Monday, November 1, 2010

Seekerpalooza---hair of the dog

This last month on Seekerville has been a non-stop party.

We have had guest on that are just stunning in their coolness.

We have given gifts away with a relentlessness that would impress an energizer bunny.

We have had so much FUN!!!!!!!

So where do we go from here?

And more importantly WHY DO I HAVE TO GO FIRST???

Lucky me, I need to write a blog post after the October Birthday Seekerpalooza.

So, I decided to talk about an interesting experience, a first for me, with my writing.

I've got a book that's gone out of print and is being re-released in an omnibus version. I thought I'd talk about that because it's releasing today.

Lassoed in Texas Trilogy contains three full sized books.

Petticoat Ranch, Calico Canyon and Gingham Mountain.

Sophie's Daughters, is a sequel series to Petticoat Ranch. The first two of the series, Doctor in Petticoats and Wrangler in Petticoats, are already in bookstores, and I have had so, so, so, so, so many people (okay, three) ask me if they can get their hands on Petticoat Ranch.

Well, the answer is pretty much NO. It doesn't exist. I do see it used on Amazon occasionally. I looked the other day and it was listed for about $30. I'd be excited about that as in—it's become a rare collector's item—except I don't get any of the money, so ho hum. It is available in hard cover, but that costs about $30, too. Though of course it's wonderfully worth it.

But as far as it being in any bookstore anywhere or available to order new, nope. The book, NO LONGER EXISTS. It's like they sold EVERY COPY IN THE COUNTRY WORLD UNIVERSE. That makes me feel good, frustrated when people ask for it, but good none-the-less.

So now Calico Canyon and Gingham Mountain ARE still available but they're out of print, too. Clearly they printed WAY MORE OF THEM. It can't be that less have sold. No, I refuse to discuss such a thing. (I am holding my ears and humming loudly and typing at the same time la la la la la)

As far as the process, I got a chance to go through the books and fix a few typos. Mostly it was just left as is, but there was one strange spell in Calico Canyon where Grace has a biscuit without an egg, then there is an egg, then BAM the egg is gone again. I got to fix that. There were a few other places like that, so that was good. If that egg thing bothered you, I highly recommend you go buy the omnibus edition.

I haven't gotten my hands on the book yet. I expect my author's copies any day. I will say this…Barbour Publishing is selling Lassoed in Texas for a very good price. About the same price as one full priced book, though they never are listed for the full price. But still, if you've been looking for even one of these books, it's not too hard on the wallet to buy this one.

And this leads me to the Hair of the Dog....Because we're all a little…well…not HUNGOVER exactly…but maybe partied out…well, maybe hungover...for some of us (you know who you are!) I've decided the right thing to do here is a little 'hair of the dog.'

By that I mean…one more day of giveaways.

I'm giving away a signed copy of Lassoed in Texas Trilogy, so to get your name in, leave a comment telling me if you win, will you use the power that comes with possession of this book for good or evil. Your answer will not determine whether I draw your name…unless it's too scary.

Or, another way to go on the comments, you could tell me if you've missed any of these three books. All three of them come into play in the grand finale of the Sophie's Daughters Series, so it's really for the best if you've read every single one of them. You're welcome.


  1. Here's the coffee, Mary.

    I'd love to win your Trilogy, but I can't decide whether they would be used for good or evil until I've read them!

    Oh, and I'm game for a five pag critique.


  2. Oh My! I can't believe I missed all 3 books(love Western)and am kicking myself around the block for it. Ouch, that hurts, lol.

    Bask in laughs and tears as you visit Mosqueros, Texas,(how could I have missed these laughs and missed getting to know the prim schoolteacher, the nosy schoolmarm, and the... you get the idea.

  3. I read Petticoat Ranch this week! Loved it! I'd love the whole trilogy!

    And I'd love the 5 page critique. Do we need to tell you that every week we don't win or do you just keep us in the mix?

    Thank you for the wonderful month, Seekers! If this is birthdays, what's Christmas like?!


    carol at carolmoncado dot com

  4. Mary~ I'm very sad to say that I missed all three books. I'm even sadder to here that they are out of print. But I'm very VERY happy to hear you're giving a copy away!

    I can honestly say that I would use your book for BOTH good and evil if I won it.

    Good~ After I read it, I will most certainly loan it out to people I know have never read your books either, thereby multipying your readership

    Evil~ I just won Nancy Kress's Character, Emotion and ...
    (something... I'm really tired) so even entering to win your book is very selfish, but I am doing it anyway. Selfishness is evil, I think the Bible says that somewhere.

    Hope I've entertained you even if it doesn't improve my chances.

    This will be at the TOP of my Christmas list if I don't win.

    PS I went and signed up for NaNoWriMo, like a crazy person, thanks to my friend MJ. My name there is AndeeMarie, if any of you other NaNoers out there care to admit that you have any idea who I am.

  5. I'm not normally on the computer this late, but the Rangers lost again and my husband is still doing his college homework. (That's what happens when you put-off college until after your 40 and working full-time w/a family!)

    October was wonderful on Seekerville.

    Mary, I'm w/Helen. I'll have to read it before I can say how I'll use it for good or evil.

    Enter me the 5 page critque, too.


    bcountryqueen6 at msn dot com

  6. Is anyone else intrigued by the "word verification" words. I can't wait to see what it's going to be when I post. Right now I have "devervin." I'm tempted to try to make up definitions for these words.

    Wow! I've been up since 5 am and my clock now says 11:49. I need to catch some ZZZzzz....

    WHAT!! Sorry, was I snoring? How embarrassing.

    Helen, The coffe sounds great, but I just can't do it now, maybe I'll be back when it's actually Monday in the Central Time Zone.


  7. Mary, even if I'm just clicking though my feeds to get them gone so they can't distract me, like I was doing tonight, I always read your posts cuz I like to laugh! Sign me up for your trilogy, for it shall be used for good, laughter is the best medicine, right? Well, unless I read it all in one night, then I'd be overdosing. That's not so good.

    rmjagears AT gmail DOT com

  8. Sigh, sadly I haven't read any of these yet, but I can tell you I would totally use the power for good.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  9. Hi Mary,

    What a roller-coaster ride this business is. I'd be thrilled to win Lassoed in Texas. And the cover--lace skirt and boots--love it.

    Now--good or evil? No contest--good.


    Mary Kay
    Mary [at] MaryKayMoody [dot] com

    PS Yes, the word verifications are a hoot. My last one was "rolless," which I think is a knock-off watch. This one is "nolid," which can take the creative brain many places from kitchen to bath and beyond. I wonder how long before they start repeating.

  10. If I won as I have all 3 books I would use the power for good and have the book sent to my good friend in America who is having some hard times at present and I know could really use your books to cheer her up. (and it makes me look like a really cool friend so thats the bad of it)
    still waiting for the second book to come out in Australia.

  11. I'd love to win the book, Mary! The only reason I wanted the Kindle was because it would be filled with Seeker books, and having come late to discovering the Seeker site, I've missed a lot of great reads! I truly prefer to have a book in my hands, love to see them piled on the floor--I mean arranged on my shelves, etc.

    And I assure you, I'd use the book for good, rave about it on my blog, and hardly rub in at all to the others who frequent this site, that I was the one who won it. That's my dream . . .

    Have a great day!
    reneeasmith61 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  12. Does using a book for kindling in the wood stove count for good or evil, or have I single-handedly come up with a singular use that embraces both????

    I am THAT brilliant.

    Mare, I love the omnibus feature of Barbour. This is wonderful stuff, and I encourage everyone who can walk, scoot, or thumb a ride (just kidding, it's dangerous, didn't you ever read anything about the SIXTIES???????) go and buy this if you do not win it.

    Wonderful, wonderful stuff.

    I can't believe you fixed the egg thing, fast writer. Seriously. That was one of my whipping boards for you and now you've gone and FIXED IT.

    Oh. My. Stars. Is nothing sacred???

    I brought Belgian waffles. With strawberry topping, home-made. Whipped cream. Also home-made. Tell me if you like this new waffle recipe, it's really easy (it's not a bit easy but I'm trying to justify taking that much time to make a waffle recipe when Aunt Jemima or someone has them in the grocer's freezer case...)

    Enjoy. Helen. Coffee. Love you.

  13. Mary, I don't need the Trilogy--yes, I'm one of those people who have the rare opportunity of owning an original set!

    But a five page critique would be great! It would be more than great, it would be FANTASTIC!


  14. Mary: How exciting that your books sold out and now you get a new printing. Way cool!

    No time for hung...uh...partied out here. Nanowrimo started at midnight.

    I'd probably try to use them for good, mine and others, loan them to my oldest daughter during Nano and make her promise not to give them back until Dec. 1st LOL!

  15. This sounds like so much fun. I'm ready for something new, so this was just in time lOL. I'm finishing an Angie Fox series which was so much fun, but I'm out of book after this week..time for something new!

  16. Hi Mary,

    That's great news about the omnibus set being released today. Just in time for Christmas gift giving!

    Since, I have all three books, don't include me in the drawing.

  17. I haven't read the triology, yet. And I would love, too.

    I would only use them for good, because I am waaaay tooo sweet to know how to use anything for evil. "SHUT UP!" (Pardon me. My co-workers are on the floor laughing).


  18. Hi Mary, I'm one of the people who wanted Petticoat Ranch to give away with copies of the Sophie's Daughters books. sigh.

    They'll love this and I'm feeling so much better about giving them away since you fixed the egg thingy. Now I can say "I know the author" Before I was tooo embarrassed.

    How's that for evil? snicker snicker

    These comments are too funny.

    Thanks Ruthy for the waffles. Yum. I have leftover chocolate from last night.

    Wait a second. ooops. No chocolate left. The little darlings cleaned me out. Or was that dh? I think both.

  19. I love Grace and Hannah's stories - it would be swell to read the first book, too!

    Good or evil? Good - it will entertain me for hours! Evil - it will entertain me for hours (which will pull me away from my work for hours).

    Sign me up!!

  20. I've found the second two deeply discounted online, but I'm a stubborn one, I will not read the series from the middle, especially if the first one can no longer be had. I'd love to read it though.


  21. In order to enjoy a trilogy, I must read in order as others have stated.

    It would be WONDERFUL to win. THANKS for the chance!

    This book would ONLY to be used for GOOD:)

  22. Mary, you are like a rock star to me. Seriously. With all those books of yours. One day I will brag to my grandchildren that I knew you even before you got your first contract!!!
    And the most amazing thing is that all your books are so good. And I never get tired of your funny, but very romantic, books. I love them. Keep writing, girl!
    (And no, Mary did not pay me to say all that. Although I am accepting donations, but will just hope that you are telling all your friends about my book and buying multiple copies for your family members for Christmas.)

  23. Sigh, the thing I'll miss most about the birthday bash month is eating cake for breakfast every day.

    Mary, I've read Petticoat Ranch and Gingham Mountain courtesy of my friendly public library. :-)

    If I won your Lassoed in Texas Trilogy I would use it for good by reading it on the bus and laughing uncontrollably at all the funny parts so that my fellow commuters would get curious and ask me what I was reading.

    However I could also use it for evil by blocking the mousehole with it and timing how many days and how many mice it would take for them to finally break through.


    Don't enter me in the draw because I will go and buy it, which is doubly good because I will be supporting a fav author and my independent Christian bookstore...especially since I won a critque last week. (Whooohoooo)

    And what about Nosy in Nebraska -- wasn't that a trilogy of three previously publsihed books?

  24. I've read all three and have books two and three but was unable to obtain book one. Sure would love the opportunity to have the first.

    Congrats Mary on the re-release? Don't know if that's the right term, but congrats. :)

    Jodie Wolfe

  25. Okay, Mary, I see a trend. There's an evil plot afoot. Quit printing the first book in the series so people with the other two books will go crazy!


    Congrats on the release!! And thanks for saving us from the letdown of the end of the birthday month. Although, who's the poor soul who posts tomorrow and has to deal with it then???

  26. Count me in, Mary! I'd love to have a copy of the Omnibus! I haven't been able to get ahold of these books, but want to read them. So, please put my name in the hat. :D


  27. Mary, I have never read ANY of these books, which makes me a pitiful, pitiful person. Can you "unpitify" me and let me win?? Pleeeeezzzz! And not only that, but I see these people asking for a five page critique, but I can't find a reference to it in your post. I must be BLIND too! PLEASE HELP ME!

    And I'd use it for good - cuz that's the way I am

  28. I think I have the first book..I know I have the 2nd and 3rd and that the first is the only book I've read so far and I'm pretty sure I read my own copy and not from the library. hey wonder if I can put the sucker on ebay for $100?! I kinda wish I'd waited and gotten the omnibus since I have 3 books and can't find them..well I did find the 3rd one but the 2nd one is hiding..the 1st I haven't looked for since I've already read it. So here I am with all 3 books yet I'll probably read the library copies since they know where theirs are! not quite awake yet..I found the omnibus at'll know they have ebooks there now?! the petticoat book is there in ebook!

    so now that the b-day is over we don't eat breakfast anymore? bummer :-(

    hey if any of ya'll are over at Ruth's snatch me those upcoming books would ya?! I'm not happy 'bout waiting til next year...

    no need to enter me but put my email just in case someone's successful at snatching those books for me and needs to email for my address...ok ok ok just kidding..sorta..maybe audra's cowboy will help ease thepain of waiting..ooh I think debra clopton is due out with another cowboy book too.better go check it out..

  29. Have not read any of the books and would love to! I have started featuring my reads on my blog, so I guess you could say I would use it for Good! ;-D

  30. ROSE!!!!!!!!!

    You've got your COVER!!!!!!

    So cool. I'm so glad you're using it as your Blogger ID photo. I haven't seen it before.


    weird, my word verification is


    It's unusual for them to spell a real word. I suspect I need to go spend some time in Bible reading. I could NOT be a bigger hint.

    Blogger Word Verifications. God no longer writes on slabs of stone with a fiery finger.

    Nope, He's using Blogger now.


    It's not mentioned specifically in my blog. HERE ARE DETAILS.

    The First Five Pages

  32. First, I want to thank y'all at Seekerville for hosting an awesome birthday party and making it so much FUN! I loved the inside peeks into everybody's writing life.

    I'm looking forward to reading your trilogy. I actually prefer to read titles that are all packaged together like that. No waiting in between books!



    One of the recurring comments about it was that, toward the end, when Sophie turns up pregnant, there were many people who said, "When did THAT happen."

    You might chalk that up to me being a first time author and being very, very, very, very circumspect about .... ahem ..... intimate moments between the hero and heroine.

    So, I asked Barbour if I could re-write one little scene to make the...ahem .... intimate moment, more CLEAR, while still utterly discrete of course.

    I am here to announce that after extensive re-writing, I went to see the finished product and ... ahem ... I'm not sure you can tell now, neither.

    I'm such a dope.

    But maybe you can tell. It's still the very essense of discrete.

  34. I just clicked on the link to buy Lassoed in Texas Trilogy. I've been watching it closely because sometimes they ship a little early from Amazon.

    But nope, nuthin'. So I just went and looked and YES! IT'S FINALLY SHIPPING.

    However, it's out of stock.


    I'm sure it's there somewhere. In some warehouse. Maybe in the North Pole.

  35. The first thing my pastor's wife said to me yesterday was "I can't believe that rotten Sidney isn't dead yet, and I hope Mary rectifies that situation in the next book."


    I loaned her my copy of Wrangler in Petticoats and she finished it lickety-split. Hee hee!

    I also made Connealy Crunch last night for a party at said pastor's wife's house, and she said, "The first time you made this for us (A year ago?) the name didn't mean anything to me, but now that I've read her books..." and she took a big helping. :)

    Congrats on the omnibus! That's fabulous!

  36. Kav, yes Nosy in Nebraska was a 3 book collection of cozy mysteries.

    Black Hills Blessing was, too.

    HOWEVER those were book clubs. So them coming out is a little different. They're almost impossible to find anywhere before they come out as the 3 in 1. Unless you belong to the club.

    So this is different.

    Okay, maybe it's not different.

    I may not be making any sense because you're


    ARE YOU MAD???????????

    Pass the hair of the dog. QUICK

  37. Five Minute Recipe for one gallon of delicious candy:

    Connealy Crunch
    2 pound package Almond Bark (melted)
    Melt in microwave 1 ½ minutes. Stir. Melt 1 ½ minutes. That should be enough. You might need slightly longer. Almond bark doesn’t lose its shape when it melts so you have to stir it to see if its enough. Add:
    3 C. Captain Crunch Peanut Butter Cereal
    3 C. miniature marshmallows
    3 C. Rice Krispies
    3 C. mixed nuts
    Spread out on waxed paper. Let cool. Break into bite sized pieces.


  38. And I think you're going to like what I did to Sidney, Erica.

    Or more correctly, you're going to like what happens to Sharpshooting Mandy McClellen.

    Sharpshooter in Petticoats, the grand, exposive, mayhem riddled conclusion to NINE BOOKS.

    Except who knows, maybe there'll be more someday. I'd like for that to happen.

  39. HERE'S LASSOED IN TEXAS TRILOGY ON Christian Book Distributors.
    THEY have some copies.


  40. Mary, major congrats on the release of the Lassoed in Texas Trilogy. Very cool!!! None of your books should be out of print!

    Thanks for coffee, Helen, and breakfast, ah, brunch, Ruthy. I can't eat or even enter my kitchen. One look in the bread drawer this morning made it clear that we have a mouse!!! My d/h left the door into the garage open this weekend. Sigh. Sitting here cringing, listening for the snap. Fearful I will hear it. Worse, won't hear it. I have to get out of here.


  41. Mary, I would use it for good, I really would. I would read it to my brandnew baby granddaughter to teach her about strong women and the men who love them.

    Never could find Petticoat so this would be wonderful. I just got Wrangled the other day.

    Happy All Saints Day all!

    Peace, Julie

  42. Pass the leftover cake and punch please.

    There you go, Helen. SMART GAL!!!

    After all, how tough can a five pager be?

  43. Mary! I was going to mention that another rewrite would be to fix the virgin birth. But I refrained. So I'm glad you brought it up! :)

  44. (Apparently Kav doesn't realize there is leftover cake on the island. In the fridge by the lagoon. And I am not telling her!)



    I HATE MICE!!!!!!!!!



    I HATE MICE!!!!!!!!!

  47. Clearly that MOUSEHOLE comment of Kav's still have me very nervous!

  48. I did NOT load that mouse comment to Janet twice.

    Blogger just knew I needed to yell about it TWICE.

    At least.

  49. I haven't had a chance to read anything by you, Mary. But, I'd love the chance to, so please include me in the drawing.


  50. I am happy to learn of these books- and I would be happy to share them with anyone who would like to read them. Only good comes out of a giveaway!

  51. Bahahaa! Mary, I think you did an excellent job with the "day after" post

    : P

    No really. You showed off your sweet, funny, and slightly sarcastic self!

    I loved Petticaot Ranch! That's the only book of yours our library has and let's be honest, how could I not read it?! So I did and it was phenomenal. Well done, my dear : )

    I would use this for good because, well first I'd have to read it. Then, I would let one of my two best, best, BEST friends in the hwole world read it after me. She introduced me to Steeple Hill, of which I will always be grateful. Her grandmother passed away this past Saturday, so she's going through a really, really tough time. I know some of your writing would cheer her up tremendously with the humor and just the right amount of faith for comfort.

    I have to put in a side note because I really want MISSY to see it and didn't think she would when I comment on yesterday's post:
    MISSY I absolutely love your tentative title for your new book *grin* However, what do we need to do to make it definite instead of tentative *wink* Marvelous choice of a heroine's name (assuming she's a main character....though I definitely don't know that! LOL)

    Thanks so much for this opportunity! I know both of us would really appreciate it, then it'll land on my keeper shelf

    : D

    Talk to you later!

  52. I read it this week and this was one of the things I thought:

    One of the recurring comments about it was that, toward the end, when Sophie turns up pregnant, there were many people who said, "When did THAT happen."

    So I'm glad it's maybe possibly fixed. I may have to get the omnibus [good Christmas present from someone ;)] if I don't win so that I can read *it* and review *it* and say - oh! And she fixed this. Sort of.

    Or whatever.

    Carol [who isn't sure she's making sense and her next stop of the day is supposed to be her NaNo project, but maybe that's not such a good idea if she's not coherent...]

  53. There is begging going on.

    Obviously the Connealy-meister is more popular than even I had imagined.

    Not that I spend my days imagining such things, wondering how I can boost my sales to maintain total world domination and supremacy while Mary has people beggggggging for her books.

    I brought cookies. Chocolate chip (Ghirardelli, of course, in honor of my new buddy Buster Posey and the San Francisco Giants....) with M&M's and pecans, a wonderful culinary delight.

    Susanna, dear.... I made you Belgian waffles with strawberry topping, dear heart.

    Okay, I'm throwing in lunch to boot. Chicken salad on grilled sourdough bread with thick bacon, dressed.

    Very yum.

  54. Oh my stars.

    There's such a thing as discreet, and then there's invisible, doll-face.

    Julie, can you help her, please????
    Heaven knows, I've tried.

    (tired sigh inserted here.)

  55. Connealy Crunch? Mmm...sounds yummy! I'll have to try it during the holidays. :D

  56. Hi Mare,
    So glad to 'see' the omnibus version. I need one. I've given away two of the three for other -viewers pleasure, and they never returned their copies.
    But alas, I feel like my winnings yesterday were WAY over and abundant - and I'm tickled purple, so don't put me in the running for the book. I'll go out and buy me Mary and the mousetrapping business. :-)

  57. Ruthy,
    I'm beggggggging for a cookie.
    does that count? :-)

  58. Hi, Mary. I am one of the poor unfortunate souls who missed out on the Lassoed in Texas Trilogy the first time around. :-(

    I'm glad to have a second chance to read the series.

    If I win, I will use the trilogy for the good because I always use my powers for good. ;)

    P.S. Janet & Mary, I totally sympathize with your mice woes. One time my Dad caught a mouse in our kitchen. We thought our troubles were over until her ten babies started running around the living room in search of food. Yikes!

  59. Erica said: The first thing my pastor's wife said to me yesterday was "I can't believe that rotten Sidney isn't dead yet, and I hope Mary rectifies that situation in the next book."

    lol - That's what I keep thinking, too! Never wanted to see a character killed off so badly.

    Well, not since JR.

    PS. Word veri is:

    pyexcend: When you drop a pyrex dish on the tile floor in the kitchen. END of said pyrex dish!

  60. Jeepers, Ruthy, are you getting total world domination for Mary vibes?

    Cuz I'm getting YIKES there are a lot of Seekervillains who haven't read my books.

    Total opposite reaction to yours. But then I suppose we could have predicted that.

    Yes, my entire advance goes to DCon and Mousetraps. I can't begin to tell you what a good cause that is.

  61. Having read Angela's TEN BABY MICE story, I now have to leave Seekerville for several hours to get a shot of thorazine and a straight jacket...just until the screaming ends.

    Then I'll be back. Hopefully in a fluffy pink Happy Place.

  62. Pam, it's kinda like reading TEA LEAVES.


    Be careful with your Pyrex, just in case this is a HORRIBLE WARNING.

  63. Connealy Crunch is the perfect thing to take to those holiday gatherings.

    It makes a scad of candy. Is seriously delicious...and it's FAST FAST FAST.

    Which is, to me, irresistable.

    Also, did I mention you do NOT have permission to change the candy's name? Captain Crunch and I made a deal and I'm afraid it's a felony to call the candy anything else.

    Consult your local jurisdiction of course.

  64. It'll be wonderful to see these first three books together in stores again. How nice Barbour is putting them in a Trilogy. But how not nice that they're going out of print otherwise.

  65. I loved Angela's 10 baby mice story.


    We had that happen once and the boys were giving points if their glueboard trapped two or more babies.

    We are heartless folk.

  66. I would love to win....would use for good by passing on to friends and/or church library. I am just getting into your books so did not read previous books, but am so anxious to read ALL of your books now. Thanks!

  67. The glue board/reward for mice catching story is just like that glass slipper fitting at the end of Cinderella.

    And once the mice were gone, they all lived happily ever after.

    This is NOT the Disney version.

    The mice are NOT our friends.

  68. Jackie, HI. I loved you in Charlie's Angels.
    Thanks for stopping in.

    (bet you've never gotten a Jacqueline Smith Joke before, huh???

  69. On behalf of mice everywhere let us remember the great literary giants of mousedom:

    Ralph S.
    Dr. DeSoto
    Miss Bianca
    Mrs. Frisby...

    Well, I could go on but you get the point. Where would literature be without mice? It gives one 'paws' doesn't it?

    And I catch mice in a have-a-heart trap and release them hail and hearty with their tails intact. Alas, they do seem to find the game of hide and seek fun, so they come back for "one more time!"

  70. I promise to use it for good. However, I am a little confused. Are you saying that this is your first omnibus? (I ask that only because I have your mouse stories in omnibus.)

    Happy November!

    Walt (who's taking part in NaNoWriMo as he keeps hearing Ruthy's voice in his head saying "write baby write." This beats the other voice in his head that keeps saying "the rent is too %$#* high.")

  71. leaving my name for the drawing


  72. That list of names, Kav...did you like NAME THE MICE as you caught and released them?

    I have a serious, firm, notarized agreement with mice.

    You stay out of my house. You live. You come inside. You die.

    It's not a LONG contract.

  73. You have Nosy in Nebraska, Walt?

    Well, ahem, you're the one. (joke-it sold very well)

    This is my first of this TYPE of omnibus collection. The others were from Heartsong Presents and Heartsong Presents Mysteries.

    Those were book clubs and the books in the book clubs aren't really available ... used on Amazon is about all. Sometimes you can find them in bookstores and you can buy them through barbour's website, but it's a little bit hard.

    So this is something new Barbour is doing, repackaging full length books into thise volumes.

    Don't drop it on your toe. BIG BOOK.

  74. No, no, no!!! That list of names are from famous mice in literature...didn't you read to your children when they were young????

    And yes, I did name the mice who wintered with me last year. I couldn't very well go around calling them "Hey you, stop that!" when one scurried by.

  75. Omnibus. What a strange word. If "omni" means "all," and "bus" is a vehicle for transporting many, many people . . . okay. I guess it sort of works.

    And, hey, I just checked Amazon and ALL Mary's Lassoed in Texas books are available in Kindle editions. Perhaps not as fun as holding the actual book in your hand, but THEY DO LIVE ON!!!

    And remember, even if you don't own a Kindle, you can download FREE Kindle readers for smartphones and computers!

  76. I did read to my children when they were little.

    I read them the back of the DCON BOX!!!!

  77. yummy!

    hmm I didn't have any trouble figuring out when they 'did it' in Petticoat Ranch and I'm used to pretty explicit stuff! Now I do admit to flipping the page back to see if I'd missed anything like a kiss or a thought or something! but nope but I kinda figured when she didn't have to wonder where he was gonna sleep that night and he was all cheerful and happy the next morning that something had to have gone on! And others on another group caught it too and one was really mad that she let him sleep with her without a declaration of love..I defended her though!

    Im up visiting my parents now..well actually I just ate a huge cinnamon roll and knocked off the rest of the cheezits since they're at a dr dogs are in the backyard(they don't have a backyard where we live so this is a vacation to them). They've adjusted..haven't been up here since christmas due to hot weather in the summer plus my parents have been coming to my place nearly weekly for my dad's treatments..but the lab walked over to where my mom usually has a washtub filled with water and sulked when it wasn't there. She remembered the exact spot. Now they're taking turns doing bark patrol at everything and everyone who walks by...hope they get it out of their sytem before bed!


  78. Susanna said:

    but nope but I kinda figured when she didn't have to wonder where he was gonna sleep that night and he was all cheerful and happy the next morning that something had to have gone on!

    I read that part a couple of times too though I didn't catch the cheerful and happy in the morning thing. I thought it could go either way - either he started snoring on the chair/floor/wherever in the other room or when he laid down in the bed with her. But that doesn't MEAN anything more than sleeping went on. Maybe he just got a really good night's sleep ;).

    Once I read she was pregnant, I figured I must have read it wrong - or read into it wrong - but it wasn't obvious to me at the beginning.

    Hmm... word verification is unicali - I'm not going to a uni in Cali anytime soon. Promise.

  79. Carol maybe I just have a good imagination! but seems like he was happy the next morning or whistling or something..dont' really remember! but I had the impression that he was in bed with her.

    man I'm tired and it's not even 5 pm here yet! *yawn* need to go back to reading!

  80. Yes, Hannah! I hope they'll keep the title! Of course even if they don't, your name will remain. Hannah is in the April 2011 book, A Family for Faith, as a secondary character. And it's ready to go to print. Did you know you're a widow with 4 kids??!! :)

  81. Ruthy! Have you replaced Jeter with Posey as your fav player?! I'm so glad!!

    For y'all who don't know, Buster Posey who catches for the Giants is my nephew! We're so excited for him and his team!! Be sure to watch tonight and cheer them on.

  82. Missy, so tickled for you guys! How exciting it must be, watching the series with your nephew in the mix!


    Word Verification:HEMPI
    (I'm not even going to touch THAT one!)


    I am so proud of you for getting my subtleness.

    I hope I didn't make it ever HARDER to figure out with my edits. Uhoh

  84. wasn't my intention to make everyone be a super sleuth to figure it out.

    Here's a chipper thought. When IT finally happens in say...MONTANA ROSE. You don't gotta guess about it at ALL.

    Why are we talking about this anyway. Behave yourselves!

  85. @Missy!


    I may have to root for the Giants. I was fairly ambivilent since my Cards are long gone :(. I did think the Bushes were pretty cool last night though [though I thought HW looked fairly old and frail - yes I know he's in his mid-80s but it was saddening nonetheless].

    I just asked DH who Buster was and he's like 'Catcher for the Giants - he's really good!'.

    @Susanna - I tend to need to be knocked over the head with a two by four [or by someone getting knocked up - er, um, yeah].

    Regardless, I will watch the Series with more excitement now.

    [I'm not sure what a paphotig is though...]

  86. Speaking of Missy and her superstar nephew Buster Posey...I spent the whole weekend going up to virtual strangers and saying, "I am a close personal friend of Buster Posey's."

    Unfortunately I don't really run in a SPORTY crowd. I'd've gotten more Oohs and Aahs if I'd've said, "I'm a close personal friend of Missy Tippens."

  87. I also am NOT a close personal friend of Buster Posey's. So that might've weakened my boasting somewhat.

    Also what I really said was, "I am a close personal friend of Buster Posey's ............ aunt.

    So THAT might've weakened by boasting somewhat.

  88. I absolutely loved "Doctor in Petticoats" so I would be excited to win "Lassoed in Texas Trilogy" to read what happened earlier. I want to finish the "Sophie's Daughters" series also. You definitely have some new fans in Kansas (I'm sharing my book with others in my book club).
    Of course I would use it for good!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  89. Mary, I'm sorry that you had to buy a straight jacket on my account. I didn't mean to freak you out with my mice story. (Muahaahaaaaa! *super villain heckle*) ;) No, really, I didn't mean to scare you. I'm sure there are NO baby mice in your house.

    Ruth, I'm glad you found my mice story amusing. (Since it's original intent was to be funny, not scare Mary to the point of insanity.)

    The most hysterical thing about our mice adventure was when my little sisters insisted that we not kill the "cute" babies. So my 6foot tall Dad ended up chasing baby mice around until he caught each and every one by hand. Then he set them free outside to my sisters' delight.

  90. LOL, Mary! My name won't get you very far. :)

  91. LOL, Patty! I don't think I would touch that verification, either. :)

    CarolM, I'm glad you'll be watching! :)

  92. These sound so good. I remember seeing them at Walmart and wishing I could put back my raisin bran and dog food to stretch that budget just a bit more. . . LOL Winning them would be awesome.
    mahereenie at yahoo dot com

  93. hmm I shocked my mom with my thoughts on African Queen movie with bogart and Hepburn...she was shocked when I asked her if they'd um done it on that boat and couldn't believe I even thought it but the dude woke up really happy and she was too just from a good night of conversation! of course I might've been in a hormone moment when I watched that movie...


  94. Hey Missy, I just read the story about Buster getting his first WS homerun and how the Texas fan gave it to him! Sound like Buster's got a great future ahead of him!


    Word Verification:EXERO
    Meaning:That flab of tummy flesh that hangs over a tight pair of jeans because of no exercise.

  95. @Susanna - LOL! I think I must be more like your mom! Not that I get shocked by much but it just doesn't occur to me unless there's some sort of indication - now they'd kissed or something [in PR] and I probably would have but what Mary had just wasn't quite enough breadcrumbs for me to follow ;).

    mucess - mucus excess. Ew.

  96. LOL Mary!!! "I read to my kids....the back of the DCON BOX!!"


    And Missy....ummmmmm....that definitely sounds like me?

    : P

    Nah just kidding, but you had wonderful inspiration for choosing the name I'm sure *wink*

    Talk to you later, ladies!!
    Update on friend: Her and her family got home about an hour ago. Tough time, obviously, but we're keeping them in our prayers.

  97. Two glue traps, one under ds1's desk, and the other under ds2's desk.

    I put chocolate on mine, and ds1 put cheese on his, then we kept score.

    So sad....

  98. My favorite mouse is


    And what about Mickey???

    You left Mickey off the list!


  99. I can handle snakes and spiders but go a little nuts about mice. The girls still laugh at the imagine of me jumping on the counter top when a grey mouse popped out of our panty.

    Love those little glue pads!

    Word Verification: Nothing is popping in the box.

  100. Power of Possession for good I would hope and pray.


    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  101. Three books in one, should be a nice looking, big book. Congrats on that Mary!

    Good or evil... yesterday was Halloween so evils out - there's only 53 days, 2hours, and 55 minutes until Christmas and I've got to be a good girl if I want lots of presents from Santa ;)

    Eva Maria Hamilton at gmail dot com

  102. Mary, your trilogy is a wonderful read. I know that the girls' stories will be just as good.

  103. Yes, Patty, that was such a sweet thing to give him the ball back!

    And did you watch tonight?!! They won!!!!! :)

  104. I have to admit I dont do mice!!!!! last year when cleaning for the lady I clean for we I mean I was doing the pantry and there on the shelf looking at me was a mouse I almost touched it! put the trap there caught it and then got the broom to sweep mouse and trap into a bag and out to the bin! The lady is highly allergic and I had to clean it up YUCK! I dont do mice!

  105. Been traveling so missed this until now.

    Knew the trilogy was coming out, ordered it when you mentioned previously. Does this count for good?! :) LOVE the name by the way. LOVE it!!!!

    Enter me for the critique. may at maythek9spy dot com. Going to be more difficult to "win" these days with all the new Seekerville friends. (We're a merry bunch though, quite willing to share.)

    Great to know you can "unscramble eggs". Quite a feat!

    My word is gings. That would be fun - make up new definitions.

  106. I would love to win the Lassoed in Texas trilogy. I must admit I haven't had the opportunity to read any of the books. If I win I would definitely use it for good.

    Cindy W.


  107. I've never blogged, and haven't read the books. If I win I would use it for good. I would have to buy a new bookshelf. That would be good, huh?

  108. MARY!!! I'm late, please forgive me!! Am in Florida with my sister for my birthday and have been CRAZEEEEE!!!

    And thank you SOOO much for telling us what the heck "hair of the dog," means although I am STILL not all that sure.

    Cannot ... absolutely CANNOT ... believe Petticoat Ranch is out of print. That is just downright criminal.


  109. Ooh, to have all 3 in one beautiful volume.....I'm giddy with delight...and signed to boot! Couldn't resist the pun, sorry. Petticoat is out of print--Inconcievable! Mary is definitely my fave 1880's western author, not to mention soooo funny.
    Oh I plan to definitely use them for a bit of good and evil....
    the good part is read them and then put them on my fave shelf, lend them to a friend, etc....
    the evil part is....well, I'm not sure what that 'll be...
    I'm at if I win and thanks for such an awesome giveaway!