Monday, August 2, 2010



God bless Lindi Peterson and Sandra Elzie for stoppin' by!!!

Oh my gosh, jump on in here today,
tell me your conference tales, good and bad.
chat, leave a comment
and (because I'm THAT nice)
I'm going to give away a fifteen-page Ruthy-
critique of someone's work.
And I'll promise it in two weeks that
may stretch to four.
Which doesn't say much for my promises, does it?

And I'm back home, I have COFFEE, and I'm feelin' good.
Real good.
Wonderfully good.
TODAY!!!" (say that in a Missy Tippens' voice)

Also: Giving away a copy of my newest "light-hearted"
4 1/2 STAR NOVEL!!!!

Yes, that's me, shamelessly bragging.
Dancing in the streets:
Romantic Times Review gave Made to Order Family
a 4 1/2 Star review while I was in Orlando.
Y'all didn't know my Mama works for
Romantic Times, now didja??? (Missy's voice again)

So one commenter/commentor will get the book,
the other will get the critique.
Wear your big kid panties or briefs at all times. Leave your
e-mail in your comment, pretty please with sugar and spice.


Just imagine the tick-tick-tick of the news ticker.....

The on-site action sequence.....

The slightly dazed look in my eyes, LOL!!!

Yup, it's your cub reporter Ruthy reporting live to you...(well, not live anymore, but it's live right NOW while I'm typing this...) from the Disney Yacht Club hotel in beautiful lakeside Epcot Resorts, a lush land of tropical plants, interesting grass that resembles New York quack-grass (a noxious weed) and tiny bunnies that think they're pets and let you come right up next to them because they have no fear of people.
And right then, Ms. Bunny should have feared me,
because I had no coffee.
Dagnabbit, why would they close the coffee bars during a
HUGE conference of writers? Editors? Agents?
That was the ONLY complaint I had about this amazing week.

Here is Bobby Bunny. Or maybe Betty Bunny. I didn't check all that closely...

I was fairly sure the bunnies were animatronic, it's DISNEY, after all, but no, just...tame.


Amazing. Big. Lots of workshops. Hot. Humid. Air conditioning is wonderful even though at home I'm not a big fan... But home is upstate, not central-Florida.

People: SO NICE!!!! The Disney staff in our hotel is over-the-top wonderful, our 'cast' of housekeepers wore blue and white pinstriped, full-skirted
dresses and white pinafore aprons.

And look who came to find me at my first literacy signing:
This is NY Times bestselling author Karen White...
I was blessed to find Karen's work years ago, when I was a newbie, judging a contest.
It was impossible not to see the incredible beauty of her work even then.
I've been a somewhat stalkerish-rabid fan ever since...
Only slighty frightening.
And still she came to find me!!! Can't wait to read her newest book, "On Folly Beach".
Keli Gwyn and Anne Barton came to see me!!! That just made my night!
And we got to chat after the Rita/Golden Heart Awards, too.
That was such a treat.
And my camera got messed up (by me, no doubt)
so my pics of Anita Mae and Jessica and Jessica's adorable
family are buried in tiny cybernetics.
Anita Mae... Jessica.... Keli.... Anne....Deb....Lindi....Sara...
I know I'm forgetting people, but so many wonderful friends from Seekerville.
Nothing about the conference was better than that. Really. Truly.

And this is Abby Gaines. Abby is in FH&Love, she's a Superromance author, a good friend from
NEW ZEALAND!!!!! and she's a super-talented gal. So nice to
finally meet her in person.

Lunch with Melissa Endlich, senior editor of Steeple Hill/Love Inspired (and my editor)
me, Renee Ryan (a-stinkin'-dorable, and waaaaaay too cute for me to be her friend..., she used to be Snow White
in DisneyWorld back in the day... About the same time I was the Wicked Witch!!!)
and Louise Gouge a gentle, sweet soul who barely
got a word in edgewise.

Just so you know, I gave Louise permission to kick me under the table if I talked too much.
She's WAY TOO polite, bless her heart!!! ;)

I went to several workshops, met scads of people, set aside time to work because I'm "OCD" enough to chomp
at the bit if I spend too many days in a row not working,
could not find coffee after 11:30 A.M.
Can you say: "GRRRRR........?"

Loved it. The whole experience. I could go on forever.
Like usual.
But I won't.
I brought COFFEE!!!!! Lots of coffee.
And cream. Sugar. Tea. Cold tea. Hot tea.
'Cause we New Yorkers are lookin' out for you!
We've got cherry danish and turnovers on the menu today.
With a hint of almond.
Let me know what you think, 'kay?

Oooo, oooo, oooo!!!!

These just in courtesy of Janet Dean's camera!!!

Harlequin Party!!!
Janet, Missy, Ruthy, Deb

Rita and Golden Hearts Awards night!
Janet, Darlene Buccholz, Ruthy, Sandra

Rita and Golden Heart Awards Dinner:

Back row: Darlene Bucholz and Sandra
Front row: Deb, Missy, Janet, Myra, Ruthy, Anita Mae Draper


  1. Sounds like a great time. One of the neatest things in the world is coming back all charged up after a conference. Full steam ahead, ladies!

  2. Ruthy,

    We already know you have unbridled, caffeine-laden enthusiasm, but seriously... it sounds like it was a breathtaking experience.

    Congratulations to you on ANOTHER 4 1/2 *'s and to all winners.

    VERY very exciting and great photos of the lovely Seeker ladies and friends.

    Whenever you get tired of your current gig, you can always go into journalism. :)

  3. Here's the coffee pot. Have a really big mug.

    So impressive.

    So wish I could have been there.

    Maybe next year.


  4. Ruthy,

    It looks like you are having an amazing time!!! :D What an experience! I'm sorry about the coffee-thing, though. It wouldn't be a big deal for me, but since we're talking about you... Bummer! ;)

    To make up for that, how about a nice big slice of Black Tie Mousse Cake from Olive Garden? (Yes, I'm finally home from vacation, but we stopped there on the way back!)

    I had to bring you something unhealthy, right? ;)

    Keep having a wonderful time!!! Those pictures are great!



  5. Ruth, you make me remember the time my children were at Disney World and, at the end of the week, saw a frog hopping across the path back to our hotel room at the Pirates section (or that was what it was called back then). They asked us if it was "a real frog or a fake frog."

    Sounds like a wonderful event.

    Keep my name out of the drawings so some further along author can benefit from your expertise. And my copy of Made to Order Family is winging its way through the package universe on expedited shipping because I have NO patience to wait any longer than I have to. Congrats on the 4.5 stars. What does a half star look like anyway?

    Peace, Julie

  6. Mornin', B.K., and you are spot on.

    Full steam ahead indeed. I've got coffee (as I mentioned repeatedly, it's my new mantra), we've got food, and I'm loving my WIP THIS MUCH, so full steam ahead is the perfect start!

    Thanks for stoppin' by!

    KC: Actually, if I don't hit the NYT in OTHER ways, I would consider a career with them.

    But I'd prefer the back door/"list" approach, LOL!!! Bless you, chica!


    Google ate my post THREE times last night and I had it almost done in Orlando, but something kept going REALLY wrong as I inserted pics from the weekend.

    I've started a $20/week fund to help defray next year's conference fees. Ruthy's version of a Christmas Club: remember those?

    Write. write. write. And then write some more. I cannot wait to meet you!!!

    AMBER: GIMME!!!! Black Tie Mousse Cake?

    I am quite content at this moment, LOL! Thanks, Schnookums!

    Julie, bless you for ordering Made to Order Family, SWEET THANG!!!

    And I totally relate to your kids wonderment at all things Disney. In Walt Disneyworld, things are not always what they seem!

    And the 1/2 star thing? Actually it has something to do with blending leftover space 'garbage' from exploding stars with neutrinos and gamma rays, take equal portions of pixie dust and Bippity Boppity Boo, mix thoroughly, add a dollop of humor, a full cup of conflict, a totally-hot-to-die-for-hero (traumatized and tortured, of course!), mix well, season with heroine's spunk, bake at 250 degrees (a slow oven with fast pacing) and serve HOT!


  7. Ruth, you crack me up! Your energy level wears me out just reading. :)
    But hey, 4 1/2 stars is something to PARTY over!!
    You've got me super stoked for the ACFW conf!!

  8. So glad Julie said that she already ordered 'Made to Order Family' because for some strange reason I thought a September release date meant September! LOL. I'm ordering my copy right now too. Yeehaw! Love how fast it came out after Waiting Out the Storm! It's so much more fun to read a series rapid-fire like that.

    Lovely pictures of some very lovely ladies. Glad you had so much fun inspite of the lack of coffee. And why would they not have coffee all day? Isn't that a staple of the American diet?

    I'm a herbal tea tottler myself, so I would likely have been in chamoile withdrawal or something there as well. LOL.

  9. Yes, Kav, I have no patience so I order from eharlequin and get them a month early. If you are in their book clubs, you get them two months early.

    Peace, Julie

  10. April, have I mentioned how much I love that name????

    April. Autumn. Heather. Summer. Skyler.

    I LOVE names that evoke nature. They paint a picture without me saying a word.

    (Like THAT'S possible. Hah.)

    Good to see you, kiddo!

    And are y'all scaredy cats 'cause I'm not seein' a whole lot of e-mail addresses out there!


    No tea either. None. No chai after 11:00.

    Nada. Zip. Zilch.

    But I had a ball!

    And oh my gosh, HUGE thanks for ordering Made to Order Family so quickly!!!!

    Silly you, thinking September meant just that! All Harlequin books are available early on and that's so fun to get the jump on everyone else! And book service subscribers (the people who take 4 or 6 releases/month get theirs like SIX WEEKS early, so I get reader letters waaaaay early.


    Hey, grabbing more coffee. Loving it!

  11. Ruth, It sounds like a great time with lots of interesting people! I remember the lack of coffee at Disney when I visited last year with friends. It was our mantra every day, "Where's the java? What no java?" I guess they expect a person to be high on life there. :o)

    Congrats on the 4 1/2 stars! I'm sure they're well deserved.

  12. Hey Julie and Ruthy -- thanks for the info about the book club thingy at eharlequin. I'll look into it. :-)

    And yes, I was being a scaredy cat but I'll stop.

    rowanwood (at) rogers (dot) com

  13. Hey, Ruthy-girl!!! Thanks for the pics! So glad you had a great time. Now you know why they invented air conditioning--for us Southerners.

    Congrats on the great review! How awesome! Please let me win your book! You know my email addy.

    I have one word for Janet Dean: GORGEOUS! Wow, you look stunning, woman. And everyone else looks fabulous too! Love these pics!

  14. Kav, I SO TOTALLY guilted you!!!

    Perfect!!! I'm very good at that, something about being a mother of six....

    Glad to see my skills haven't lessened over the years, LOL!

    And Kirsten, chica, good morning!

    Bless you for the congrats, seriously. I love this book, the idea that two people who've faced their demons and worked to conquer them is inspired by a family I knew in high school.

    Great people, both in AA, and their story inspired Rita and Brooks' story.

    Of course you know the reviewer is my mother, right?



    Silly me.

  15. RUTHY!!! Welcome back, girl -- I'm surprised the Mouse let you go because you are SUCH a character (a good one, of course!).

    And SUPER CONGRATS on the 4-12 stars, my friend, a truly BIG DEAL!! Talk about sugar and spice with a cherry on top -- first a fabulous conference, then a 5-star -- WHOO-HOO!!!

    We missed all the Seekers while you were away, so don't do it again ... at least without us, K?


  16. I'm not in any of the pics because I'm VERY camera shy, but I wanted to thank the Seekers I met for making me feel welcome! Listening to the cross-talk was fascinating and very entertaining.

    I'm starting over in the business, and it's comforting to have such gracious, generous women willing to guide me along. Hope to see you all again soon :)

    Andrea Chermak

  17. I'm writing! I'm writing!

    Everybody looks so beautiful and glamorous (Missy!). It was fun to follow the tweets Sat night... five people would tweet the same winners over & over,grin. And we had our own little party here, in Tina's NoWhiningZone, with Deb's marvelous dinner & ice sculpture.

  18. Fun to relive RWA with you, Ruthy! We had a fabulous, informative, fun-filled few days that just flew by. One of the highlights of the conference is hanging out with Seekers and Seeker friends! Waving to Andrea!

    Congratulations on RT's 4 1/2 Stars!!! You rock!!!

    Rene is perfect for Snow White! So fun to see her and all the Love Inspired authors!!

    The turnovers are delicious. Love the hint of almond.


  19. Ruthy, I just love all your Seekers and Seekers and friends pictures! Everyone is so photogenic! And I'm so envious.

    Ruthy dear, what are you like when you're not on caffeine? ??

  20. Waving back to Janet! For anyone who hasn't met her, she's even more impressive in person :)

  21. Ruthy, I forgot to congratulate you on ANOTHER RT 4 1/2 star book!!! That's fantastic!

  22. Ah, Janet, that hint of almond really works the cherry flavor, doesn't it??? ;)

    And hugs back at ya. I bet it was funny to see the whole spectacle through a newbie's eyes. And you guys were so great to me.

    Of course! Laughing here.

    Andrea, SWEET THANG!!! I LOVED having you down there, playing with us, hanging with us. And might I just mention that MORE THAN ONE RITA WINNER mentioned that they'd stopped and started more than once!

    Glad you're on board, my friend.

    Melly, okay, you're GUARANTEED to win the book.

    That's fair, right? The person that BEGS THE MOST gets the prize.

    So maybe we'll send off two books! I'm feeling generous today. I've got coffee.


    Julie, my diva friend, YOU WOULD EAT THOSE RITA AWARDS ALIVE.... Oh my stars, what a lovely, gracious, not overdone at all presentation and I loved, loved, loved the glimpse I got of authors' "in the real".

    Julia Quinn? Adorable and what a great thing to see her get the Rita Hall of Fame requisite third Rita.

    Sherry Thomas? Cute as a button.

    And they let me HOLD THEIR RITAS!!!!


    And yes, Janet looked stunning. I love that dress. Anita Mae!!! Gorgeous and that diet (hope it's okay that I mention it) is WORKING!

    Oh, honey, I'm so proud of you!

    And great hair, chica!

  23. Okay, she forgot to mention that at her first ever RWA booksigning to FIRST book she signed was to me. hoorayyyyy

    And Ruthy without her coffee is a scary thing. I had to hear her whine every morning. sigh.

    But have to admit that cup of chocolate velvet this morning was HEAVEN.

    And it was sooooooo funnnnnn to meet and see again Seeker friends.

    And the conference was amazing. Wonderful. We really had fun. And learned so much. And it was just plain fun to get out of the jeans and dress up like a girl. smiling

    Oh and if you missed the weekend edition you missed Ruthy in mouse ears. Check it out.

    What's for breakfast Ruthy girl? I'm at the airport again, heading for hubby and motorhome and cannot offer airport food. Yuck. I need something yummy. Like some vegetables out of your garden.

    btw, had room for the apples in carryon and this couple next to me did not know we weren't getting off the plane in St Louis. So they were very happy getting those apples for lunch.

    Waved at Julie. Still not sure how St. Louis is on the way from Orlando to Phoenix. LOL

    Miss you already, girlfriend.

  24. Yay! Wonderful post! I'm glad you're home with your coffee. I'd be happy to bring you some bacon but I accidentally burned it. LOL
    I know others will bring some yummy food.
    It was great to meet you. You did an awesome job at the signing. So friendly and nice, totally messed with my preconceived notions of you. *grin*
    Great pics and congrats on the stars!!!

    Oh, and I def. want to be entered for the crit or book! jessica_nelson7590 atyahoodot com

  25. Ahhh! The universe has righted itself! The Seekers are back!!!

    Whew. Ruthy had caffeine withdrawal and I had Seeker withdrawal! LOL.

    Thanks for the pics and the first-hand account of everything Disney. Everyone looked so beautiful. Aren't Keli and Anne adorable??

    Ruthy, congrats on the 4 1/2 stars. Super Duper!

    I was following the awards on Twitter too and very thankful that Florida is on the same time as Ontario! No 3 hours gap!

    Congrats again to all the winners. Having extra coffee this morning in your honour, Ruthy!

    sbmason (at) sympatico (dot) ca

  26. Looks like a wonderful conference, Ruthy!

    And what a treat for a Friend of Seekerville to receive a genuine Ruthy critique! I've had those myself and they're worth their weight in gold!! :)

  27. Congrats Ruthy on the 4 1/2 stars.

    Looks like everyone had a blast. My critique partner and I have plans to go to the conference next years. I'm aleady looking foward to it.

    Received my copy of Doctor in Petticoats. I'm in the middle of it. Love it, Mary.

    All of you girls are such a hoot.


    bcountryqueen6 at msn dot com

  28. Great pictures, Ruthy. I love it. I hear every ounce of fun you had in your post.

    Yes, this would be the point at which I insert sarcasm but it's early and I just can't. What a great report.

  29. Thanks for allowing me to live the life of a RWA attendee vicariouly through this post, and for sharing your memories and photos.

    I would love to win the critique...

    Christi Corbett
    christi_corbett at yahoo dot com

    PS. I need coffee to start my day too. Got a nice steaming cup in front of my right now :)

  30. Ugh, need more coffee apparently.

    I meant to type "vicariously"

    Christi Corbett

  31. There's nothing like that first RWA experience. Mine was the year my story finaled in the Golden Heart. I'd just had a baby so I was toting my 4-month-old around everywhere. Well, not everywhere. Some places ya can't take a baby.

    I do hope to go to RWA next year in New York. Partially becuase I've never been to NY.

  32. Gina in NYC. there's a thought.

    Phew. Apparently Ruthy got caught up on her caffeine, huh? 4 1/2 star reviews will do that too, I guess.

    Everyone looks so gorgeous in these photos. Thanks for sharing them and your experience.

  33. Baby's napping!

    Popping in to check up on you guys.

    And refresh the food cart.

  34. Andrea, do you understand how THIS MANY compliments will give Janet the big head?

    Oh mylanta.

    We'll never be able to live with her.

    Isn't she stinkin' adorable though? And I MELT every time Myra turns those big eyes on me. So sweet. So soulful. Like she never had a naughty thought in her life, which I almost bought into, hook, line and sinker, until:


    Go to next post. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.


    I am not kidding.

    Ruth and Ivan Hartford.

    They 'go up to their room together'...

    Oh my stars, Mary's gonna kill me.

    My reputation is in tatters. Tatters, I say.

    Myra, you minx!!!! I burst out laughing when I got to that.

    And we're in our 70's....

    Mary, watch out!

  36. Cara, thank you!

    I wasn't fishing for compliments, and it's always hard to brag on achievements and still appear humble, but I can't deny being excited about the stars. We all want people to like our work, or be touched by it, inspired by it. Or at least not to bodily harm to others BECAUSE of our work.
    Now that would be BAD.

    So I announced the review and then
    scrubbed the toilets and watched a mole scamper off the porch so there's nothing like REAL LIFE to bring me back to size, LOL!

  37. Sandra's right.

    I whined about the coffee.


    And then whined some more.

    I'm such a stinkin' big baby.

  38. Jessica!!!

    Frantically waving to you from upstate NY!!!!

    You are so beautiful, sweet thang! And thank you SO MUCH for bringing the family along! Your sisters rock!

    I was absolutely delighted to see you, to meet you. And isn't the 'in-person' Ruthy just delightful????

    (Laughing out loud here!!!)

    Hugs to you, girlfriend, and thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  39. Susie-Q, you're in, and waving across the 'pond' to you!

    Maybe one of these days we can meet in the middle and drink coffee or tea, eat food and talk mean about people behind their backs.

    Or discuss writing.

    Your choice. ;)

    Did I mention how fast I slammed my first iced caramel machiato of the weekend????? In the Orlando airport?

    I was never so happy to see a coffee stand in my life.

    And that is an utterly sincere utterance.

    And that was an utterly awful sentence!

  40. Oh, Glynna, goodest of mornings my contest-winning friend!

    So proud of you!!!!




    (That was a secret code message to Glynna. Think she can decipher it???)


  41. Connie, I can't wait to read Doctor in Petticoats.

    After I'm done reading about me and Ivan in Where the Dogwoods Bloom by Myra-Troublemaker-Johnson, LOL!

  42. Mary has her beautiful granddaughter with her and she's trying to behave...

    So as to not ruin Elle for life.

    Good job, Mare!

    I, however, can make fun of you from a distance because my little Goddaughter Meggie is napping.

    Sweet dreams, babykins!

  43. Christi, we're writers....

    We automatically fill in the missing letters, especially on Mary's posts.

    Snickering in upstate.

    And girlfriend, you're in.

    Thanks for hangin' with us.

  44. Gina and Deb:

    I would SO LOVE to have both of you in NYC.

    I know it's hard. I know it's pricey.

    But it was an amazing experience. Just wonderful.

    Oh, shoot, I'm gushing.

    And we could do things together, like GO PLACES.

    Ellis Island.

    Ground Zero.

    Statue of Liberty.

    Top of the Empire State building.

    Stroll Fifth Avenue and look quite dashing and debonair.

    Drink great coffee (!!!!!) and eat hot dogs from a vendor.


  45. Oh, I so wish I could have been there. Seeing all these pictures reminds me of the great time I had last year in D.C.

    Last year was my first time for a lot of things. First commercial flight, in which the piston on the landing gear had broke, which made me late for my connecting flight in Atlanta. I'm not complaining or anything. I wouldn't want to try and land with a broken piston.

    Once I arrived in D.C. (Oh, did I mention Atlanta was a huge shell shock for this Kansas girl) I nearly ran the mile to catch the subway (boy was that an experience, I even got my luggage caught in the door). I had never been on a subway. Image my discomfort when we were stuck in the middle of a tunnel because of some shooting at the Capital.

    By the time I got off the subway, I had almost decided to take the elevator because that gigantic esculator was a bit intimidating, but wouldn't you know it, a few gals standing in front of me had to tell a tale about that particular elevator getting stuck. Me and my 90 pounds of luggage took our chances with the escalator.

    But every bit of my travel mayhem was worth it. At least I didn't lose my luggage. I loved attending the meals and the speakers proved just how weepy I can be.

    I'm determined to go next year, but then I remember the traveling and think twice. I'm trying to figure out how to get there without planes or trains. :)

    Glad you had a wonderful time, Ruthy!

  46. Woohoo! I'm LOVIN' the red dress! You look so happy!

  47. Ruthy, maybe you made acquiring late-night coffee easier for EVERYONE after this! When I heard they moved RWA from Nashville to Orlando, my jaw just sagged. Yes, I'm one of those people who wants desperately to LIVE on Main Street, in the Magic Kingdom. I'm just sayin'. Glad you had such a good time, and thanks for sharing the great pics!!

    OK, I'm game...

  48. Love the pictures, Ruth, thanks for sharing!!

  49. Oh Ruthy, What GREAT pictures.
    Too bad RWA was rescheduled for Florida :-(

    I don't have any stories from RWA - but I plan to have LOADS in September from ACFW. WOOOHOOO!!! The sad thing is - YOU won't be there.

    But tickled to my toenails that you had fun in Florida, Ruthy.


  50. Hi Ruthie,

    Thanks for sharing your pics and experience from the conference! I would love to read your book!


  51. Why is it I always forget to leave my addy? :)

    reneelynnscott at gmail dot com

  52. Had a blast!! So glad I could finally hug you in person, Ruthy.

    Thanks for sharing the photos! I'll upload mine once I mail my book off. Gotta get back to work now!

  53. Oh, and congrats on the 4.5 stars!!!

  54. I'm leaving a comment now as I have had a very long day at work. I glanced at it earlier and hoped to enjoy it, but I may not get to for awhile as my Internet is out at home.

    Would love to be entered. :-)

  55. Man, I'm bummed I missed the fun! You guys all look like you had a great time.

    I'm really looking forward to being able to attend my first ACFW conference in September. I think that excitement may be what helps me make it through the first 6 weeks of school now that I'm back at work!

  56. Looks like you all had an awesome time and Ruthy you and the gang look gorgeous! I love the bunny too. :)

    Thanks for passing the fun around and fantastic 4 1/2 star for you girl!
    Hugs and Blessings!

  57. Great post; nice to see pics of you authors!! Please enter me..have not read any of your books but would love to. Thanks!!!

  58. Oh my stars (hee) Ruthy! What a gorgeous dress! Definite dress rehersal for the Rita acceptance next year!!!!

    So glad y'all had a great time. The pics are the proof. What a lot of smiling happy faces. And everyone looks absolutely fabulous.

    All the reports we've had filter down to the homebound have highlighted the beauty of Disney World resort. Loved the pics of the Literary signing -- so many people in one room. Yikes!!!

    Fun post, Ruthy. Nice bunnies. Bummer on the coffee.

    Are you serious? No coffee after 11am in the entire resort?

    I'd ask for my money back. That just isn't right, LOL!

    Glad to have you and all the Seekers back home. Next year New York. What a goal!

  59. Can you believe I forgot the congrats on the 4.5 star review??

    THAT'S 3 IN A ROW!!!

    So, so, so proud of you!!!!!

  60. Okay, had to work and sell puppies.

    Really cute Golden Retriever puppies.

    Walt, you have a serious note in your voice, that means you're delving deeper into wip or you're slightly constipated.

    No need to confirm either.


    Renee, oh mylanta, girlfriend, that luggage and equipment stuff is MADE for a book. A Calamity Jane type heroine.

    Lovin it, and YES!!! Come to New York!

    I'm adding a smidge of puppy money to next year's conference coffers. Bit by bit. We've got 11 months to save for one and 13 for the other. We CAN DO THIS!!!!

    ERICA: great dress, eh??? Love it. I was the self-avowed Steeple Hill princess for the night.

    And totally stuck on myself. ;)

    Regina, you go, girl! And look at you bein' all brave. Proud of you!

    And Casey, welcome aboard! Good to see you, kiddo!

    Pepper, I know it!!! I won't see you in ACFW but I'll be with every single one of you in spirit. I will be home rocking babies. Next year maybe both. RWA for sure because I can't wait to get you guys to NYC and travel around with you. I love the Big Apple.

    But hopefully ACFW as well so I can hug everyone who can't make it to RWA.

    SO: Do you think Missy read the blog? Really? When I made fun of her in it (I LOVE Missy's accent) and she says nothing about it?

    I think she SKIMMED.

    And I'm going to ask her straight out:

    Missy Tippens!!! Did you skim my post????? Shame on ya'!! But HUGE thanks on the congrats for the 4 1/2 stars that I'm shamelessly exploiting everywhere I go.

    A better person would show more restraint.

    But since it's ME we're talking, then we no better than to expect that, LOL!

    Walt, sending you hugs, appreciating your hard work.

    Jillian, I love that name. Just love it. And it's the name of the heroine in Myra's book where she paired me with Mary's husband.

    This is how rumors get started!!!!

    Edwina, you're in, dear one, and you too Jackie! Dianna, waving to you, yes, plan ahead! Can't wait to meet you in person.

    Audra, oh my stars, girlfriend it was great fun. Memorable beyond belief.

    I have properly sated my coffee appetite since hitting the Orlando airport yesterday morning at 7:30 am.

    We won't discuss numbers, ounces or calories, let it suffice to say that one body should never have that much caffeine.

    I'm smiling ear to ear, LOL!

  61. Ruthy!!!!! My friend--I WANT to win! I miss you--already---and it's only been a day. It was so great seeing you. And I must say, you were a great first-timer--good grief-no one would have ever known if you hadn't had that big orange ribbon!

    Anyway--loved, loved seeing you.

  62. oh, and congrats on the 4 1/2 star review---I'm ready to dive into the book.

  63. 4.5 stars, eh? I'll just have to find that one and read it, too! But mostly I'd love to win a Ruthy-crit. Yes. Really.

    I've only been to two conferences, if you count the North Idaho workshop I went to a couple years ago with guest Randy Ingermanson. Me and two buddies from Canada were the only ones staying at the hotel besides Randy and we totally shanghaied him and made him visit in the hot tub for hours in the evening. That's my conference story and I'm sticking to it! (Which made Randy the absolutely only person from ACFW that I'd ever met in person before ACFW conf 2009.)

  64. Ruth, you make it all sound like such a fun life!! Congratulations. I would really enjoy reading your books. I'm an admirer or writers like you who have so much verve, nerve and humor. This is my first introduction to you and I know I'll remember you. Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful story.

    Grace & Joy in Christ,
    Barb Shelton
    barbjan10 at tx dot rr dot com

  65. Okay, I'm late for the party, but Ruthy, I can never be late with congrats for 4 1/2 stars. That's terrific! Nelson really enjoyed your book. And laugh! He hasn't laughed like that in a long time. I'll get to it next.

    I had so much fun in Orlando and never even entered a park. $20 a week to get me through to next year in New York, eh? I'll start saving, then because I've caught some kind of bug from you, Ruthy and I'm itchin' to see the Big Apple now. LOL

    And speaking of apples... yes, it's okay that you mentioned my diet... except it's not a diet... it's just healthy eating. As a matter of fact, I'd gained 4 lbs by the time I got home. What? How the heck did that happen with all the walking back and forth between resorts? let's just say I didn't eat healthy while I was there. Not enough fruit and veggies at all! But, I haven't been back a week and those 4 lbs are gone already. Phew!!!

    Thank you so much to however took the photo. I can't remember who took it, but it's the only one with me in that outfit.

    Thank you Seekers, I don't think you realize how big a part you play in my life. :D

    Anita Mae.