Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Myra: a day in the life . . .

Let’s see . . . how can I turn a really dull “day in the life” into something daring, dramatic, and devastatingly interesting?

Uh, not happenin’.

Because, seriously, I don’t have much of a life. There’s basically my husband and family, my pets, and the computer screen. Oh, and my Seeker sisters, whose cyber-chat keeps me entertained, encouraged, and motivated all day long.

And it all begins (weekdays, anyway) sometime around 7:00 a.m., when I pry at least one eye open and roll out of bed. I stumble to the--oops, you really don’t want the minute-by-minute version, do you?

I slip on my robe and fuzzy slippers and find hubby in the kitchen, where he’s feeding the doggies and starting the hot water for my morning pot of Earl Grey Green. (He’s such a sweetie!) We plop into our double recliner with our cereal bowls and one pesky but oh-so-affectionate overweight dog nestled between us and turn on Good Morning, America.

After browsing the morning paper, I work the daily crossword puzzles and maybe the SCRABBLEgram to jumpstart the brainwaves. Then I try to spend 30-45 minutes on devotional reading and journaling.

Next on my agenda--on a REALLY good day, that is--I do some Wii Fit or else check e-mail on my laptop while putting in a mile or so on the treadmill. As a writer I spend way too much time sitting on my you-know-what, unfortunately.

By now it’s around 10:00 a.m. and time to settle in at the computer. Every morning my inbox is usually clogged with a slew of e-mails that came overnight (doesn’t anyone ever sleep???), so (unless I did this on the treadmill) I zip through those (always with a keen eye for any speck of breaking news from my agent). Next I check in with Facebook, Twitter, Seekerville, and a few other blogs I try not to miss. Mornings are also when I take care of errands, necessary household chores, office organization, and other busy work.

Lunchtime means more hubby time (he’s semi-retired and has his own office downstairs from mine). If it’s a nice day, we take our lunch out to the deck and soak up some fresh air and sunshine with the doggies.

After lunch I get serious about writing. (After another quick e-mail check--you just never know when something urgently important is going to come through--like my next book going to auction or Reese Witherspoon begging to star in the movie version of Autumn Rains.)

I usually start by opening my wip and rereading the last chapter or so, doing minor edits along the way. This gets me back into the story and my brain cranking about what happens next. I also have my Novel Planning Excel Workbook open in the background so I can quickly access plot, character, setting, or timeline details already recorded or add new details on the fly.

When I get stuck in the middle of a scene and don’t know what to do with my characters, I take another few minutes to check e-mail or pop in at Facebook, Twitter, and (natch!) Seekerville. Some may argue that Internet hopping during writing time isn’t the best habit to cultivate, but I do find it helps me get unstuck. And I always limit these breaks to only five minutes or so.

My writing day ends somewhere between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m., when hubby pokes his head around the stair landing and quietly asks if I have anything planned for supper.

Which, of course, I usually don’t. I’ve been working for a few years now to train him to take on this chore himself, but his success rate leaves a lot to be desired. I do, however, give him TONS of brownie points for taking over most of the grocery shopping, which I loathe!

I rarely do any writing in the evening or on weekends. For one reason, by 6:00 my brain is usually fried. For another, that’s when hubby and I unwind together while watching favorite TV shows and/or playing a game of Cribbage or Scrabble. Saturdays are usually jam-packed with household chores--yard work, cleaning out a closet, doing minor repairs, running errands, etc. Sundays after church we try to kick back and relax, maybe play some Wii Resort, take in a movie, have dinner with friends, or window shop at the mall.

And there you have it--the thrilling life of a (more or less) full-time writer. I have nothing but admiration for my colleagues who manage both a writing career and full-time “real” jobs. They are surely much more disciplined and organized than I am!

Favorite place to write: My upstairs office, surrounded by all my tools of the trade. Second choice is a lounge chair on the deck out back on a perfectly gorgeous sunny afternoon.

Favorite computer: MacBook Pro 15” laptop

Favorite reference books & other helps:
Favorite writing snack: Peanut M&Ms and Diet Caffeine-Free Dr Pepper

Favorite writing companions: Gracie & Shadow

What are your favorites--people, places, pets, snacks, etc.--that help keep you writing? Leave a comment with your e-mail address to be entered in a drawing for an autographed copy of my debut novel, One Imperfect Christmas. It is mid-October already, and (at least according to shopping malls and catalog companies) Christmas is just around the corner!


  1. Wow your life is like mine minus the husband and writing part LOL! Anyways I LOVE your writing companions, is there really a better friend than a dog? They don't care what you do (or write LOL) as long as you bring home the bacon literally! ;-) My dog, Coco will sometimes come up to me and put her head on my lap as I'm typing out blog posts! She's such an encourager.

    XOXO~ Renee

  2. Thanks for sharing, Myra! It's nice to see what others do!

    I really need to add more WiiFit-ing to my schedule. And probably less blog/email/Facebook time... I wish it was possible to use the laptop [even with an external keyboard] on an elliptical... Ideas anyone?

    I'm in for the drawing :).

    carol at carolmoncado dot com

  3. Myra, I wish I could keep my house as clean as yours! And your office! I love it. Between you and Janet, I'm jealous for your offices.

    Once we move(we're living in an apartment until we figure out what to do with the house in Michigan,) I plan to have an office with a treadmill installed. My husband agrees that if I had the ability to exercise and do emails, I'd get a bit more done--with my writing and my day job.

    And I can't live without three things while I'm on a deadline--my flip dictionary, a reese peanut butter cup and regular coke.

    Thanks for sharing your day with us!


  4. I just laughed and laughed at your cute pictures. I love it.

    Thanks for sharing. It helps to know that as you are exercising I am eating junk food.

  5. May sends greetings to Gracie and Shadow and Coco...

    Your photos were WONDERFUL too Myra. Thanks!

    We sound like we lead similar lives except 1) you're published... and 2) my hubby isn't retired :)

    May's turn will come, if I EVER finish this rewrite. I generally write at my desk, though now that i have laptop, will TRAVEL!

    yes please - enter me may at maythek9spy dot com

    I'm putting the coffee on the timer and setting out brownies (homemade!) and fudge. There are some bagels and cream cheese but gosh, it seemed like chocolate would be appropos.

  6. Hi Myra:

    The only 'people' around is my husband. And there are no pets any more. After DOC (Dumb Ole Cat) died, we decided to not start over with any more pets.

    My favorite places to write are at my desktop computer in my office and in my recliner with my lapboard.

    My snack is COKE!

    I'm like Janet in that I require quiet. No TV. No music. No nuttin'. Just quiet so I can think.

    Hope things are going well with you. Enjoyed the times we crossed paths in Indy.


    helengray AT boycomonline DOT com

  7. Hi Myra, That was a fun post to read! Loved all the pictures! It might be 'dull' to you, but it's interesting to us to get a peek into your life! :)
    My hubby is my greatest encouragement to write. I'm getting inspired hanging around you lot here at Seekerville. It's coming.
    Would love to be entered - I had a sneak peak on Amazon. One Imperfect Christmas looks great!!!

  8. First dont enter me I have read one imperfect Christmas.
    and you may hate me saying it but most of the major christmas gifts are organised.
    for my online classes set aside time to check email etc to have a break.
    As I am not a writer so but it varies what snacks I have when doing studies at TAFE I often grab a small chocolate bar.

    Oh I am not sure i could drink diet Dr Pepper. tasted dr pepper once and never again to this aussie and many others its nasty stuff. Its not that easy to come by here its one thing that just didn't take here.
    Thanks for the insight into your world. I actually do better working in the day time at night my brain turns off.

  9. Thank goodness, someone is always awake at Seekerville! Shouldn't have had that chocolate pie so late.

    What a wonderful peek into your life. My husband is a great support too. He even had the HVAC guys put in extra large duct work to rebalance the heating and cooling in my office so it would be more comfortable! But your office looks a lot more organized.

    I tend to look at "internet hopping" as a break as well. If I am on a roll, I don't bother to check it. But I do need to feel connected to others and not so isolated. Email and facebook help with that. I also walk in the morning and afternoon. Gotta get my vitamin D and it clears my head.

    As far as your book is concerned, if the Christmas trees are in the craft stores, it is time for Christmas books.

    peace, Julie

  10. Excellent post! Great pics! This was so much fun to read and brought laughter to my heart at the start of the day--thanks! reneeasmith61 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  11. Wow! You are a busy lady! I am quite impressed with the picture showing you working on your laptop while on the treadmill. Now that is multi-tasking! Love it! Your doggies are precious too! My little guy hates it when I'm on the computer. If he had his way he would sprawl himself across my lap and never let me get up. He loves his belly rubbed!

    Have a marvelous blessed day here in Seekerville!

    Cindy W.


  12. I love the pictures! It is so fun to see our lovely Seeker Ladies in action. I'm gonna have to invest in one of those little treadmill desks...after I invest in a treadmill. ;)

  13. Hi Myra! Thanks for the peek into your world. I love the pictures and your writing companions are adorable. My landlord won't allow animals (very un-American if you ask me) so I borrow a neighbor's dog for a quick walk when I need to think out a plot and "talk" it over with someone. She's a very good listener and agrees with most of my suggestions. :o)


  14. I'm ready for a good Christmas read!
    Please enter me in the giveaway!
    I love how you shared so much about yourself and the great photos!
    God bless you!


  15. Myra,

    Great pictures!

    My more productive time of the day is the afternoon. I usually have a cup of hot tea or glass of iced tea beside me depending on what season of the year when I'm writing.

    RRossZediker at yahoo dot com

  16. Morning Myra.
    GREAT pics!!!
    And ADORABLE dogs.

    I'm a BIG Dr.Pepper fan (go figure) and anything chocolate does quite nicely.
    My writing companions usually involve one or more of my five kids. I write lite while they're around and then hunker down to serious writing after 9pm :-) - if I don't have lecture prep.

    Your hubby sounds like he's very supportive, Myra. What a sweetie!! And your office looks so organized - which isn't a suprise when one checks out your cool spreadsheets :-)

    I love my treadmill desk because I feel like I can get two things done at once. Isn't it a wonderful tool. I think Tina R and I have carried on an e-conversation while both of us were on our treadmill desks before. LOL. No wounds reported.

  17. Myra, I just loved seeing you move through your day, doggies by your side. I'm impressed that you manage to get it all in! Time with hubby, on social networking sites, exercise and writing! You have the willpower and the organization. I'm going to Curves today. Promising myself.


  18. Loves 2 Read Romance - LauraOctober 12, 2010 at 8:18 AM

    Thanks for sharing how yours days go. Your writing companions are so cute!! Christmas is around the corner only 75 days left. My mom is getting worried about not finishing the blankets she is crocheting. I am trying to keep her spirits up so she calms down. Thanks again for sharing!!

    fantum2004 AT sbcglobal DOT net

  19. Myra, I love love love your hair up like that. It is sooo cute. And I love love love your pups. They look like mine, all cuddled up with you.

    Wow, you and Janet are putting me to shame with those nice neat offices.

    I'm like you though, I am too awake to write in the morning. It is best to get all the chores done and Internet stuff. Then when my left brain slows down a little in the afternoon, my right brain has a chance.

    KC, thanks for the coffee and brownies. Hit the spot this morning.

    I made a breakfast casserole for those who need protein. And this afternoon, I have a platter of cheeses with crackers. I found a new cheese--goat cheese and blueberries. Oh my. That is tooooo yummy.

    Thanks Myra for letting us share your day. It seems close to heaven to me. All that writing and organization. sigh.

  20. Hey, Myra! I can't imagine using a computer while walking on a treadmill. I'm just not coordinated enough.

    My day is so not disciplined enough! I've accepted the awful truth.

  21. Mel,
    So with you on that thought.
    And I've accepted the truth too :-)

  22. Thanks for the great post and pictures.

  23. Using the computer, while exercising...wow, that's talent! My dog, Ziva, will sometimes lay on the couch with her head on the arm rest looking at me while I'm checking facebook and things.


  24. Good morning, Seekerville! Thanks for getting the conversation started, Renee. At practically midnight, no less!

    Me? I'm still in my jammies. Just finished the morning paper (I'm a horrible creature of habit) and about to go upstairs for some devotions & journaling time.

    Neat office???? Well, see, we have our house listed for sale, so I can't let things get TOO out of control, or I'd never be able to get it presentable quickly enough should a Realtor call wanting to show it. Not that we're getting a lot of action in this down market...

    Oooh, Patty, peanut butter cups are high on my list of faves! I just can't keep them in the house or I'd be too tempted to pig out.

    KC, is that May? She's darling! And I bet she weighs a whole lot less than my 50- and 95-pound lap dogs! (Yes, they BOTH take their turns sprawled across my lap when we're watching TV.)

    Dogs are great companions, aren't they? So nice to meet so many other dog lovers in Seekerville!

    Oh, and Sandra? It isn't that I'm so AWAKE in the mornings. It's that I can't get my mind cranking until midday. The "busy work" is my way of waking up.

    As for the laptop & treadmill thing, about all I can handle is reading e-mail and blogs. I can type fairly well at 2.5 mph or less. But to engage right brain, feet, and fingers all at once? Not so much.

    Okay, back in a bit! Enjoy some Earl Grey Green and fresh blueberries & cream while I'm away.

  25. Diet Dr. Pepper! I love that too.

    Your dogs are adorable.

    ericavetsch at gmail dot com

  26. How fun! Myra, you, like Janet, have a WAY too organized and neat work area!! How on earth am I ever going to share photos??? Y'all are setting to bar high.

    I think I'm going to have to fake it. Go to my friend Amy's house and snap some shots. It's always spotless! :)

  27. My goodness, I can't type! That was supposed to say: Y'all are setting the bar too high.

  28. Thanks for sharing your day, Myra! I love peeking into other worlds! LOL.

    My writing space is a tiny desk hidden away in the corner of our dining room. I go to work in the mornings (church secretary), run errands around noon to one, then come home, eat lunch and try to write for a bit before the kids get home from school. Then after supper I try to do an hour or two as well.

    I dream of a big office like yours one day!

    Have a great day everyone!

    sbmason (at) sympatico (dot) ca

  29. MYRA!!! What a FUN glimpse into your life ... I feel closer to you now!! :)

    And you said: "I usually start by opening my wip and rereading the last chapter or so, doing minor edits along the way. This gets me back into the story and my brain cranking about what happens next."

    Oh, thank God somebody else does this too -- I thought I was crazy and belaboring, but I find that rereading the last scene (which, in my case, can be QUITE long ... and don't even talk about rereading the last chapter, because NOBODY has that much time in a day!!), really does prime the pump to write.

    I still can't figure how you guys write and do the treadmill at the same time ... I'm one of those gals who can't walk and chew gum at the same time, so I admire you!!


  30. I enjoyed reading your post, Myra. Thanks for taking the time to do it. :)
    My favorite writing snacks are a hand full of almonds or pecans and a cup of hot tea or, if I'm in the mood, coffee.
    I am deathly afraid of treadmills because when I was a little girl I tripped while on it and flew off... I actually made a dent in the wall! BUT I love taking long walks to talk out my prayers and writing with God. My dog, Snickers (a Yorkie), always curls up next to me when I'm writing upstairs and my dog CeCe (a Rat Terrier/Chahuahua) curls up next to me when I'm downstairs.

    I'd love to be entered in the drawings: violin_girl_2(at)yahoo(dot)com

  31. Oh my stars....

    I suddenly had a glimpse of how far out in left field I am, like waaaaaay further than Brett Gardner of the Yankees ever dreams of being.

    Like out of the park far.

    I need coffee. Strong. Maybe black. A punch of courage. Someone to watch my back.

    Thursday looms, dank and dark.

    Oh mylanta.

  32. Missy!!!

    Between you and me we can RENT a house that looks decent, we'll find one that's for sale (they're always clean) and then we'll do the photo op and pretend we're just not interested....

    We can fool these people, Missy.

    Promise. Call me...

    We'll make a plan.

  33. I love your writing process! Unfortantely for me, it wouldn't work. Sigh. I have to get up and get moving, no slow process because by the afternoon my brain is DONE. At least after 4 hours with the WIP it is. So after that I usually do house chores and try to sneak in some conference recording/ knitting in. A good book at night or TV show and that is my day! Waaaaay more than you wanted to know right?

    Fun post!!! I am so glad you shared and I need a treadmill and one of those desks. A stationary bike is kinda hard to write/email on! :P


  34. Back again. Unfortunately with a splitting headache. I think the weather changed overnight.

    Does everyone not realize that I CLEANED UP my office before taking pictures????? Usually my desk looks like a tornado blew through. Organized chaos. As in, I know where stuff is. I just can't see it right now.

  35. Ruthy, we always knew you were out in left field. (And I mean that in the most complimentary way, of course.)

    But seriously, to what are you referring? Is Thursday your day to bare your soul . . . er, writing space?

  36. Tori Lynn!!! You dented the wall??? That was some serious treadmill crash. No wonder you avoid them!

    I actually like to hold onto the handrails if I get any speed going. Which isn't often, to tell the truth. Isn't there something about different body types where some people have really fast-twitch muscles and others have slow-twitch muscles? I think I'm in the ultra-slow department.

  37. Myra,

    It's cool to get a glimpse of your writing life. That blue chair looks comfy.

    I already have your book, so if my name is drawn, please draw another one.

  38. i loved reading about your life, myra...thanks for the chance to read your novel...

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  39. Love your your pics. I can't read and walk at the same time.lol!! I love reading faith base books. I have a friend who can't believe how I can use something I read in a romance novel to witness to others. keep up the good work. teresarn2010(at)mediacombb(net)

  40. Myra loved shadowing you in a day in the life of! I'm finding it really interesting to sneak a peak at my fav author's 'real life'! Love the dogs too. Such faithful companions! I have a sheltie who hangs out when I write and he helps me untangle plotknots by taking me on long walks. I think I'll have to dedicate my first book to him! LOL.

    Don't enter me in the draw because I have An Imperfect Christmas waiting for me. I'm holding out until November.

  41. Favorite people, places, pets and snacks. Hmm. Favorite people would be my husband and sons. Favorite place is home. I'm a real homebody. As for pets, we have two guinea pigs - Checkers and Cocoa. Snacks - gotta love chocolate and chips. :)

    Your writing routine sounds cozy.

    Jodie Wolfe

  42. Ruthy, it's a deal. Do you think people will notice our offices look similar???

    Myra, dear, you just don't get it. You can't just clean off our desks. You have UNEARTH them! It's like a year-long process.


  43. Been busy vacuuming & picking up. A Realtor is showing our house at 1:00! Prayers appreciated! I don't know how long I can keep up this "neat" pretense!!!

    Vickie, I love my blue chair! We got it at Ikea several years ago.

    I'm a homebody too, Jodie. Some people I know just don't get how I can be content to stay home all day. It was a HUGE adjustment when my husband retired from SBC and started consulting and working from home. I had to keep explaining to him that I NEEDED MY PEACE AND QUIET!!!

  44. Funny how those hubbys will step up when it comes to food. Love the insider look into a day in your life. Thanks for the funny pics too.

  45. Unearth them...

    Yes, Missy, exactly. Like move the post-tornado debris.

    Or the eons-old spider web that might be destined for the National Museum of Science exhibit.

    Do y'all remember I picked up an armload of towels from the bathroom floor last Sunday and a MOUSE scampered loose????

    I'm totally intimidated right now.

    And yet still not cleaning.


    Missy, send me addresses of houses for sale near you. We'll use different angles for the office shots.

    No one will know.

  46. Myra,

    The first thing that hit me as I was reading this post is how many objects would be flying at me if I tried to take a picture of my wife as she was rolling out of bed.

    Please don't inlcude me in the book drawing as I have a copy of One Imperfect Christmas.

  47. Whew! One house showing and a 35-minute walk around the neighborhood later . . .

    Make that DRAG around the neighborhood with Gracie & Shadow. They started out pulling me, and then I had to coax a very tired Gracie the rest of the way home. She has a badly arthritic hip.

    And I wasn't exactly thrilled about being outdoors and inhaling all that ragweed and tree pollen.

    So who's up for an ice-cold DP? Just fish around in the cooler--got a few Cokes in there too, and maybe a Sprite or root beer or two. And help yourself to the peanut M&Ms.

    I think I need a nap!!!

    Ooooh, my word verification is "calmalog." Is that prophetic or what?

  48. Walt. Think "staged." I don't even look THAT good first thing in the morning!

  49. Some time now to reread comments I had to speed-read earlier.

    Carol, I have no idea how you'd use a laptop on an elliptical! Tina gets the credit for inspiring my treadmill desk. I don't use it nearly as often as I should. Same for the Wii Fit. But it's fun!

    Helen, it was great spending time with you in Indy too! A sister tea drinker--and who'd have thought, considering you're almost always here bright and early to put the coffee on!

    Elizabeth, what would we do without our supportive hubbies? Glad you have one of your own!

    Ausjenny! I was practically raised on Dr Pepper! I suppose it's an acquired taste, though. Goes great with peanut M&Ms!

  50. Myra, you succeeded in making your post fun. Thanks for sharing with us.

    I don't have a lot of writing companions. Once I get started, I'm so focused that I do good to reach for my glass of sweet tea. Sometimes it's hot tea in which I end up drinking the last half cold because I get so involved I forget to sip and enjoy the beverage. I do have a favorite glass - a purple Coke glass; and a favorite mug - a Smoky Mt mug made from Pigeon River Pottery. It's the color of the Smokies and I love it. But I as I said, I get so focused writing that I forget I even have a family swarming around me while I write. I can even tune out the TV or video games. Unless I'm having writer's block, of course. Then, I go to surfing the web.

    What keeps me encouraged is 1) friends and readers who are excited about my story, and 2) seeing progress in my word count as long as the story line is running solid.


    lr. mullin at live. com

  51. Julie S., I agree. Writing can be a very lonely profession. So, while I cherish my alone time, I also cherish the nonstop banter with my Seeker sisters and all our Seekerville visitors!

    In moderation, of course. ;>D

    Renee Ann, Sherrinda, & Charlotte, glad you enjoyed the pix!

    Cindy W., my doggies are clock watchers. Somehow they know when noon or 6:00 p.m. rolls around. If I'm still sitting here, they're whining and nudging my leg.

    Kirsten, I think what I love most about my doggies is that they think I'm perfect. ;>D (Little do they know!)

    Rose, I'm with you. When the weather turns cold, I usually switch from Dr Pepper to hot apple cider or hot chocolate.

  52. Pepper, I don't know how ANYONE manages to write a coherent sentence at 9:00 p.m.!!! But I guess if you really want to write and the rest of your day is filled to overflowing, you do what you have to.

    Laura (Loves 2 Read Romance)--did you HAVE to remind us there are only 75 days until Christmas???????

    Rebekah! Hey, girl! Thanks for stopping in!

    Melanie, Pepper, & Holly, the key to successful treadmill computer use is to walk S-L-O-W-L-Y.

  53. Linnette, you need one of those little electric mug warmers. I have one right next to my computer. Otherwise I'd be sipping cold tea too! I found mine at Vermont Country Store.

    Sherry, if you can figure out a way to get my husband to actually plan and cook a meal, I'd be eternally grateful.

    Kav, we had Shelties when our kids were growing up. Perfect size, but oh, can they shed! Our little Shadow is quite the shedder too. In fact, he has a couple of apropos nicknames.


    Shreddow (when we first got him, he chewed up a few things he shouldn't have)

  54. Teresa, that is so great that you can use romance novels in sharing your faith. I love expressing spiritual truths in a Christian romance about true-to-life characters facing real-life dilemmas.

    Karen K, always a pleasure to see you in Seekerville!

    Casey, those conference recordings are ideal for listening to during treadmill time. Except I usually want to take notes, and I definitely can't use pen and paper while walking! Could never read my handwriting afterward!

    Julie, I bet there are a lot more of us out there than you realize. What better way to get back into the story than to reread the last several pages?

    Sue, my first "office" was a skinny table behind the sofa in our den where we lived in the Dallas area. That worked while hubby was at work and the girls were at school. I eventually took over our formal living room. On our next move, we had 4 bedrooms, so I claimed one of those. Love being able to shut the door when I have to!

    Erica, my doggies thank you for the compliment. ;>D

  55. Myra, I don't think your life is boring--it's just like mine! Love your pics. Your dogs are so cute. I have a writing dog, too. Sparky.

  56. Tell us more about Sparky, Cara. I would just be lost without my doggies. When we go out of town, I can hardly stand leaving them behind. I doubt you could add up a full year of my life that I didn't have a pet of some kind.

  57. Wow what a busy day! And I know why you have to have the Diet Dr. Pepper...to cancel out the M&Ms.haha

  58. Great idea, Myra! I'll have to see if I can find one.

  59. Myra,
    Love your pics and blog! I want your life. You seem to get everything done and you're so calm. Plus, you email before you write! How fun is that!

    And you get your exercise in early. I'm always playing catch up! Must relook my life.

    And my office. I'm in on the rental photo shoot with Ruthy and Missy! :)

    Who came up with this idea of revealing who we really are on Seekerville?

    It was MARY!!!!

    Where is she? Probably having a fabulous lunch with her agent or editor. Ah, the life of a bestselling author!

    I'm taking a 5 minute break from rewrites. Need to get back to work. Grabbing a Diet Coke and M&Ms! Thanks, Myra!

  60. You have a busy, busy day!!
    My favorite place is home with family. I like a little quiet time. I love pretzels to snack on.

  61. Myra,
    Thanks for sharing your daily writing routine. Wow! You look great in the morning (even if you say it was "staged"). I'm just saying I'm glad my hubby loves me ;)
    Let's see here... I start with coffee in the morning and save my tea for at night.
    (Myra, tea recommendation Orange, Jasmine, Passionfruit blend. So relaxing.)
    I read my Bible. Stretches then outdoors for a walk with our yellow Lab; weather permitting.
    Then try to straighten up around the house. Emphasis on the word 'try.'
    Then catch up on news via internet. We use to take the daily paper and when we did I liked the word scramble and daily commuter.
    I would love your book -> shalom236at yahoo dotcom. Then I always had to read "Cathy" and "Garfield" comics.
    I started at first my writing at night, but now switching it more towards the mornings. I am very new to this. So I am excited about Seekerville, b/c I feel like I am sitting in a comfy chair in your homes and gathering great information and interviews.
    I like Dr. Pepper, but my favorite is Coke or Mt Dew. I can't drink diet drinks. They make me ill (sorry). Chocolate, chocolate, oh, and chocolate!
    Thank you again, Myra and Seekerville!

  62. You're so right, Patsy! A 12-ounce can of DP completely negates 10 M&Ms. It's been scientifically proven.

    Calm???? Wow, Debby, I sure have you fooled! Beneath the surface I am a seething mass of anxiety!!! And if I didn't e-mail, exercise, do errands, etc., before I wrote, all that "undone" stuff would nag at me until I couldn't be creative to save my life.

    So, was it Mary or Tina who had this bright idea? Can't wait for their posts!

    "Runner10," I've always heard pretzels are one of the healthier snacks. Good choice!

    Miriam, so glad to have you in Seekerville, and thanks for the tea recommendations! My hubby is the daily comics fanatic. He reads the funnies and then the sports and then the rest of the paper. I have a few favorite comics, including "Red & Rover," "Bizarro," and "Baby Blues."

  63. I love your feminine pink file cabinets and your adorable dogs. It's definitely not too early to read An Imperfect Christmas!

    Mary M

  64. Sounds like you keep busy but productive. I try to do all my social media stuff while I'm walking on the treadmill and then reserve couch time for writing on my laptop. My day is totally random, though, so I do most of my writing while the kids are in bed at night. Usually with a Diet Pepsi and some sort of treat (my favorite is Reese's Pieces).

  65. Myra, although God tells us not to covet, I must say it's a challenge not to wish my life were more like yours (mainly more time to write). My full-time job really cuts into my writing time and makes my life much more hectic. Two-thumbs up to having a dedicated schedule, esp. for exercise. Trust me, what sounds dull to you, sounds like heaven to those of us wishing for more time.


  66. Thanks, Myra, for sharing a day-in-the-life. I wish my days were that productive.

    A month ago, I turned my son's room into my office (he is 25 for heaven's sakes and if he moves home now there's a room in the basement), but I just haven't gotten into writing in there as much as I had hoped. Instead, I am either at the kitchen table or the oversized chair in the living room. Or sometimes my bed, with books spread all around me.

    I work fulltime, so write for a couple hours each evening and sometimes for two days straight on the weekends.

    Luckily I have a wonderful husband who does not only the grocery shopping, but most of the cooking, at least half of the cleaning, and all of the dishwashing. Dino, the wonderdog, is not nearly as ambitious, but I still cherish his undying support.

    And I eat chocolate whenever it is in the house.

  67. Myra you have a very nice life. Thanks for sharing it with us!

    I didn't even know they had trays for treadmills to put laptops on - I have to go shopping for one now.

    Eva Maria Hamilton at gmail dot com

  68. Mary M, actually my filing cabinets are "industrial beige." I guess they have a slight pinkish tinge, but I never thought of them as looking feminine. My husband got them years and years ago when the phone company was auctioning off old office furniture.

    Cindy, I can't write while on the treadmill either. Sounds like you're getting into a good routine even if it is random. Writing is writing!

    Dianna, I actually envy how writers who also hold down day jobs budget their time so well! Yes, I do realize how blessed I have been to be able to write ALMOST full-time. It wasn't always so when we were raising our kids.

    What a great husband you have, Chris!!! Does he give cooking lessons??

    Eva Maria, my husband made my treadmill desk out of some extra shelving & wood scraps he had lying around. Tina's husband made hers, and it's much fancier. Somewhere in the archives is a whole Seekerville post on the subject.

  69. Myra!
    I'm such a terrible person! LOL!

    Boy am I late to this shindig....sorry girl!!

    I read your post this morning, but didn't have time to comment. THEN....all day I've been working on lots of homework, you know how college can be, I'm sure : )

    So now, I'm here!!! I really enjoyed this post! It was SO fun seeing all around your house and your dogs and your hubby!! LOL! It makes you seem so normal....not a superhero

    : P

    Ok that desk thing for your laptop on your treadmill.....one word: genius!! I am so impressed that you can do that! LOL! I know I couldn't : )

    Anyway, your dogs are very cute. Someday it's Gracie, SHadow, Coco, Maddie, and May!! LOL! We'll have a doggie party *wink*

    I don't really have a specific spot....I don't know. At school it'd be my bed. At home...the dining room table??? LOL!

    I'm going to go watch an episode of Lost I think : )

    Talk to you later!

  70. I'm usually the one who's late to the party, Hannah! And college assignments should always come first. ;>D

    Um, no superheroes here!! We all put on our jammies one leg at a time.

  71. What fun to get a peek into a writer's life! Would love to read your book...please enter me!Thanks!!!

  72. Gorgeous rolltop desk, Myra! I love your eclectic taste in office decor, LOL!

    Wonderful writing companions. Our faithful *Chowbil* -- part chowchow, smelled like a gerbil -- used to flump down next to me and encourage me with his constent, stoic ways while I learned to write novels. He was a very patient dog. Knew when to make the appropriate sympathetic noises when sensing my frustration with a scene, LOL!

    Your writing day is very focused. I gotta learn some of that!

    Hmm, must be the combo of high octane chocolate and low octane Dr. Pepper. What a pair!!

  73. LOL Myra,
    My bad,....because you all seem very super heroish to me *grin*

    I forgot to say that one of my favorite snacks when I'm doing homework is: Unique Extra Dark "Splits" pretzels (basically they're burned pretzels lol) and pretzel M&Ms....hmmmm do we see a similar trend? *wink*

  74. I love this peek into your life, Myra! How cute that your husband peeks around the landing in time for dinner.

    And those puppies! Love Labs. It's awesome to see from where all your great books get written. Love the pictures!


  75. I'm pondering the elliptical thing still... I think I've done it in the past with an external keyboard but it's hard to see the laptop screen. I've done the laptop as DVD player before while on the elliptical so I'm sure I could rig it but now [listen to me - like I've been on the stinking thing in the last three months!] I'll just watch some TV/TIVO. That's going to change in the morning. Yep. Sure is. You believe me don't you? Especially since it's my early day and it means getting up at 5 instead of 530 :p.

    My preference is Peanut Butter M&Ms and real DP, but right now I'm suffering with regular M&Ms and no drink. While watching Biggest Loser ;).

    And if I were ever to do a post like this... I think I'd be renting a house for the day or borrowing my next door neighbor's ;).

  76. Myra, I forgot to mention that your first blog photo made me laugh out loud. LOL!

    Very cute,


  77. Carol we all got on the laptop treadmill bandwagon with our guest Carolyn Fyffe introduced us to it.

    I love mine and it would love me as well if I spend more time on it.

    Treadmill Laptop Article

  78. Sounds like the perfect set-up to me! I love the coziness, the canine companions, the M&Ms, the laptop shelf for the treadmill... For a homebody like me, all of this, plus the full-time writing of course, sounds heavenly! Where do I sign up? :-)


  79. @ Project Journal (Hannah) Coco says she's ready to party as long as she gets her Milkbones ;-)

    XOXO~ Renee

  80. @Renee, Maddie totally agrees, girl!! LOL! Well...they're waiting for them on the island!! Soooooo...maybe that's where we'll have to have it. Everyone game??

  81. Wow--what a busy day in the... Congrats on fitting it all in, and thanks for sharing a peek with us!

  82. Myra, I wanted to thank you for the link to your novel working charts! What a fantastic resource! Thank you!!

    There's just one tab I don't seem to understand, and that's the name chart: How do the rows and columns relate with each other, or do they relate?

    Again, thank you for sharing such an awesome writing tool! It's much appreciated! :)


  83. @Tina - I can see how a treadmill would be fabulous. Sadly, I have an elliptical not a treadmill - a more difficult proposition... :p

  84. Hi, Jackie! Thanks for stopping by! Sorry, I hit the sack early last night, trying to banish that nagging headache.

    Audra, you noticed the rolltop was closed, right? To hide a multitude of . . . let's just call it clutter. As for focus? Not without supreme effort! And always nice to have a sympathetic dog at your feet.

    Never heard of those special pretzels, Hannah. Sounds intriguing!

    Carol, you could not pay me enough to get up extra-early to exercise. More power to ya! Enjoy watching Biggest Loser, do you? Seeing other people sweat is a lot more fun that doing it yourself!

    Hi, Cheryl! I'm just so glad no one can really see what I look (and act) like first thing in the morning! My hubby (Mr. Cheery himself) dares to speak to me only on pain of death!

    Thanks for providing the treadmill desk post link, Tina. I was responding from my iPhone last night and didn't have access.

    Widsith, I think you're off to a great start hanging out here in Seekerville! We're glad to have you! On the name chart, the vertical columns just help you keep track of how many characters have a name beginning with the letter on the horizontal row. I use one name per cell and usually enter the name in two different cells (once with first name first, once with last name first). E-mail me privately if you need more help. mj (at) myrajohnson dot com.

    Thanks, everyone, for sharing my "day in the life"!

  85. Myra,
    We only have one store around here that carries them (well there are technically three stores, but they're all our Upper Valley Co-op). So I'm not sure if you could find them anywhere or not. They're VERY tasty. Especially if you're someone like me who always hunts for the semi-burned pretzels in the bad *grin* Mmmmmm wish I had some right now!! LOL!

  86. Loved the slightly tongue in the cheek humour! I cant believe you can do the walking while doing your laptop. I couldnt believe my eyes till I actually saw the picture and I love the two dogs.

    Its not too early to think of Christmas. Is it ever too early?

  87. Myra with-not-much-of-a-life,

    I am jealous of your life! I would love to have our writing schedule.
    Thanks for sharing!


  88. I'm a day late, but I loved looking into your world, Myra!

    Your life actually sounds quite peaceful! lol

  89. Yeah - didn't happen ;). Stayed up too late watching the miners. We'll see if it happens Friday. Don't hold your breath!

  90. Thanks for the pretzel update, Hannah!

    Yes, Mystica, it CAN be too early to think about Christmas. Unless you happen to be my church choir director. Then it's never too early.

    Edwina, I guess it's actually about all the "life" I can handle--LOL!

    Pam, it does help having all the kids grown and out on their own.

    Carol, wasn't it WONDERFUL seeing the last miner reach the top--and then the last rescue guy? I prayed the whole time that nothing would go wrong before they got the VERY last man out. WHEW!!! Praising God!

  91. My favorite writing place is at work, actually. My laptop set up on a TV tray in the back corner, with an old kitchen table along my left side, and a short, wide bookcase behind me. Lots of room on the walls for writing things, but mostly I don't want to share those with customers, so keep decor to a minimum.

    I love munching on sugar snap peas while I write. And organic dark chocolate.

    valerie at valeriecomer dot com

  92. Sounds cozy, Valerie!

    Sugar snap peas. Never thought of them as a snack. And do you DIP them in the chocolate? That would be a novel idea--pardon the pun!