Wednesday, September 22, 2010

2010 ACFW & Steeple Hill Late Night Chat

Good morning, Seekerville!

I’m writing this as I sit in the Indianapolis International Airport early Monday afternoon, waiting to board the plane homeward. I can’t believe the 2010 American Christian Fiction Writers National Conference is a memory now--and that everyone is already looking forward to 2011 in St. Louis, Missouri.

Over 600 attendees participated in this year’s conference. Amazing. But what was even MORE amazing is how in a crowd like that, every time I turned around there would be a Seeker or a Friend of Seekerville! So much fun to see familiar faces and get to chat with those I’d only met via The Web! I know there were a number of you who attended that I “missed” meeting, but maybe next time!

What fun, too, to see the full-page Seeker ad in the conference program celebrating our 3-year blog birthday. Steeple Hill Love Inspired Authors also had a full-page ad, so including the Genesis and Carol Finalist listings and publisher-sponsored ads, Seekers and Friends of Seekerville were well-represented at ACFW!

The conference days were packed with activities and every time you’d blink they were feeding you AGAIN! I especially enjoyed the workshops taught by authors Susan May Warren and Rachel Hauck ( “Scene Therapy” and “Deep and Wide.” If you didn’t get the CD/MP3 recordings from this year’s conference, consider getting them. I listened to last year’s over and over as it not only includes the workshops, but also the sessions with publishing houses telling what they’re looking for and how to submit manuscripts to them.

Of course, the highlight of the event was seeing Pam Hillman accept her “Genesis Award” and Mary Connealy her “Carol Award,” then each evening gathering with other Seekers and BUNCH of Friends of Seekerville to celebrate.
Here’s some info for you that I gleaned from Steeple Hill Senior Editor Tina James and Assistant Editor Emily Rodmell.
The Editors of the three lines at Steeple Hill (Love Inspired, Love Inspired Historical and Love Inspired Suspense) say the lines are very popular with readers and, in fact, the historical line is expanding to FOUR a month in January 2011! That means each year they need 48 Love Inspired Historicals, 48 Love Inspired Suspense, and 72 Love Inspired contemporaries to meet reader demand!
What will catch their eye? First off, a great opening line and a fabulous first chapter that hooks the reader. Get that hero and heroine on the page together as quickly as possible -- and he faith journey of both should be well-integrated into the plot. The editors are looking for fresh approaches to classic stories--compelling, page turning, lively tales of romance. Surprises. New twists. They prefer heroes and heroines between post-college age and forty (historical heroines may be somewhat younger). Divorced heroes and heroines are acceptable if the divorce occurred before they were Christians or if a spouse left them. Stories about professional women, women with families, or a combination of both are welcome. Stories are to be told in third person point of view.
What are they NOT looking for right now? Readers of the three Steeple Hill Love Inspired lines want heroes and heroines they can relate to--thus famous individuals such as actors, artists, or musicians are not popular. While children are a welcome and important part of Love Inspired books, readers prefer that children not overshadow the romance. Lying is acceptable only for a “good” reason (i.e. undercover operatives, character keeping true identity under wraps while in hiding, or maintaining a secret integral to the story). See Steeple Hill guidelines on website for more details.
If you’ve never been published, don’t query until the book is completed as Steeple Hill editors will want to see the entire manuscript. Query first, then the editors will let you know if they wish to see the completed manuscript.
If you’ve previously published elsewhere, query with three chapters and a synopsis.
Synopses should emphasize the emotional conflicts--what the hero and heroine must overcome. And be sure to tell the ending--don’t leave the editor hanging!
Per query letters should include word count and pertinent facts about you as a writer, including your familiarity with the romance genre. Indicate which series your project is appropriate for, if it is completed, what you think makes it special, and previous publishing experience (if any). Also include a synopsis of your story that gives a clear idea of both your plot and characters and is no more than two single-spaced pages. No simultaneous submissions please (i.e., do not submit the same manuscript to Steeple Hill and other publishing houses at the same time).
Also, it’s preferable to focus on one Love Inspired line rather than multiple lines because your editor will want to grow you as an author and build your name among readers of a given line.
The average response time is 3-4 months. If you have not heard back by then, feel free to contact them as to the status of the submission.
Love Inspired Historicals – Tina James, Senior Editor in charge of the line
70-75,000 words – 4 books a month beginning in January 2011.
Looking for ... stories about Americana (Westerns, post Civil War, etc.), pioneers, immigrants, missionaries and “Americana.” Settings in the West, Regency period, Victorian to WWII, foreign (especially if you have personal familiarity with the setting), missionaries to Africa or Asia. Only two POVs--hero & heroine.
Love Inspired (contemporary) - Melissa Endlich, Senior Editor in charge of the line
55-60,000 words – 6 books a month.
Looking for ... stories about communities of people who care about each other. Small town medical settings. Heroes and heroines who work with rescue & therapy animals. Cowboys. Amish. Prefer small towns. However, if you have a story set in a city but it has a strong sense of “community” within the larger one, the editors are willing to look at it. Only two POVs--hero and heroine.
Love Inspired Suspense – Tina James, Senior Editor in charge of the line
55-60,0000 words – 4 a month.
1/2 and 1/2 blend of romance & suspense. No “cozies.”
Looking for ... stories set in small towns, Texas, law enforcement, FBI, secret service, bounty hunters, hostage negotiators, unlikely heroes, characters wrongly accused. Not “amateur sleuths,” but heroes and heroines with other unique careers which can be suspenseful besides the usual cops & FBI. Start off with immediate action and make it an exciting, edge of your seat, fast-paced page turner. Limited use of a third POV is acceptable for a villain.
With lines expanding, openings for new authors are still available! Steeple Hill has acquired FIFTEEN new authors thus far in 2010! Maybe YOU could be the sixteenth!!!
If you’d like to be entered in a drawing for a copy of my ACFW Carol-finaling “Dreaming of Home” please leave your email address in the comment section!
Glynna Kaye’s Steeple Hill Love Inspired “Dreaming of Home” is a 2010 “Carol Award” finalist and “Maggie Award” finalist, as well as winner of the “Booksellers Best” and “Beacon” awards. Her next books (also set in Canyon Springs, Arizona) are “Second Chance Courtship” releasing February 2011, and “At Home In His Heart” debuting August 2011!


  1. Hi Glynna,

    I wish I'd had the opportunity to meet you in Indy! As you said - next time.
    Thanks for sharing this info from Steeple Hill.

  2. thanks Glynna! I do hope to get some of the conference workshop recordings even if I don't go for the whole bunch. Included is always the Susie May Warren worskhops!

    That is a lot of Steeple Hill opportunities. I expect to see more friends of Seekerville on those covers before next year's conference!

    Helen is catching up on her sleep , so I've started the coffee. After Ruth's PR for Panera, they've sent over a beautiful, long basket of baked goods and I've made a fresh fruit salad. The last of the watermelons.

    Will anyone be reporting on the other late night chats, as well?
    thanks ladies.

    Thanks again to Janet (I won her book last week). I was telling Tina it's getting very hard to keep up with Seeker books, the way you ladies are rolling them out!

  3. Lots of useful information. It is interesting they still are seeking more cowboy stories. We can't get enough of our cowboys.

    I am glad to see the interest in medical settings is present. I love a good medical story but it seems they have been hard to find of late.

    The Amish interest is no surprise. It will be interesting to see what comes of it. Some Amish story lines are already starting to appear in LI.

    Did they say anything about "original" stories which have unique themes? I am thinking of Ruthie's latest as well as others with hard hitting story lines or unusual settings.

    Glad to see the dates for your next releases!

    Thanks again.

    Peace, Julie

  4. Thanks for the great information, Glynna!

    It's encouraging to see there are some opportunities out there for publication, and what Steeple Hill is looking for.

    I'm hoping to get some mp3 recordings from the conference. From what I've read it sounds like there were many great workshops.



  5. Oh my gosh, Deb, thanks for the coffee and isn't Panera WONDERFUL????

    God bless them.

    Glynna, nice update. I love getting together with the SH gals, the editors, the other writers. Of course I'm usually making fun of them, but hey, that's what makes it fun, right?

    (kidding. Of course. I'm the soul of discretion.)

    I love that they've increased the lines. That bodes well for us as authors and for Steeple Hill's dedication to the genre.

    Oops, gotta go. Kids. Work. Love you all.

  6. Thanks Glynna! It's nice to know that Steeple Hill books are such a success. Of course, it's not a surpise either since their writers are so good. :-) Interesting to see what they are looking for...and what they are not looking for. Thanks for taking the time to do that. And talk about multi-tasking - I can't believe you wrote that at the airport! Hope you had a safe journey home and have begun to catch up on your sleep!

  7. Glynna,

    Thank you for the useful information on the Love Inspired line!

    It's is great that they have accepted so many NEW authors this year. What good news that is to writers.

    Don't enter me in the drawing. I have your book!

  8. Have read some of Glynna's writings before. Love her writing. Would love to read this one. Thanks for giving away a copy.

  9. Hi Glynna,

    GREAT meeting you in Indy.

    I had a nice chat with Tina James and she was really sweet - and encouraging.

    This publisher info is important, because knowing what they're looking for and what they publish makes a good first impression.

    I know Tina appreciated it, even if all of my novels are either too long or have too much lying in them to go through Steeple Hill ;-)

    I'm working on a historical specifically for them, though...if I can keep my characters honest enough.
    sigh. :-)

  10. Excellent recap, Glynna! Makes me want next year's conference to get here...NOW!!

    Can you believe the opportunities for publication waiting at Steeple Hill? They need books and they're open to new authors.


    The editors too, are such wonderful folks. I think being surrounded by people and bombarded with questions and comments made both Emily and Tina a bit overwhelmed, but if you were lucky enough to corner one of them in an empty elevator (yep, that was me, LOL) the animation came back and our conversation was light and enjoyable.

    Thanks for the opportunity to relive a great week, Glynna! Next year can't come fast enough for me!

  11. Is there a reason why LI Suspense doesn't want cozies? As a new fan of cozy mysteries, I have found a severe lack of them in Christian publishing. LI Suspense had a couple and then they were stopped and Barbour had their cozy series and then they were stopped. They are insanely popular with other general market publishers such as Berkley Prime Crime, Obsidian, Minotaur, Kensington and Midnight Ink. I have been asked several times by readers of my blog for Christian cozies and almost all of the ones I recommend were published several years ago, there are barely any new ones. Is there a reason why Christian Fiction seems to stay away from it?

  12. I was fortunate enough to be at that late-night chat AND my editor appt. was with Tina James. We had a great meeting, and the chat couldn't have come at a better time - the evening before! It's exciting to think what Steeple Hill and all of Christian Fiction is doing, and the changes that are taking place.

    I definitely came away from Indy a more hopeful writer than I was when I arrived! NEXT year, I want to meet more Seekers! Maybe I won't be brain-dead to the world by 9pm in St. Louis! LOL

  13. Hi Glynna, Thanks for all the Steeple Hill info. It is really great to hear the specifics. I'm so tickled that historicals are making a comeback.

    Debra, glad you got the coffee going. Yum. And the paneras are great also.

    I'm so excited that you got to meet more Seeker friends. That was one of the best parts at RWA nationals. And you had even more at ACFW.

    Happy writing everyone

  14. Audra cornering Tina or Emily...

    I'm so proud.

    Good for you, honey. Young Grasshopper, you have learned to walk the ricepaper.


  15. Have I mentioned that I love Melissa and Rachel?

    That they put up with me?

    That they encourage me all the time but aren't afraid to rein me in when necessary, if I get too introspective or too kissy-kissy or too wordy???

    Love these gals.

    And Joan?

    Amazing woman. Totally amazing.

  16. Almost an hour ago (just before 5 a.m.) I was ready to hit "send" on a comment and the power went out for almost 45 minutes. So I'm back now, but with little time as I have to get ready for work. Pouring rain now, but hopefully the power will stay on!

    Edwina--We probably passed each other or were in the same workshops a million times! And my apologies to anyone who called my name and I didn't respond. In a loud environment like a conference, my hearing impairment becomes an even bigger challenge than usual. Want to know something funny? While at ACFW I met a gal who lives in the same town I do, but we'd never met. So we're thrilled to find another ACFW member within the city limits--but had to fly over 1000 miles to meet! Both of us "just happened" to sit at the same table by a mutual Friend of Seekerville, Erica Vetsch!

    Debra -- I was amazed when I figured up how many books Steeple Hill releases each year! I don't know if anyone else is reporting on another publisher's late night chat. But if they don't, when I get the recordings I will.

    Julie -- as you've probably already heard, there are no "original" stories at their core--it's all in the telling, the voice, the perspective, how deep the author goes into the characters hearts and universal themes that readers resonate with. That's what Ruthy does. And it's certainly what Steeple Hill is looking for. I'm not sure how you'd define as an "unusual" setting, but I got the impression Steeple Hill isn't going to turn down a top notch story whatever the setting if there's a sense of "community" in it and characters that their readership can relate to. Give it a shot!

  17. Kirsten--I found the recordings a great investment. And while, over time, yes the publisher/agent info may become dated, the workshops on the craft of writing and living the writing life will be worth listening to again and again. Just like re-reading a book, you discover something new each time.


    Kav--I promised myself if I wrote the blog post while waiting for my plane, I could read all the way home. I NEVER have a solid 3 1/2 hours to just relax and read, so it was delightful!

    Good morning, Rose! Yes, lots of new names & faces at Steeple Hill!

    Hi Patsy! So glad you like my writing! And I'm thrilled I'll have two new stories coming out in 2011. Because I sold "Dreaming of Home" in 2009 and they fast-tracked it to a release 6 months later, with all the stuff surrounding that there wasn't time for me to complete another one to make the 2010 cut-off. But I'm hoping and praying most years I'll be able to write & release two!

    Pepper -- Loved getting to meet you! Sure wish there were more quiet places at a conference to visit, though, as all the voices, the waterfall, piped-in music, etc., are a REAL challenge for me! I have utter confidence that your characters can overcome their lying natures and find a home in Steeple Hill! :)

    Audra -- I imagine you're right about Tina & Emily being bombarded by questions at the late night chat! That's great that you got to visit with your editor one-on-one even if it meant trapping her in an elevator!

    Deborah--I love a good "cozy," too -- but apparently "cozies" haven't been selling that well in CBA. Why, I don't know. Right now it's suspense that is selling, so that's what publishers will deliver as they're running a business to make money. Always a Catch-22, though -- how do you buy what isn't available, right, and show your support for it? Anyone else have any idea why cozies aren't popular with CBA readers?

    Regina--so happy you had a good meeting with Tina James and hoping some REAL good news comes from that. Glad you came away from the conference with hope in your heart!

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  20. I have NO idea why that posted THREE times. I only hit 'publish' once and it threw me entirely out of the system. Will try to figure out how to delete it if I have time before I leave.

    Hi Sandra! Yes, it was so much fun to see so many Seekers & Friends of Seekerville. And I'm looking forward to seeing YOU next month!

  21. The conference just went by too fast! I didn't get to talk to many people, not REALLY talk. Sigh. I'm still thinking we need to have a retreat, and have it in early February around my birthday. :-) Then I can get my ACFW fix twice a year!

  22. I enjoyed meeting so many Seekers face to face. Thanks for being so friendly!

  23. GLYNNA!!! It did seem like the place was crawling with Seekers and Seeker friends, didn't it, and what a blast THAT was!!

    Great info on the late night chat, which I appreciate because I'm thinking about trying my hand at an LI Historical, so thanks for that information!


  24. Hey Glynna,
    GREAT post!! It got me all excited about the conference, even though I wasn't there. Lol! I loved hearing the guidelines, though I won't be writing for any of them anytime soon *grin* It's still cool to hear about what the company wants, you know?

    I'm sooo excited for the four historicals!! That's starting semi soon : ) Can't wait!

    Well, it sounds like you had a really good time at conference, Glynna, which I do hope is the case. I don't see why you wouldn't! Lol!

    Another thing I cannot wait for in the new year is your February release!!! YAY! I loved Dreaming of was fabulously written and such a fun story. It helped pass some of my shock therapy time, so thank you!

    Mmmmmm Panera! Count me in on that this morning on my way to class, thanks!
    Talk to you all soon,

  25. Deborah,

    Avalon Books publish cozies and although they aren't a faith based publisher, their books are all "clean" No violence, premarital sex, foul language, or anything that would offend a Christian reader.

  26. Hi Melanie! It was great to see you at ACFW! And you're right--NOT enough time to talk, REALLY talk!

    Teri Dawn -- it's hard NOT to be friendly when we're surrounded by so many friends we "know" from Seekerville!

    Julie -- ooh, ooh, Steeple Hill is about to get "edgier." LOL Check out their historical guidelines at eHarlequin -- lots more detail.

    Hi, Hannah! So happy you enjoyed Dreaming of Home! Maybe one of these days when you finish school you can pop in to ACFW, too!

  27. Glynna what is that pretty arch thing-y? Is that the hotel or the airport or just some lovely Indianapolis archectural wonder?

    I was pretty confused most of the time. I'm wondering if I walked under it or through it.

    I almost hope not because it's a darned shame if I didn't notice, because I'd have liked to enjoy it if I was there.

  28. Glynna, great idea to share Steeple Hill's Late Night Chat! The opportunities for writers in the LI lines are huge! And you don't need an agent to submit. :-)

    My favorite workshop was Michael Hauge's Six Stage Plot Structure though Joseh Bentz's Top Ten Stratergies for Becoming a More Productive Writer was excellent, As was Susan Mae Warren's Deep and Wide. Actually got a lot out of all I attended.

    I loved chatting with friends of Seekerville! Somehow I didn't hook up with you, Edwina. Unless I lost it in my foggy sleep-deprived brain. Hopefully, next year!

    Thanks, Debra for the delicious breakfast from Panera! And for your interest in The Substitute Bride! I'll send your copy soon.

    Hugs, Janet

  29. Mary -- the red brick to the right is the hotel we were in. That glassed area is a part of the complex that attaches to the mall food court and other neighboring hotels. You could go all over the place between buildings in Indianapolis without ever going outside! Great in the wintertime, I'm sure.

  30. Thanks for the information on Steeple Hill. I can't wait to get my conference CD/MP3 so I can hear all of the workshops.

    Jodie Wolfe

  31. Janet - Wish I could have gone to Hauge's workshop but they said you had to be multi-published so I consoled myself thinking I'd get the recording. But turns out they didn't record it, so guess I'll need to pull out my DVDs for a refresher!

    See y'all later!

  32. I'm late, I'm late, I'm late.

    Sorry, sorry, sorry.

    Debra, thank you for covering for me. You were right on the nose about catching up on my sleep.
    Here's a fresh pot of coffee and a cooler of Coke.

    I enjoyed meeting you and others of the Seekers and having lunch with you. Thanks for being so friendly. I wasn't lost or afraid, but I didn't want to be pushy. You girls just took me right in and made me feel welcome.

    Like a couple others, I wonder about the lack of interest in cozies. (I have 3 on the shelf.) It's what I love to read.


    P.S. I've already had the pleasure of reading your book.

  33. Super info included here, PLUS another big congratulations!!!

    Seekerville continues to be a blessing. Thank you ALL.

    may at maythek9spy dot com

    (and now, back to the rewrite...)

  34. Helen! I'm surprised we didn't insist you make us coffee every morning at the conference. :)
    It was so much fun meeting all the friends of Seekerville, plus my Seeker buddies.

    I just remembered two things last night I'd forgotten. Promises I made. GAH!!!!!!

    And I had a note somewhere I remember, with an address, and now I can't find that note.

    I predict things will keep popping into my head for DAYS. WEEKS maybe.

    But disorganized or exhausted or whatever, I had the time of my life.

  35. Thanks for the coffee, Debra. I really need a mug of it, strong and black, this morning. And thanks for all the great information, Glynna, especially the Steeple Hill bits.


  36. Thanks for the recap Glynna! Great seeing you at ACFW!

  37. Wow, Glynna! You did a great job compiling the info!! Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks for the breakfast, Debra! :)

  38. I enjoyed meeting several of the Seekers at the ACFW conference. You guys are so nice! :)

  39. So...

    Janet went to workshops.

    You're such a good girl.

    My fave thing about conferences is you guys.

    I'm okay with that.

  40. That Carol Award medal is SWEET! And we got one for past finalist success for the Carol Award and the Genesis Award.
    So I've got me a neat pile of iron there. :)

    I suppose it would be wrong to just wear them daily, right?

  41. Go for it, Mary! You deserve it. Rattle that iron!

    Great article. Thanks for sharing your conference experience and all the great info about SH.

  42. I'm staring at the LIH guidelines. Missionaries to Asia? I'm guessing defrocking a priest or a novitiate is outside the bounds of what would be allowed. (OK. Just kidding. I wouldn't do this.)

    What does the word "foreign" mean in this? Has this been added because it's not on the guidelines at the website.

    (If only I could corner an editor an ask, though it probably wouldn't do my reputation any good. :-) )

  43. So, glad y'all had a great time! I hope to meet all of you there one day. Interesting that next year's conference will be in St. Louis, Missouri---I just told my husband out-of-the-blue a few weeks ago that I wanted to go there!

    Thanks for your generosity in sharing these helpful tips. I am bookmarking this post. I am thrilled that Love Inspired is expanding its line of historicals.

  44. Walt, you know that Carla Capshaw's Gladiator and Protector are set in the Mediterranean...

    Missionaries in Asia...

    Sounds right up your alley, my friend.

    And try these new fry pies. If I ever get to open a bake shop/coffee shop, these will be a big seller on the menu I think.

    Check out that glaze? Amazing, right?

    And the filling, wrapped up in some of the flakiest, golden pastry known to mankind.

    Shoulda been born in Kentucky, I swear.

  45. Ruthy, that falls under the heading of Biblical fiction, which they accept. If I want to go east in that category, I can follow Doubting Thomas all the way to India. However, that's as far as I can go.

  46. Walt-baby...

    You miss 100% of the chances you don't take.


    Missionaries in Asia.

    Isn't this like that two boats and a helicopter joke? Like, Dude...

    whatcha waitin' for?

    Get on this. Variety. Cool new settings. Looks to me like the invitation's been sent out and now they're looking for people brave enough to accept.

    Go for the gold, my friend.


  47. This is a great recap, Glynna. I love the opportunities that Steeple Hill offers unpublished writers. Tina has my first novel on her desk and requested the full of my second. Hopefully she will say yes and I can join the LI family. :)

  48. I've also wondered what happened to the Love Inspired Suspense of the first I read and liked was a cozy about someone dying from poison mushrooms after eating at the after-church dinner. That author was spot-on with the 'competition' between the women to have the 'best dish' and I really liked the heroine then seems that author just started doing the regular suspense and I quit looking after that.

    woo hoo! ya'll start writing cowboys and dogs and horses - those get my vote over children LOL! well ok a kid here and there's cool but I love the hometown ones esp when some country is involved!

    quilt938 at clear dot net

  49. Thanks, Glynna. Bad choice of words on my part. I should have said out of the suggested story box, ie, not a cowboy, not a small town, etc as you mentioned. Which you have now clarified.

    I have one I have been urged to write that is definitely out of the box, though the love story is as familiar as a well-worn quilt.

  50. Hi Glynna.

    Great meeting all of you seekers in Indy. To be able to put true personalities with the faces and comments I've gotten to know was great. Although by the time Sunday came I was so tired I was dragging, but I still had loads of fun.

    Thanks for putting the guidelines out there for everyone. I sat in on the SH late night chat, but it's still great to have a hard copy for reference.

  51. Thanks for this great info, Glynna. I almost feel like I was there chatting with them myself!

    How soon are the CD's of this years conference available? Sounds like a good investment.

    Love the Steeple Hill line!


    P.S. Already have your book!

  52. Hi, Glynna! Great information! It was a wonderful conference, wasn't it? I really enjoyed meeting so many people. It's hard to get back to work and reality.

  53. Jodie -- I think you'll REALLY like the ACFW recordings!

    Helen - it was so great spending time with you, too!

    KC - Thank you! It's such a blessing to us, too, to have an extended Seeker family!

    Carol - glad you found the Steeple Hill info helpful!

    Mary -- maybe you could turn one of those award pins into an earring. I noticed during the conference one day you were wearing only one ...

    Walt - foreign, as not the good old USA. I think they're looking for different locales. (And even in the Love Inspired contemporaries mentioned foreign settings there, too, but that the hero/heroines needed to be North American.

  54. Walt -- I don't know in historicals if both hero & heroine have to be north americans or just in the contemporaries.

    "Mary B" -- well maybe next year is your chance to see St. Louis!!

    Lisa - Congrats on getting your book onto an editors desk! Hope you'll be celebrating a Love Inspired sale soon!

    Susanna -- Get writing! Maybe one of those empty Steeple Hill slots is just waiting with your name oni it!

    Julie H.S. -- Out of the box? Sounds like it might be the "fresh" the editors are looking for! Give it a shot! Looks like there's lots of opportunities for new voices and stories!

    Dianna -- I was writing like crazy during that late night chat, so I'm sure I missed some things. Feel free to chime in and add to it if you remember anything I didn't catch.

  55. Susan - I'm not sure how quickly we got our CDs/MP3's last year. I checked my writing journal from last year, but apparently I didn't write it down.

    Do any of the rest of you remember how long after the conference it takes to get the CDs?

    Cara - yes, back to writing! Mine is due in about a month, so I'm off to start revising. The break was really good for me to get away from it as while I traveled my mind could relax and think about layers I'd like to add to the story.

  56. Glynna,
    Great recap of the Steeple Hill info session. One tip I'd like to highlight...Tina James said if the editors send a rejection that includes specific elements in the book that need revision--MAKE THE REVISIONS AND SEND THE MANUSCRIPT BACK TO THEM!!!

    Okay! Just wanted to make the point. A rejection is not always a rejection!

  57. Thanks, Debby! Good point! Yes, if they take the time to send a revision letter, they definitely want to see the revised version! I've heard previously that it's amazing how many writers don't follow through on that opportunity and revise/resubmit.

  58. Nice recap, Glynna. I was happy to be among those who her this first-hand.
    Would love a copy of the book.

    cathy underscore shouse at yahoo

  59. Glynna, I'm too busy reading to try my hand at writing LOL!

  60. Thanks for a wealth of information Glynna. I've recently become hooked on the Love Inspired books. Those are the types of stories I would like to write. I'm glad you had a good trip.

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