Monday, August 30, 2010


.YIKES! Where did the summer go? Here we are, closing the door on August already and welcoming the advent of Autumn -- my favorite season of the year despite the fact that it heralds long, dark, snow-filled months ahead.
.The changing of the seasons is something that in the natural world of God’s creation we anticipate, fully expect. Why is it then, on this wild and crazy journey to publication (or to stay published!) that we’re surprised when a season we don’t care so much for morphs into one we much prefer--or vice versa (I’m NOT a 12-feet-of-snow winter person, but that’s another story). .
.We as writers need to keep in mind that, just as in nature, there are seasons in our lives, seasons we encounter on our writing journey. Some of these seasons will be happy dancin’ triumphant, others less so. Some will introduce a mellow, confident assurance, others more challenges. In some, doors and windows will fling open, reaping for us the rewards of our perseverance. In other we’ll sit in what appears to be a dark, doorless and windowless space. A place where we see little progress. Get discouraged. Doubt ourselves. A place of testing and trusting.
But don’t discount those windowless rooms! Just as when a caterpillar spins that cocoon to be hidden away in darkness for a time, then fights his way out and into the sunshine, there’s a greater purpose to it if we don’t give up, if we cooperate with God and allow him to work in us.
Some seasons last a few days. Some weeks. Some months. Some years. But seasons change. And because seasons often overlap, I believe it’s important not to compartmentalize them in our minds. To label them “all good” or “all bad” or let ourselves think we’re “locked” into a given season indefinitely and let that unrealistically color our thinking. Deceive us into believing things will never change.
Most often it seems we find ourselves in MORE than one season at the same time! That’s where I am right now. Finally published! Winning and finaling in contests I previously only dreamed of! Celebrating a recently acquired 2-book contract! Sounds like a triumphant season, right?
.YES! But at this particular moment I’m working toward a submission deadline for my newly contracted Book #3 while also pulling stuff together to meet an art fact sheet deadline. In the midst of that I’m diligently going over the final galleys for Book #2 to meet yet another deadline. (And have I mentioned I have a demanding day job and have a billion other commitments?) Oh, and I’m squeezing in an hour to write this blog, too!
Is it any wonder last night I vividly dreamed of being on a sinking ship? No foolin'!
.Pretty crazy! But you know what? Being a published writer is something I’ve dreamed of since I was a kid. So even though physically and mentally drained in this intense moment that accompanies the “highs” of a new contract, I’m aware that this season of deadlines piled one on top of another shall pass. (For a little while anyway!) That knowledge--and the assurance that God is there to help me stay focused and disciplined--keeps me take a deep breath and keep going to get through to the other side of this.
.The awareness of seasons also reminds me to derive enjoyment from each of my writerly tasks. I could quite easily allow them to become drudgery in my mind, but instead I’m choosing to view them as a privilege. Part of the package that comes with the fulfillment of a long-anticipated publication dream.
In the season you’re currently in, what writerly tasks have you allowed to become drudgery? What’s lost its spark, its joy? Yes, I think we all agree the writing life is hard work, but our attitude toward it, the colors we paint it, can make all the difference in how we approach it--how we can find--or not find--positive purpose and enjoyment in the season in which we find ourselves.
.I’ve lived long enough to know that, with all its ups and downs, life happens. “Good” days and “bad” days often mingle. In the midst of the happiest of sunlit times, there may yet be a shadow hovering. We can choose to focus on the sunlight--or on the shadow. It’s important to remember, too, that there are ongoing seasons of planting, weeding and harvesting on our writing journey--a journey that isn’t a sprint, but a marathon.
So what season(s) are you in now? Which have you just come out of? What lessons have you learned to enable you to derive the most from each? Leave a comment today and be eligible to be entered in a drawing for a $10 Barnes & Noble gift card!

Glynna Kaye’s Steeple Hill Love Inspired “Dreaming of Home” is a finalist in American Christian Fiction Writers “Carol Award” and Georgia Romance Writers “The Maggie Award,” as well as a first place winner of the “Booksellers Best Award” and “The Beacon Award.” Her next books (also set in Canyon Springs, Arizona) are “Second Chance Courtship” releasing February 2011, and “At Home In His Heart” debuting August 2011.


  1. Well, using most people's interpretation of winter (cold, dreary), I would say I went from the promise of spring straight to winter just within the last 2 months.

    The recent lack of ability to concentrate (due to way too many distractions) has felt cold and dark.

    However, in my neck of the woods, winter is something we look forward too because it is refreshingly cool and a time to reconnect to the natural world after scurrying from air conditioned apartment to car to work and back again all summer.

    So with the coming of September, I'm already seeing the hope of refreshing, and the end of the concentration roadblock is near. It hasn't happened yet, but I can feel it--that it will soon.

  2. Thank you for this great post! I confess that I love the seasons theme, especially because that overlaps with my blog! My blog is called "Seasons of Humility," and I'm sure some of ya'll are getting tired of me saying that. ;)

    But anyway, I love the idea that seasons will change. It's like that song on the animated Christmas movie, Annabelle's Wish: "Seasons come and seasons go and the world keeps rolling 'round." There is hope that spring and summer will come again, and there is hope that God can use the fall and winter seasons of our life to strengthen us, teach us, and humble us.

    As far as where I am right now in the seasons of writing, I'd like to hope that I'm in the spring season (although it could be fall). ;) I have a long way to go, but I feel hopeful that if it's God's will something new might be around the corner up ahead. I have yet to finish my WIP, but I know that I can trust God's will in all of this, and I can trust in His timing for each season.

    Thank you again, and may God bless all of you wonderful blogging friends in whatever seasons you are in! :)



  3. being an aussie we have one more day of Winter and im excited to day was wonderful but Wednesday is back to cold wet and more rain!

    On writing I am not a writer but can identify slightly as I am doing 2 external subjects and both need reports or proposals. I hit a winter you could say with the report. I have been putting it off and now the proposal well I am at a loss as how to do it so am kinda putting it off. I really need to do this report!

  4. My current season is spring - new birth, new life. Just within the last week, I let go of my preconceived ideas and desires and I listened to what God wanted. It means major changes - a new type of writing (nonfiction) and the need for boldness and courage for this new writing and for conference as I decided to pitch to an agent and editor.

    Thanks for this great post!

  5. Great post, Glynna! I guess I'm between winter and spring. I happen to love winter so it's not drudgery, but instead it's everything quiet and waiting to bloom. :-) Lots of seeds, no flowers yet.

    I love autumn!

  6. Good morning, Seekerville! No Ruthy yet this morning, so I've brought quesadillas filled with scrambled eggs, crisp turkey bacon, golden hash browns, a light touch of onion--and fresh salsa, of coruse! Big pitcher of icy orange juice, too! So help yourselves!

  7. BK -- "subject to change." Such a good thing to keep in the back of our minds when feeling overwhelmed or discouraged, isn't it?

    I know two years ago at this time if someone would have told me that I'd be a contracted writer within 5 months I'd have looked at them like they were crazy. The "season" seemed just like any other in my writing world. Plodding along, writing my stories, trying to keep my spirits up. Then SUDDENLY the season changed!

  8. Amber -- Remembering there are seasons in our lives as a whole, seasons on our writing journey, can really help us keep a good perspective. Sound as if you've already discovered that!

  9. Jenny -- Ah, yes! YOUR seasons are "upside down!" Those of us in the northern hemisphere think of winter as long and dark--your reality is hot and sunny!

    Best of luck on the reports!

  10. Hi Edwina! Sounds as if you've transitioned into a new season and new adventures and are ready to explore a brand new world. What type of nonfiction are you planning to write?

  11. Hi, Jessica! You love winter for the quietness and anticipation of spring--good attitude!

    Every season has it's special beauty if we look for it. I have friends who are downhill- and cross-country skiers and snowboarders and LOVE winter.

  12. Glynna, I love the title of your next book. SECOND CHANCE COURTSHIP. I remember the season of brainstorming for the title. smile

    Great post. You always touch my heart with your posts. Seasons. How true. And you're right, we need to enjoy each season and see the positive, not the shadows.

    I think I'm in spring with lots of buds starting to bloom. We'll see how they go. Will they produce? Or will it be another long winter wait?

    And the quesadillas are yummy. I brought some coffee too. Chocolate Velvet of course and I have some Caramel Truffle decaf.

    Happy writing.

  13. Glynna,

    Nice post. We do all go through seasons. I went through one about 6 years ago where I quit writing in the a.m. I read the Bible all the way through. It was my time to do that. I learned a lot. Thanks for posting this.

  14. Very inspirational post, Glynna! And woo hoo on the 2-book contract!!! I don't know if we've celebrated that here yet. (If so, I'm sorry I missed it and will celebrate with you today). :) Congrats!

  15. Hi, Sandra! I think it's defintely looking like you're heading into a springtime! I think you've done so much planting in those winter months that you're bound to see blooms and a hearty harvest in the very near future!

  16. Lindi -- I'm sure your stories are all the stronger and your perseverance level all the mightier after taking a "time out" from your morning writing.

    I'm currently reading the Bible all the way through again, too. Reading it, meditating on it, applying it is so critical to our spiritual health. We know we physically have to eat every day to sustain our physical life, yet how often we spiritually starve ourselves to death then wonder why we don't have the strength to face the challenges that come at us.

  17. Thanks for the congrats, Missy! No, you didn't miss a celebration here. Just found out, so no time to post fireworks yet! :)

  18. Wonderful post, Glynna!!! Congrats on the two-book contract!!! Our attitude makes all the difference no matter what season we're in. What we think is our reality.

    I have to share this story. I'm praying for eight-year-old boy with a malignant brain tumor. He's just finished a year of chemo and radiation. This fall his teacher asked the class to write about a time when something they thought was bad turned out to be good. He thought a long time but didn't write anything, then went up to his teacher and said, "Nothing bad has ever happened to me." Oh, for that attitude!


  19. A few months ago I would have said I was firmly ensconced in winter - in the Arctic circle. But, 18 days away from the ACFW conference (which I'm attending this year! Whoo-hoo!), I'm starting to see the trees budding and the crocus force their blooms up out of the ground. I'm feeling hope. Not necessarily that I'll be one of the "lucky" ones (and there's really no such thing as luck when God's in control!) and land the perfect agent, perfect editor, perfect deal, but more that I will come away from it knowing more fully what God wants from my writing.

    In "real life," in Kentucky, we're just anxiously awaiting FALL and some cool weather!

    Thanks for making me THINK this morning, Glynna!


  20. Wow, Janet! That IS quite an attitude! Really makes us sit up and reevaluate our own!

  21. Oooohhhhh -- Janet's story gave me goosebumps. That little boy is teaching us that every season is 'the season'.

    Glynna, congrats on your two book contract, though after reading your first one, I'm not surprised. It had to be a done deal!

    My worst season is summer. I know, I'm opposite to everyone else, but I don't do well in the heat. It was brutal this summer and I don't live or work in air conditioned buildings so it was really yucky and I didn't feel very productive in anything I did. It's like I lost two months of the year. So I'm very excited to see autumn ahead -- that's my most creative season, so I'm hoping that it will spark an autumny writing season as well.

  22. Regina -- I think you'll find ACFW an invigorating time. Thought-provoking. Renewing. And you'll return home ready to roll into Spring with a fresh perspective on your writing. And who knows -- you may just make those contacts you're hoping for! I met an agent at a writers' conference in 2006, then reconnected with her at ACFW last year--and am thrilled to now be counted among her clients!

  23. Glynna, if I tried to answer that question, I'd cry for the second time today, or the fourth or fifth time in the last two days. LOL! I'd, seriously, better skip it today!

    Or maybe I'll be less emotional, and stressed, later on in the day and can answer it then.

  24. And congratulations, Glynna, on the 2-book contract!!! So happy for you!

  25. Kav -- Another Autumn lover!

    Thanks for the congrats! Still hasn't quite sunk in yet even though right now I'm working on the first book (3rd set in Canyon Springs, Arizona) and preparing an art fact sheet for cover suggestions.

    Wishing you beautiful, crisp autumn days to get your writing jump-started! I always feel a burst of energy at this time of year -- must be the old "back to school" excitement carrying over!

  26. Thanks for the congrats, Melanie --but, oh, I'm so sorry this is such a sunless season for you right now. Prayers being prayed on your behalf.

  27. Glynna, this was such a good post. It was nourishing to my soul. Thank you.

    I am in a season of waiting. Every time I think I'm ready to burst forth in part of the whole metamorphosis thing, God tells me, "Not now. Just wait."

    His timing is always perfect so I am trusting him. But I am not perfect, so I do feel frustration and the blues occasionally.


  28. You're right, "Mary" - His timing IS perfect. But like you said, we're human and have human emotions and when we're in "God's waiting room" it sometimes FEELS like we'll never find the door! That's when we really have to dig in and trust, just as you're doing. Not always an easy thing to do.

  29. Oh, Glynna, your beautiful post this morning made me smile, especially the mention of your dream on a sinking ship! I smile because when I am crazy like you are right now with deadlines and commitments that feel like they are going to take me under, my husband always says, "Smile, Julie, you're living the dream."

    He's right, of course, the dream of being published and privileged to touch people's lives for HIM. But then why does it feel like a nightmare sometimes??? :)

    Fall is my favorite season as well, but I actually love them all, including winter! Nothing beats staying snug and warm before a blazing hearth while snowflakes dance and flutter outside the window!

    Thanks for the reminder that seasons pass all too quickly -- whether seasons of weather or seasons of writing -- and we need to enjoy the beauty of each while it's upon us because in the blink of an eye, it will be gone again.

    Super congrats, Glynna, on the new book contract and all those wins/finals!! Sounds like a season of success to me, and one that I hope lasts a long, long time!


  30. Can we be in two seasons at once? One is filled with anticipation of another ACFW conference, with the awesome friendships, opportunities to pitch, and reconnect with some of my favorite people in the world. The other is wondering why anyone in the world would want to read a word that I've written.

  31. Thanks, Julie! Exciting times for certain! And yes, "living the dream" can certainly keep us up at night and in panic mode for a season! And then it passes and we sigh with relief and appreciate the more mundane, day-after-day hours spent on our works in progress!

  32. Teri Dawn -- YES we can be in more than one at the same time. In fact, that's probably where most of us are most of the time in one part of our lives or the other. In the waiting room on one thing, happy dancin' on another thing.

  33. You know, Glynna I've been having this recurring dream that I had a baby then forgot where I put it.

    All through the dream, which I've had several times, I'll be driving along or I'll be at a book signing or away from home and I'll think, "I HAD A BABY AND I FORGOT TO FEED IT. I HAVEN'T FED THE BABY FOR FOUR DAYS!!!"
    Then I'll find the baby and then FORGET IT AGAIN!!!!!!!

    What do you suppose that means? That I'm insane most likely.


  34. I wrote 'it was a dark and stormy night' for the first time the year my baby went to Kindergarten.
    My first book came out in February, the year she graduated from high school.

    It was perfect timing. I was finally at a point in my life where I could travel, spend Saturday mornings at book signings. Focus on the non-writing parts of writing without neglecting my child.
    Yes, God had it all planned and as always, His timing was perfect. I was in a season of life where I could be a published author.

    Having said that, I sure wanted to be a published author sooner. We hear 'God's Timing' a lot but it's really hard to be patient.

    As for what season I'm in now, I'd say, late spring to early summer. June 4th, I guess. Let's go with that.

  35. Mary--your dreams sound akin to mine!! Yeah, it's a LOT easier to look behind us to say "God's perfect timing" than it is looking forward into the unknown. I guess that's where faith steps in to bridge the gap.

  36. Glynna,

    I can't wait for your next book. I loved DREAMING OF HOME!

    Winter is my favorite season because I get a break from my allergies!

    Your post is spot on for writers. I've had good years followed by dry spells where every manuscript returned rejected. Sometimes, I felt like I was stuck in mud spinning my wheels but I did continue to write and market my work. Because that's what a writer does...contines to work through the peaks and valleys.

    RRossZediker at yahoo dot com

  37. Glynna,

    Nice post! Congrats on your new contract! That's exciting!

    I don't know what season I'm in - definitely a learning/rewriting mode so maybe winter, waiting for the new seeds of learning to sprout in the spring! Sounds good!

    Thanks for this inspiring blog. And good luck to all you published writers with your deadlines, etc. You will get through it all - promise!

    P.S. Don't enter me for the draw. Sadly we don't have a Barnes & Noble here!

  38. I'm with Kav and Glynna, I'm an autumn girl. And winter. And spring.

    I wilt in the summer, I'm not very nice, and I whine. These are unattractive attributes to say the least and even I don't like that hot, whiny-pants girl that looks like me. Only sweatier. And I HATE that I wish the season away, but I kinda do when everyone else embraces it. Mostly.

    Glynna this was wonderful, and HUGE CONGRATS on the new contract. I'm so psyched about that, chica. And I was late with coffee this AM, but I'm here with a fresh pot and an empty mug.

    Gotta refill.

    We've got 3-4 days of 90's coming. But we've had cooler nights, and that's a respite-and-a-half.

    Thank you, Glynna, for gentle common sense of the season.

  39. Good morning, Rose! And thank you! So glad you enjoyed "Dreaming of Home!" Yes, it does feel like slogging sometimes, doesn't it? Then SUDDENLY the season changes and you can look back and it all makes a lot more sense.

    One of my favorite non-fiction writers, Edith Schaeffer, wrote a book called "Tapestry" and her "visual" that we see life looking up at the tapestry of our lives from below has always lingered in my mind. All the tangles. The thread snarls. The knots. But God sees it from above--the beautiful tapestry he intended it to be all along.

  40. Hi Susan! Thanks for the congrats! My head's still spinnin' -- doesn't seem quite real yet although both my editor and agent assure me it is!

    Waiting for those seeds to sprout! Checking every day. Wondering. Waiting. Even the latter days of winter can be special when we anticipate Spring!

  41. Hi Glynna,
    The past 18months I have just watched, tried, learned from mistakes (and used the shredder frequently), and just...hung on.
    If I were in a season, I'd say I'm at the beginning of winter, for all the good reasons. For concentration and focus, for rest but not dormancy, for listening to the spirit's quiet words that can only come in the calm of winter's cold. So I'm in a sunny winter, not stormy, not frozen solid in fear or apprehension (anymore), but settling down for work.
    It's taken me this long (slow learner with too many distractions here) to figure out the cycles of the writer's year: the contests,conferences, promotion, but now the winter quiet of work and writing.
    Thanks for this post Glynna and for the lovely perspective.

  42. Hey, Ruthy! I was getting worried that you overslept. That the infamous rooster hadn't done his part to serenade you this morning!

    While winters here in the mountains are a bear, the beautiful thing about summer is it's seldom hot. Businesses have air conditioning--but few homes do!

  43. Pamela -- it sounds like your positive attitude will work to your advantage in the season of winter! You see the richness of it, the possibilities!

  44. Very interesting to think about. I feel like I am in summer mode. Kinda drained from the heat and long days. Enjoy them, but tiring. The elements seem to effect our mood.

  45. I like your analogy. And huge congrats on the new contract!

    What season am I in? I think I'm stuck in a blackout. I recently finished a manuscript and declared that I would not start a new one until after the conference. So I've been concentrating on one-sheets and revisions.

    But my brain has gone dead. I've produced ten books in the past four years, and suddenly I can't seem to concentrate. Not sure if it's Winter--or just fatigue.

    I'm hoping the conference will give me direction and jump start me into spring.


    P.S. No Barnes and Noble near me.

  46. Congrats on the second book contract, Mrs. Kaye! I loved Dreaming of Home and look forward to reading your next book.

    Right now my writing season is spring. Lots of sunshine. Flower buds opening as I eagerly wait to see what they hold.

    This year I joined the ACFW, finaled in the 2010 Genesis contest, and finished my first book. In that order. :)

    Now I'm preparing to attend the ACFW conference. I have no idea what doors God will open next, but I'm excited to find out. Whatever happens, I know I'll have a blast. I can't wait to be in a room filled with people who love to write as much as I do.


  47. Hi, Glynna,

    Thank you for such a beautiful post. Currently, I am in the Fall season. Like others here, it's my favorite season along with winter, so when things are looking up I'm in a Fall frame of mind. I've started doing what I love, writing. And like all those heading back to school, I'm learning and experiencing new things as I study the craft.

    Congratulations on the 2-book contract!

  48. Are dahlias a season?

    They should be.

    I love dahlias.

    And chocolate.

  49. I think everyone who hangs around Seekerville is too new to writing to be anything other than spring. We're all still being born as writers.

  50. This is great stuff! What season have I not been in since I got published a few years back? I just came off of a season during which I took a sort of break. I wrote. I talked to some people about some great opportunities. I wrote. I didn't make any big decisions. I wrote for fun. I prayed I wouldn't lose the opportunities that waited while I took a break and I wrote, yes, just for fun. You know what? My break is over. The opportunities did not disappear. I'd already decided that if they did, then it wasn't meant to be. I needed a break from all of the excitement and pressure I'd been putting on myself. I'm so excited about the next phase and grateful for seasons. God is good.

  51. Hi Glynna.

    WAWZAH! Time for a celebration on that contract! Congrats!!!

    Been savoring the comments to your most excellent post today. No matter the season, it's great in Seekerville.

    I'm not sure about my season. I'm not published yet, *ahem* I'm pre-published, so from that aspect, it's definitely late winter, early spring (anyone else remember that John Denver instrumental? LOVE it.)

    Time will tell but this topic is so good to reflect upon. It's also encouraging to note that y'all who ARE published are still in the early seasons. Gives me hope.

    For a fave season in general, it has to be autumn. YIPPEE! Here it comes!

  52. Lovely parallels, Glynna--you always have such moving and thought-provoking posts!

    My current writing season is a time of "sowing" in hopes of a bountiful harvest sometime soon. I'm working on manuscripts, my agent is shopping proposals, and I'm getting impatient for something to happen.

    Yes, this definitely feels like God's waiting room where I can't find the door!

  53. As always, Glynna, a lovely and thought provoking blog. Love all the seasons of life, although making each change is sometimes difficult. Not sure where I am at the moment...maybe in between seasons.

    Congrats on the two-book contract! YAY!!! More wonderful Glynna books to look forward that's exciting!!!!

  54. Oh, and, Mary, I've had those baby dreams, too. A counselor I was seeing many years ago told me they meant I needed to nurture a part of myself that was feeling neglected.

    Your hours is up. That'll be $100, please.

  55. Ha ha ha.

    Myra's charging Mary money.

    Honey, I'd have analyzed you for FREE.

    It wouldn't have been as intuitive, and it would have included a big honkin' bag of chips with dip, but you'd feel better, the dreams would stop and fear will no longer be your bedmate.

    That was almost profound, wasn't it?

    I've got bbq beef to DIE for here.

    I'm not kidding.

    I took an ol' chuck roast, roasted it outside for hours, then sliced it thin and slathered Famous Dave's Rich and Sassy on it.

    Oh. My. Gosh. So good. Jump in and have some, and some fried Twinkies for dessert.

    Do not go to any website that tells you what's in a Twinkie because they're fools, the lot of 'em.

    We don't care. They taste good. End of story.

  56. runner10 - You're right that lots of things can affect our "seasonal" moods, how we see things. Heat. Cold. Even how tired we are at a given moment.

  57. Wow, Helen! 10 books in 4 years! Amazing. I'd say you're definitely ready for a change of scenery and an injection of conference juice!

  58. thanks, Angela! So happy you enjoyed "Dreaming of Home." And you're going to LOVE ACFW. I always get so energized being around other writers.

  59. Thanks you, Kirsten! Sounds like you're a student at heart, someone whos loves to learn -- and what could be better than learning more about something you love to do!

  60. Tina -- sounds as if you made some wise, rejuvenatig choices during your writing-just-for-fun season! That's what I did when I wrote "Dreaming of Home" -- never imagining that in the very first contest I sent it to it would find a "home" with the editor who judged the finals!

  61. Hi KC! Thanks for the congrats! Yes, we in Seekerville are still "newbies" in so many ways! Fresh off the contest farm, eager to see where God leads us!

  62. Myra -- Having had a peek at what you gave your agent to shop around, I have a feeling you're going to find that open door SOON!!

  63. Thanks, Debby! The past few months have defintely been an amazing "season" for me. Sounds like you may be in that "luminal space" our Tina talks about -- waiting expectantly, in quiet and confident anticipation of what will happen next!

  64. Ruthy!! How do you fry a twinkie? Like in a deep fat fryer? Pan fried? Do tell!

  65. GORGEOUS PHOTOS! LOVE the second one.

    I LOVE the season of winter. Love it. Wish it were longer. Hate driving in it though.

    I love wintertime. Hot cocoa. Warm fires. Camping in mittens and roasting marshmallows. Love cuddling on the couch and watching snow fall. It mesmerizes me. It only snows a couple times here.

    Wish it snowed more. I don't care for summer these days since I have heat intolerance.

    But right now I'm in a winter season with writing. God asked me to step away for a few months and it's been hard but the season is passing quickly thank God. LOL! So to that end, I'm pulling off my fuzzy gloves and getting ready to set winter-frozen fingers to keys once again.

    Great post, Glynna! Seasons in our writing life are so important to keep in perspective.


  66. Glynna,

    Congrats on the two book contract. I'm very happy for you.

    Of course, for me, fall means the start of football season. That's inspiration in my book.

  67. Cheryl -- those photos were taken in my neighborhood! :) I'm delighted--as I'm sure your readers are (!) -- that you'll soon be coming out of hibernation and back to writing in the "spring"!

  68. Thanks, Walt! And I can see the direct correlation between warring Samurai's and football. To each his own inspiration! :)

  69. The season I was just in was finishing my first draft of number two.

    I've learned that I have to have a plan, or I will be all mixed up and there will be major disconnects in my manuscript.

    So this time, I've spent months planning and plotting my new WIP, and plan on outlining the whole thing BEFORE I get into it.

  70. ugh...every time!

  71. Thank you so very much for this wise truth. I think maybe I am in fall season. Definitely reaping some efforts sown, but also seeing maybe I've been in the dark and cold under leaves. I'll take all of this with me today, as I think on my journey.

  72. I prefer fall.....cooler days! Please enter me for the gift shopping for books! Thanks for the interesting post.

  73. such an adorable cover for your book; congrats on your accomplishments.

    even us non-writers have season changes and hopefully we learn to accept the changes and grow.