Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Answering the Call by Rose Ross Zediker

Most writers’ dream of the day they receive “the call” from their agent or editor offering them an enormous advance to publish their manuscript but as we wait for that life changing call, there is another call that both published and unpublished writers should be aware of and watch for all the time.

The Manuscript Call.

Many times publishers and editors put out a request for a certain type of manuscript. What does this mean? They’re running low on or not receiving manuscripts of a particular type to fill a spot in their publishing calendar.

Although I do believe in writing the book, short story or article of your heart, I also know that if you want to be published and continue to publish, you must put some focus on writing for market needs.

Here are a few examples of how I’ve earned acceptances and publishing credits by answering the publisher’s call for manuscripts.

A newsletter geared toward children’s writing posted a manuscript call. They needed articles for their website on non-secular publishing paths. Since I wrote short pieces for the Christian children’s genre, I typed up two articles. The first article covered the advantages of writing for the Christian children’s market. The second article I submitted was an instructional piece on how to retell Bible stories. Both of these articles garnered contracts. The next time this publication sent a call out, they needed articles on the business aspect of writing. My day job includes business writing, so I whipped up an article about the business letters a writer needs with examples and earned another acceptance.

A member of a yahoo group I subscribe to posted her publishers need for easy craft ideas for children. I looked through my files, reformatted a couple of manuscripts to the publisher’s specifications and sent my submissions off. Later that year I received an acceptance letter and now I’m on the publisher’s email list for manuscript calls.

I follow several blogs. By checking an editor’s blog daily, I discovered they had a need for Christian romance with older characters. For some reason I never considered writing a romance manuscript with “mature” characters but being on the cusp of fifty, I could relate to those character’s feelings, so I tried it. Three months after I submitted my manuscript, I received a request for the full. In June, I signed a contract with Heartsong Presents to publish this book. A book I’d have never written if I hadn’t followed the Edit Café blog and answered their “call” for middle aged or older heroes and heroines.

Some places to watch for manuscript calls are blogs, yahoo groups, chat rooms, newsletters (both online and print). Don’t forget to research the publication to get a sense of their style and publishing history. Follow their guidelines and send your best work in when you answer their manuscript call. The editor may have expressed a need but they won’t accept sloppy or inappropriate submissions just to fill their void.

While you wait for an response to your submission, go back to work on the manuscript of your heart, day dream about that huge advance or better yet, seek out and submit to other manuscript calls. Your hard work will be rewarded when one day your phone rings and you answer “the call”-an editor offering a contract!

I’ve visited Seekerville long enough to know that I shouldn’t come empty handed. Since my book isn’t released yet and there is no access to street vendors selling silk scarves where I live, I’m giving away chocolate! Leave a comment with your email address if you want a chance to win a Bing candy bar. This yummy confection is Palmer Candy Company’s claim to fame since 1923!

From Seekerville:

Rose is one of our long time friends of Seekerville and in honor of her recent sale to Heartsong Presents we're also giving away a Seeker book of choice to a commenter.

Rose's Bio:

Rose Ross Zediker lives in rural Elk Point, SD with her husband of twenty eight years. She works full time at an investment firm and writes during the evening or weekends. The release date for her Heartsong Presents novel, Lily of the Field (title subject to change) is late December 2010. Besides writing inspirational romance novels, Rose has many publishing credits in the Christian children’s genre, including a non-fiction book, Wealth In Biblical Times. Visit Rose at her blog:


  1. Rose, I'm thrilled for you, and since I love Twin Bings, I'm happy to take part in the giveaway.

    Thanks for sharing these great, inspiring stories of how you've taken a suggestion and run with it for all its worth. How inspiring!


  2. Never thought of writers writing for 'a call on books' before. I would find it difficult, myself. I congratulate you on being flexible.

    I had a Bing just last week for the first time in 30+ years. Can't find them much anymore. So maybe you'll have a box of Bings???? LOL
    Please enter me. Love Bings.
    desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

  3. Good morning and Good night!!!

    Rose, CONGRATULATIONS and thanks for the words of wisdom.

    Tell us more about your Heartsong Presents.

  4. I will be waiting for your book and do like the title.

    Twin Blings look delicious and I've never had them. Never heard of them till now. Chocolate is good to offer and thanks.

  5. Rose,
    I found your narrative on getting published to be very interesting. I will look forward to more of your insights and comments on this topic!
    Thanks so much!

  6. Rose!

    Good morning, SWEET THANG!!! And welcome to Seekerville on this most auspicious occasion of celebrating your FIRST SALE!!!!

    And September.

    God bless you, girl, that is some super duper sound advice about following an editor's blog and then producing what they ask for.

    Stinkin' smarty pants, look at you now!

    And I'm delving into the twin blings, I made coffee, it's really good, super hot, ultra fresh and tastes like heaven.

    Also, honey, sweetie, darling:

    If ever you need a cache of possibly stolen but maybe not faux-silk scarves, you just let me know. I've got this vendor in the Big Apple, see, down in the financial district, she and I go WAY BACK...

    Like to June, 2010.

    I'll hook you up. :)

    Kudos and congrats, my friend. A job well done and well deserved!

  7. Good Morning Everyone!

    I want to thank Seekerville for inviting to post on their terrifice blog!

    I'm hoping I'll be checking in often today but it depends on how busy I am at my day job.

  8. Roxane,

    Your my first commentor!!!! Thanks for stopping by today.

    Bings are one of my favorite too!

  9. Speaking of day jobs...which I am off to...

    How do you fit your writing in around your busy life?

  10. Hi Linda,

    I know Bing candy bars are distributed on more of regional level. I have an aunt who moved to Idaho and couldn't get them so her family sends her a box at Christmas.

    Sometimes it is hard to write to a story aimed at someone elses specific idea but writing is a business that demands flexibility because it's always changing.

  11. Robyn,

    The title of my book is a quilt block based on a Bible verse. The quilt is a huge part of the book so I'm hoping the title remains LILY OF THE FIELD.

    Thanks for stopping by today.

  12. Ruth,

    Thanks for celebrating my publication with me!

    And for bringing coffee, I'm having trouble getting going this AM so I need the strong stuff!

    Yep, filed for future reference, need a faux-silk scarf, contact Ruthy!

    Note all the !!!!!! I used just for you!!!

  13. Tina,

    My book has elements I learned in Seekerville. The heroine is a 50 year old widow who's so filled with worry over her finances that she's withdrawn from life since her husband died of a massive heart attack.

    The hero is 52 and changed his life style after he had a mild heart attack.

    See what I learned from a long ago post! The herione blames her husbands heart attack for her misery and the hero has heart problems!!!

  14. CONGRATULATIONS Rose. FIRST SALE party party party.

    How exciting and I LOVE how you followed editor blogs and filled a need. Editors always say study the market. You did that well.

    I'm soooooo excited for you.

    Writing on spec is great. All those teenage self help books I wrote years ago were the result of an editor calling and saying "how about a book on such and such".

    And Debby can answer this. What if your editor wants you to write a book in a series? Like her Protecting the Witnesses Series where she wrote KILLER HEADLINE and other authors wrote the other books in the series.

    It pays to be flexible and able to write different things.

    I'm so excited about all of your children's books too. How thrilling and what a gift you have.

    Congrats again.

    Welcome to Seekerville and thanks for joining us.

  15. Tina,

    I'm a goal setter. I set big yearly goals then break them down into smaller monthly goals.

    I keep those monthly goals out on my desk so they are taunting me everytime I'm by my computer!

    Then adjust my social calendar to fit around the goals I set for the month.

    I do use my lunch time to write or brainstorm an idea OR to run pesky errands so my evening is free to write.

  16. Great advice Rose. Congrats on your book coming out in December!

    Jodie Wolfe

  17. Sandra,

    Thank you for helping me celebrate! That's what so great about Seekerville you all share the joys and sorrows of publishing.

    It does pay to listen to editor's wish lists. I guess I liken it a day job, you listen to what your boss wants/needs you to do that day and do it. So why should writing be any different!?!

  18. Rose,
    So happy for you. I am awed by how you go out and look for the opportunities and then get proactive to make it happen. You're my new hero. I can learn loads from you. You need to make it to the next IN meeting we have so you can impart more words of wisdom to us. (we'll make it the INS group in your honor!)

    Congratulations again. And I do love twin bings. But I have to fight for them in this house.

  19. Congratulations, Rose on your first sale!!!

    Great advice on manuscript calls, and using the talents God gave you while you waited for the "big call."


  20. Great to have you on this side of the post, Rose!! Congratulations on your sale to Heartsongs Presents! I'm totally impressed with the success you've had answering the manuscript call! Thanks for giving sites to visit to keep on top of what editors want.

    Not familiar with Bing but all those years of success tell me it's yummy!


  21. Rose,

    What editor sites/blogs do you recommend?

    Jodie Wolfe

  22. Congratulations, Rose, on your upcoming publication! I adore Heartsong Presents books. Can't wait to read yours.

    Thanks for this inside tip about manuscript calls. It's never occured to me to be on the lookout for those, but I will now.


  23. Rose -- thanks so much for sharing the story of your writing journey! Congratulations on the sale. Do tell us a bit more about how you work writing in with working full-time. A number of us are always looking for tips to speed up the process!

  24. Groaning with great disgust. Blogger ate my comment!!!

    What I said was: Rose, what savvy advice!!! You were really smart! Congratulations on your first book contract!

    I also said I once sent out a short story and in the cover letter, as an afterthought, I said I could also write a non-fiction article on the same subject. They wrote back and said they couldn't use the short story but would like me to write the article on spec. That was exciting! I sold the article to them and sold the short story to another publication!

    I used to be smart. Then I started writing books and I wrote in genres nobody was looking for! Oh, well! I sold the book of my heart anyway, by God's grace!

  25. Great advice in your article, Rose. Not every ms. call is for everyone, but it's a good challenge and way to develop a variety of writing skills.

    Congratulations on your upcoming book!! So glad you answered THAT call!

  26. Congratulations, Rose, and thank you so much for the advice! I've wondered if there weren't opportunities like this around, because I love writing to "specs" or "challenges."

    Thanks, and definitely enter me in the drawing - never heard of "Bing" in my neck of the woods, but they look delicious!


  27. Congrats, Rose, on your sale!!!

    Now I'm off to google Twin Bings because I've never heard of them before until today.

  28. Jodie,

    I look for editor blogs for the book line I'd like to write for. So is the editors at Barbour Publishing.

    Harlequin has a great website with links to chat rooms and blogs that their editor's pop into from time to time.

    Check out the publisher's websites and usually you'll find links to these areas.

  29. Dawn,

    I'm really going to TRY to make the next IN meeting! I had so much fun at the last one even if Mary did get us thrown into jail. ; )

  30. Kirsten,

    Thanks for dropping by today. I had a fear that no one would leave comments!

  31. Janet,

    It does feel different being on the blogging side of Seekerville.

    It's a NICE different though.

    Thanks for hosting me and for all you ladies do to inspire other writers on their paths to publication.

  32. Mary,

    Good luck checking out manuscript calls. It never hurt to give and editor what they ask for.

  33. Melanie,

    See it pays to "advertise" you abilities-especially with non-fiction. You are one SMART COOKIE for including that in your letter!

  34. Jane,

    Thanks for stopping by today! I'm glad I answered that manuscript call too.

  35. Regina,

    I like writing to specs too. Many children's publications have "theme" lists to write toward. Those are awesome because if you follow them you increase your chance for an acceptance.

  36. Thanks, Gina...

    Palmer Candy's website will make you hungry...I guarantee it.

  37. Great blog, Rose! So interesting and I'm so very happy for you.

  38. Glynna,

    I really try to devote about ten hours a week to my writing. I think of it as a part-time job. I work the time I want to spend writing during the evening hours into my schedule first and then plan any other activities around it, like cleaning, errands, socializing.

  39. Shari,

    Thank you!

    I still have your book to be autographed the next time I see you!

  40. Woohoo! Rose! So happy to see you here on Seekerville! Happy Dance!

    I remember when that post went through on the Edit Cafe. :)

    Those candies look FABO!

  41. Hi Erica,

    Didn't JoAnne refer to their need as "gray haired love" in that post!

    Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again a signing.

  42. ROSE!!! WOW ... what a fresh and new approach to publication, girl!! In three years on this blog, I don't think we have ever had this subject on this blog before (or maybe Tina came close with a blog on Women's World and freelancing), so this is HUGE!! Thanks for sharing it with us!

    And SUPER CONGRATS on your new Heartsong -- it sounds WONDERFUL!! After receiving lots of positive feedback on the older couple in my books (Marcy and Patrick O'Connor), I can vouch that there is a HUGE market out there for a romance between an older couple, so you go, girl!!


  43. What I'd like to know is, how did TINA get Rose AND Lorna on here???

    HUH? HUH????

    Rose and Lorna are MINE!!!!!!!!!!

    I can't take my eyes off of Tina for a MINUTE!!!!!!

    Also, Bing candy bars are delicious. A very MIDWESTERN treat. I think in other areas they have Cherry Mash candy bars but they are a week imitation of Bing's LUCIOUSNESS.

    And now, I need to get in my car and drive twenty miles to the nearest Bing Candy Bar store.

    I'll also be able to fill up with gas while I'm there. Which I'll need to do because...well, I tend to take twenty mile drives for NO REASON several times a day.

  44. Oh, And, CONGRATULATIONS ROSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Great advice on ways to make money writing while you work toward that book contract. This is VERY GOOD ADVICE. You not only make money, you build writer's credits. It is a great way to make your writer's resume pop when you're pitching to editors. You've got a leg up on aspiring authors who've got nothing listed.

    Also, it can keep your husband from nagging overly that you're wasting your life.

  45. I did NOT get us thrown in jail.
    LORNA got us thrown in jail.
    And DAWN was the one who kept saying, "I'm sure that KEEP OFF--DON'T TOUCH--sign doesn't mean for US, we're WRITERS. We NEED TO TOUCH STUFF!!!!!!!"

    And my community service hours are all worked off now so it's IN THE PAST PEOPLE. MOVE ON!!!!!!!!!

  46. Congrats on your sale, Rose! What a wonderful example you are of a savvy business woman. You are great at seeing needs and filling them. An editor's dream. They won't forget that quality.

    So when you say you pulled out a file, do you mean you have hard copies of all this, or do you keep it on your computer?

  47. Rose,

    Congrats on your latest achievement! I know a lot of people looking forward to your new book! And Bings are the best!

    I want in on the drawings!

    Jeremiah and Brooklyn

  48. What a great post! This was really helpful, networking within networking. Congrats on the sell to Heartsong! I enjoy their books and will have to remember to keep an eye out for yours.

    I would like to pass on the chocolate, odd I know, but that is just me... just ask the ladies at the Alley. ;)

    But please enter me in the book contest.

    Anyway, great post, really enjoyed it, thanks so much for writing for us today! It was helpful.


  49. Congratulations on your book contract, Rose! I wouldn't have thought about looking for voids in the market, but I suppose that would make perfect sense.

    I haven't ever heard of Bings before, but they look yummy!


  50. Julie,

    Thanks for your kind words. I'm glad you liked my topic. One never knows when they're putting a blog together.

    I read somewhere that the majority of romance readers are in the boomer age group, so it makes a lot of sense to have older characters.

  51. Mary,

    I wondered WHY you didn't ask me to blog but then I figured you delegated that job to Tina.

    And Cherry Mash's don't even come close to a Bing Bar!

    I wouldn't bring up the jail time so much, had I taken a better mug shot!

    Lastly, it's nice to know that all husbands nag not just mine!!! I can say that because it's doubtful he'll get on the blog to read this comment. : )

  52. Lorna,

    What a hard act to follow on a blog! I read yours yesterday and thought, I wished I thought of THAT!

    I keep my files mostly on my computer. I do have some hard copies printed out.

  53. Rose, Rose, Rose - good info AND chocolate - AND a Seeker book?


    Never tried Bings - YUM! (though a scarf woulda been nice too - ha Ruthy!)

    Please enter me: may at maythek9spy dot com

    Excellent advice here, as always, in Seekerville. Congratulations on your continuing journey. Looking forward to reading more about you.

    Your blog today reinforces what Bev Schwind has been telling our writers group for some time. And it's good advice!!!

    Well - off to re-write I go! Everyone have a blessed day!

  54. But you have to admit it was a very nice jail.

  55. Brooklyn,

    You are such a talented little girl to be able to type at 10 months!!!

    Jeremiah...don't tell you dad that I said he nagged!

    Thanks for dropping by and supporting your Mom and Granny.

  56. Casey,

    Glad you enjoyed the post. My sister and husband are huge chocolate fans either.

  57. Holly & KC

    There are more "voids in the market" than most writer's are aware of.

    Thanks for stopping by today.

  58. OH - and on the topic of "mature love" - check out what's playing at our wonderful Cumberland County Playhouse!

    Southern Comforts
    By Kathleen Clark

    August 19 - November 11
    Adventure Theater

    Two folks past retirement, but not ready for pasture, find unlikely friendship. He’s a brusque, no-nonsense yankee, she’s an attractive Tennessee belle. They waltz about, challenge expectations, explore the past, the future—and look for love the “second time around.”

  59. Great post! I've never heard of Bing Candy bars, but I'd love to try one. :)


  60. Ah, Rose, great blog with wonderful advice. I wrote magazine articles for many years before my first book sold. Having a byline and working with editors was a plus and helped me get through the pre-pubbed stage. You're the type of person who sees a door ajar and pushes it open. Good for you.

    Love the HP involving older characters. A GA author published a romance involving an older hero and heroine years ago...I still remember that story. So touching. At that time, HQ had a line called Second Chance At Love(At least, I think that was the line. Does anyone remember the exact name?).

    Looking forward to reading your book. Always a joy to see you in Seekerville. Congrats on your many writing credits!

  61. Congratulations, you ROCK! Great blog!


  62. Angela,

    Good luck in the chocolate drawing.

    Thanks for reading my post today.

  63. Debby,

    Wirting "short items" for magazine's really worked better in my schedule when my son was young. It's a great way to "cut your teeth" on publishing because you write for the style/tone of the publication.

    Thanks for always making me feel so welcome at Seekerville.

  64. Okay that last post should have said Writing short items....

    not wirting short items...

  65. Thanks for stopping by Jenni.

    Note she didn't enter the chocolate giveaway. Why? Cause she was with me at Palmer Candy yesterday so she's had her candy fix!

  66. Mary,
    Who was it that managed to find the escape of said jail? If I had not gone where no writer had gone before, we would still be clanking around with the squirrels.

    There was a wedding there a week or two ago.


    I don't make this stuff up. I wonder if there was a file in that cake?

  67. Do you all know that now brings you to Seekerville?
    No more need for the tag.

    Tina did it.

    Tina does everything.

    Thank you, Tina.

  68. NO WAY!

    A wedding in that awful, clanky place? Weird.

  69. Rose..congratulations! As I have told you many times you are amazing and now see how very versitile you are with your writing! You are inpiring to all writers!

    Love Cherry Bings:) My favorite--yumm..

    xoxo Gert

  70. This is so cool!

    I'm sure friends of Seekerville would love to have more insight into the particular yahoo groups if they are open groups. Share if you can!

    Thanks for all the info and CONGRATS on your success! We are thrilled for you!


  71. Hi Gert!

    Glad to see that you stopped by today. It's proof that I have great friends!

  72. Cheryl,

    As a fellow seeker...thantks for hositng my blog today.

    The yahoo groups I belong too are SCBWI related, so it you're not a memeber, you can't join. : (

    Doesn't seem fair does it?

  73. Congratulations, Rose! So happy for you!

  74. Thanks, Lyn.

    I'm so glad you stopped by today.

  75. SCBWI!!

    I'll be at the Nashville conference end of the month! Will you be there??

    Will go look you up on the site! :)

    (YAY Tina! WTG with this site! So much easier now.)

  76. Hey Rose - ok - help me out on the SCBWI site.
    Didn't find you, but I'm sure that was operator error on my part. :(
    may at maythek9spy dot com will get you to mine I think.
    Alrighty - back to it! Bye!

  77. KC

    I sent a friend request for you through the SCBWI site.

    I won't be attending the conference in Tennessee.

  78. Rose,

    Thanks for all this helpful information! I will definitely start checking out those blogs!

    Just curious, how long did it take you to complete your novel from the time you read about the need for mature heroes? I'm guessing you write quickly!! LOL.

    I don't think the chocolate would make it up to Toronto without melting, tho it looks delicious!

    sbmason (at) sympatico (dot) ca

  79. Welcome to Seekerville, Rose! And congratulations on your sale to Heartsong! Great info today.

  80. Sue,

    I'd say that I write steadily but not quickly. I think JoAnne mentioned the need for older characters in fall 2008-I don't remember that for sure. In January 2009, some authors on the ACFW loop sponsered a novel in a month, so that's when I wrote most of the first draft, then I revised, followed their submission guidelines and sent it off.

    I'd say six to eight months passed from the time I read her blog, culitvated my idea, wrote the book, revised and submitted.

    Then the time frame was in Barbour's hands. They had the first three chapters and chapter outline for right at three months before requesting the full manuscript. I received the email acceptance over six months later and that was only IF I thought I could get all the edits completed and back to them by September 1 to fill an unexpected opening in their publishing calendar.

    Of course, I said I could!!! And I did!!!

  81. Thank you, Cara.

    It's fun to be a part of Seekerville!

  82. Yeah, you are right Rose.

    Mary often tells me what to do and where to go and how high to jump.

    We call her GENERAL behind her back..and actually to her face too..but only when her helmet is turned.

  83. Rose,
    We have been friends such a long time, but never really knew how talented you were. I am very impressed with your writing and this project. I wish you much success!


  84. Wow is that timing serendipitous, Rose. Did you take some vacation time to get the edits done or were you able to get them done without.

    I personally have used 98 percent of my vacation time this year on writing. Worth it though.

  85. If I'm in charge, how come I never get my way???

    And I stopped to get a twin Bing and was distracted by a shiny object and accidentally ate a hot fudge sundae instead.

    I'm regretting that now.

    Not the sundae, but that I didn't get the Bing for LATER.

    Wow, my word verification is 'acting odd'
    I don't mean it is acting odd, I mean is IS 'acting odd'

    so rude

  86. You know how I love Bings and
    the books you've written so far! I'm so proud of you and all the
    work you put into your writing.
    Keep up the good work. I'm looking
    forward the new book and my Bing!

  87. Tina,

    I didn't use any vacation time to get my edits finished. I had two weeks to complete the content edits so when I received them I cleared my social calendar completely, so I could work on them. The copy edits were easier to complete.

    However, I was prepared to use my PTO time to work on the edits if I had too.

    I use quite a bit of vacation time for activities that pertain to my writing.

  88. I want to thank Seekerville for inviting me to blog today. I had a BLAST!

    You ladies are THE BEST.

  89. Okay, Brenda, you can only win one, it's either a book or a Bing! HA!

    Maybe you should put a box of Bings on your birthday list!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by today.

  90. So Mary, a hot fudge sundae with a Bing chaser. I wish I had thought of that.

    But the night's still young.

  91. First off Rose, I'd like to say congratulations! Second, I'd like to thank you for all the wonderful information you left for us all to nibble on. Thank you.

    Continued success and blessings to you.

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.


  92. Thank you, Cindy.

    I'm glad I gave you other options to consider.

  93. I'm going to bed soon and will, no doubt, be dreaming about Bings! Who knew? They look yummy!!!

    Thanks, Ross, for introducing us to a new food group! :)

  94. Congrats and I can't wait to read your new book. I know how hard you've worked. Love the title.

  95. ROSE SAID: And Cherry Mash's don't even come close to a Bing Bar!

    Oh-oh ... In my next book, I gave the hero, Sean O'Connor, the quirk of always eating Cherry Mash candy bars, so I may have to switch that to Bing candy bars if they wer around by 1931! Thanks for the tip!


  96. Thanks for the advice, Rose. I'd never thought of purposefully looking for editors manuscript calls. I'll have to start keeping my eyes and ears open for opportunities like those!

    Congrats on the contract(s)- you deserved them!

  97. Rose, I'm sorry I'm late to the party.

    Congrats on your sale! I'm still so excited for you!! :) Thanks for all the great advice.

  98. Congrat's on the sale.
    I have never heard of the chocolate before.

  99. Hi Rose,
    Thanks for the great article, especially the suggestions of where to look for "calls."

    Congrats on your book!

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