Saturday, October 2, 2010

October Birthday Party and Contest Update

Day 2 of the Seekerville Month Long Birthday Party.

That's a lot of chocolate cake.

Welcome to this month's delicious
assortment of contest fare.

The prize vault is open and four guests will receive a prize. Two one chapter critiques will be up for grabs, along with a Seekerville Unpubbed Island necklace and for the readers among us...a surprise book assortment package delivered to your front door.

Leave a comment letting us know you want to be in the drawing and what prize you want to win. Winners will be announced tomorrow in the Weekend Edition.

The 2011 Golden Heart and RITA are now open. Seekers Missy Tippens, Janet Dean, Myra Johnson, Cara Lynn James, Tina Radcliffe, Julie Lessman and Pam Hillman all finaled in the GH. Myra and Pam have both taken home that lovely pendant, and Pam Hillman is a Golden Heart Hall of Gold inductee.

More info available on the RWA website:


September 21, 2010
Golden Heart contest will open for entries. Contest entry form will be available on this date.

November 15, 2010
Entry forms and fees must be received by the RWA Office.

December 2, 2010
Entered works must be received in the RWA Office. Failure to meet this deadline shall result in disqualification and forfeiture of the entry fee.

December 30, 2010
Preliminary-round judging begins.

March 1, 2011
Preliminary-round score sheets due to RWA Office.

March 25, 2011
Notification will be sent to finalists by two-day delivery. Phone calls to notify finalists will also commence. Release of official finalist list on RWA website by 2 p.m. CT.


September 21, 2010
RITA contest entry is available for Eligible Novels and Novellas. Contest entry form will be available on this date.

December 1, 2010
Deadline for entry forms and fees to be received by the RWA Office.

January 4, 2011
Deadline for books to be received at the RWA Office. Failure to meet this deadline will result in disqualification and forfeiture of the entry fee.

January 20, 2011
Preliminary-round judging begins.

March 9, 2011
Preliminary-round score sheets due to RWA Office.

March 25, 2011
Notification will be sent to finalists by two-day delivery. Phone calls to notify finalists will also commence. Release of official finalist list on RWA website by 2 p.m. CT.

Published Contests

The Bean Pot 2011 Contest
is now accepting entries from Published Authors. The contest is judged exclusively by readers, librarians and booksellers. The first place winners in each category are awarded $50.00, a Bean Pot engraved trophy, and a certificate. Books must have a 2010 copyright date and must be postmarked by January 24, 2011. E-books accepted in electronic form. No short stories, novellas or anthologies, please.
Short Contemporary (50,000 to 70,000 words)
Long Contemporary (over 70,000 words)
Romantic Suspense
Erotic Romance
Futuristic; Fantasy; Paranormal or Time Travel
Mainstream with Romantic Elements (50,000 – 100,000 words)

Unpublished Contests

The Emily. Deadline October 7. All electronic. Submit the first 7 thousand words of your manuscript. No synopsis. Each finalist will go to both an editor and an agent and a bookseller.


Contemporary Single Title

Agent – Jessica Faust, Bookends, LLC
Editor – Frances Jalet-Miller, Grand Central Publishing, Hachette Book Group USA
Bookseller – Stacy Morris, Katy Budget Books

Contemporary Series
Agent – Scott Eagan, Greyhaus Literary Agency
Editor – Patience Smith, Harlequin Enterprises, Silhouette Romantic Suspense
Bookseller – Diana Perini, Barnes & Noble (Town and Country)

Erotic Romance
Agent – Laura Bradford, Bradford Literary Agency
Editor – Martin Biro, Kensington Publishing
Bookseller – Arshi Naqvi, Katy Budget Books

Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal
Agent – Emmanuelle Morgen, Judith Ehrlich Literary Management
Editor – Amanda Bergeron of Avon Books, HarperCollins Publishers
Bookseller – Gary Robson, Red Lodge Books

Historical Romance
Agent – Jenny Bent, The Bent Agency
Editor – Caitlin Alexander, Random House, Inc.
Bookseller – Kathy Robson, Red Lodge Books

Novel with Elements of Romance
Agent – Stephany Evans, FinePrint Literary Management
Editor – Esi Sogah, Avon Books, HarperCollins Publishers
Bookseller – Teresa Kennedy, The Book Cellar

Romantic Suspense
Agent – Elizabeth Pomada – Michael Larsen, Elizabeth Pomada Literary Agents
Editor – Susan Litman, Silhouette Special Editions, Harlequin Enterprises
Bookseller – John Kwiatkowski – Murder By The Book

Young Adult
Agent – Holly Root, Waxman Literary Agency
Editor – Sarah Shumway, Katherine Tegen Books, HarperCollins Publishers
Bookseller – Cathy Berner – Blue Willow Bookshop

Best of the Best is a competition between the first place winners of each category. The winner will receive a critique of the first 50 pages by the fabulous Leis Pederson, Berkley Books, Penguin Group (USA) Inc.
Best of the Best Judges:
Booksellers – Jan Crow and Karla Hoode, Katy Budget Books
Bookseller – Kay Meriam, Barnes & Noble

Linda Howard Award of Excellence. E Deadline October 11
Entry consists of the first 25 pages or less.
Categories and final judges:
Series/Short & Long Contemporary - Susan Litman, Harlequin
Single Title - Latoya Smith, Editor, Grand Central Publishers
Suspense (series or single title) - Kate Collins, Ballentine
Historical - Margo Lipschultz, HQN
Unique Genres (Paranormal, Futuristic, Fantasy, Time Travel) - Melissa Frain, Tor
Young Adult - Alicia Condon, Kensington

Gotcha! Contest. E Deadline October 31. Entry consists of the first 15 pages. 1 published author and 3 experienced, trained writers. Lowest score is dropped and 3 highest determine final score. Top 4 winners in each category are sent to an editor. Winners have 2 weeks to revise the 15-page entry prior to editorial review.
Categories and Judges:

Harlequin/Silhouette Series:
Susan Litman, Silhouette

Single Title/Mainstream Contemporary:
Meredith Giordan, Berkeley/Jove

Mystery/Romantic Suspense:
Allison Lyons, Harlequin Intrigue

Historical (Before 1945):
Megan Records, Kensington

Paranormal (Specialty/Time Travel/Fantasy):
Deb Werksman, Sourcebooks

Emily Rodmell, Steeple Hill

Hook, Line & Sinker. Email or snail mail deadline (not postmark) November 1. The first three pages of your manuscript. Cash prizes. Final judge is Brenda Chin, Harlequin. Contest is limited to the first 125 entries received. No categories. (the website for this contest is temporarily down.)

The Enchanted Words Contest. Perfect Pitch 2010. Electronic only contest. Deadline November 1. Entries include Query Letter, a Synopsis of up to 7 pages, and the first 5 pages of your manuscript. Each entry judged by an editor AND an agent!

Judges include:
Tina James, Senior Editor Love Inspired
Laura Bradford, Bradford Literary Agency

Margo Lipschultz, Harlequin
Agent Judge TBA

Jhanteigh Kupihea, NAL
Lois Winston, Ashley Grayson Literary

Just For Fun!

Writer's Digest Popular Fiction Awards-A Short Story Competition from Writer's Digest
Five Categories
•Mystery/Crime Fiction
•Science Fiction/Fantasy

Entry Deadline: November 01, 2010.Entry Fee: All entries are $20.00 each. Entries must be 4,000 words or fewer.

Grand Prize: a trip to the Writer's Digest Conference in New York City, $2,500 cash, $100 worth of Writer's Digest Books and the 2011 Novel & Short Story Writer's Market.

First Prize: The First Place-Winner in each of the five categories receives $500 cash, $100 worth of Writer's Digest Books and the 2011 Novel & Short Story Writer's Market.

Honorable Mention: Honorable Mentions will receive promotion in Writer's Digest and the 2011 Novel & Short Story Writer's Market.

WOW: Women On Writing Fiction Quarterly Contest. Open September - November 30th, Midnight (Pacific Time). "WOW! hosts a (quarterly) writing contest every three months. The mission of this contest is to inspire creativity, communication, and well-rewarded recognition to contestants. The contest is open globally; age is of no matter; and entries must be in English. We are open to all styles of writing, although we do encourage you to take a close look at our guest judge for the season and the flavor of our sponsor, if you are serious about winning. We love creativity, originality, and light-hearted reads. That's not to say that our guest judge will feel the same... so go wild! Express yourself, and most of all, let's have some fun!"

Maximum: 750--Minimum: 250 The title is not to be counted in your word count. We use MS Word's word count to determine the submitted entry's word count.Open Prompt: Open to any style and genre. From horror to romance!

Entry Fee: $10.00 We are limiting the amount of entries to a maximum of 300 stories. Please enter early to ensure inclusion. If we reach 300 entries, we will disable the PayPal buttons.

Check out the great prizes, including cash! Final judge is Literary Agent, Wendy Sherman.

Time to get those contest entries ready.

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone"- Author Neale Donald Walsch


  1. Yum Yum!! Chocolate cake; my favorite!! I brought the milk. :)

    Please enter me into the contest for writers. Thanks!

    EvaMariaHamilton at gmail dot com

  2. Oh man,Tina,that chocolate cake is KILLING ME!!! But I canNOT have caffeine this late at night or I'll be staring at the ceiling till morning!

    Great contest update AS ALWAYS, my friend!


  3. Oooh good luck to everyone who enters those contests! And really you had me droolling over that chocolate cake and I don't even like chocolate cake that much! :-P

    I'd love to entered for that surprise pack!

    Thank you!

    XOXO~ Renee

  4. Splendiferous cake! Yawzah! And delicious milk. Y'all DO know how to throw a party!

    Congrats to all the winners. Not surprized though!!!

    Decisions, decisions...

    Put may at maythek9spy dotcom down for the books please... Though a critique would be amazing too or the necklace... Too many special choices!

    Super WE. Thx!

  5. Looks like more people are developing night owl tendencies!

    Happy, Happy Birthday.

    The coffee pot's set.

    I'd love a one chapter critique or an assortment of books.

    helengray AT boycomonline DOT com

  6. I don't care that it's nearly 1 o'clock in the morning here.

    If I had a chocolate cake in the house that looked that good, I would


    Tina, you are SO cruel!!!

    Going back to drool over that pic.

  7. Oh, those pictures!!! Can one of the prizes be the chocolate cake in those pictures? Please?

    Anyway, I think I need to finish my manuscript before I really even consider contests, although the very idea of having someone judge my work and find it unpublishable... :( I think I need some work on being better at taking criticism!

    Anyway, if it is the Lord's will for me to finish this book and get it published, then it will happen, and that's all I need to know. :)

    As far as prizes go...they're all so good! Ummm...should I go for the critique? I think the box of surprise books sounds safer...

    Or the necklace. ;)

    I think I'd like a chance for the surprise books! Sounds fun!

    Thank you for throwing such a fun party! And ya'll already knew I was a night owl, even if it is only 11:00 PM here... ;)



  8. GREAT update!! It always is ; )

    I would love, love, love the surprise box of books from you ladies (yes, I'm still deciding on the other, Tina! My bad....: /)! Reading is the one things keeping me sane in college I think! Well reading....and blogging....oh, we can't forget Grey's!!! *wink*

    Anywho, I'm listening to this Chris leDoux right now, and Audra you got it right with this one! He's a hidden gem : D
    Thanks for pointing him out!
    Talk to you later! Sleep!!!

  9. Happy Birthday to you (& me! (:) Please enter rDOTmDOTk@liveDOTca for the book surprise pack. Now I'm off to raid the kitchen to see if there's anything to satisfy a sudden chocolate craving.

  10. Thanks for the contest updates and for offering all these prizes. You ladies as generous as you are talented! I'd be interested in winning those books if they come from all of you! reneeasmith61 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  11. Contests and chocolate cake... Great post Miss T.

    It's a good thing I have my erotic entry ready that's all I have to say.

    Let the celebration continue.

    Happy B-day In the second degree

    as far as prizes go... critique me (or just send me a chocolate cake)

  12. Happy birthday! Please enter me in the drawing for the surprise assortment of books.
    cynthiakchow (at) earthlink (dot) net

  13. I am a reader so please just include me in the surprise pack book giveaway. Thanks. gasweetheart211[at]netscape[dot]net

  14. well if I can't enter to win that cake :-( I'd like to enter to win the surprise package of books! thanks and man that cake looks yummy..almost as yummy as a cowboy though it's probably looking yummier since I'm hungry and no bagels in the house like I thought.


  15. Oooooh a one chapter crit by one of the Seekers would be like gold! I'd love to win that. But the book prize sounds pretty awesome too (and a slice of that chocolate cake please).


    Joy G Lee G @aol. com

  16. You had me at chocolate cake.

    I'm coming off a three week diet because next week's my birthday and there WILL be chocolate cake.

    Great lists of contests. I'm in the GH (now to get the ms ready...)And I've entered two more (with different ms)in the last month. Contest DIVA here...

    Although I'd love the box of books...I think I'll go with the critique. That is IF I win.

    Happy Birthday Seekers.

    And although I'd love

  17. Chocolate cake for breakfast! Yummy!

    Thanks for the reminder about the Emily Contest! I need to submit my entry.

    I'd like to be entered for the chapter critique. Thanks!


  18. Who says you can't have chocolate cake for breakfast? It goes great with coffee (thanks, Helen!)

    Thanks for all the contest info, Tina. I can't believe it's October already. Looking forward to partying all month. :)

  19. Once again, thanks for the info ladies. A big time-saver.

    As far as the drawing, you can put my name into any of the selections.

    Since I didn't make it yesterday due to being my children's chauffeur, the cake was mostly gone, but the crumbs were great. **grin** I'll have to get here earlier next time.

  20. Happy Birthday!! I enjoy your blog. I'd like to be entered for the critique.
    kpjsnow [at] hotmail [dot] com

  21. I think I'm going to gain five pounds during your month long birthday celebration with cake like that! YUMMO!

    Hmm...I think I'll be entering the WOW short story contest. Thanks for the all the updates.

    I'll be brave and go for a critique.

    Party On!

    RRossZediker at yahoo dot come


    I slept in!!! Coffee is on and the muffins are orange cranberry.

    One of the last contest months of the year. Things will slow down now until January.

    Get those entries in.

  23. Thank you for the contest update. The cake looks delicious! :)

    I'd love the opportunity for a chapter critique.

    Jodie Wolfe

  24. I was checking back in and noticed that I didn't leave my email before! I'll leave it now...


    Now that it's morning and I can actually focus....that chocolate cake looks DELISH!!!! Why'd you have to pick somethign that looks so tempting : P

  25. That cake is just too good to even look at! Makes my mouth water. :) I was considering the GH, but then saw that my WIP probably isn't the best fit.

    I would love to be entered here though. :) A critique would be wonderful. Thank you!


  26. Fortunately we have an endless supply of chocolate cake.

    And if you don't win what you want today there are four more weeks to try.

    Tomorrow we announce another super cool prize that's been added.

    And wowza, Emily Rodmell is coming AND Bob Mayer this week, along with our usual Seekerville suspects.

  27. Good morning Seekerville! :-)

    Yum that chocolate cake looks scrumptious. I can eat chocolate any time of the day, and I'd definitely rather have chocolate cake for breakfast than asparagus. (Any one who attended the ACFW conference this year knows what I'm talking about.)

    Please sign me up for the surprise box of books! (though any of the prizes would be wonderful)


  28. Okay, someone tell those of us left behind about the asparagus for breakfast.

  29. So many contests and so little time. (And money.)

    I would love to win a chapter critique or the books. Surpise pack also sounds good. Oh, I would just love anything.

    I have a couple of historical manuscripts I can't figure out where to place them. Traditional historicl or inspirational.

    bcountryqueen6 at msn dot com

  30. If you're celebrating your birthday all month (and October is a grand month to celebrate a birthday, I must say) does that mean we get to eat cake every day? :-) And do you have the magic capabilities to zap the calories?

  31. I'd like a chance for the surprise books!.Please enter me in the giveaway.augustlily06(at)aim(dot)com.Thank you

  32. Wow, what a Saturday! Please enter me into the surprise pack for readers, and best wishes to all you writers, pubbed and unpubbed!

  33. Happy Bday!!! What a great celebration. And that chocolate cake makes my mouth water. LOL.

    Please enter me for the cake and critique. *VBG*

  34. Don't I wish I could enter you all in a drawing for the cake. Calorie free, no less.

    And YES. Cake every day.

  35. Excuse me while I wipe the tongue prints off my screen...oh my goodness, that cake looks so good.

    I'd love to be entered in the drawing for the books, or the pendant, or well, even the critique...great prizes!!


    lisajordanbooks at yahoo dot com

  36. One can never have too much chocolate cake! :)

    Loving the birthday celebration!

  37. Now I want chocolate cake!!!
    Happy Birthday, and thanks for considering me in the giveaway!
    God Bless,

  38. That cake looked so wonderful. Yum.

    Don't enter me this time, Tina. I just wanted to stop in and say Happy Birthday! :-)

  39. Happy Birthday, Friends!!

    I'm drooling over that chocolate cake!!

    Since I won a ten page or 2500 word critique at the ACFW conference, AND, since I'm such a jewelry fashionista, I'd like the necklace. ;)

  40. Please enter me in the contest for books. That chocolate cake looks yummy.

  41. woohooo. Chocolate is always a good idea!!
    And gifts.

    Just what I needed to see today :-)

    I'd LOVE to win a critique, even if it's Ruthy with her red pen

  42. The assortment of books sounds great! :)

    purposedrivenlife4you at gmail dot com

  43. What are y'all trying to do to me with this chocolate cake? Yum!

    I would like to order one chocolate cake delivered to my house immediately....and I'd also like to be entered to win the one chapter critique!


  44. Oh that chocolate cake...YUMMO!!! I can feel my sugar levels rising now!

    I would love to be entered for the surprise book assortment package. Thank you for the opportunity.

    Cindy W.


  45. Okay so if we're having cake everyday I think one of the Seekerville prizes should be a membership to Curves gym! :-P

    XOXO~ Renee

  46. Thanks for the contest updates...maybe this time....

  47. Mrs. Radcliffe, allow me to explain the asparagus.

    At the ACFW conference the hotel served us an assortment of food, most of which was great. However, we were served asparagus FIVE times! Yup, you heard right. They even served it to us for breakfast along with our eggs, sausage, & bacon. Weird right?

    Anyway, the asparagus became a joke among the conference attendees. :-)

  48. Angela that is too hilarious.

    But if you call me Mrs. Radcliffe I will be forced to send my mother in law to your door.

    The Seekers call me Tina, Teenster,
    TEEENA!!!! and Bossy. Often all at once. You can choose.

    :) Thank you for explaining that.

  49. Hi all! Dh and I spent part of the day together. Went to Red Lobster, and had shrimp.

    And I sat there with their chocolate cake and ice cream staring me in the face. I wanted to order it SO bad, but I was just too full to spend that much on it anyway.

    It didn't look half as good as Tina's.

    Amazing that I could pass up the REAL THING because their pic didn't look as good as OURS! lol

    There is a sour cream chocolate cake recipe that is OUT OF THIS WORLD. Teena's pic looks like that recipe.

    Warm chocolate cake and a big glass of milk.


  50. Hmmm! Chocolate cake, my fav! And if I win, I'd love te critique! Thanks for the chance. You gals are the best.


  51. So sorry, Tina. I didn't mean to compare you to your mother in law.

    I recently turned 20 and am still getting used to being an "adult". Some people prefer that I continue with the Mr. & Mrs. thing, while others think it's not necessary. It's so confusing!

    Any way, I usually air on the side of caution and say Mr./Mrs. until they give me permission to use their first name.

    P.S. Please don't send your mother in law to my house . . . unless she's bearing a box full of Seekerville books. ;)

  52. Contests...

    Oh my stars, I am once again eligible to enter contests.

    I'm quaking.

    And shivering with anticipation.

    Maybe I'm just cold.





    The wheels are turning as we speak, oh Mayor of Seekerville.

    Loving the cake. Very Atkins-unfriendly. That makes it all the more welcome!!!! Yee haw!

  53. Entering the EMILY! Gotta get busy!

  54. Happy birthday!
    Please enter me in the drawing for the KINDLE filled with the assortment of books. I don't write but I read like nobody's business! Thanks.


  55. you stick that delicious looking piece of chocolate cake before me, making me salivate, and then as I near the end the cake is gone with only crumbs left; thanksL!!! LOL