Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weekend Edition: Seeker Birthday: We Have Mega Winners!

Seekerville would like to thank all our friends and special guest
bloggers for making our third birthday so special.

Please be sure to grab a last piece of cake and enjoy yourself,
we've got a lot of exciting stuff to share today


"Are ya kidding me?"-Ruth Logan Herne

Thanks for your patience as we get all these prizes out. And if you need a reminder of the rules, here they are: Please contact Seekerville through our new web email if you are a winner and if needed, provide your snail mail address. Please note our giveaway rules in the right lower column of Seekerville.And if you have won a prize and haven't claimed it we will email you but please try to contact us soon.

Thanks for playing party games with us in the October 24th Weekend Edition. Winner of a one chapter critique is Widsith and the Seeker surprise book winner is Love2Read Romance-Laura.

On Monday SF, fantasy, thriller author, and Writer's Digest columnist Nancy Kress was our very special guest with From Idea to Plot. Winner of Characters, Emotion & Viewpoint by Nancy Kress is Andrea Strong.

Avalon author Sandra Leesmith shared on Tuesday with Don't you LOVE ROMANCE? Good Guess Mary Kay! The photo was taken in 1976. The ten page critique winner is Mary Kay M, and the two winners of a Seekerville gift surprise are MJ and Vickie McDonough.

Steeple Hill Love Inspired author Glynna Kaye was your hostess today with How I Write. Winners of Glynna's upcoming release from Love Inspired, Second Chance Courtship are Julie Hilton Steele and Edwina Cowgill.

Additionally, Glynna's agent, (and Julie, Mary, Myra and Missy's agent) Natasha Kern of Natasha Kern Literary Agency not only picked a winner of a proposal critique but generously offered a prize to two other writers who submitted their first paragraphs.

1. Winner- The Thornbearer by Pepper Basham - Natasha Kern will read and critique a full proposal which consists of a synopsis and 3 sample chapters.

2. First Runner up - The Trail of the Sandpiper by Tina Pinson - Natasha Kern will read a 3-5 page synopsis and provide a critique.

3. Second Runner up - Saving Callie by Cindy Nord - Natasha Kern will read a 3-5 page synopsis and provide comments on the concept and overall structure.

Thomas Nelson author Cara Lynn James shared with My Writing Routine on Thursday. Cara's winners are: Renee Lynn Scott--The Writer's Little Helper, Dianna Shuford--Love on a Dime, and Edwina Cowgill--$15.00 gift card from Christian Books.

Friday's post was A Day in the Life of Missy Tippens. Winner of her choice of one of Missy's last two releases or one from e-harlequin is Rebekah E.

Saturday we presented The Best of Seekerville from the Archives with Cheryl Wyatt's Plotstorming-Preparing for a Writing Spree. The one chapter Seeker critique winner is Kav. The Unpubbed Island Necklace is Abbi . Winner of Book In A Month: the fool-proof system for writing a novel in 30 days by Victoria Lynn Schmidt, Ph.D is Pat Jeanne. The surprise Seeker book giveaway goes to Cindy Wilson.

The Seekers are thrilled to give away a Kindle as the grand prize super blow-out birthday gift.. .

The winner of a Seekerville Kindle and Et al. is Linnette R. Mullin.

Congratulations to all our winners!

Next Week In Seekerville

"It's so easy to mock that which we think we understand." -Mary Connealy

Barbour author Mary Connealy shares with Seekerpaloosa-Hair of the Dog. Mary will be drawing one lucky name for a copy of Lassoed in Texas.

Seekerville welcomes writer and editor Alicia Rasley with The Top Five Mistakes Authors Make in Proposals. Alicia is also giving away a copy of The Power of Point of View.

Golden Heart WINNER and Silhouette Desire debut author Cat Shield is our special guest.

Love Inspired debut author Audra Harders is your hostess. Ask her to show you the hunky cover of her January 2011 release Rocky Mountain Hero!

Seekerville's November Contest Update. The prize vault will be open.

Seeker Sightings

"We will leave no woman (or man) behind." Tina Radcliffe

Cara Lynn James' latest release from Thomas Nelson
will be available in January 2011. You can preorder Love on Assignment (Ladies of Summerhill) here.

And you can find Cara at

Missy Tippens is thrilled to announce she's made another sale to Love Inspired! Tentatively titled Hope for Hannah, the book will be released in early 2012.
(A Family for Faith releases in April 2011).

Julie Lessman has a new contest for all you reviewers.

Check out her REVIEWER CONTEST here.

Random News

"Time and brain cells are precious commodities."-Janet Dean

  • Diana Quincy shares the latest Romance Deals on her blog. Recognize anyone WE KNOW?

  • Check out friend of Seekerville, Marilyn Brant on the Blake Snyder blog with The BS2 x 4.

The Party's Over...What's Coming in Seekerville?

Check out our under construction Writer's Resource Room.
The room will hold our extensive Seekerville collection of How-To resources. Everything from How To Write a Query Letter to POV all in one handy spot.

Seekerville brings you the writer a new weekly feature. The First Five Pages, a Weekly Critique opportunity that begins today.

Thanks again for being our special birthday party guests. We look forward to sharing another year with you on the road to publication and beyond.

And BTW, if you hid four cans of cream cheese frosting on Unpubbed Island...I found them.


  1. Wow, I'm blown away! And sadly so are the birthday candles! (*groaner*) Does the party have to be over?? Well, it's been a delightful month, and thank you for introducing me to your phenomenal resources here at Seekerville. I'm a dedicated fan. :)

    And congratulations to all the contest winners! I'm also extremely thrilled to win the critique. Thank you so much. :)

  2. Congratulations to all the winners!!! What a party! :D

    Thank you, Seekerville, for such a super fun month, and for being such a wonderful place to hang out ALL the time! ;)



  3. Can I just say awesome... I'm stoked to be able to have Natasha read my synop, and so glad that such a wonderful prize was offered through you gracious and giving seekers and of course, Natasha.

    Congrats to all the winners.

    Thanks so much for a wonderful party. And Happy Birthday, Seekerville.


    Tina P.

  4. I *so* want another piece of that cake...cream cheese frosting, too? Mmmmmm! ;)

    Thank you for letting everyone know about my post on Blake Snyder's blog, Tina! xoxo

    Congrats to all the Seekerville winners and huge thanks for inviting us to celebrate with you all this month. Happy, Happy 3rd Birthday!!

  5. Yay to the winners and congrats once again to Missy!

    What a week! And month!

    Love the Seeker quotes too!

    Sounds like you have some wonderful updates and improvements in the works...

    And Tina, as usual, GR8 WE!

    Here's a chilled champagne toast!

    "Over the lips and thru the gums, many more years to my Seekerville chums.". (Okayyy, it's not the best, but it's heartfelt!)

    Where's Capt. Jack? Maybe he is looking for his 4 cans... Of something!

  6. Yippee! I am so excited to get Glynna Kaye's next book. Nothing like going to a birthday party and GETTING presents.

    Congrats to all the winners and writers. I am looking forward to seeing what seeds may sprout from the critiques. Write on!

    Thanks, Seekerville. Echoing everyone so far, it has been a blast!

    Peace, Julie

  7. Tina: Great blog! Thanks for the shoutout :)

  8. Congrats to all the winners--especially winners of critiques! Hope that means your books are even closer to being published!

    No matter that the party's over. I'm already looking forward to the coming week in Seekerville. Like, I wonder what Mary has in store for us tomorrow . . .

    Thanks for a lot of fun, Seekers!

  9. Congratulations to all the winners!!! And thanks for a great month of fun and celebrations! Happy Birthday Seekerville!

  10. Congratulations to the winners!
    I enjoyed the party!

  11. Wait.



    Someone on the island used CANNED frosting???


    'sall I'm sayin', plain and simple, it's just wrong from every possible angle to use canned frosting when you can make it SO MUCH better in less than five minutes.

    Oh. My. Stars.


    There are winners today??? Oh, that was the POINT of the post, the WINNERS!!!!!!!!




    In all seriousness, I'm absolutely delighted to have shared this celebration with so many folks. Writers, readers, visitors, agents, editors.

    We are blessed. But we knew that, knew it all along, and that's why we joined forces. "God is good, all the time.

    And all the time, God is good." (Fr. Bernard Dan, friend and sweet Nigerian priest)

    And today, cake. I brought plenty of extra cake because how can you celebrate all these WINNERS without fresh cake?

    In Ruthy-world, this would be wrong. A serious faux pas.

    So there's carrot cake with real cream cheese frosting....

    I'm still quaking over that, just a little nervous, I might have thrown up, just a little, in my mouth....

    Oh, my.

    Oh, yes, back to cake:

    Chocolate/strawberry/whipped cream torte.

    White cake with lemon filling and white mountain icing (this is the one icing that takes TOO long to make so I only make it on very special occasions. Like this one.)

    Plenty for everyone and did you see how I recreated Mary's cover on the top of the carrot cake???

    Quite clever.

    Grabbing coffee and must shower for church, back later after fellowship.

  12. Wow! I won? I won! So cool. I was only in on the last half, but you ladies sure do know how to throw a party!!

    November looks like a pretty great month.

    I am definitely checking out the First Five Pages.


  13. WOW! Congrats everyone.
    Linette, I'm fighting envy...but, I'm praying through it ;-)
    What a great month.
    Happy Birthday, Seekerville! You are a blessing to SOOOO many.

  14. Congratulations to all the winners.

    I'm like you Miss Widsith I hate to see the party over. Hmmm next October is only eleven months away. smile

    And Ruthy, I'm as shocked as you about CANNED frosting. I'm sure Captain Jack was playing a joke on you.

    Or there was a method to his madness because now we have cake with cream cheese frosting and WHITE MOUNTAIN icing. WOOO HOOOOO Good going Captain Jack.

    Pepper, I'm jealous too. I want to get a kindle for my dad so I guess we are going to have to go buy one. smile.

    Happy writing everyone.

  15. SUPER CONGRATS to all the winners and wish we could celebrate another month, but then Tina would be even more exhausted than she is now, and we can't afford that. She is WAY too valuable!!!

    Great WE, Teenster, and I vote we make Ruthy clean up the confetti and wrapping paper!!


  16. What a birthday bash! I am so impressed. Congratulations to all the winners. Of course, with all the fabulous and informative posts, we were all truly winners just for reading. Good Job, all!

  17. Loves 2 Read Romance - LauraOctober 31, 2010 at 9:07 AM

    Congrats to all the winners!! I have had so much fun this month!! I have sent my e-mail in and can't wait to see what my surprise book is. Thank you seekerville for putting on this party and Thank you to all the authors that shared with us and donated prizes!!

    ~Loves 2 Read Romance AKA: Laura~

  18. MEGA CONGRATS to all winners!!

    Thanks for the great month Seekerville!! Lots of fabulous fun and valuable information.


  19. Good morning, everyone! What a bevy of prizes!

    Huge congrats to Pepper winning the critique from Natasha! And how great that she added two runners up! Yay Tina P & Cindy!!

    And congrats to Linette winning the Kindle!

    I LOVE the additions you'll be making to Seekerville. The Writer's Resource Room and the First Five Pages critiques are awesome!!

    Thanks again ladies for all you do for us! A day without Seerkerville is like a day without sunshine!!


  20. Congratulations to ALL the winners! In Ruthy-speak: "Oh, Mylanta" there have been a BUNCH of you this month! I imagine post offices across the country are tired of seeing Seeker faces lined up in front of their counters.

    And ladies who won the various Natasha critiques, be sure to check in on our Seekerville e-mail, then I'll contact you to let you know in what format and means of manuscript submission Natasha prefers. THANK YOU NATASHA!!

    AND TO ALL OUR "FRIENDS OF SEEKERVILE" -- thank YOU so much for making this a fun place to hang out. God has blessed the Seekers in so many ways, and YOU are a large part of that blessing!

  21. Canned frosting, I have to admit I have used it sometimes. No gasping. But I do like my homemade much better.

    The cakes are lovely, Ruthy

    and to those of you who wanted to win that Kindle... Can I just say they're pretty kewl. I have one.

    And can I also say there may be other chances coming out there to snag an ereader.

    Christmas is coming... Ahhh December

  22. ACK!!!!

    "The one chapter Seeker critique winner is Kav." Did I read that right?! I wasn't sure so I had to log off and then come back and make sure my name was still there. It was, but I still thought I might be delusional so I logged off again and guess what? Three time lucky!!!! My name is still there! It must be me even though as I write this, I'm still not sure. Maybe I'm just seeing things?!


    Thanks Seekerville!!!!!!!

  23. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE WINNERS!! Woo-hoo!!!!!!! Thanks for hosting such a fun party, it has been a great month!

  24. Another year, another birthday. Happy Birthday to my Seekerville friends.

    Do you realize dahlings, only 61 days until Madame Z brings in another New Year on the island?

    I've done my part (see item 1) and you better do yours to make all my vonderful predictions come true!

    My Predictions

    A gypsy's work is never done!

  25. oohh, Zelda made a typo. Bad Gypsy.

    I mean see item 10. Ahem. I have rendezvoused with Jack. I suffer for you my darlings.

  26. Super duper mega congrats to the winners!

    And thank you Seekerville for the great month!

    I'm glad I found you and will be sticking around. Especially with the food around here.

    And the beaches. I could use a beach right about now...

  27. Do I smell the haunting aroma of a gypsy?

    Wait! No, it's cream cheese frosting!

    And pumpkin spice coffee tickling my nasal hairs.

    Ah, good to be back in Seekerville.

    Where the beaches are warm and so are the writers.

    Happy Birthday Seekerville.

    Sandra luv, I did not touch that frosting. Why play with sugar when I have me rum?

    Did I miss the party? Apologies around. I was chained to a palm tree in Bali and those beautiful island girls refused to let me go.

    Alas, poor Jack!

    Can someone please pass me that last plate of pineapple?

  28. I've never made homemade frosting :-( but I seldom if ever bake. me and the oven aren't buddies...

    those sound good Ruth! making me hungry!

    congratulations to the winners!


  29. Kav, you are a hoot!!!

    Congratulations to all of your for hanging with us all month long.

  30. Congratulations, Seekers, for organizing a fabulous party month and for sharing such a wealth of information and so many wonderful prizes. The party was a blast! And thanks for my mystery present. Can't wait to see what it is.

  31. Okay - just coming in from church and actually had time to read through the FULL post.
    (after seeing an excited email from Sherrinda)
    Wowzers! Super-excited. This will go a LOOOOONG way in giving me enough energy through cooking lunch for a hungry Basham herd.
    Thanks so much Seekerville...and Natasha, THANK YOU!! I hope you enjoy the story as much as I do...well, at least I hope you enjoy it :-)

  32. LOL PEPPER! I wondered when you'd finally notice that! You were mourning the loss of the Kindle and zoomed right past YOUR win!!!

  33. Incidently, Natasha said it WASN'T easy to choose winners. She said they were all intriguing and she's really looking forward to reading the winners!! Did you know that Writer's Digest lists Natasha as one of the very top agents for growing new writers? She's very much sought after, so this is a BIGGIE opportunity!

  34. Congrats to all the winners!! It's been great having you all here during our birthday month. I hope you'll keep coming back!

    Tina, I love that photo of the cupcake that looks nearly exploded. :) It reminds me of one year where I put trick candles on my son's cake. I nearly burned the cake up trying to get those crazy things out! Icing was melting and my poor chid was in tears--not the least bit entertained by having to blow them out over and over. LOL (I felt like such a terrible mother!)

    KC, I think my hair is getting too blonde. When I read your message, I thought, "I've never heard of champagne toast. I wonder what kind of bread that is?" Oh, my. I probably shouldn't admit that in public!! LOL

  35. Congratulations Winners!

    Happy Halloween everyone!

  36. Glynna,
    You guessed it! I WAS morning the Kindle. My hubby just got one for pastor appreciation month and since there's something in the Bible about 'not stealing' I haven't been able to guiltlessly snatch it yet. :-)

    But thanks for the congrats. I feel VERY honored. I definitely didn't expect to win - especially with all of the FANTASTIC authors who visit Seekerville.

    Thanks for the encouragement, and opportunity.

  37. Also feeling very convicted about using canned frosting! Ruthy, will you ever respect me again??


  38. Wahoo, congratulations winners!!!!
    What a fabulous month we've had celebrating Seekerville's third birthday!!!

    Ruthy, thanks bunches for the delicious cakes!

    Tina, thanks for being the hostess with the mostest at the party!!!

    Congratulations, Missy, on the sale!!!! I'm eating another piece of cake just to celebrate with you! No trick candles. LOL

    Many thanks to all our regulars!! A huge welcome to new friends in Seekerville!

    Hugs, Janet

  39. Congrats to all the Winners!

    This was a fun month!

    I feel like a winner for having read all the “how I write” profiles. Each post had at least one important idea that I have already incorporated into my writing. In fact, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are some lifestyle issues that have more to do with getting published than writing knowhow.

    I really feel optimistic for a great 2011! It all starts, right now, with NaNo. (It’s just easier to write it this way.)

    Let me be the first to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

    Start your new year’s resolutions now and be way ahead of the game on January first! : )


  40. Hi Ruth:

    When it comes to great frosting, my fluffy boiled frosting with coconut takes the cake!

    It’s not worth the toil, if you don’t boil.


    P.S. This is not a challenge. : )

  41. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WINNERS!!! I'm delighted for you.

    It's been a great month.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Seekers.


  42. Congratulations to all the winners!

    What a great birthday bash! Happy Birthday, Seekerville

    Now, I'm off to check out all the links.

  43. Congratulations to all the winners this month. I've enjoyed the birthday celebration and for the look into how Seekers write. Thanks, Tina, for getting out those prizes. I'm eager to read my book and next week's lineup of interviews.

  44. It's been an awesome party! And I can't believe I won the Kindle! Oh my! Thanks, Ladies. And thank you for the fun party. I can't believe its over. Where did the month go? One thing is certain, though. I'm now hooked on Seekerville. I hope you all won't get tired of me hanging around. :D

    Hugs and Happy Birthday!


  45. First, I loved the glimpse of Natasha's client list. She's got a great eye and keen sense of what sells and what WILL sell, and that's so important in this business.

    AND VINCE....

    I loved your comment about lifestyle vs. know-how.

    A good take, my friend. (says the high school graduate with lots of waitressing and sales experience...)

    And Jack, I KNEW you'd have never brought canned frosting onshore the island because you and I have NEVER enjoyed canned frosting, Sugar.

    I blame Missy.


    Our Georgia peach who ADMITTED online that frozen pizzas frequent the Tippens table.

    'Sall I'm saying.

  46. See, it's as I feared. I've lost Ruthy's respect. DiGiorno Pizza eaters unite!! Let's show Ruthy we're not total losers!


  47. Did I tell you all that I finished my manuscript? Woo-hoo! I'm done! Still have some self-editing and proofreading to do, of course, but the final word has been written! Thanks for all your encouragement!


  48. Great news, Linnette!! Congrats on typing The End!

  49. Linnette, SWEET!!!!


    Oh my stars, raisin' six kids with all-season sports....

    Supper was often a sandwich or a bowl of cereal at 9 PM.

    You're totally okay in my book, kiddo!

    And I LOVE Di Giorno. Love it.

  50. Oh, I made Ruthy feel guilty! See, she really is a softie. :)

    Yes, in addition to frozen pizza, we do cereal and frozen pancakes for dinner sometimes. :)

  51. What a great month!!! Oh my gosh!!!! Hate that it's over.

    Now all the Seekers will start preparing for Birthday Bash 4!!!! Next year...bigger and better!

    Wait, could it be better?

    Thanks to everyone who stopped by for a visit. Love that so many stayed to play for the whole month.

    Remember more fun is coming even if October is over. The critiques! Wow! Did everyone read about the critiques?

    "Oh my stars," says Ruthy!

    Congrats to all the winners. Congrats Linnette on the Kindle win. Let us now how you like it.

    Congrats Pepper for the Natasha Kern critique! Awesome!

    Thanks everyone!

  52. LINETTE! Congratulations on completing your manuscript! Way to go!!! Isn't it a WONDERFUL feeling?!

  53. LINETTE!

    Congratulations on finishing your manuscript.

    Did you know you can have your book file converted to Kindle format so you can read your book on your Kindle and use all its great features? It will look just like a real book as the public will see it!

    I have not done this yet but you are supposed to be able to get a special Kindle email address. Then you email your book file and Kindle converts it and sends it wirelessly to your Kindle (and even other people’s Kindles that you have approved in advance).

    What a perfect time to enjoy your Kindle.


  54. Party's over???

    Wow, and so many winners!!! Congrats to everyone who won something in Seekerville this month!!

    And Linnette, a special congrats on winning the Kindle!!!

    Yay for you!!

  55. Thanks for all the hearty congrats on the Kindle AND my manuscript completion! You're a great group of folks!

    Vince, thanks for telling be about those features. I've never seen a Kindle and know nothing about them, but I'm excited and can't wait to use it! :D

    Did I congratulate the other winners? Can't remember. But, if not, here it is:

    Congratulations to all the winners throughout the birthday month at Seekerville!!!

    God bless each of you!!!


  56. Wow, what a party!!! Congratulations to ALL the winners we've had this month!

    And MEGA-THANK to Tina for her superb organizational skills and attention to the teensiest details to make the party such a huge success!!! You are SUPERSTAR, Tina!!!!

    Here's to another great year in Seekerville!

  57. Goodness! When it's someone's birthday the guest is supposed to bring gifts not receive them. I just got the most delightful gift in the mail from Seekerville as a thanks for my support.

    I need to say thank you for all do for the writing community. The time lavished on this community is a rare gift.

    And thank you for the exquisite message in a bottle. It's what we do, isn't it? We put out words out there, hoping the they land on the right shore.

  58. Congrats to all the winners!

    I'm new to this. Do I need to send some information for the necklace?

    Newbies are silly, aren't they.

    Thanks for the awesome celebration Seekers and Happy Birthday!

    Abbi :-)

  59. Abbi, we love newbies! :)

    Yes, if you look back at the beginning of the post, you'll see a link to the Seeker email address. Just send your snail mail address.


  60. Thank you so much for stopping by. You got a piece of unpubbed island because you are so instrumental in getting folks off the island.


  61. Congrats winners! Sorry I wasn't around sooner to congratulate you all but since the tech support at Verizon Broadband stinks I was without Internet for a WEEK! Anywho enjoy your gifts and thank you once again Seekerville! :-)

    XOXO~ Renee

  62. Congrats to all the winners! Friends of Seekerville, you each made our birthday month a joy-filled blast!