Sunday, November 7, 2010

Seekerville Weekend Edition

Does daylight saving time really matter to a writer?

Which is easier: getting up at the crack of dawn to get your pages written
or staying up waaay past your bedtime?

Hang on, because WE HAVE WINNERS!!

Please contact Seekerville through our new web email if you are a winner and if needed, provide your snail mail address. Please note our giveaway rules in the right lower column of Seekerville.

On Monday, Mary Connealy brought us Seekerpaloosa-Hair of the Dog. Winner of her latest release, the Lassoed in Texas Trilogy is Grace Rasmussen.

Tuesday Seekerville was honored to have author and editor, Alicia Rasley here with Top Five Mistakes Authors Make in Proposals. Winner of The Power of Point of View is Vince.

Wednesday we welcomed 2010 Golden Heart Winner and Desire debut author Cat Shield. Winner of Ruth Logan Herne's Made To Order Family is Joanne Sher.

Thursday Audra Harders shared with When Life Hands You Lemons. Winners of IOUs for Rocky Mountain Hero, her debut release from Love Inspired are Madonna Maurer and Abbi.

And Audra would like you to have an update on the computer crisis...

"I've deleted my photo editing program and my print shop along with other large programs. I've defragged all drives. Cleaned the cookies (hee). And ... drumroll please ... I'm running much fast and I can get on the Internet without waiting for more gray hair to sprout. I'm not sure which fix did the trick or maybe they all did in conjunction with each other. Either way, thanks everybody for all the repair suggestions!!"

The November Contest Update winner of an IOU of Tina Radcliffe's debut release, The Rancher's Reunion, is Helen Gray.

Saturday's The Best of Seekerville from the Archives, The First Five Pages critique winner is Cindy Wilson. The clock has started ticking on this week's opportunity. Once winner every week. That's 52.177457 winners!

Next Week In Seekerville

Monday: Seekerville welcomes author Cathy Shouse, and we're giving away a $10 Barnes & Noble gift card and a copy of Courting the Doctor’s Daughter, one of Janet Dean's Love Inspired Historical titles, to one commenter.

Tuesday: Abingdon Press and Heartsong Presents author Myra Johnson is your hostess with Finding (and Managing) Story Ideas, and she's giving away a copy of Jason Rekulak’s The Writer’s Block.

Wednesday:Humorist and Zondervan author Mary Pierce is our guest today. Mary will be giving away all three of her releases: When Did I Stop Being Barbie & Become Mrs. Potato Head?-Confessions of a Prayer Wimp-When Did My Life Become a Game of Twister?

Thursday: Love Inspired author Ruth Logan Herne is your hostess with, I love it, it's perfect, now CHANGE THAT MANUSCRIPT, SWEET THING! How to act professional when it's not personal: it's business. Stop by to see Ruthy's take on requested edits AND a chance at a $20 Barnes and Noble gift card so you can pick out your own favorite Christmas reads!

Friday: Romance novelist, short story writer and founder of Christian Romance Magazine, Ginger Takamiya is our special guest today.

Seeker Sightings

Wednesday, November 10, Audra Harders to be on Words Seasoned With Salt as part of Pepper Basham's special series called Season's Change, Fall into Love. Audra's giving away an IOU for Rocky Mountain Hero to two lucky visitors.

You're just a click away from this gift boxed set that includes Colleen Coble, Margaret Brownley and Cara's Lynn James' Love on a Dime. Free shipping at Barnes&

And check out this Thorndike hardcover large-print edition of Love on a Dime, that you can purchase at most online bookstores, including Borders. (free shipping too!)

Mary Connealy will be the featured guest this coming week at Margaret Daley's Blog.

Random News

  • SFWA has a great article on copyright on their web page here.

Check out these great interviews and articles from Harlequin's So You Think You Can Write week.

Hope your writing week is productive and may all your NaNoWriMo's come true.


  1. This is a first. I'm first. HA!

    Remember to set those clocks back. I love that I THINK I can sleep later, but really dislike it getting darker before I get home from work.


    Who thought of this time change thing anyway?

    Coffee is on automatic timer. Strong and black.

    With real cream.

    Thanks for the great WE as always, Tina!!

  2. I set my clock back and looked forward to an extra hour of sleep. I woke up at 3AM - or would that be 2AM - and couldn't go back to sleep!!

  3. Hey all,

    Thanks for the reminder, but here, they were set back last week. :)

    Hope you have a great Sunday. And as always, Tina, thanks for the various links to this and that. So fun to peruse.

    Congrats to all the winners!!!

  4. Hey - I won!! VERY cool.

    And I'll be selfish and say I want a five-page critique. Enter me in THAT too!

    Now I gotta hunt down the seekerville email address so I can send my info.
    LOVE these weekend editions. So much fun!!

  5. Great weekend edition! LOVE the emtion thesaurus! Very neat idea! And the Harlequin blog entries this week were interesting. I had a bit of a gnarly week so I didn't get to check in every day, so thanks for the recap opportunity!

    And I made good use of that extra hour -- I slept through it and then slept in some more. Such bliss. I needed it!!!!

  6. Kav, I'm jealous. This just means waking earlier and wanting to go to bed at 7 instead of 8! But it does make it easier to get up and write. Let's just spring forward a HALF HOUR next year and call it even. This clock-changing thing messes up toddlers, pets and well, everyone else for a month.

    I've been on hiatus from 'normal' and I'm glad to start again with a great WE. Thanks! I'm looking forward to a great week of posts.

  7. Thanks for all the info, Tina. I love these WEs.

    I'm definitely in the stay-up-late-and-write camp. Can always use an extra hour, too!

  8. Congratulations to all the winners.

    Thanks for all the great links.

    Looks like another great week coming up!

  9. Thanks for mentioning the Emotion Thesaurus! I hope it helps you with your characters & writing. :)

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  10. Coffee's on the counter!

    I went to bed with a book last night instead of staying up late--for a change.

    Then I got up and found I've won an IOU for Tina's debut book.

    Does that mean I should go to bed with a book more often?

    I'm still game for a 5-page critique.


  11. Congrats to the winners and thanks for the great links!

  12. Congrats to the winners!

    Most of our clocks reset automatically - our alarms are on our iPhones and the wall projector clock is supposed to change itself [but it hasn't yet]. Kids were all up at the new 615 :p. This will be good tomorrow when I have to have 5 of us out the door before 7 - by myself since DH has left for that funeral.

    Skipping church because of sort of questionable brakes, a 3yo feeling only so-so and being 'single'. I do get to take all the kids with me to the store to get hats/gloves/etc because it's getting cold here! Woo and hoo.

    But then, after dealing with trading out seasons/clothes, I get to write and read and am hoping to FINALLY get to Julie-fic!

    Can I ask to enter the critique drawing now?

    carol at carolmoncado dot com

  13. Yay! I'm so excited about the critique :) Thanks! And congrats to all the other winners, too!

  14. Good-bye Daylight Saving Time! We're back to standard time now.

    Happy writing!

  15. Morning Seekerville. I've got Holiday Blend lined up on the Keurig. Help yourselves.

    I love productive Weekends. I am knocking things off my to do list like crazy.

    This year we apparently are not having an October to May snow season in Colorado and the trees are just Cindy Wilson would know since she lives a stones throw from me.

    Isn't it GORGEOUS!!! Yesterday had to have been in the seventies too because my office was 76.

  16. Hi everyone! working night shift tonight so probably back to bed for me!

  17. Ah...I see, Tina :) Oh my gosh, isn't is gorgeous here? I love the weather--no snow! The family is going to get out and enjoy the weather today before it cools off later in the week. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  18. I worked many years of night shift, Susanna. Have a good rest.

    Edwina, isn't insomnia a bear? I make a list of things to do when I have insomnia and keep it on my desk. Because when I do wake up and can't get back to sleep I can never think of anything productive to accomplish.

  19. I prefer writing in the AM-PM 9AM-2PM. By 2 PM, I'm bushed and can zonk out for a while, then work on other stuff.

    But the day job kinda nips that plan in the bud, so instead, I write when I can.

  20. Sigh....

    I guess I'll have to put Lassoed in Texas on my Christmas list. And I will, I'm actually doing those lists this week. Well, I'm doing mine and my daughters. DH will have to handle his own.

    Congrats to all the winners.

    Great news! We had a lady saved at church today!!! Praise God! She stayed in her seat after the service, and one of our wonderful ladies spoke with her. Then the three of us went to the alter and prayed together. I can't put words to the thrill it is to hear some one pray the words "Please forgive me and come into my heart. I want you for my Lord and Savior." Amazing. Her name is Mindy, and I know she'd love all the prayers she can get.

    See you later ladies.

  21. Audra thats what I hate about ending daylight savings its dark to early. we end the first weekend into April and I would rather end the end of Feb (which is the end of summer).

    I cant believe you have it so late into Fall.

  22. Thanks so much! Can't wait to get the book, Audra!

    Daylight savings...thanks for the reminder. I'm living in a country right now that doesn't participate in this...but good to know so that I don't call the fam too early or too late in the day. LOL

  23. Congrats winners and I hate the time change because it gets dark waaay too early.

    XOXO~ Renee

  24. MaDonna don't forget to send us your address at