!!

    Now I'm his biggest cheerleader. Pathetic, I know.

    Winter's End? Why do we await Winter's End????

    And why do those two words trip off my tongue like nature's song?

    I love Winter's End (and waving to Julia because I'm also an upstate New York gal) because it, well... ends. And while I always look forward to the first snow, I anxiously await...

    Yup. You guessed it:

    WINTER'S END!!!!!!!

    I love that the birds join me in my wee small hours writing quests. I love that the trees are offering dappled shade, their tiny flowers and leaf buds fair-to-burstin'.

    (I did not just say 'fair-to-burstin', did I? Really???)

    Oh my stars.

    Helen, bless you for the coffee. You rock woman.

    And I've got Sandra's chocolate velvet here as well. Oh, YUM!!!!

    And I brought blueberry muffins this morning, a delightful repaste that keeps us moving forward toward strawberry season, blueberries, peaches, apples. We can mark the summer by passage of fruit.

    How sage! :)

    Loved this, Mary. Can't wait to read Wildflower Bride.


    Hey, my word verification is 'kommend'...

    That's because I 'rekommend' Mary Connealy's work to EVERYONE!!!!

    Sorry. Couldn't resist.

  4. Mary- You are so funny!

    You know why I was born and raised in the south, don't you?? Because I can't stand being cold! Once I'm cold, and I'm talking cold to the bone, I can't get warmed up.

    Because of my allergies and sinus problems my doctor said, "Dianna, you need to move somewhere where there's a winter. GA is the worst place to live for allergies."

    My response?

    "Only if I'm on my deathbed. I was born in the south for a reason, doc. God knows how much I hate the cold."

    I will tell you my doctor wasn't impressed with my response, but I meant it! And, after I said it, GA had one of the worst winters since my daughter was born (she's 17 now). We had three snow days!!! Usually, it doesn't snow at all.

    My kids loved it, and I didn't. (Except for the announced snow days because it was too dangerous to drive to school, which got me an extra 2 vacation days from work.)

    Springtime? I love hearing the birds start chirping for the first time, and the time change which allows daylight to shine until 8pm. (I do hate pollen though. My car's been green for the past two weeks.)

    Is this enough of a reason to get to read your book? You know I'm a book-a-holic. I told everyone a few days ago.

    Don't do the whole coffee thing, but the waffles are great. Thanks for letting me stop by for breakfast. Now, I'm on to work.


  5. Ok, Mary, you tickled my funny bone this morning, which is exactly what I needed after receiving sad news yesterday. Thanks for that.

    And I'm with you, girl--I HATE THE COLD. I hate bundling up and looking like the Michelin Man to go outside. I hate that I lost a button on my wool coat, so now I have to replace all 8 so the rest match. I hate higher heating bills. I hate being cold.

    But this Pennsylvanian can't complain too loudly because my Southern friends had a worse winter than I did.

    I love warm, cozy blankets. steaming cups of chai and cocoa, cozy-scented candles, and my warm house when it's snowing outside.

    I love seeing my crocuses and daffodils poking up through the snow. I love hearing the birds waking me with their morning melodies. I love seeing sunshine on a regular basis. I love smelling freshly cut grass. I'd rather clean yellow pollen off my windshield than icy snow.

    lisajordanbooks at yahoo dot com

  6. I loathe the winter becuase I don't like to be wet (unless a hot shower or bubble bath LOL!) or cold and I CERTAINLY don't like to be wet & cold AT THE SAME TIME - which is what usually happens here in SWLA.

    Cold/Damp/Dark pains me to the bone and depresses me. Give me heat and sunshine!

    I often say I have bear blood in me - I'd love to curl up somewhere warm and sleep through winter :-)

    What I love about Spring is that Summer is right around the corner.

    Please enter me into the drawing - (that's zero7)

    Good luck and God's blessings for MUCHO sales!

  7. Mary, I'm so excited that you wrote a story about Wade. He get's his own book!!!! I just finished Montana Rose, so I guess I better hike up to the Christian Bookstore and grab up The Husband Tree before I even think about reading Wildflower Bride.

    And ack --- you should have posted a warning before your preview. Something along the lines of: "Warning this compelling excerpt is so riveting it could prove dangerous to you health since it holds you captive in Mary's imaginary Wild West World until the abrupt ending hurls you back into your reality at which point, if you're cooking your breakfast, you may well have burnt it...and the pot. I don't have time to make another pot of oatmeal -- and that means I'm going to work hungry because you didn't post a warning and argh I just about burned a batch of oatmeal cookies which I was going to bring to work to console a friend who lost an almost love.

    Signs of Spring? My dog starts biting trees...visciously. Attacks them really. bet you never heard that one! LOL.

  8. GOOOD Morning, Mary.
    Oh please, oh please put me in the drawing for wildflower Bride.
    Of course, you know I'll go out and buy it even if I don't win it

    I love the smell of freshly-mown(is that a word?) grass. Especially if I'm not the one who had to mow it.
    And I love the smell of early morning spring dew (preferably far away from a cow field - no offense), just because the dampness on the trees and grass isn't quite as nice on things.

    I'm glad to see winter go because I like not having to pile on 15 layers of clothing just to check the mail. AND I have a fondness for being barefoot. (please refrain from comments about barefoot and pregnant - I've heard them all, especially once people know the size of my family)


  9. Oh yeah,
    and I wrote all the reasons I like Winter's End in a review on my blog ;-) that what you meant?

  10. Mary, I cannot wait to read Wildflower Bride!!!! Nice of you to share a copy with a lucky commenter today!

    Signs of Spring: forsythia, magnolias, bradford pears in bloom. Robins hopping about on crayon green grass. Songbirds giving their wake-up calls. Oh, one more, congested noses, itchy eyes and ears of allergic people everywhere. LOL


  11. Hey Mary,
    Loved the way you completed the redemption of Wade in this book. He gets what he deserves, and I mean this in a good way! As for winter, I confess I love winter. The only thing that makes summer better for me is I am off from one of my jobs, the full-time teaching one at Wesley College, so I can edit more of Mary's books! While spring is beautiful, I have terrible allergy problems that make me glad when this season is over. And for your readers who are enjoying the last in the "Montana Marriages" series, let me just say in the words of Old Blue Eyes, one of my all-time favs, "The Best Is Yet to Come!" Oh, and while you all know Mary is a fantastic writer, you may not know how fantastic she is at working at super speed to complete her editor's revisions who sometimes gets a little behind, therefore saving his bacon! Thanks for everything, Mary!

  12. I get so tired of being cold in the winter I look forward to be cremated just to finally get warm.
    So far, hot flashes have been a major disappointment.

    I'd like to be in the drawing, of couse, I wanted Janet's book earlier this week too!
    debraemarvin (at) yahoooo

  13. MARE!!!! Bless you, bless you, bless you for bailing me out today, and what a bail it is!!

    I used to hate winter because we live on a mountainous hill that dips up and down and up and down, making it downright treacherous to drive during snow.

    BUT ... I have to admit that since I quit my day job and now my hubby and I work back to back in a cozy, little office with candles, hazelnut coffee, a space heater, and a HUGE window to watch all the snow fluttering down ... I now think winter is getting a raw deal ...

    I have to admit that you hooked me on Wade and Glowing Sun's story SO hard in The Husband Tree, that I have been chompin' to get at this one! I can use a hefty dose of that Connealy humor right about now as I gnash my teeth over the last three scenes in a book that has been a real bear to write.

    And Kav??? A bark-biting dog? Really??? I imagine when he's done with a tree, it's a true case of his bark being worse than his bite.

    Sorry ... I told you I needed a dose of real humor because I'm getting slap happy ...

    Thanks again, Mare. You are THE BEST!


  14. Debra! Buy a space heater, wear muclucs, vacation in Mexico...But Pleeeaaasse don't get cremated just to stay warm!

    Oh my goodness, girlfriend! Down a hot toddy!

    Glad you're finally defrosting, Mary : ) Oh, I just love the image of whiskey barrel around your neck : )

    And the shag-cut hair.

    And the droopy ears.

    That image will remain in my little pea brain throughout the day, St Mary : )

  15. We had a particularly bad winter this year, so I'm thoroughly sick of the cold. I didn't get out of my apartment for about 6 weeks it was so bad. I use a walker and it's not fun to use one on ice and snow. So enough about winter, I like the spring flowers peeking out of the late snow, the jonquils, crocus, and tulips. I love flowers so that is my favorite part of spring.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  16. Being a never stops looking like Spring. But one sure sign of Spring is the birds. They sing and sing.

  17. Ooops forgot to leave my email

  18. Must. Have. Book!! Don't put me in the drawing because I will go out and buy it. But dang girl, you know how to write!

    Th thing I unheart the most about winter is slush. The gray, gritty, gross stuff that once was snow. I hate it. Hate.

  19. I'm always happy to see winter go, Mary. And if you hate the cold so much, why do you live in Nebraska? You need to move south. Alabama is very nice. :-)

    The winter I spent in Ukraine (1996) was the snowiest in 50 years. And that's snowy. Just outside my apartment window was a giant tree. These huge black birds--I think they were ravens--would sit in the tree a lot. I kept noticing one bird sitting in it even when there weren't any others. He seemed to be in the same spot. Then one day he was hanging upside down and I realized he'd been dead for some time and his feet were frozen to the branch.

    It was very indicative of how I felt about how cold it was there. It was so cold it was depressing! Not fit for man nor beast.

  20. My favorite first signs of spring are robins returning and the chartreuse green as the trees bud out. I know it's pollen to people with allergies, but it's so exhilarating for me to watch and enjoy.
    desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

  21. Living in Florida, it's almost always springish weather year round. However, when I lived in Massachusetts, I always loved the last snow melting away and the crocuses popping up through the ground.


  22. Mary, blantantly promote your upcoming books anytime you want. Reading that excerpt was a treat indeed, and I can't wait to get my hands on the rest of the story.

    Although I like the changing of all the seasons, this winter was a whopper for us, wasn't it? I hate the ice more than the snow. Driving in the stuff is always scary. Inevitably, some guy will think that he can go faster than everyone else.

    Favorite spring sign? My magnolia tree blooms. I just love all the short-lived pink blossoms and all the spring flowers. I love rain showers (not thunderstorms or tornadoes) in the spring, too.

  23. i LOVE winter, at least 1 week of it anyways...over Christmas...and then i'm DONE!!
    this half a year of misery is for the birds...or not really, unless they are penguins.
    i hate the terrible roads, i hate being cold, i hate bundling up in so many clothes that you can't even move, i hate that it's dark all the time and that it makes me lazy and depressed
    spring...i love everything about it ('cept maybe for the muddy mess) when it comes i'm so relieved i can hardly stand the joy it brings...which, i guess wouldn't happen without a miserable winter
    anyhow...i love the baby animals best i 'spose

    your book
    i CAN'T WAIT for it to come out!
    i've read Montanna Rose and am currently reading The Husband Tree and i LOVE your books Mary!!!!!!
    not only are they interesting and funny with great story lines...but they contain real life lessons and have really made me think...about my beliefs, my life and myself, in a really good, constructive way.
    i'm a little bit belle tanner so i'm counting The Husband Tree as cheap therapy :)
    thanks for the chance to win!

  24. I love winter, though I am not sorry to see it go this year. It just got too darn cold and stayed that way for too darn long!
    And I love it when the trees and flowers start blooming (though my allergies don't share that sentiment).

  25. EXCUSE ME??????????

    AARON MCCARVER?????????????


    LOVES WINTER??????????????????



  26. I enjoy aspects of every season. Like you, Mary, I run cold, but I love toasting my toes in front of the pellet stove in winter. I'm ready to welcome spring now and am delighted to see our lilacs beginning to bloom.

    How cool that there's another of your wonderful books to anticipate.

  27. I live in Nebraska.

    We have seasons.

    Add to that my husband is a rancher, which means, YES we have to go outside.

    Do your realize how many people there are in the world that never have to go outside. Maybe to drive somewhere, but not to hang around. The occasional football game, but that's it.

    So cold, hot, rain, snow.
    Outside we go.

    (that's a poem, you're welcome)

    So, I know the elements and I know the seasons. When other people talk about the weather, they're making small talk. When a rancher talks about the weather, it's life and death. It's the fundamentals of survival. We are DEAD SERIOUS.

    I believe I have perfected the skill of complaining about the cold, then switching over to complaining about the heat. In fact, if I'm on my game and the Nebraska weather is in the zone, I can sometimes make the switch in 24 hours. It's a gift. I was born with it. But I have done my best to develop it over the years.

    So, my point in that above rambling comment is, that, in Nebraska, with the complaining, on the 110% humidity, 100 degree day, breeze-less, mosquito laden, sweat soaked day of August, I STILL HATE THE COLD!
    I know, no matter how hot it is, it's better than winter.

    I do, however, object to my children having softball games while there are livestock warnings. But then cows can't get an IV to replace their fluid loss, so it's FINE.

  28. My very favorite sign of spring is my creeping phlox blooming. They're all budded out. I've got a really nice carpet of them in the front of my house.

    (okay, admission time, they were there when I, Mary 'The Flower Killer' Connealy, moved in. But still, I've lived her a while now and I haven't KILLED THEM, so I can take some credit.)

    They'll be blooming any day. Be still my heart. It's the only time of year my old ranchhouse really looks nice. We live in a 90 year old house built by my husband's grandfather Francis "Too Cheap" Connealy. An old house sounds charming but it's mainly just small, under-plumbed, under-wired (sounds like a bra, excuse the asside) mold ridden, rodent plagued and small.

  29. Lisa, I suppose the sad news was book related. That's the main sad news we all get around here.

    Whatever it is, I'm sorry.
    Go buy several copies of my book to assuage your sadness. I 'rekommend' everyone do that to solve any problem they ever have.

  30. Julia Lessman...girl...get back to work. Do NOT let me hear that you spent today frolicking in the spring weather.

  31. When you've had a chance to read Wade's story, I'd really, really, really like to know if you liked him.

    He was a pretty loathesome character in Montana Rose.

    But I always saw him as a victim, vulnerable, wounded. Many others saw him a scum who needed to be shot. I'm interested in whether I pulled it off and made you care about him, and brought his character along in a believable way.

    And you're all, if you remember the tyrant Mort Sawyer, Wade's dad, you're gonna love how Glowing Sun handles the old man. Her favorite nickname for him, Whining Yellow Dog.

  32. I'm sure sorry ta see winter limpin away caure enough there will be signs of spring all around my yard

    little birdies will be fluttering and singin from the spaces I cleaned them out from last year in my rafters

    and my car will be painted with hues of black and white poo.

    I will have watery eyes from the be u ti ful allergies that slap me senseless. And from the burning off of weeds.

    I will have to start rolling the hose in and out to water the lawn and will have to drag the mower out

    after I clean up all the winter dig droppings if course.

    And with the warming weather more kids walk to school and drop trash along my fence

    Ah Spring...

    Now I won't be able to shroud my overly voluptuous bod in mounds of sweaters, and coats

    I can't tuck my unwashed uncombed curly blonde tresses under a hat

    now I actually have to shave legs and clip my toe nails

    Winter why have you abandoned me.

    Perhaps I will win Mary's book and that will make it all okay

  33. How many Floridians hang around Seekerville?

    How can you possibly bring yourselves to speak?

    Where is the shame?

    You must want this book really badly. :) That's good.

  34. I have an elderly friend whose name is, interestingly enough, Mary Connealy (there are several of us) and she said she hardly left her house all winter. I saw her at a baby shower about a month ago.

    She said she'd walk to her window, look out at the bitter, brutal cold, the deep, unrelenting snow, the ice, the madness, and stare for a while, then go sit down. Just looking at it was all the excitement she could take.


  35. HI LISA!!!
    I love, Lisa.

    I hope you're going to be at ACFW.

    what you unheart most about winter? LOL

  36. I hate when my socks and the bottom of my pants get wet during a cold rain. Hate it!

  37. Melanie, I remain in Nebraska because I have roots so deep they cannot be cut free.

    I am born and raised in the black soil of the finest, most normal state on earth.

    You can think of it as a place of majesty, beauty, grace and honor.

    Or you can think of it as a big old GLUE TRAP and I am the helpless mouse (eek) for whom there is no escape.

  38. Note to self when using the key pad on the iPod hit the right stinking letter

  39. On second thought, Aaron might be from Mississippi. It's somewhere warm, I know that.

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. Hi, Lorna.

    I'm supposed to have lunch with Lorna soon. Then she's taking me to jail. Sooooo rude, but I've had lunch with Lorna before. I'm used to it.

    She's got a book coming in September called Making Waves, set in either Nebraska or Iowa. I think LORNA thinks it's in Iowa, but I know it's in Nebraska. It's set in some territory I believe Iowa STOLE from Nebraska in a border war.
    We have to watch those Iowans every MINUTE!!!!!!!!!!

    It's called Making Waves and no, it's not about the border war. That book remains unwritten.

    Lake Manawa. Or no, it's Carter Lake that's disputed maybe. Or Desoto Bend? Or Blue Lake?

    The Missouri River was at one time a bit famous for jumping it's banks.

    Making Waves has the cutest cover ever.

    See The Cute Cover HERE

  42. Hi, tbsomeday. I can see you have the right attitude for winter.

    A famous saying that actually echoes in my head....along with the other voices of course...when the days begin to lengthen, the cold begins to strengthen.

    January, February, cold nasty, vicious months. Yes, maybe they make us appreciate spring, but I refuse to believe it's necessary. I'd still like to see my flowering crab tree bloom, even if I hasn't lived through 28 below.

  43. Kaitlin? You love winter? Seriously?

    That's so wise of you.

    Which means I'm not.


    I believe that comes as a shock to all of us.

  44. Hi, Keli. Toasting your toes. It sounds so lovely. But we all know how the toes got cold in the first place right?

    I just can't see romanticizing deadly blizzards. Yet many of us do.

    I blame Laura Ingalls Wilder.

  45. I'll be laughing about this all day, Mary! Poor robins. I took pictures of one during last week's snowstorm here in the Rockies. It was huddled up on a branch, and it just looked like it wanted to cuss.

    I hate to be cold because once I'm chilled, I stay that way. For days. Blech.

    Why not move to a warmer climate? Third generation Colorado pioneer loyalty? Or else that Ute Indian curse is really true and I couldn't leave it I tried...

  46. Winter? Snow? What's that? You know where I live, Mary, so I cannot relate. Our weather forecast here goes from hot, windy and humid to windy, humid, and hot.

    But I must say the picture of robins, feet up, in the snow painted quite a picture. (Didn't say a good one, just a vivid one.) : )

    And I think you pulled off quite a sneaky one on us by turning Wade into a hero. Sneaky Connealy. Sounds catchy.

    Now, as I drive north in the spring (happens once in a great while), my favorite sign of spring is the Texas wildflowers. Bluebonnets, Indian paint brushes, 'em all.

    Last of all, thanks for making Lisa smile when she was sad. (I've been praying, Lisa.)

  47. Tina P. I have hired someone to put your post to music. We'll see if Lady Gaga will record it for you.
    We'll be rich.

    Ummm...yes, I expect a cut.

  48. Teri Dawn, I DO know where you live. You are NOT allowed to comment on anything to do with cold weather.

    Though you wisely went with the 'signs of spring' suggested comment so you're name will be the in the drawing.


  49. Niki, a cold weather girl. I feel your pain, darlin'. A Ute curse? That might explain why I can't get out of Nebraska, too.

    Of course, before they invented air conditioning...and a cure for Malaria, no one wanted to hang around in the south now did they????

  50. Mary hath sayeth-- Tina P. I have hired someone to put your post to music. We'll see if Lady Gaga will record it for you.
    We'll be rich.

    Ummm...yes, I expect a cut.

    Tina P. wilst answereth -- A cut is fine, just don't expect me to wear any of those skimpy outfits when we're filming the music video.

  51. I think Ruthy should have tried just a bit harder to work the name of her own book into her comment.

    Really, Ruthy, it's like you're not even TRYING.

    Here's a link, brat:

    Buy it HERE

    I just told a 'Link Joke' it may be the first one on record.

    Unless you count the time Janet Dean tagged a picture of a catfish as a picture of me on Facebook. That's sort of a link joke.

  52. I'll be glad to see the last of the dreary days and the rain and the cold. I'm looking forward to being able to walk the kids to school without being rained on as I walk back home! Sun, please!

  53. Signs of spring that I love - the daffodils popping out. And I am so glad to be through shoveling snow! Wildflower Bride sounds like a wonderful story!
    carrie (at) turansky (dot) com

  54. Hi Mary, Just a quick pop in to tell you I can hardly wait for WILDFLOWER BRIDE.

    You have really taken a protagonist and made him the hero. Isn't it every woman's desire to change her man????? I've been trying for 43 years. LOL Guess that's why I love writing. Our characters can do what we can't.

    Well done.

  55. Loved the link joke. LOL

    But I'm still taking you to jail.

    And there was some state line disputes over Lake Manawa and Carter Lake. Hmmm. Iowa won them both. :)But that was before Making Waves is set.

  56. Alright asked for it!

    Granted, Alabama has mild winters compared to some, but we had snow THREE times this winter, and temps down in the teens, so it was brutal here! And I HATE cold weather too!

    Why? I hate for my feet to get cold, because it makes me cold all over! And once they get cold, no matter how many socks I put on them, they stay cold! (I think I must have bad circulation!) I just want to feel my toes again!

    But even when it's 100 degrees outside, I work in an office with two men whose thermostats don't work right, so I have numb feet most of the year. Did I mention I don't like my feet to be cold?!


  57. Iowa was always spoiled.

    Always got the good border property.

    Q. Why is there no ice in Iowa?
    A. Because they lost the recipe.

  58. Wow, Kim. It snowed three WHOLE times?

    Poor baby.

  59. Carrie, My daffodils got eaten by a late frost.

    Do NOT say daffodils to me right now.

    I LOVE daffodils.


  60. My favorite sign of spring is the trees budding & blooming!

    I am such a huge fan and LOVE this series! Please enter me!

    Michelle V

  61. flchen1 why oh why do they always romanticize walking in the rain. Have you ever knowns ANYONE who actually likes walking in the rain?

    Maybe that Morton Salt girl, but no one else.

  62. Hi, Michelle. I love red bud trees. I can't seem to ever grow one though.

    I've killed so many red bud trees the local Earl May Garden Center has my picture up with a red circle around my face and a red slash across it.

    I've been grounded from buying any more fragile plants.

  63. I am definitely not a winter person at all. Since 1982 I have been gone from very cold winters and have lived in Florida, Southern Arizona, Florida and back to Southern Arizona again where we plan to stay.


  64. I'll have you know. I love walking in the rain.

    And I've been known to pull a Gene Kelly from time to time.

    I suppose passersby wonder if I haven't escaped the bin or something but...

    It's very exhilarating. As is puddle stomping.

    So much better than cow patty tripping.

    Not too much fun when there's lightening though.

  65. Ruthy,

    I didn't quite get Mary's link joke.

    But I did notice all the references to Winter's End in your post. Was that supposed to mean something?

  66. Winter, in my opinion, should end January 1. Where I live, spring lasts about a week, and then we get SUMMER! Ah, gotta love the South. Spring means we finally get to ride our four-wheelers without bundles of clothes on! Hooray!

    I'd love to win this book.

  67. Okay Mary, thems fightin' words. We Iowanians do too know how to make ice. We waits until winter!!!

    I'm gunna take ya to the jail too. Just fer fun.

    Here's why I love winter...NOT!
    My nose turns red and my lips turn blue.
    I get a cold first and then the flu.
    I'd like to go outside, but I can't find my snowshoe.
    There's a foot to shovel-wait the
    pile just grew.
    I hate the winter and love the
    summer, tis true.

    Yeah, that's why I'm not a poet. But hey-it rhymed.

    This is me waving my hand toward NE toward you Mary. Put tape on my name when you draw for the book.

    dawnford001 at msn dot com

  68. I have grown to love winter because I can stay inside. LOL! I've acquired heat and sun intolerance the past few years so being outside is sometimes miserable.

    I love the look of a blanket of snow. When I plant flowers, I feel like I'm digging their graves. LOL!

    I'm not a good gardener and my yard isn't as pretty as those around me. How vain, I know, but that's another reason I dread spring.

    Looking forward to reading your book, Mary!


  69. Or maybe I should say we got the recipe for ice from a Nebraskan? Hmmm. Naw, then they'd think they invented it. :)

    I can't wait to go mushroom hunting. We just need some rain.

  70. Jo, you have my undying envy. I'd go south too, but my husband insists on living next to his cows.

    Also, my grand daughter is here. I would gain the whole warm winter and lose my grandchild?

  71. And is a day on Seekerville ever complete unless someone refers to cow patties?

    Today, at the last possible moment, Tina P jumped in and mentioned them. Just in time. Phew.

  72. Courtney, start circulating a petition to make winter end January 1st. We can get congress to vote and pass that law.

    They seem to think they can control everything else.

    Forget that. No politics.

  73. Dawn (aka sweatheart?) you wrote a poem just for me?

    I'm so touched

    I'd write a poem back.
    But the rhythm I lack
    will make us regret
    this goal I have set
    So your name is included
    But don't be deluded
    The fierce competition
    Will make it hard to win

    Okay, I got bored with rhyming. Shut up.

  74. This comment has been removed by the author.

  75. i don't mind winter - i live in Phoenix for goodness' sakes, and winter is a nice break from 115 plus degrees. but i do love spring. i get to plant flowers and not have them die in the heat that comes a couple of months later. i just wish it would be spring here all the time, but then the winter visitors would be here all year long. no thanks.

    can't wait to read this latest book. i was planning on buying it, but hey, if i win a copy, all the better.

  76. sheesh, i was concerned about the number of comments. that's a 1 in 77 chance of winning. not great odds. then i realized most of these were Mary's comments. (so you want to win a copy of your own book? ok, whatever.)

    although, i have to say, reading your comments is almost as fun as reading one of your books.

    ok, enough brown nosing from me.

  77. Michelle's blatant attempt to suck up and win--let's call it a CHARM offensive.

    Although Offensive and Charm are about exactly the opposite, but moving on.....

    All I can say it, if my head gets a bit dizzy and I'm making my pick and I somehow fail to pick MYSELF, who knows if blatant flattery might make my 'eeney meeney miney moe' style picking system land on Michelle?

    It's worth a try.

  78. Mare,

    Flattery gets you everywhere is my motto, that's why I mentioned cow patties. Cause I know they are near and dear to your heart and spread all over yer property.

  79. I despise winter - and I live in the South. But from the moment of the first chill in the air, until sometime in May, my body is frozen. I could sit on top of my fireplace, and would not melt one drop. So I desperately need to read about flowers, spring and love. :)


  80. I lOVE Mary's books.
    My favorite signs of springs is hearing the birds in the morning.

  81. I love when the daffodils and the tulips start blooming. How beautiful they are. Now, don't get me wrong I love the snow for a day or two but then it can all go away and bring on the sunshine and 70's. The older I get the harder it is to keep my poor ole tootsies warm.


  82. I hate winter! Spring is my favorite time of year! You can get out work in the yard, take long walks and we have extra hour of daylignt for these things. I plan on mowing the lawn today, I love it outside this time of the year! To me spring is the beginning of a new world!


  83. With more anticipation than usual I longed for spring this year after such a hard winter. I look for the flowers first. I'd put in bulbs last Nov. for the first time and wondered if they'd make it. Alas I now have lovely tulips and daffodils in full bloom. I'd love to win a copy of Wildflower Bride. It sounds like an exciting action packed story.

  84. Now that I have stopped laughing....

    My favorite sign of Spring is seeing the trilliums blooming. Even though it's still chilly and wet here in the Pacific Northwest... seeing the trilliums come out helps me remember there is an end to winter.

    Enter me in the drawing please! walkinfaith4him(at)yahoo(dot)com

  85. Oh my, oh my!!! Mary is in rare form today!!!

    Well, I didn't think there was a person alive who hated winter more than I do! Ooooooooh, do I hate to be cold! I was just on top of the world over Easter when we visited our kids in NC and it got up into the 80s and low 90s.

    Then we came home to highs in the 60s and I just about broke out the longjohns. Thankfully it warmed right up in a couple of days.

    But now I'm DREADING this weekend when it will only get up into the 70s. Puleeeeeeze!

  86. Hey Mary,
    I am not in Florida. I am in Mississippi. I know, not that much colder. I actually grew up in the mountains of Tennessee near Chattanooga. We usually always got a couple of big snows while I was growing up. One year we only went to school in January for about 3 or 4 days. Two big snows and temps so cold a school heating system went out kept us at home and me reading to my heart's content. So I can love cold and winter! While I love the people in MS, I still miss the colder winters from my growing up years.

  87. Hey, gang. I had car trouble. Yes, I know I'm inside, but trust me, trouble indeed.

    So I was delayed in talking to you all and I can only imagine the heartbreak and chaos that has ensued in my absense.

    I can only imagine it because...there was none. You've all done well without me.

    And I believe there is a philosophical lesson to be learned there.

  88. Aaron, read the comments more carefully (if you don't a LIFE) I changed your location to Mississippi about oh....11:15

  89. I checked, Aaron. It was 10:39 not 11:15. Sorry for the inaccuracy.

  90. Such great comments! I have to admit, at times I really LIKE winter! The snow covered branches of evergreens that become nature made sculptures; the sound of skis sliding on quiet snow topped paths; ice sparkles glittering like stars on a cloudless winter day; a child's giggle as she throws a snowball that hits her target-her big brother.

    Can I still qualify to enter??
    Have a happy spring day!

  91. I have to say, Mary, that I love reading your posts, I like your humor.

    Favorite sign of spring? I remember that I like the color green.

    Why I hate winter is actually easy, I hate cold as much as you and the list goes on, but why I like winter is the only interesting thing: Because it gives me an excuse for never leaving the house. When I don't leave the house in the spring, summer or fall either, people think I'm weird, but they kind of give me a pass for reclusiveness in the winter.

    rmjagears AT gmail DOT com

  92. Winter does get boring...esp. the tough one we had! I love the birdsong in spring; we have all kinds in our yard! Please enter me for your book.....would love to read it. Thanks!!

  93. We had 30 inches of snow in a 3 day period in February...need I say more?

    I HATE being cold and wearing so many layers I look like the Michelin man...gimme 75 degrees all year round and I will be happy!

    XOXO~ Renee

    p.s. of course I want to be in the drawing! Loved the excerpt! :-)

  94. Lynn, you are very brave to say you like winter. For courage alone, you're entered.

  95. Hi MJ. You know what? You might be on to something.

    Mary The Recluse staying inside for three months. That could be right.

  96. This last winner is one of those 'times that tries men's souls'

    We broke all the records.

    Number of days below zero.
    Number of days below freezing.
    Number of days with snow cover.
    Number of days with six inches of snow cover.
    Number of days with twelve inches of snow cover.
    Number of days in straight jacket. (okay, that's a personal best, maybe world wide someone can compete)

  97. so after all the winter horror stories, the idea of moving to Western Montana is looking a little bleak.

  98. I think Montana will be fine, Michelle. I've never heard of it being cold there.

    (poor Michelle)

  99. As I live on the southern end of the west coast, I can't reply to signs on spring around here because the only two season we have are spring and summer.

    Yes, it gets down to a blistering 60 degrees sometimes and we wonder how we'll survive it, but we always manage to. Most Christmas eves can be spent at the beach here--there's just something really wrong about that.

    Closest I can tell it being the awakening of spring is the bulb flower plants pop up and show off their color.

    I know, I know, ya hate me for our weather, I'm outta the drawing, that's okay--Montana Rose was a great book, THE HUSBAND TREE was one of my all-time favorite reads EVER (I laughed out loud & fell in love reading that book), and I'll crawl on hands & knees to the nearest B&N, if I have to, to get my little paws on Wildflower Brides!

    Thanks, Mary! Keep us laughin' and fallin' in love over and over!

  100. Oh, btw, I didn't think there was any way to redeem Wade when I'd read the first story, even after redemption--he was so horrific.

    But, I sure can't wait to read about him, and am so glad I got to see him grow since that first book. I'm looking forward to his story.

  101. Does it seem weird to say that I felt sorry for Wade in Montana Rose. I thought Mary did a great job of still making him somewhat sympathetic.
    Seeing how his dad treated him adn the fact he really WANTEd to help Cassie (even if for selfish reasons) - there was something sad about him.
    I'm so glad Mary's turned him into a hero - and can't wait to see how she has :-) Love the heroine!!

  102. Tina Dee just wrote to be cruel. For SHAME.

  103. I wanted so badly to bring Wade along in a believable fashion. I don't know if I succeeded to the extent I'd have liked to.
    But I hope you end up loving him.

    You know who else I loved in this book? Tom Lindscott.

    He's a character and I've got an unbelievable love story planned for him in the near future. You're gonna love how I handle that cranky guy.

  104. Hi Mary! I can't wait to read this book (and book 1 and 2 which are faithfully sitting on my TBR stacked!)!

    My favorite sign of Spring is the warm yet cooler than summer weather and the birdies chirping all around!

    Thanks for the chance!
    Blessings and hugs,
    Mollydawn1981 AT aol DOT com

  105. You did just fine, Mary. And, yes, your readers will love what you do with Tom! He is becoming one of my favorites. And, Myra, if you are reading this, Mary has a bit of a beta hero coming in a guy named Logan. I won't spoil anything, but he is definitely one of my favorite Mary characters yet!

  106. Daffodils! shawnawilliams(at)

  107. One of the things I try to do is really challenge myself with characters. It's almost knee jerk to have alpha males and feisty lady ranchers.

    I just LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So, I try and fight it. I did that with Cassie in Montana Rose, but of course I came back with Belle Tanner in the Husband Tree and Glowing Sun in Wildflower Bride.

    So, trying to get back to pushing myself, I've got a true LUNATIC for a hero in Doctor in Petticoats, then a pretty darned sensitive artist for a hero in Wrangler in Petticoats.

    Or course the women are beyond tough, so I stuck with the usual fun there. But along the edges of those two books lurks Tom Linscott, from this series. Yes, I let characters from both the Lassoed in Texas and Montana Marriages run into each other in the Sophie's Daughters series.

    I just had so much fun doing that I still feel like it couldn't have been work.

  108. Loved the excerpt, Mary!! Thanks for sharing a sneak peek. :)

    107 comments???? Man, it'll take me a while to catch up! (and only after I get some more work done).

  109. Spring trumps Winter because...

    Sundresses and flip flops look better without fuzzy socks and hoodies...

    Feet are happier when they're thawed...

    Fewer decisions need to be made, like whether to warm knees or fanny first in front of the fire or to put the big marshmallows or the miniature ones in the hot cocoa this time...

    Sleeping is more relaxing beside a wide open window than a whistling crack...

    and of course...

    It's easier to read with arms outside the blanket.

    Speaking of read - your new book sounds like just what this winter-pecked soul needs right now.


  110. HOLY COW!!!!!!!!! 110 COMMENTS!?!?

    This place is hoppin' today! Figures....Mary's posting *wink*

    Okay, well I live in Vermont, so lemme tell you, I know winter!! Lol! I have to say one thing I do like about winter is getting to curl up with my warm mocha hot chocolate and book while it's snowing outside. It's just so cozy!

    However, I really enjoy spring too! I think my favorite reason though would be because instead of snow we get rain. My favorite nights are coolish spring nights, but warm enough to have the window open, and it's raining. I LOVE listening to the rain at night. I usually listen to music at night, but on rainy evenings, I just lay there and listen to the rain falling down. It's beautiful and sad all at the same time. Plus, it always seems romantic to me! LOL! I don't know....I'm a hopeless romantic....

    I also like spring because it's tennis season!!! Tonight my sis and I played as a doubles team and we won! The score was 6-0, 6-0!! We bageled them! It was our first match of the season, so a great way to start!!

    Nice relaxing post, Mary! Thanks!

  111. I survived the Winter Ice Storm 2009. 14 days without electricity. I never want to see an icicle again. I still have nightmares.
    I love spring. Love to see the flowers pop up.
    This book looks great. Would love to read!

  112. I'm sorry, but I don't hate winter. I know, I know... you don't want to hear that. I'm an oddity. Brisk winter walks. Skiing. Snowshoeing. Snowmobiling. Ruddy cheeks and runny nose. Mmm, sorry. Delete that last one.

    I suppose if I have to find something I hate about winter it would be all the snowmen that children in the neighbourhood insist on building. Long after winter is over there are these drooping hunks of snow left as sentinels in the middle of greening lawns, and until they've completely melted spring doesn't truly come. There comes a point when I want to sneak out in the dark of night and kick them to smithereens just so they'll hurry up and disappear. (Please don't tell the children on my block that you heard me say this!)

  113. Mary,
    'Sounds like Winter was so cold where you live, it plain made a coward out of Global Warming.

  114. I also hate winter and lived through much the same one at you did, Mary. I am always cold, even in the summer because my husband likes to keep the house cold since he works out in the heat all day. I hate the ice, which a fell on several times, luckily without serious injury. But most of all I hate winter driving and being without power for days at a time. My favorite sign of spring is the greening of the plant life and early blooming flowers.

  115. I also hate winter: the cold, the ice, the illnesses and the driving. My favorite sign of spring is seeing the creeping flocks turn green and bloom. I can't wait to read this book!

  116. I swear I was looking for an SUV to buy, so I could just turn it on and run it day and night in an attempt to just warm the globe up a FEW DEGREES.

  117. Oh, my favorite sign of Spring is the Daffodils in bloom in my front yard and the birds singing so loudly in the morning. I would love to win a copy of Wildflower Bride. Thank you for the opportunity.

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.


  118. Winter is kind of despressing for me. I do love the cuddling by a warm fire with a nice cup of coffee and my favorite blanket. But after we turn the clocks back and the days start staying lighter longer...I am ALL in!! I want warmer days, sun high in the sky and blue skies. I want weekends camping or wearing my flipflops with every outfit. I survived 3 winters when I lived in Michigan, but now I live in let's get on with some beautiful weather.
    Please enter me! Can't wait to read it either way.

  119. My favorite sign of spring: baseball.

    What I don't like about winter: heating bills.

  120. Mary, you need to live in Georgia, honey. But this year, even Georgia was icy cold. I like sunshine and warmth. Maybe I need to move farther south, say to Florida.

    Loved your intro to Wildflower Bride. Another exciting opening that had me gasping for air.

    Congrats! You deserve "significant!"

  121. What I hate about winter? Cold feet and blue fingernails. But I am a December baby so there is a bit of celebrating to go on in winter too!

    Can't wait for your new book!

  122. Where I live we do not have a winter or any of the seasons which you speak of. Its hot and humid in the tropics and I certainly wouldnt mind it being cold!!!

    The grass is always greener on the other side.

    However if overseas readers are allowed would like if I could be entered for this giveaway.


  123. Im so late cos I had to move stuff to shampoo carpets today and that included the computer! its back up but the floors still wet.
    I dont like winter the only good things is the warm fire but I hate winter its to gloomy (heaven help me if i was somewhere where you get snow etc) signs of Spring would be the bulbs flowering. although here dafidils tend to flower before the end of winter.
    but when the tulips start its spring

  124. Go Mary GO!

    My heart is pounding along with horse hoofers...


    Ahhh, spring.

    Growing up in TX on the Gulf Coast, not fond of hot weather. Moved here to middle TN to get away from it (and all the people). We actually have FOUR seasons. Who knew?

    So - speaking of spring, I guess it's the flowers, the grass greening, the bird songs.

    Not so fond of shedding horses and dogs but so it goes.

    ksf895 at citlink dot net

    Congratulations - looks like another winner ma'am!

  125. Is it okay to not be a fan of either Winter OR Spring? I hate not being able to get warm in the Winter, and my allergies/sinuses go insanely crazy in the Spring. UGH!

    I don't like being sweaty/sticky in the Summer (but I love spending time in the pool w/my sisters!), so I guess that leaves Fall as my fave season. Boy, I sound really whiny--I don't mean to! I'm just happy to be around from season to season, especially when I have a GREAT book in my hand. ;)

    You know I can't wait to find out what happens to Wade and Glowing Sun, so I would love to win a copy--thanks!

    sugarandgrits at hotmail dot com

  126. I know it's spring when the mesquite trees show their bright green leaves.
    The legend here is that is isn't spring until the mesquite leaves bud.
    The peach trees can bloom. Tulips and daffodils may show their array of colors, but this year they froze in the late spring snow. We should have know because the mesquite trees were still bare.

    This year the snowfall broke records for up to one hundred years in our section of North Texas. Everyone was sick of snow. No shovels, no snowplows, no winter boots because it doesn't snow here except an inch or two once a year that melts by noon.

    So we were all happy to see the mesquite trees announce spring is finally here.

  127. Greetings,
    I don't like winter at all. The snow is pretty if you don't have to get out.
    Love spring, my favorite sign of spring is when Snowdrops poke their heads up through the snow and keep growing, even when it is cold and snowy.
    Trinity Rose

    wandaelaine at gmail dot com
    Follow me please

  128. This winter has been rough, but I saw some robins fling around today and the buttercups are blooming, two signs Spring is here.

  129. I am a middle school special ed teacher and regularly have playground duty before school. The thing I hate most about winter is standing out there in the early morning getting windburn and breaking up football game scuffles. However, I also observe one of my favorite signs of Spring while on playground duty. The first time the weather gets above 50 degrees, boys start showing up in shorts and flip-flops. They look ridiculous out there shivering, but I love their dogged hopefulness.

  130. I know spring is coming by the smell in the air! That is my favorite thing. I love that certain smell that means its about to get warm and pretty and green.

    Please enter me! I would love to win a copy of this book. It sounds awesome!