Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Believing in the Goals You Set for the New Year.

How many of you have already made a list of your new year resolutions for 2011?

How many of you made a new year's list of resolutions at the beginning of 2010?

Have you taken out your list you made for 2010 and checked off all that you accomplished?

Did you accomplish what you set out to do?

Did you believe you would accomplish those goals?

Since the new year is coming up and we want to make new resolutions and set new goals, lets talk about how much you believe in those goals.

It is one thing to have goals, desires and wants, but it is another to actually and truly believe you will accomplish and acquire them. Many programs offer this precept as the key to success. Say it, believe it, act upon it.

In the new testament of the Bible in the book of Mark, Jesus taught his disciples that if you say to this mountain to be lifted up and thrown into the sea and you do not doubt in your heart, but believe what you say will happen, then what you say will be done for you. (Mark 11:23)

Now moving a mountain sounds impossible doesn't it? But what you are told to do is simple. Okay, okay, it sounds simple. But is it?

When you write a goal or resolution. SAY it. Write it, sing it, draw a picture of it, find a photo of it. These are all ways to SAY it. This part is easy. But be sure you say exactly what you want. Don't be vague. Don't say I want to lose weight. Say I want to lose 10 pounds.

If your goal is to be published, say it. Be specific. I want to be published this year by Love Inspired Avalon or Thomas Nelson, etc. Or if you want to complete a manuscript (or two or three) Say it. I will complete the manuscript_______. Be specific. Name a date. Name the title, etc.

Always be positive about what you say. Before I was published I hated the question when people found out I was a writer. "Are you published?" Aaargh. But I heard at a workshop not to say no. Instead I found positive ways to answer that dreaded question. "I will be soon." or "I have a manuscript proposal on an editors desk." or "I've submitted already and am waiting to hear." These are ways to SAY the goal, answer the question honestly and do not diss yourself.

Don't catch yourself saying negative things like--its impossible to get published. Or I'll never get published. Or I'll never finish this book at the rate I'm going. Or I'm never going to lose these last ten pounds. What will happen if you say these things and believe them?

Now here comes the difficult part to this formula.

You absolutely must BELIEVE it. You must believe it to the core. You must believe it so that there is absolutely no doubt in your mind that you will achieve your goal or accomplish your resolution. This belief sets your path into action to achieve what you desire.

There are many ways to help you truly believe.

You can visualize the end result. To lose weight, I follow the precepts of the Prism Program. One of the first things they have you do is find a picture of yourself with the desired weight you want. Every day I am to look at that picture at least two or three times and repeat the affirmation that this is the right weight for me.

Do you see what they had me do? Say it. Visualize it. See it. This will lead me to eventually believe it. And when I do, as promised, I will achieve my goal. As soon as I stop saying it or visualizing it, I fall off the wagon and don't accomplish the goal. Those of you who have ever tried to lose weight know how easy that is. Believing is the hard part.

A friend of mine had the goal to be published. She not only wanted to be published, but she wanted to be a best selling author. She made covers for each one of her manuscripts and placed them around best selling novels she had read. She put those novels on her bookshelf labeled Best Sellers. Do you see what she did? She saw her goal. She said it. She believed it.

Another thing she did was to make a giant poster for her office and she put photos on it of authors autographing their books. Yep, you guessed it. She used photoshop and put her face on those authors signing their books. She put photos of contracts with the name of her manuscripts on them, etc.

These are techniques to help you get to the beleive part of your formula to success.

There are many books out there that teach you how to use the power of positive thinking. Google positive thinking and see what happens.

We have some many Seeker posts on the subject.

Quest--for What? by Audra Harders.

Everything is Possible by Myra Johnson

Seeking Positive Influencers by Ruth Logan Herne

Ode to an Eternal Optimist by Tina Radcliffe

We have many books to refer to on developing this skill.

There's the old standby The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale

Who Dares Win by Bob Mayer

And as I said before, Google has a list of thousands.

Are you ready now to make those new year resolutions and set those goals?

Any of you have any helpful hints on how to stay positive? How to come to believe?

Write them in the comment section and be placed in a drawing for two debut Seeker books by authors who persisted in their goal to be published.
They said it.
They believed it.
And here they are. woo hooo
What a way to start the new year.
I'll be giving away a copy each of The Rancher's Reunion, a debut novel by Seeker Tina Radcliffe and Rocky Mountain Hero, a debut novel by Seeker Audra Harders. Winners will be announced in the first Weekend Edition of the year 2011.

Happy New Year everyone.


  1. Im not an author but last year one of the subjects I had was on setting goals and working to achieving them. part of the subject included setting short term and longer term goals. We had to write them down and then write the steps that would be needed to achieve them. We also learnt a goal needs a time frame. The goal I did have for a 5 year goal has changed since last year but parts of it are still in motion. One think I did find was the Goal needs to be achievable and its good to revisit at a regular intervals and to be written down where you can read it. Part of mine was to go and work in Canada for about 10 months but that goal has changed. I would be happy just to have work and be able to holiday overseas. The goal of living away has deminished with the study I have done and I am working out what I want to do.
    Ok this isn't how to stay positive just a few things I have learnt. I did achieve the first part of the big goal by completing cert 4 in business admin by early Dec.
    Still have left over treats for all who want them.

  2. I loved those examples of visualizing success, Sandra. Thanks for the reminders.

    I am starting the coffee so Helen can be pleasantly surprised. And I have nice thick bread soaking for French toast (have you ever tried eggnog for this? Yum.)

    I am going to acquire an agent this year. I don't make lists of resolutions but that is a true goal for 2011

    And that means I need to get off the Internet and back to work

  3. Wait. 7:15 and no one's around? Are you all focused on your new year goals? Or did I miss the rapture?

  4. Hahahahaha!

    Deb, I'm here!

    I was diving back into my WIP and got carried away by Matt Cavanaugh's BIG BROWN EYES....

    Oh mylanta. ;)

    He's the hero for Yuletide Hearts, slated for December 2011. ANYWAY....

    Cheesy plug aside and moving on:


    I love this. You know how I feel about positive thinking, about willingness to embrace change, to surround ourselves with positive vibes because it's SO STINKIN' EASY for naysayers to pull us down.



    And that's just wrong.

    My beautiful daughter-in-law Lacey gave me this quote when I got the call...

    "Behind every success is effort.

    Behind every effort is passion.

    Behind every passion is someone with the courage to try."

    It's not attributed to anyone, but it sums up that idea of pushing through. Staying the course.

    Sandra, this is a keeper post. Just glorious.

    Love you and your words of wisdom.

    Hey, Deb!!! Thanks for the coffee and I brought a country breakfast feast for all. Ham and eggs, Texas toast, O'Brien potatoes.

    Sandra, thank you!

  5. Ugh and Bah Humbug. I am the worst at goal setting!!! I have a hard time believing in my goals. How self-defeating is that? I will have to study up on all those Seeker links before the 31st...or I could just procrastinate the whole goal setting thing for another year. :-) Just kidding!

    Debra, I think that everyone is worn out from battling the Boxing Day sales...and Mary's at the dentist. I'll add lovely hot strawberry and blueberry toppings to your French Toast and white hot chocolate for the non-coffee drinkers.

  6. Hello Australia Jenny, Congrats on achieving all you did.

    You make some excellent points. Yes, the goal must be achievable in your eyes. You must believe it.

    Good idea to revisit too, especially a long term goal like your five year plan. Things do change.

    Great pointers Jenny. And thanks for the goodies also. I'm so stuffed from all the holiday food I forgot to bring some this morning.

    Coffee is on also.

  7. Bless you Debra for starting the coffee.

    And eggnog waffles. YUMMMMMMm

    And how funny about the rapture.

    It is 4:40am here in California so I'm not surprised about me not being up any earlier. But you're right. You Easterners should be up and about.

    Debra, keep believing in that goal. And believe for the best.

  8. Ruthy, I knew you'd be up and about. You're the one who taught me to get up at this early hour. smile

    Thanks for the lovely quote. It is really sweet that Lacey sent it to you. What an example you set for your children with your perseverance and belief in your goal.

    Thanks for the breakfast goodies too. As I mentioned to Australia Jenny, I'm not on the ball this morning with the food. Too much holiday overload I think.

  9. Hi Kav, You're right, I bet many our out contributing to our economy and getting those after Christmas bargains. woo hoo

    I guess it doesn't matter if you don't set specific goals as long as you believe. That's what is the key.

    And from what you've written in the past, you've achieved quite a bit so I'm not too worried. smile

    The white hot chocolate sounds really good. I'm going to have a cup in between the coffee.

  10. Hi Sandra!

    I'm a huge believer in setting goals. After I set yearly goals, I break them down into monthly goals which I write in a a journal dedicated to just my writing goals. At the end of each month, I "review" myself in the pages of the journal. I list the monthly goals I accomplished and the reasons I didn't meet the other goals I set for the month.

    The next month, I try to do better. I find doing these monthly reviews keeps my yearly goals fresh in my mind!

  11. Thanks Sandra, I really needed to hear this today. I haven't even written a single word on my manuscript this month...too overwhelmed by life. I even got away from regularly reading writing blogs and other things that encourage, and instead fell into the pit of 'will I ever...'

    Thanks for the boost out of the mire.


  12. Hi Rose,

    What a great idea. I love that you have a writing journal with the goals specific for writing.

    And the monthly review sounds like a great idea. I think I'll try that this year.

    Thanks and best wishes on those new goals.

  13. Wow, Sandra! What a post! I'm fired up and ready to make my New Year's Revolution list early, LOL!

    Great, great points you bring up. Especially the visualizing part. The brain is a tricky mechanism. If left unattended, it'll run amok, or worse, rust in place.

    Who in the world wants to stall out in the land of *it can't be done?* Not I, my dear recently published author friend!!!

    I love finding photos of my characters and making that image come to life in the book. Makes life much easier when thinking of mannerism and characteristics when you can see the shadow of a dimple or the angle of the slightly lifted brow.

    Oh my goodness, Sandra! You so make me want to play hooky from work today and write!!!

    Ruthy? I have another quote to add to Lacey's ingenious list. My family went out for Chinese over Christmas and my fortune said:

    *There are no shortcuts to any place worth going*

    Talk about an inspiration to carry into the new year!!!

    Deb, pass those eggnog soaked French Toast slices. I'm visualizing them NOT being applied to my hips, LOL!!

  14. Hi Jodie,

    Glad to help. We all need a boost now and then.

    And especially after the holidays.

    People don't realize how much extra they add on to their already busy schedules. I think that is why they invented new year resolutions so we could get ourselves back on track. smile

    Best wishes. Go girl.

  15. Hi Audra,

    After reading Rocky Mountain Hero I want you to be sure and go write. Write write write

    I can hardly wait for the next one.

    And yes, great visualization of no hip enlargement with waffles. LOL
    Pass me another.

  16. Good morning! Sigh, I haven't even gotten into the stores with our snow storm!

    Love this post because it applies to so many things in our lives.

    I was thinking I needed new goals for the new year. Goals that propel me forward rather than just have me sitting around trying to decide "what's next?"

    But I also have had some goal setting thrust upon me as my daughter got engaged on Christmas Eve and is planning for an Oct/Nov wedding. Now there is something to be positive about for sure!

    Thanks again for a post I will return to over and over.

    No need to put me in as I have read both these wonderful books!

    Peace, Julie

  17. Oh, Sandra, I SOOO needed this today!!!

    And I actually have begun this process already, particularly with my scale. I stand on it and I SAY "I AM 115 lbs." Then I VISUALIZE that I AM 115 lbs. So far I haven't SEEN that I am 115 lbs. yet, but I have faith ... uh, that and a heavy-duty (and I do mean "heavy") diet to give my scale what for!!

    Seriously, I am going to give this a try because it makes a whole lot of sense to me, although in truth, I have always been such a "realist" type that I would never allow myself to think of something unless it was a reality. This hardcore realization mentality was SO bad, as a matter of fact, that it even interfered with Keith's proposal of marriage years ago.

    You see, we had been going together nine months and had just gotten back from visiting a newlywed girlfriend's new house. I remember worrying that this would NEVER happen for me, so I turned to Keith and said that I wasn't getting any younger (I was 27 and he was almost 24) and that if he wasn't serious, there was the door because I wasn't going to waste my time waiting on some young pup.

    Well, the man blinked and immediately asked me to marry him, telling me he was actually waiting till our 1-year anniversary to propose. So of course I did what any hardcore realist would do -- I told him I needed two weeks to think about it.

    It's a wonder the man married me at all ...

    But I was SO rigid about this that I wouldn't even allow myself to daydream about the possibility of marriage till he actually proposed and consequently had NEVER allowed myself to think about it till then.

    BUT ... I WILL give this a try, Sandra, especially with my writing, because God knows it's time for me to loosen up, don't you think????

    THANK YOU for the great post -- I'm going to give it a shot!


  18. As of this VERY MOMENT, I have five goals for 2011. Three of them are quite specific (get an agent for my NF, finish the first and second drafts of my fiction WIP, and take a computer/texting fast one day a month), and the other two are a bit more general (keep building my platform and give my family/home more attention).

    I LOVE the idea of visualizing. Gonna work on that before Saturday :)

    And PLEASE enter me :D (or does that go without saying LOL)

  19. Oh Julie, How exciting. That is exactly what happened to my niece. He proposed Christmas and they married in October. So I know exactly what will unfold this year for you.

    Excitement, Excitement, Excitement.

    So visualize the glorious outcome you want. My niece is so happy right now and I know your daughter will be too.

    Have fun.

  20. Morning Julie,

    Yes, we all agree that your husband is a saint. smile. He is wonderful and I'm so glad he proposed to you because then we were able to meet him. Great hero material btw

    I really laughed with your "scales" incident. I don't know why the darn things don't ever read the way they are supposed to. LOL But best wishes on that goal.

    I'm starting soon on that one also.

  21. Hi Joanne, Yes you are entered automatically with your comment.

    And about your comment. I'm sooooo impressed. You have your goals laid out already. sigh.

    I love the goal of fasting from the computer for a day. Isn't that a blessing.

    God needed a day of rest so I maintain we do also.

    Best wishes on those goals. I'm seeing you with an agent now. woo hoo.

  22. Good morning Sandra! You already know how I feel about setting goals--dangling that carrot in front of me so I keep my eye on it and keep moving closer & closer toward it.

  23. Yes Glynna, I do know. In fact you have been the one to inspire me to follow mine. Thanks and happy new year. I know you've already set your goals so am picturing them accomplished.

    Did you have to dig out snow this morning? I'm picturing a nice clear driveway. smile

  24. I made one final New Years Resolution about ten years ago.

    To stop making New Years Resolutions.

    I decided, since I always fail at them anyway, they were just yardsticks against which I could constantly fail to measure up.

    If I can't CHANGE myself, I can at least KNOW myself. Right?

    So no New Years Resolutions for Mary. And I suppose I have goals, sure. But they got nuthin' to do with New Years.

    Goals for daily word count. That's about it.

  25. Hey the Julies!

    Julie HS - congrats on the daughter's engagement! How fun!

    Julie L - SO glad Keith didn't turn and run. What a doll. And it still shows this many years later.

  26. Mary, You are tooooo funny. ANd hey, if its been ten years, you've been keeping your resolution.

    I guess with as much as you write, you don't need a goal to write. More like you need a goal to rest.

    But hey, I'm not complaining. I love your books. smile

  27. This is actually on my to do list for today - along with laundry folding and house cleaning and getting a GE entry ready [does anyone know if they're due Wed or the 30th? the files say Wed. Dec 30 - but Wed is the 29th... The website says Thurs Dec 30 - should screen grab it just in case...]

    Er, yeah.

    Goals. One of my goals for today is to set goals and then blog about them. I have like 4 readers on my blog, so it's not like an internet full of accountability partners, but that's okay.

    My plan is to make some annual goals then break them down into more manageable chunks. Like finish 4 manuscripts [first drafts]. Two are already 2/3 done so January's Novel Track goal is to finish the first draft of those. And so on.

    So in between loads of laundry and getting ready for a Narnia marathon with a friend tonight, I'll be setting goals.

    Well, that's the goal anyway!

    I've already got Rocky Mountain Hero so, enter me for the other one :).

    carol at carolmoncado dot com

  28. Great Post! You Seekerville ladies have helped me be more positive! Please enter me....(just a reader). Thanks!!

  29. Wow Carol, I'm impressed. You have some great goals and you're already working on them.

    Great going.

    Best wishes on those manuscripts too. Are you picturing them with a cover on them? Published? woo hoo

    And yes, the ole laundry does get in our way sometimes, but hey, at least we are getting something accomplished. I love seeing that hamper empty. Makes me feel like I did something. LOL

    Sorry I don't know about the GE date. Why don't you email one of the website contact people? They could be more specific and will certainly be accurate.

    Best wishes on your projects.

  30. Hi Jackie,

    Great going. You are entered.

    Happy New Year.

    Hey a geat goal might be to read ALL the Seeker and Seeker friends books.

  31. Loved your timely post, Sandra!!! I think we all have to believe our goals are possible or we wouldn't set them, but I'll admit, the bigger they are the more unlikely they seem. Which is why I love the
    Scripture you quoted from Mark. None of my goals come anywhere near the magnitude of moving a mountain.

    Setting clear-cut goals gives us direction for what steps to take to reach them and the specifics we need to lift in prayer to the One who can do anything.

    My bean-counter husband and I have discussed annual goals for years. He initiated these sessions so he had an idea on how to budget if the goal involved money like a vacation, contributions or lessons for the kids. These sessions united us in our vision of what we wanted and where we were going. And in the process, we learned a great deal about each other.

    Talking about reaching our goals, I'm delighted you're giving away copies of Audra and Tina's wonderful debuts! So proud of their books!!!!!


  32. Hi Janet,

    I so loved your idea of goal setting with your husband. What a blessing to be that close and share those dreams.

    The Lord also said "When two or more gather together in my name..."

    So setting goals together really set the stage for success.

    Thanks for that tip.

    Happy new year to you and your dh.

  33. Been reading the links and this has been a real...um...epiphany for me. I come from a long line of non-goal makers...or maybe I should say goal-breakers...so though I can get motivated and talk the talk I stumble when I try to walk the talk. So... I have now made four major goals and have broken each one into a bunch of mini-goals so they seem more doable. Now I'll do what you suggested and start talking myself into it! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Oh -- and don't enter me in the draw because I have both books. :-)

  34. Dear Kav,
    Congrats. Oh my you have been busy. I'm so proud of you. And your goal setting has inspired me to get busy too.

    Visualize your success. See the results. You will be amazed.

    Best wishes. And congrats again.

  35. Wonderful post, super ideas in the comments as well.

    Like others, truly believing what you say and DECIDE to do will get you there. YAY Camy & your marathon!

    I WILL be published in 2011, and WILL knock off 12 lbs (gulp) by Feb 28.

    Ok then! As Walt said, I was blessed to win recently, but always up for whatever y'all offer. I suspect you know how encouraging it is, but it IS so neat.

    (Incidentally, an author/speaker wrote me last night and TOTAlLY "gets" what my book is about. This was also SO encouraging to me. Thanks to those who've gone before. I WILL "pay it forward. Grace all the way!)

  36. So much of the Bible reads really DIFFERENTLY if we think in what I believe are GOD's terms.
    (I know my understanding is limited but this is what's pressing on me today)

    His passion, His FOCUS is on our souls.

    So when Jesus says we can move mountains, my thoughts go to SOULS. We pray for mountains to move in our hearts, in our minds, in our spirits.

    And Sandra, claiming and verbalizing is a way to focus ourselves spiritually, so this goes with what you've said.

    And the Bible speaks on different levels, coming to each of us where we are. But our spiritual goals can be in complete harmony with our career goals, and claiming them in this way really helps to forge that connection.

  37. KC Don't you love it when someone else "gets it"? That makes all the sweat and tears worthwhile.

    Your goals sound daunting but you believe. Hang on to your positive thoughts. Hang on to your faith. Hang on to your trust. And visualize the results. You will be amazed at where the path leads you.

    Best wishes for the new year.

  38. Hi Mary, Good points girlfriend.

    I bet you're worried about people who set a goal to be published and then aren't.

    One thing I've learned about God is that He will honor my goals, but His timetable might differ from mine. LOL

    But I've also learned that He knows best what goals I need to set my sights on.

    The trick is listening.

    So good point for all of you. Be prayerful when you sit down to write those goals.

    You know, it took many years to be published, but I kept acting on my goal to be published. So when I became published, I have several completed manuscripts under my belt. Plus my skill and craft improved as I went along. So there was purpose in the wait.

    But if I had known it would be nine years, I might have given up. So having the goal right before me kept me going.

    And many didn't have to wait the nine years. But also, looking back, I was needed for elder care those nine years and am now so thankful I didn't have a contract or deadline during those times. I was able to be there.

    Of course hindsight is always clear. The here and now. Well that is where faith, trust and belief come in.

    Thanks Mary.

  39. All right.

    It's public.

    I've blogged about my goals.

    I didn't put 'find an agent' or 'get published' on there - because so much of that is out of my hands. I did put things on there to help me work towards those things - like sending out queries and /gasp/ writing ;). Odds are if I don't do those things, the other two just flat out won't happen...

  40. Normally, I'm one of those people who writes an elaborate list of goals for the new year. I did that in January 2009, and when I didn't meet many of them, I felt discouraged.

    In January 2010 I took a different approach. Rather than setting lots of little goals, I focused on two big ones. First, I said I would do the best job possible on my rewrite of the story my brand new agent had told me would need major work. Second, I decided I would focus on having fun at each stage of the journey. (Thanks, Ruthy, for teaching my Lighten Up course.)

    I achieved both goals. I produced a story my agent sent out on submission last October, AND I had a great time. Whenever I needed a smile or word of encouragement, I stopped by Seekerville, and my cup was filled. This is a great place!!!

  41. Sandra,
    I love the thought of visualizing the goal. (funny, it made me think of Runaway Bride and groom #4- 'visualize the ball') ;-)

    I think speaking positive words to yourself is a good thing too. Our thoughts are vital to helping us achieve things. A good support group helps too. People who speak good words to you as well.

    Goals for 2011? I'm still trying to figure out what is reasonable with the year I foresee.
    God knows - and I'm SOOO glad I can trust Him to it.

  42. Keli, you're welcome. And it's actually been a hoot, by the way!

    I love seeing you let your hair down. So fun. ;)

    Peps, I do that too. I look ahead at the year (weddings, babies, graduations, illnesses, aging family, travel, work, and now deadlines and re-writes or edits) and THEN I set my goals, but I'm like Mary.

    I keep 'em simple.

    My daily word count is very important to me and I work to exceed it so that I'm not stressed if things like holidays or emergencies, etc. pop up. That's my 'work ahead of the curve' philosophy.

    Goals for family: To enjoy the moments, to be fully present.

    And so much has to be sandwiched between work and family, that it's silly to set too many and trip yourself up. Simple goals. And if you don't reach 'em, you use 'em again next year.

    Pep, I'm totally in league with you on that.

  43. Ruthy agrees with me.
    All is well with the world ;-)

    And did you Seekers know I did a WHOLE POST on you guys today. All of you!!
    Because I love you THAT much.

    Just sayin'

  44. Great going Carol,

    You've blogged or "spoken" your goals. They are out there.

    Keep visualizing them.

    I like your goals. Best wishes on them.

  45. Keli, Good reminder to have fun on this journey of life.

    Truly. Why not?

    Best wishes on your goals for the new year.

    Best wishes on your submission too. Keep visualizing it published and on the book shelf. I am. smile

  46. Hi Pepper, Yes, positive words are important.

    Philippians 4:8 Is one of my favorite verses.

    Ruthy is right (although don't tell her I said so) Keep it simple, positive and believe.

    Thanks for the post. I'm going to go check it out because you and all the Seeker friends mean just as much to us.

    We love you.

  47. Terrific post.
    I sat down yesterday with a copy of Jack Canfield's book "Focus" which covers goal setting, to figure out what I really want, and yes, its to be multi published. I've been writing and submitting for many years but get discouraged easily. So I've got a daily word count goal. After years of dithering around, I need to just do the work.
    I hadn't read Bob Mayer's book but I'll check it out. Have also ordered several audio books from the library (including Norman Vincent Peale), to listen to while I'm walking. That's another goal, to get fit and get more energy, so I don't feel sluggish and half asleep all the time - so I can write tons!

  48. Hi Jane,

    Awesome goals you have there. Good going. Best wishes on achieving them. Visualize and see them happening. smile

    Let us know next year.

  49. Great post, Sandra - - thank you for sharing! ~ I used to make a fairly long list of New Year's resolutions every Dec. 31, but then I realized I was writing pretty much the same ones year after year. So now I only write the most meaningful goals in a journal, and make sure they are really attainable goals. ~ Certain Bible verses help me with feeling positive about my goals, and also just surrounding myself with wonderful folks who are uplifting! I have to admit when it comes to supportive family and friends I am very blessed. ~ Happy New Year, Patti Jo :)

  50. HI Patti Jo, Sounds like we need to follow your example. How wonderful that you have the support. Keep on hanging in there and best wishes for your goals for 2011.

  51. I only make one resolution at NYE and thats to read an average of one book a week. the past several years I have passed this. last year I said 66 and I am at 102 with 3 days to go.
    (goal for the day it to get dressed! im in holiday mode til Friday)

  52. Hi Jenny, You're in Hawaii aren't you?

    Have fun.

    Happy New Year.

    Happy reading. Hope some of those books are Seeker books.

  53. Loves 2 Read Romance - LauraDecember 28, 2010 at 7:09 PM

    Great ideas about seeing your goal. I haven't set any goals yet but maybe I will before the new year begins. Congrats to those who have set and met their goals. Good Luck to all of those still working on them!


  54. Thanks Laura, Best wishes on your goals too.

    Its had to realize that the new year is just around the corner. Where did this last year go? smile

  55. Sandra I go to Hawaii on the 21st Jan so home alone at present but on holiday here. its the summer holidays so I dont have as much to do. and I am enjoying some down time. I did get dressed and am working on my jigsaw.
    Its 3 weeks tomorrow I leave here its going so fast

    Yes I have Seeker books. I have about 5 on my tbr pile and one coming and a few on my to be bought pile.

  56. Jenny woo hooo

    I love Hawaii. Its one of our favorite places to vacation.

    I keep forgetting its summer down under. Sounds like heaven to curl up under a fan on a hot day and read.

    Oooooohhh I'm dreaming.

    Happy reading.

  57. my house is so cool that I go outside to get the warmth. but I do love reading in the warmth in summer. I hope to finish a book today also.

  58. What book are you reading now?

    I just finished Rancher's Reunion. Great book.

    I'm going to take Renee's advice and get a Nook so I can read Sharpshooter in Petticoats. Or maybe I can find it in the stores.

  59. I posted on this today, too. I don't make resolutions because I don't like setting myself up for failure. I prefer making a list of 'intentions', things I intend to do without making promises to myself. All too often our resolutions are lofty ones that are anything but realistic, given our situation. They're more like dreams or wishes. I think it's imperative to differentiate between realistic and unrealistic goals so that we aren't devastated by not succeeding with unachievable ambitions.

    I believe "unrealistic goals are the ‘someday’ kind… the dreams you have that require an unlikely coincidence or someone else’s intervention before they can possibly come true. Realistic goals are ones you can make happen without any help."

    When we strive towards realistic goals, the 'see it, say it, believe it and act on it' approach is the best one I've heard. :)

  60. im reading on of last years christmas novellas set in boulder Colorado.
    its good.
    got 2 stories to go but should do it in a day.
    then onto Doctors in petticoats (or Jillian Harts latest)

  61. Wonderful post. I still have to take out my goals form the beginning of this year and review them.

    For next year, I may take Keli's aproach and focus on a couple of things. I need to complete the review on my finished WIp so I can start sending it out again. I want to finish this by the end of January.

    I'm also trying to complete my current WIP. Will focus on April 30deadline to have it done.

    I already have a copy of Tina's book. Defintely would love Audra's

  62. Ausjenny, you will love Doctor in Petticoats. :-)

  63. HI Carol J. Thanks for your input. It is important to be able to believe in the goal. If you don't really think it is possible, then you really are setting yourself up for failure.

    Best to do as you say and find the goals you can truly believe in from the depths of your heart. The believe part of Jesus advice is the most important.

    Best wishes on your goals and thanks for sharing.

  64. Hi Jenny, sorry it took so long to get back to you. We were driving from San Diego back to Tempe and we cut across the Gila River Indian Reservation. There wasn't any cell reception out there.

    But we made it home so I can have my cable fast speed. hooray

    I agree with Walt. You are going to love Mary Connealy's book, Doctor in Petticoats. Be sure and read all three of the series. Wrangler in Petticoats and the latest, Sharpshooter in Petticoats.

  65. Hi Walt,

    It will be interesting to see what goals you accomplished since last January. I am always amazed at how many I do accomplish.

    Best wishes on your new goals. I can see them happening. smile

  66. I see Anne's post is up so time for me to go to bed.

    Thanks for joining me today.


  67. Hi Sandra:

    I’m coming late to the party but I had research to do today.

    I’ve enjoyed your words on belief. But I have a different take.

    I believe that belief tags along and does not propel us forward. I have believed many things and they did not happen. I have also not believed many things and they did happen. Believing that you will win the lottery may motivate you to buy a ticket but it won’t change the odds of winning.

    I believe this:

    Act is if you cannot fail and belief will follow close behind like a happy puppy dog.

    Action makes its own belief.

    Just do it!


  68. Hi Vince, Glad you stopped by.

    Very interesting take on this. Now you've got me pondering.

    So this is like the chicken and the egg thing.

    I think you have a point, but by the same token things have happened that I didn't take action for.

    I think life happens because its scope is too big for our brains to act upon or believe for.

    But when we do act, we can make things happen.

    When we do believe, we also make things happen.

    Our actions and our beliefs have consequences and those can propel us toward our goal or away from it.

    Again, interesting point Mr. Vince. Happy New Year and best wishes on your goals and resolutions.

  69. I appreciate the monthly journal check on goals. I know saying what we want to do is important as our spoken word carries much power. Recently a bird flew into our window and as I picked the bird up out of the snow---(TN.)I told it , "You can fly." He looked me with his beady eyes and flew away. Words of encouragement are great and I appreciates the words I read in seekers.Enter my name-Bevschwind@hotmail.comreigerim

  70. Hey guys, great post.

    I just got through today w/my resolutions. I have personal goals w/writing, losing weight, and reading the scriptures.

    I look back to 2010's writing goals and the only one I kept was entering writing contests. I entered 11 contests. I finaled in 3, and there's 3 of which I hadn't heard back from yet. So I look at 2010 as semi-successful.

    But I still don't have any manuscripts totally completed so my goal is to complete 3 of my wip's this year.

    I don't work outside the home so if I don't set goals, I tend to put everything off. I can do everything later today or tomorrow. And tomorrow, I can put it off until the next day.

    I'm not lazy...but I tend to start lots of projects and finish few. Not just in my writing. The dishwasher gets loaded, but the counters not wiped down. The clothes washed, but left on the couch. I started 2 beautiful quilts about 8-10 years ago and they're hidden in the back of a closet now.

    This is what my normal diet looks like;
    Week 1--Stick to it 100%.
    Week 2--Fudge (cheat) just once or twice.
    Week 3--doing pretty good by not gaining anything back.
    Week 4--Having a grand time eating anything I want.
    Does anyone else do this?

    Here I go again w/new goals, and this time I fully intend to stick to 'em.
    I've got them posted on my wall beside my computer. I've alerted my critique partners. I got my shopping list of healthier foods in hand.

    Wish me luck and good luck to all of you.


  71. This was an excellent list and very encouraging. I plan to pray more in terms of the goals I am setting for myself this year. I still love the prayer of jabez, and while I do not recommend using it like 'magic mantra', it is still a very effective way of being positive in a Godly way

  72. B Schwind, I LOVE the story of the bird. Hooray for the words that encouraged it.

    Best wishes in the new year.

  73. Connie, You really made me laugh with your week plan. How funny. Well if you followed your plan for three weeks, that's better than none.

    Congrats on getting those contests entered and on finaling. Keep entering as you will start winning.

    Best wishes on your new plan. You are entered.

  74. Hi Tracy, Love your positive prayers.

    Best wishes in the new year.